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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, everyone, and welcome to the Shard Hunger Games! These will be played in rounds, with each new round replacing the Gamemakers and therefore what they affect. Anyone can volunteer to be a Gamemaker, a tribute, or a sponsor. You will be playing as yourself, not a character. (Ex.: I'm going to attack this person with a punch to the face.) If a month passes with no activity in the RP, the round is declared over, with all remaining players losing. Gamemakers decide what the arena contains, what items are within it (including tech level), and the challenges tributes will face and will roll the dice. There are three per game. Tributes are the people inside the arena, attempting to survive. As one, you will be able to take any action you wish (that follows the Shard’s guidelines), but with combat (or other things that can kill or hurt you) you will have to wait and see if you succeed. If a GM rolls a five or below, the action fails; higher than that and it works. For a lethal injury or fatal hit, if a ten or below is rolled, the action fails. You can’t perform multiple lethal attacks in a row. Sponsors can award gifts to tributes; a sponsor can sponsor multiple tributes, and a tribute can have multiple sponsors; if there aren't enough sponsors, a tribute may also go without one. A GM will roll the dice to see what you can give out each time, and you can roll four times per game. (A roll of 17-20 will let you send weaponry or medical equipment, 11-16 food or water, 6-10 useful tools, 3-5 other various items, and 1-2 nothing [which still uses up one of your rolls].) They can also communicate with their tribute two times, giving them information. This does not require a dice roll. Players: Be nice, have fun, and keep it PG13. Oh, and one last thing... May the odds be ever in your favor.
  2. First of all, I know this isn't Sandersonian, and I'd like to explain myself. I wanted to build a game without preset factions, where people chose there own alliances and there was only one winner. Hunger games fit this pretty perfectly, and it is still book related. (please don't kill me) Day 1: The cornucopia. for each player's day one action, they will simply say whether or not they want to go for the cornucopia. There will be ten items in the cornucopia. If exactly ten players choose to go for the cornucopia, they each get one random item. If more than ten players choose to go for it, ten, chosen at random, will get random items, and the rest will die in the bloodbath. If fewer than ten players go for the cornucopia, the items will be divided up among however many there are, meaning that some players will get multiple items. The Items 1X bow 2X medical kit 3X throwing knives 1X Nightlock 2X Canteen 1X body armor The bow: If you have the bow, your attack's always successful. your attacks take two defenses to stop. Also, if you have the bow, your attacks happen before normal attacks (but still after knife/nightlock attacks) See "attacking" and "throwing knives" below. Medical Kit: If you have the medical kit and would die, you can use the medical kit to heal from your wounds and continue on. The medical kit is used up in the process. Throwing Knives: Are used to kill people. If you throw your knife at someone, they die. defending won't protect you from knives The knife gets lost once it is thrown. The knife can be used in addition to your normal attack. Knife attacks happen before normal attacks. See "attacking" below. Nightlock: Can be used to poison someone. This functions the same as throwing knives when used to poison someone. However, nightlock does have an additional use: If there are only two players remaining and one of them has nightlock, they can both win. Canteen: If you have the canteen, you are immune to the effects of dehydration. See "dehydration" below. Body armor: Helps protect you. It counts as if there was always an extra person defending you. Item limit: If you have more than three items at any time, you must immediately drop one of them. This happens before any actions in the next cycle Days 2-∞ All days after day one, your action will be simple: Attack ___ (with nightlock or knife if you have it and would like to use it) or Defend ____ EDIT: OR Give ____ to ____. Use this to give an item to another player. Attacking: Simply choose someone to attack. Anyone who has more people attacking them than defending them will die. the items they hold will be divided up among the attackers. If they die, all attacking people get credit for the kill (for purposes of end of game tiebreakers) Defending: Simply choose someone to defend. You can (and probably most often will) defend yourself. Defending does not protect from the bow, night-lock, or throwing knives. Dehydration: If no one dies during a cycle, the Game Makers get bored and cut off the water supply, making two random tributes die from thirst. muttations:there are 10 muttations loose in the arena. Each cycle the pack may attack someone at random. You can choose to attack the muttations. If you do, you kill one of them. If they are all dead, the muttation attacks stop. The odds of there being a muttation attack are directly proportional to the number of living muttations. For instance, if there are 8 living muttations, there is an 80% chance of a muttation attack. If there are five alive, there's a 50% chance etc. the number of living muttations will be revealed each cycle in the right up. Muttation kills count for 1/2 a kill for purposes of end-of-game tiebreakers. Endgame: If all remaining tributes would die during the same cycle (if, for example, there are two tributes remaining, and they attack each other at the same time) the winner is the one who had the most kills attributed to him/her during the game. The sponsors, impressed by their violence, give them a shotgun and they win. PMs: Are allowed, but limited. You can't do group PMs (only two participants) and you can only be involved in 3 PMs. EDIT: To start a PM with someone, first ask for it. Don't include any information in the original message as they may not accept or may be at their PM limit. If you don't want to be in the PM simply say "I decline." If someone starts a PM with you, and you are already at your PM limit. Simply reply "I'm at my PM limit." If you try to start a PM with someone and they're already at their PM limit, it doesn't count toward your limit of three total conversations. You can find someone else instead. The reasoning for this rule is that I want some of the game to happen in the thread. If a person you have a PM conversation with dies, it still counts as one of your three. You can't start a new one to replace it.also, please don't use the quote feature to prove what someone said to you via PM. This is considered cheating. I would prefer it if you include me in the PMs so that I can see what's going on and answer any rules questions, but you don't have to. Cycles: Should be 24 hours, unless something comes up in my life. Depending on how you guys play, this game might last anywhere from only a few cycles to several weeks. Sign ups: Will last until I'm satisfied with the number of players we have. If you have any questions, let me know. Final notes: Please don't try to make any promises based your honor or "I swear on the first edition of Elantris" or anything. Part of the game is that people don't know if you will keep your word. There is a decent chance that you will be betrayed, please don't take this personally. That should be it! Let me know if you have any major questions or concerns about the rules and may the odds be ever in your favor! Also, you can go ahead and pick your district and the gender of your character when you sign up. Taken roles: TMckeedee, male from 1. Ignis, female from 2. Joe, male from 2. Aaron, Male from 3. Ceni, female from 3 Al, Male from 4. Tessa, female from 4. Dam, male from 5. Melinda, female from 5. Ice, female from 6. Isana, female from 7. Mil, Male from 7. Salamander, Male from 8. Newan, Male from 9. Eolloe, female from 9 Tekon, Male from 10. Marge, female from 10. Dom, male from 11. Niobe, Female from 11. Ament, male from 12 Ashiok, Female from 12. Male options: 6 Female options: 1, 4, 7, 8 Write Ups: