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Found 1 result

  1. <MISSING VARIABLE> This is a Sanderson Elimination Quick Fix game set in the Perfect State Universe. If you haven't read the story, you can learn everything you need to know by reading the first chapter for free. This conflict takes place in the Virtual World of Alornia. Kai's Machineborn are being hacked, and turned into Melhi's Bots. Melhi's Bots are a Conversion Faction, only starting with one player: Sophie who has multiple lives. She can trade them in to convert players to her cause. If there is a Bot who is not Sophie, all the Bots have access to a doc, and the faction can make a kill. But there are a few twist's on this conversion. If a player had the 2nd most votes on them that cycle, or the previous cycle, they cannot be converted, allowing for preventative voting. In addition, Sophie cannot convert villagers that have a role. Because of this, Sophie can target a list of up to 3 players to convert per turn. If her first choice has a role, they are notified that Sophie attempted to convert them, and the next player on the list will be converted. The Machineborn only have 3 Unique roles. These roles pass on to a random roleless player of any Alignment when they die, and each time the role is passed on, it gains a new ability, in addition to keeping their old action. The Knight can defend a player from 1 attack. The Knight Errant’s Defense will block an attack or a conversion. And The Knight Lancer can Kill a Player. The Steward can move a player's vote. The Grand Steward can Target a player and learn if they have been converted. The Royal Steward can learn a player's alignment. The Lover can cancel a player's vote. The Fiance can cancel a player's action. The Spouse can prevent a player from speaking outside the thread for the next cycle. The Game ends when one faction is completely dead, or checkmated. —— PM’s are completely Open. Each player may only take 1 action per turn. Conversions, and Killings both count as actions. The Order of Action: Roleblocking (Lover, Fiance, Spouse) Defenses (Knight, Knight Errant) Votes (Steward, Voting) Attacks (Melhi Faction Kill, Knight Lancer) Scans (Grand Steward, Royal Steward) Conversions (Sophie) —— Rollover is at Midnight PST. The Game will begin at the Midnight between the 14th and the 15th. Player List: DroughtBringer (Player List) Eternum (x/0) Elenion (TK421) Devotary (Player4.exe) Kynedath (Clippy) Converted Machineborn Randuir (Cane) Walin (Whatterthose`); DROP- TABLE Elims;--) Young Bard (Halting Algorithm) Bort (Black IC) Orlork Tsubodai (McAfee) Elandera (Rayda) CrimsnWolf (O7npC) Coop (Salthis) Quick Links: