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Found 7 results

  1. Just wondering, since I'm somewhat new and haven't read all the wobs, how a radiant who decided to live in the countryside could ever really die ? Stormlight means they can't really die of infection or sickness, and the only things that could kill someone through age seem like they should be healed through stormlight (Various heart diseases, weak bones, weak immune system). The only thing I can think of is failing mental faculties, but it seems like they should be healed from things that they 'shouldn't' have, that don't make their personality, so they should be healed of dementia and other age related mental disease ? Another issue might be a lack of stormlight but this would mostly just mean a couple months(weeks ?) in the weeping where they'd have to survive off of a store, or not get hurt. Also if this is a total hypothetical then a windrunner could just ride just above the highstorm for investiture during weepings, or endlessly. Are there any obvious issues I'm missing or could Kaladin and Lift survive to space era
  2. While I was reading through the Wax and Wayne trilogy, there is a part in it were Wayne thinks to himself about how it seems illogical to him that people would die when they are old, as that is the time when they should have the most experience staying alive. This caused me to consider: What if a bloodmaker or gold compounder actually believed themselves to be immortal, or that they should be a certain age forever? Would their cognitive aspect then interfere with their spiritual aspect enough to extend their lifespan, would it just not age them while they healed, or would it do nothing?
  3. As we know, TLR used compounded feruchemical atium to drastically increase his lifespan. As I've come to further understand the nature of compounding, I've begun to wonder whether he would ever have run out of age? Would he not be able to say, wear an atium ring, tap a fair amount of age from his existing atiumminds, fill said age directly into the ring, swallow the ring and burn it multiplying the amount stored, then rinse and repeat? This would theoretically give him unlimited age as long as he still had some age stored somewhere. If I've gotten anything wrong or my understanding of compounding is flawed, then please let me know. Otherwise, I welcome your thoughts.
  4. So I've been stewing about this for reasons. I was remembering the scene in WoR when Shallan hugs Wit and Adolin starts to get all jealous because she had yet to be so openly affectionate with him. Adolin responds by citing how Wit is too old for Shallan, to which he wholeheartedly agrees. He mentions that there is only one other person of the female persuasion who would even come close to his age but that she hates him (I've heard Khriss is that person but I'm not sure I believe that) But this has got me thinking about the life of a Worldhopper, especially a long-lived one. If you are familiar with Dr. Who during the Rose Tyler story arch then you will be familiar with this issue. It's the problem of falling in love. I mean, when you are 300 hundred going on infinity how could someone even see love and passion the same way? In their eyes, the people around them would be like a lovable dog. Wonderful and fulfilling, and yet their time is so short compared to our own. It's a sad fact that anyone who is effectively immortal would face the inevitable heartache of watching those they grow to love wither and die before their unchanging eyes. Now I used to think that it doesn't matter, but in reality, that prospect would probably make such relationships difficult. When thinking about this I asked Brandon in his most recent Reddit AMA if Worldhoppers had ever fallen in love and started families on other worlds. The TLDR; When Worldhoppers travel, they can and have entered into relationships and had children. This has sometimes given those children powers from another world (Think an allomancer being born on Roshar) Brand said that this has happened. Now I know what you are thinking, it's probably just Silverlight. But the question was specific and we know that Worldhoppers appear all over the place. It must have happened. It just gets me thinking. This post is mostly just me thinking about the nature of relationships for long-lived Worldhoppers. But I want to hear your thoughts about this issue. try to imagine watching those you love growing old and dying, and their children, and their children's children, while you are still the same. Perhaps these issues don't come up often because they would be too hard to bear so most avoid the issue. Or worse, imagine learning that your SO will never age and you will grow frail before their eyes. Please let me know what you think. Also, as a bonus, what are the chances that Hoid has had children before (maybe Sigzil?)
  5. So I was Sharding the Shard when I read a topic concerning the Boons/Banes and realised that the immortality of the Heralds sounds like a Nightwatcher "gift". -They never die but, have to endure incredible pain. Another reason I have for suspecting this is the Knights Radiant. The spren fashioned themselves after the Honorblades and Heralds. They not only grant Surges but, also physical ability, as seen with Kaladin. However there is no mention of Knights having longer lifespans or going to Damnation every so often. This is why I think the ability isn't from Honor ,but from a different source (aka Nightwatcher).
  6. As I'm re-reading WoK, I noticed a very interesting and, from what I can tell, truthful dialogue between Hoid and Dalinar in Chapter 54, Gibletish: I know that people have talked about Hoid's immortality before, but it seems, from this quote, that Hoid CAN die, but doesn't stay dead. He seems to be able to resurrect because he says even if he dies he'll return anyway. And, how he words this, it almost seems his resurrection would not be by choice, as if he'd reluctantly be returned from the dead. What do you all think? Can Hoid actually die and be resurrected? Are there any forms of resurrection in the Cosmere besides being Returned? He can't be Returned every time he dies or he'd probably lose his memories, etc. (And don't forget that he predates Endowment.) Maybe his resurrection abilities have something to do with Yolen, or maybe occurred because he was present when Adonalsium Shattered? It seems to me that he may not have acquired his Resurrection capabilities from other forms of known Investiture. Obviously this paragraph is pure speculation.
  7. Eternal Life: Often by use of an Unaging Body and Mind. Considered Impossible Without Acsess to Atium, and Full Mistborn and Feruchemist Powers. No Longer Viable. Immortality: Eternal life of You. Your Conciousness. Body sold Seprately. All you need to have Functionaly Imortality is two Feruchemists(One super old, and one Young), 2 Aluminum Metal minds, and 2 Copperminds. Have both Feruchemists Store Their Identity in their Aluminum Minds. Have both Feruchemists Store the Entirety of their Memories. The Younger Feruchemist Now taps all of the Older one's Identity and Memories. Throw away the Younger One's Metalminds. The Identity (Personality, Morales, Emotions) and Memories of the Older now Reside in the Younger! Ta daa!