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Found 16 results

  1. This post is for jokes related to the Mistborn series. To get things started, I'll add this one: Three atoms met - a gold atom, a silver atom, and a carbon atom. The gold and silver atoms say, "We found a new material - electrum." The carbon atom said, "Are you sure this is a new element?" The gold and silver said, "No, we made it up!"
  2. Brandon seems to really enjoy giving things names that start with the letter "s". Planets, People, Books, and Things. So I thought it'd be fun to make a thread that lists All The Things that start with S. Some of the ones I remember are Sel, Scadrial, seons, skaize, spren, Stormlight, Shalash, Stormfather, Silence Divine, Shadows for Silence, Shadows Beneath, Shadows of Self, Secret History, Stormlight Archive, Suri, Susebron, Shard, Splinter(ing), Sliver, Shattering, (Cognitive) Shadows, Shades, Shadesmar. Oh, and of course, SANDERSON. What are some of the ones everyone can remember? (Note, this isn't a criticism. Brandon puts a lot of work into linguistics and names. It's just a funny thing that I noticed.)
  3. So the title is a little mislead, but I thought we could do a thing where we take a Cosmere quote and modify it for humor's sake. So "What's the most important step a man can take?" becomes "What's the most important soufflé a man can make?" or "What's the most important pie/cake/bread/pastry a man can bake?" or "What's the most important egg a man can break?" But the answer is always "The next one." What other quotes can you do this to?
  4. TO: All Silverlight staff and students, here is growing list of the classes that will be offered this Spring at Silverlight University. Art 160: Analysis of Cosmere Art. Art 170: Drawing Art 240: Selish Art-Investure connection Art 480: Preserving Art from the Court of the Gods, a Personal view from Professor Scoot. Accounting 378: Economic costs of Invested Abilities. Taught by Professor Steris Ladrian Anthro 100: Cultures of the Cosmere Anthro 220: Religions resulting from faulty historical filters. Taught by Professor Jasnah Kholin and Professor Lightsong. Bio 185: Overview of invested Flora and Fauna Bio 190: Surviving non-Scadrian field trips. Class equipment list includes sliver knife, aluminum dueling canes, and a gun. Note: Due to the inherent danger of the Threnody unit, all students have to sign a waver. Bio 215: Rosharian ecology Bio 235: Taldainian ecology Bio 240: Effects of investure on Human Anatomy and Physiology Bio 270: Singer Anatomy and Physiology Bio 275: Kandra Anatomy and Physiology. Taught by Professor Lann Bio 345: Vaxian microbiology Bio 400: Field Study of First of the Sun's Flora and Fauna: Prerequisites Include Bio 190 Business 380: Allomancy and sales. Chem 230: Metallurgy Chem 235: Allomantic Metallurgy Chem 350: Aonic transformative chemistry Chem 490/590: Chemistry of Soulcasting: All students are required to either have a soulcaster or be bonded to an inkspren or cryptic by the second week of class. Soulcasters can be rented from the book store. Computer Science 130: Creating Intelligence. All students are required to have the proper aluminum coated gloves for interaction with the TA. Taught by TA Nightblood Engr 120: Bridge design Engr 245: Rifles and anti-Allomancy weaponry. Taught by Dr. Ranette Engr 370: Airship design and construction lab Engr 450: Aonic computer design Fab Engr 265: Fabrial engines: Taught by Professor Navani Kholin with labs being run by the Ardents. Investure 101: Basic Realmic Theory. CoReq: with Bio 190 Investure 102: Manifestations of Investure on Major Shard Worlds Investure 103: Manifestations of Investure on Minor Shard Worlds Investure 205: The Metallic Arts. Guest Lecturer: Harmony, Formerly know as Sazed of Terris. Investure 215: Awakening and Biochromatic Breath. Taught by Professor Zahel Investure 225: Surgebinding. Colectured by Professor Dalinar Kholin, Professor Lift (if she happens to show up), and Professor Teft Investure 300: Hacking the Investure systems. Colectured by Professor Zahel, Professor Kelsier, and The Dean of Research, Lady Khriss Investure 450/Bio 450: Advanced Hemalurgic Theory Invested Engr 335: Aonic programming and development. Rotating lecturers from Sel. Note: All final projects have to be submitted to the Elantrians for Safety Testing. We do not want a repeat of the the killer swimming pool incident. Psyc 101: Wayne's world (of hats) Psyc 345: Singer forms and their effect on mental processes. Taught by Professor Venli Psyc 560: Lightweaving and Emotional Damage Physics 212: Allomancy Physics 309: Physical laws in the Cognitive Realm Physics 315: Gravitation. Taught by Professor Sezth and TA Nightblood PE 101: Shard Dueling: Shardblades can be rented from the books store or checked out from the rec center PE 106: Target Practice. Taught by Professor Venture of the Political Science Department Polisci 101: Governmental Theory: Taught by Professor Venture Polisci 210: How to rule without even trying. Taught by Professor Lightsong Polisci 400: Winning Friends and using assassins to take out the rest. Taught by Guest Lecturers Taravangien and Straff Venture Spren 101: Spren Identification Spren 200: The Nahel Bond Spren 350: Fabrials Spren 480: Spren society Theft 101: Con artist and Nobles: Taught by Professor Ladrian the Older Theft 205: Best place to stick a knife in a nobleman: Taught by Guest lecturer Kelsier Theft 315: Forgery. Taught by Professor Shai I am too tired to write any more. Please add more classes. All of Silverlight thanks you. Edit: I added some Mistborn stuff.
