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Found 6 results

  1. All right, For a while I've been planning out a story, and like Null, I don't think I'm gonna ever put serious effort into writing it down. So I was wondering who'd be interested, if I put the worldbuilding into an RP format?
  2. The name is kind of self explanatory... but the awesome tech support and staff should take on a big project, making an app for the 17th Shard! Is this unrealistic for a reason I don’t know about? If it isn’t, then we should do it! Thoughts?
  3. Hey you guys! So I noticed that the Rhythm of War is coming out in a few months and I had an idea.... I'm usually super slow at re-reading books (because I know the plot, so it's not as exciting although I still enjoy it), but I wanted to re-read Stormlight books 1-3 before this next one comes out. I think we'd have about a month and a half to read each book (probably more like a month and a week)? I thought it would be extremely fun to find others that might want to do that with me! We could split up the chapters so we could get it done in time, encourage each other, and just generally discuss any interesting Shard-y things we find! Also, new friends! I'm a huge nerd and I also love organizing, so as long as you have the books, I think it's possible. Are you up for it?
  4. First off, hello to you all. You probably don't know me, but I've been inspired by several writers to start writing my own story. What I'm about to share with you is close to being a finished first chapter (at least so far), but knowing me, I will likely end up rewriting at least parts of it before I am done. The working title for this story, or novella as it probably will end up to be, is "The Eleven Potentials". Potentials are a magic system that essentially push the physical body beyond its limits, for a short time. But there's always a price for the actions you take, and at some point of the user's choosing (or during sleep) the body accumulates Wear. This continues until the body can no longer sustain the Potentials, and using them beyond this point becomes extremely dangerous. As you can see, the magic system is not at all fleshed out. It's just an idea sitting in my head. So, as this is the Creator's Corner, I turn to you readers. While I don't ask you for ideas, they could be helpful to this project. Even if it's just you imagining what each Potential does - or even what other Potentials there are - they could help propel this project forward. (God, this sounds like begging for ideas, doesn't it? Well, do as you wish!) *gasps* Formatting that was gruesome. In a very, very grueling way. I'd really like to hear feedback on this. Any sort of feedback that you can come up with. Thanks for your time, fellas.
  5. Hey, 17th Shard! It's been a while since I've actually logged in on here and done stuff (I've been lurking for a while, again), but I have something I think you guys will appreciate. I am working on a game based in the prologue of the Way of Kings (the Szeth part). You are Szeth. You have been instructed to kill King Gavilar on the night of his treaty with your masters, the Parshendi. You will wield Surgebindings and a Shardblade as you fight through the palace corridors to hunt down your prey. A friend and I have figured out how to program some of the Surgebinding powers already, we just need to work on refining them a bit. We also made it so that controls will switch depending on which wall/ceiling you're on, so that you can run around like normal while there (if you don't do this your controls will get really messed up when you go from the floor to the wall, or vice versa). I know how to code first person better, but I'm thinking I'm going to learn how to code a third person game, because it's a lot better for the gravity switching and other shenanigans that happen on screen. Anyways, here's some of the artwork I've been working on for the game! Some of this I've already started modelling. Firestorm (Gavilar's sword) is going to be flipped and copied in photoshop so that it's symmetrical, that's why I only drew half of it here. It's based off of the illustration in Words of Radiance of Shallan's drawings of the Kholin Shardblades. Jezrien's blade is based off of the cover art of Words of Radiance (I think it's straight in the book, but I can't find enough descriptions of it to make it look distinctive. Plus the cover art version just looks really cool. ). The other stuff is based off of a few descriptions in the books + my limited knowledge of medieval era weapons. I want a second opinion on one thing, though. Part of me feels like Alethi bows would be like composite bows, because of the amount of shell/horn material around and the relative scarcity of wood because of Highstorms. Another part of me, however, feels like because of the Alethi soulcasters supplying plenty of wood that they would just use bows similar to European longbows.
  6. This is a blatant ripoff of 's Really Bad Shard Ideas. Basically, this is where you put ideas that you thought were ridiculous at first, but didn't seem so bad when you thought through them. Or just good ideas I sorta found myself overthinking my submissions and ruining the lighthearted intent, so yeah. Why aren't you posting already? Go! EDIT: Fixing posty linky thingamaboberroos EDIT 2: Maybe now it'll work?