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Found 3 results

  1. MR51: Come On Down To Irontown (aka Assassin's Creed: Elendel but Avalon.) Scadrial is transforming. Railways are being built to connect the civilised octants of Elendel with the far-flung cities and towns in the Roughs. In Elendel itself, factories are springing up all over, employing unprecedented numbers of workers. Harmony willing, Elendel will see a new era of prosperity and technological advancement. But all of this comes at a cost. Hundreds of workers find themselves increasingly crammed into small dormitories meant to take less than half their numbers. Soot and smoke from the factories linger most heavily in the industrial district, Irontown, like the legends of ash in the old days before the Final Ascension. Hours are long and the work is hard and the employers brutal. The nobles and factory owners glut themselves on boxings, and you count every last clip in the hopes of making it somewhere. Maybe it was the time Starrick’s thugs broke the legs of the last workers to demand better pay. Or maybe it was the time molten iron splashed on Tomas’s face. You still see him begging on the street on the way to your shift. They threw him out like slag. In recent days, a small group of factory workers meeting at the local establishment, The Bent Boxing, finally decide to take matters into their own hands. Come on down to Irontown, Comrade, where desperate dreams choke beneath an iron-grey sky and ash and soot are thick like the tar. Where the blood flows in the gutters and lines the pockets of the wealthy. Where the bones of the poor are buried beneath the towers that thrust into the sky, belching smog into the air and leeching poison into the waters. Come on down to Irontown, and light the flames of revolution. Oppression has to end. General Rules: Win Conditions: Roles: General Housekeeping: Quick Links: Sign-ups are open now and will close on Friday, 25th June 2021, at 2300hrs SGT (GMT +8). Rollovers will take place at the same time.
  2. Cycle: General Meeting - 14th Doxil, 237 Alvron was elected to the Inner Circle! He was aligned with the Workers! Mat was elected Worker Leader! But y'all probably don't care about that now anyway Please read the Assassination/General Meeting Cycle rules in the following post before posting to the thread. Shard, please stop eating my post. The final cycle has begun! It will end at 2300hrs (GMT+8) on Friday, 9th July!
  3. So there are a lot of links in the stormlight archive. What I mean by that is a character being a link between two groups. I know this is a theme throughly the cosmere as well as all books, frankly. But SA has a lot more groups. So without further adeu, here is my list of characters and what they link and why. Navani is an easy link between the humans and the spren. The sibling seems to be the parent of all spren and vouches on their behalf. Navani is the lead artifabrian, being the voucher for the humans and fabrial making. Dalinar is the link between humans and their oaths. He vouches for those that stray from their oaths, and the stormfather makes sure the spren are not harmed by the oaths. We saw this a lot in WoR and OB, but a tad less in RoW. Adolin is the link between the deadeyes and the humans. This is pretty clear with the whole maya dynamic (which I’m really excited for!). Rysn is the link between (dawnshard spoilers) Kaladin is...a bit tougher. I don’t think his grand role is fully established. He used to be the link between darkeyes and lighteyes in TWoK and WoR, but that mission wasn’t accomplished by OB. Now he is a much, much smaller role, in the grand scheme of things. He is currently the link between those without mental disorders or trauma and those with mental disorders or trauma. It is a very important role on a small scale, but will win no wars. This one has room to work on, so if you can come up with more, be my guest. Ranarin’s is interesting. I just made a separate post about it, actually. He is the link between Odium and honor. More specifically between the radiants and Sja-Anat, but with having a surge for both and not a strong hatred for odium, he can be that link. Venli is the link between the radiants and the singers.Her spren doesn’t like humans, but she is a radiant herself. Her role is going to be really big later on, but right now she is a bunch of potential energy, if you get the science metaphor. Moash is a terrible person. He is also the link between odium and his armies. How this will change now that todium is here, I don’t know. But currently he is Odium’s representative in Roshar. Shallan is also complex. She is on a small scale a link between the Ghostbloods and the radiants. On a bigger scale, I don’t think we know yet. She is also untapped potential. She CAN be a HUGE link, but I don’t think she is currently linking anything. Lift is another complex one. She likely going to play into cultivation’s plots, so she might be a link between the radiants and cultivation. Currently though, I think she has no solid link. I might be wrong on that one, though. Jasnah is the fourth and last link to look out for. She is currently pretty close to being a link between Hoid and the radiants, but Hoid hasn’t quite stopped communicating with the radiants. I think he will in the next book, though, based on the epilogue. That’s gotta shove him back into the not being as involved, right? The last one I will mention is a small one. The Herdezian General is the link between the Alethi and the Herdezians. I bet he will play a large role later on, but right now he is not that. I think that’s all of them (at least what I know)! Feel free to share your thoughts, especially if I missed some links. I do think it is useful to think of these links because they can play a big role in the plot of future books. It is also nice symbolism, which is also great. I hope this was a useful addition to what we know about the characters of the stormlight archive.