  5. Its Christmas season in the Cosmere, even though they do not have Christmas. Scadrial: Parents tell their children that if they are good, the Survivor and his crew will leave baywraps, small amounts of coins, or little vials of metals at the fire place or foot of the bed at the winter solstice. Death will visit if the children are bad and steal them away if they are bad. Harmony and the Kandra tell the Survivor and Death which children have been bad or good that year and are most often disguised as either a wolfhound or a Terris delivery man. Nathlis: Warbreaker the peaceful brings a huge tree into town and hands out food to those who are hungry, but beware the sword on his back, for he uses it to smite the rich who try and cheat the poor. Sel: The Elantrians hold a light festival in which the whole city modified with an Aon that turns it red and green for a week. It is literally lit up like a Christmas tree. Roshar: In Alethikar, Kelek will randomly build toys for children, Jezrien can be seen slaying Voidbringers at the darkest hour of the night, and Taln can be seen hauling the weapons of his enemies to distribute to his soldiers. In Azar, the child who writes the best essay and fills out his or her forms correctly gets to pick out a gift from a hat. in Urithiru, Shallan and the ardents soulcast a huge vat of mulled purple wine, Kaladin and Bridge Four dress up as an Iri myth of a man in a red and blue suit who has a cart pulled by Axehounds who distributes gifts to all the children. Adolin and Renarian are the helpers of Santnas claus. Dalinar locks himself in his office because he thinks the lights are a waste of Stormlight and has a war to plan. Lift attempts to eat all the food and Navani makes some Fabrials that give off a happy feeling. Syl dresses up with a little flopply hat that has bells. Pattern looks like a snowflake. The Stormfather does not care as long as Dalinar does not start singing.
  6. What would be Darwin Award worthy deaths or feats of stupidity in the Cosmere? And what characters in the Cosmere deserve a Darwin Award so far? For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Darwin awards, a Darwin award is a posthumous award that goes to people who die extremely stupid deaths. The sick and twisted logic behind this award is that they remove themselves (or are removed by something else) from the gene pool and are playing a part in the evolution of the human species by proactively participating in Natural Selection and survival of the fittest. Please post your comments below.
  7. It is known to most Cosmere fans that Hoid is a fan of the college student's favorite meal: instant noodles. The question is, however, where would he have had something like this in a universe that is predominantly High Fantasy? The answer is simple.To quote a WoB: Now what would be stopping our wittty, white-haired friend from stopping by his local Taldain Conveniences and buying a 24 pack of Lossand Spice flavored ramen? That lies with one issue. One large issue invested into the Dayside star of Taldain. Bavadin--being the bearer of the shard Autonomy--has limited off-world travel in and out of Taldain, restricting our snarky Yolish Worldhopper's options to pushing development in other regions in the direction of plastic cups and fried noodles. This would explain his interest in Scadrial, it being one of the most technologically advanced Shardworlds outside of Taldain. Given a push in the right direction, Hoid could be seeing his noodles in less than a century--with Scadrial currently being analougous to Late 1800s/Early 1900s Earth. Naturally, anyone would be mad if someone took away a ready supply of their favorite food and forced them to push a world's development for around a century just to get at it again. As a result, it wouldn't be too much of a logical jump for Hoid to bear a grudge against Bavadin for trying to stem his instant noodle addiction. (please be gentle, this is my first theory post)
  8. Hi all, As suggested by @Ookla the Toasted and seconded by @Nathrangking, I am starting a Torol Sadeas appreciation thread. All posts here must be positive to Sadeas, our hero, and the greatest man to even live upon Roshar. Any criticism of our martyred champion will be summarily dismissed and you may be beaten down with feathers of white and green. Anyway, in order to give you some ideas about how to support our beloved and deeply mourned idol, why don't I go first? Torol Sadeas was marvelously clever (until he wasn't), honest (for a given value of honest) and honorable (when it suited him) .We will never see another like him. PS: I think this is ok to post here but if not can someone tell me where it should go?
  9. Hey everyone. I'm challenging you guys to explain the plot of any story by Brandon, taking every effort to make the book sound as strange, corny, or bizarre as possible, all while remaining technically true to the actual storyline. For example: Elantris: A bald zombie learns magic tricks.
