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Found 4 results

  1. From the album The Adventures of Doomslug the Destroyer!

    Oh! He blinked! She moved to his other side.

    © Belongs to DeanaMCW

  2. Compiled Words of Brandon thread #2! Since the Q&A's got too long for the first post of the old thread, I'm posting a new one, then reserving the first page or so for signing reports. If any of you have Q&A's I'm missing, or audio, please let me know! (Added to the Database) Q: Will we learn more about the character currently known as Hoid in Words of Radiance? A: Yes, you will. Watch for a story told at a bar. (Added to the Database) Q: In The Way of Kings, when Shallan zones out and draws a picture of a dead noble at a dinner table, was she drawing her own father after she killed him with her Shardblade? A: Ooh, good question! You will want to read Words of Radiance, where her flashbacks may indeed involve this scene that she drew. Q: Is Hoid drawn to novel-worthy plots? Or does he ever just show up in a completely normal time/place, with no ramifications on the Cosmere, Shards, etc.? A: He is drawn to places specifically because of what's happening in those worlds. He is there and he is meddling. Q: Could any type of spren bond with a person (even if the results wouldn’t be a Knight radiant)? Or only the ones associated with a branch of the Knights? A: Ooh, that’s an excellent question. This is something theoretically possible for a lesser spren to achieve. From Emperor's Soul personalization signing Ninch Q: Could a person soulcast more Atium and Lerasium if they had a bead? A: No. Investiture messes things like that up. Pinpoint (Added to the Database) Q: Can Shardblades kill spren? A: Theoretically, yes. Q: If Hoid got beheaded, would his body grow a new head? A: Yes. Q: What if Hoid got cut by a Shardblade? A: The Shardblade cuts the soul and what Hoid does heals the soul. Q: Does Dalinar have Surgebinding abilities? A: RAFO. Q: Belief has had a lot to do with the Cosmere. Will belief have a big part to play in The Stormlight archive? A: It already has. The two scholars measuring the spren. scm288 (Added to Database) Q: So, I don't actually own a hardcover copy of The Way of Kings, but I did notice when looking at one that there's a map of Shadesmar. And that the map shows that Shadesmar geography is precisely aligned with Roshar's geography. So I'm just going to assume that other planets we've visited so far also have realms of Shadesmar that are aligned geographically. A: That's very clever of you! Very clever... Q: So I guess my follow-up question is: is Elantris a Dawncity? A: Hmm. I could see where your reasoning could come to that conclusion, but no. No, that's not it. But your earlier extrapolations are in the right direction. Talenelat (Added to Database) Q: Are we going to find out in here, why Szeth and what the Truthless are all about? A: That, you will have to wait for his flashback sequences in a future book. Each character gets a set of flashback sequences. I'm not going to promise that the characters live to the book where their flashback sequences are. You might have a character die and then get their flashbacks the next book to get more information on them. This will be Shallan's flashback, then the next book will be Szeth's flashback, then Eshonai, then Dalinar. Q: A while back someone asked if Hoid's sword is Nightblood, you said that was interesting. Is it similarly Invested? A: I'm going to RAFO that. It is a very interesting question. Q: What you can tell me about Investiture? A: That is the word for someone or something which has gained a portion of the magic of Adonalsium, so the original whatever-it-is. Like a Shardblade is an Invested object, and people if they draw in the Stormlight, they're drawing in the magic-they're Invested. Q: Why does the Stormfather consider himself dead, or will that be covered? A: That will be covered, eventually. Q: What about Kaladin getting sliced with the Shardblade and then being able to rejuvenate. A: That is a clue for what is going on with Szeth and his understanding of Shardblades and the Shardblade he has. Q: Which is an Honorblade, right? A: I can't say, but Szeth says in book one you can't heal a Shardblade wound with Stormlight. There are other very big but subtle discrepancies between what Szeth does and what Kaladin does. Q: The coats that the Alethi wear, that the officers wear. Is it a Prussian sort of thing? A: I'm thinking in my head probably french early 1800's. Just past Napoleonic. Bound tails. Q: Where did you get the basis for the spren? A: The spren are partially based out of Shinto mythology, the idea that everything has a soul and a spirit to it. And partially mixing that with my desire to have some sort of a unique representation of emotion in these books. Q: It seems like a movie adaptation would have just constant spren everywhere? A: That's why I made it so that not every use of the emotion causes them-so it wouldn't get too crazy even when I'm writing them. And what's happening is the spren exist on the Cognitive plane, on Shadesmar, so they have to be attracted, they have to be nearby enough to flock to you, so it depends on how common the spren is. Q: For a Windrunner, if he had enough heating fabrials and enough Stormlight, how high up could he get? A: You could exit orbit. Windrunners, remember they're gravitation and pressure. So if he knew what he was doing, we have actually factored how long it would take to get to the various moons. Q: You very clearly make rules for the wine in this world, like the different colors and different alcohol content. I was wondering what the inspiration for that is, and also what some of them are