  10. This is my first post, and after reading some hilarious Stormlight Archive posts, I decided to get an account and make one of my own. So I was thinking, and decided on making some new Knight Radiant orders that have control over two non-adjacent Surges in the list of ten. Airgetters- Abrasion and Cohesion. Are known for finding the best places to ski, snowboard, skateboard, bike, etc. and getting huge air with their two Surge powers. Actually... I can't think of any more. Ideals: 1. I will get all the speed. 2. I will get all the air. 3. I will make the ground slicker and more cohesive so others can get all the speed and all the air. 4. Wear a helmet (or Shardplate).
  11. After many years of research, we have finally discovered a new metal called “Rebellium.” It was used by one of the insurgent groups, called The New Hope, which sought to destroy The Lord Ruler early in his reign. The symbol is a this crescent with a nail pinned through its center, the head split twice. The powers it granted were strange indeed. Reports indicate that mistings able to burn it (called Jeh-di) have suggestive mind control powers, not just in emotional control but the ability to implant thoughts. They were also able to Push and Pull all sorts of objects, not just metallic ones. They simply referred to this odd metallic art as “The Force.” Stories also tell of swords made of light wielded by these Jeh-di to great effect. These “lightblades” were able to cut through any object, living or dead, though there was said to be some resistance when cutting through living objects. There was a bloody conflict wherein the Final Empire struck back. This was one time that The Lord Ruler used the Kandra openly in battle. At first The New Hope were unaware of the Kandra and couldn’t understand what this phantom menace was. Once the truth was revealed, they started referring to it as The Kandra War. Some members of The New Hope survived and prospered. One prominent member’s grandson started house Lukiel. Another made a great deal of profit creating roads and canals for faster travel in the Kessel region far to the South. There are partial records of prophecies that the Jeh-di will return and that “The Force” will awaken once more. There is a reference as well to someone or something called “The Sith” getting revenge. Clearly further study is needed to discover how much of this information is purely the fancy of hundreds of years of retelling and how much was true.
  12. The tall, hawk-faced man frowned slightly as the searchers confronted him. One had dark skin and a sour face, the other was a lighter tan, with a very noticeable scar on his scalp. The man ran his fingers through his white hair, thinking, then responded to their question, his accent strange and distinctive. "Woildhoppah? Hmm... a woildhoppah? Let's see..." He opened a pouch at his waist, fingers scooping out a small handful of dust, which he tossed up in the air. "Does he know Lightweaving, like this?" The dust briefly formed itself into the shape of a duck in flight. The two men nodded. "Yes!" "And does he have Allomancy, like this?" The man dropped a coin, adorned with the image of a rabbit, of all things, then Pushed off of it, floating up into the air several feet for a brief moment before coming back down. "Yes! Exactly!" The man nodded. "And does he have Breaths, like this?" Color drained from his blue coat, turning it a neutral gray as he spoke in the language of a far-off world to the sash he wore about his shoulders. The sash stood up, forming itself into the image of a pig, and began dancing around briefly before the man recalled it, and it settled back about his shoulders again and went still. "That's him! That's him!" the searchers exclaimed. The tall man shook his head. "Nope. Never hoid of him!"
  13. So, I never really thought about it before, but while watching Daredevil this weekend, I came to the realization that Daredevil's a tineye and a Savant at that. Think about it - traumatic event that caused him to snap - check. Super enhanced senses - check. Yep - he's a tineye. So then I started thinking about some of the other superheroes and where they'd fit in in Scadrial and came up with two other realizations. 1. Bruce Banner is a feurochemist or a twinborn pewter/pewter combo. He's super weak most of the time, but then has MASSIVE increases when he Hulks out. Pewter compounding could give even more of an effect long term. 2. Spider-man is Mistborn. Uncle Ben's death is certainly enough to snap, but his Spidey Sense is eerily similar to the effects of Atium (though where he gets his metals is anyone's guess). Then there's the enhanced strength and agility that pewter gives. Oh, and his webs go WAY too straight to not be laced with metals that he can push and pull as he sees fit. He also has somewhat enhanced senses. Sure, he may not know how to affect emotions, but he certainly has more than one allomantic power, which means he'd have to be Mistborn. Anyone else you can think of that would fit the bill of someone with allomantic or feurochemical abilities in the Marvel or DC universe?
  14. Alright guys. Vin and Wax shipping. Mostly because it's a Win. Or, if you want to, Vin and Spook, to take it for a Spin. However, I would have to say that Vin and Susebron would be a Sin. (I am sooo sorry)
  15. So today I saw this: and decide to try running some of Brandon's work through google translate multiple times. for example if we take and run it from english, to traditional chinese, to spanish, to italian and back to english we end up with this: this amused me to no end, so I thought I'd share. Note: I had to edit it very slightly to get rid of the profanity that Google translate added