actually made from, because it doesn't seem like grapes. A: It's not grapes, it's a local fruit. So we would not probably call it wine, we would probably call it something else. And it's based on my desire to do funky things with world building in every way I can. [The color is a cultural thing.] Q: For the Dangerous Women story, are you going to write anything again in that world? A: That world will show up again. Silence probably won't, but the world itself, yes. It's called Threnody, it is one of the Cosmere worlds. There's not a Shard there but there are interesting things happening. There's actually been a character in other books who's from Threnody. It will eventually be clear who that is, but they have shown up in many previous Sanderson novels. Q: Would that be Hoid? A: Hoid is not from Threnody. Good question though. Hoid is from Yolen. Q: When are we first getting a look at the Cosmere coming together? A: The third Mistborn trilogy is going to involve-it's the first one I planned to do a lot with. I doubt I will do much in the second Mistborn trilogy, more than I probably have done [so far]. It's fun for me, so I'll keep including things in. You'll notice that Hoid is a bigger part of the Stormlight than previous ones, but I still don't want it to come to the forefront quite yet. Q: How deep are you going into Shadesmar in WoR? A: Not terribly deep in WoR. We're going to have to wait until Jasnah or Shallan are exploring it more. Q: For the people you have coming back in the Stormlight Archive - how do you pick who makes the cut [in the interludes?] A: It just depends on where I feel like going, the interludes are complete freedom for me. Q: In the Cosmere you have so much going on, what happens when you come up with something that would conflict with something else? A: Then I don't put that in the Cosmere. Q: Does Nightblood rip souls out of bodies, by chance? A: Nightblood consumes Investiture, including the spark of life. Q: Is there a difference between Shadesmar and the Cognitive realm? A: Shadesmar is a word for the Cognitive Realm specifically touching - It's like San Diego is a word for a place in America. It's a local word. Q: What kind of changes do Slivers go through after letting go of a Shard's power? A: It leaves them, imagine it like a balloon that has been deflated. Q: Ok so would Rashekk still have had powers? A: He would have had some residual effects. But it also works the soul in weird ways, like a baloon that has been deflated. Q: If Endowment were killed, would the Returned still come? A: Somebody needs to hold the magic. If no one holds the magic, the magic will start to gain sentience. Interesting and bizarre things happen then, so I would say yes, but with the caveat that with whoever picks up the power or what happens with the power could end up changing that. Q: To the spren, is becoming mindless the same as death? A: They consider it as such. Q: Are there birds outside of Shinovar in Roshar? A: There are, but very few and they are all in the west. So you're not going to find birds in Alethkar for instance. Unless they're chickens that have been brought, or something like that. Q: Can Breath be used to power Surgebinding? A: They are very similar Investitures, and most of the magics can be powered with the other magics if you are capable of making that happen. Q: What would happen to the Breath? A: The Breath would be consumed in the same way that Stormlight is. A renewing resource, much like Atium is. Q: Any chance of a Shardspear? A: Shardspear? YOU are going to get RAFO'd. Q: Does Hoid ever show up somewhere, stand around for awhile, realize that there isn't a novel-worthy plot going on, and leave? A: [Laughed] Yes, Hoid gets around a lot and that has happened a couple of times. He does not know everything. Q: Can someone bond more than one Honorblade A: Honorblade? You can't bond an Honorblade, though it can be given to you. Shardblades, however, come from a spren bond and it is possible to bond more than one. [This was cleared up at a later signing.] leinton (Added to the Database) Someone else’s question was about the safehand and Brandon gave new information on it. The essay that defined masculine arts as being ones with two hands and feminine needing only one was in order to let men secure power over Shardblades. DefiantBurrito (Added to the Database) Q: Can you tell me what Wit put in his drink in Shallan's flashback scene? A: It was something that you or I would probably not want to eat in our world, but that Wit got some benefit from eating. Q: Something we've seen in the Mistborn books, perhaps? A: [sounding pleased] Yes, perhaps like something you've seen in Mistborn.
  3. I wanted to compile all the WoB from his signing Q&A's. Please feel free to add your signing questions to this thread or link to your thread and I'll try to keep this top post updated. I edited out non-WoR text to try and keep the length down, but I linked the original thread for those who want the full session. Also minor edits for spelling. Questions that came up a lot that I deleted to shorten this post: Midnight Signing Huntington Beach Seattle Ness JamHeretic Oregon San Diego DefiantBurrito San Francisco Naranth Houston Scottsdale Omaha Sir Jerric Lexington Sirscott13 One Dawnshard is different from the rest. Dayton DC Philadelphia Chicago
  4. The next signing will be in Houston in just three days. I'm just curious if there are any fellow 17s members who plan on attending. This will be my first Brandon signing event and I'd love to be able to meet some fellow sharders in person. I'll be passing out the comment cards for the tour scrapbook. Anyone who wants to help me distribute and collect them would be welcome.