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Found 9 results

  1. Background Lift converts food into Cultivation’s Lifelight to power her Radiant abilities There is connection between the Horneaters and Cultivation by virtue of Cultivation's perpendicularity being in the Horneater Peaks Rock, the self-appointed chef of Bridge 4, described a birth-order based caste system where the first two sons are responsible for obtaining food so there’s always enough Theory Food is particularly important to the Horneaters because it fuels Lifelight Horn-eaters, including Rock, have abilities granted by Cultivation/Lifelight. Rock has enhanced physical ability as he was able to draw the shard bow Rock’s unwillingness to bond a spren is related to his Life-light abilities Lift’s ability to touch spren while in the Physical Realm by existing partially in the Cognitive Realm is from Cultivation and is related to the Horneater’s ability to see spren Rock says that those who swim in the ‘Water’s of Life’ (aka Cultivation’s perpendicularity) can see the ‘place of gods’ (aka Shadesmar) Rock has the ability to see spren and implies that other Horneaters can do the same Horneaters are a hybrid race of humans and singers. This is the result of Cultivation’s influence. The Horneater people have been 'cultivated' since the early days of Roshar and will be important to Cultivation's future plans Open Question Cultivation’s perpendicularity is spread out over several pools on several peaks. Would they all grant the same powers or does each grant something different. Brandon has said the number of peaks is important but RAFO'd the specific number – could this be related to the number of abilities? EDIT: WOB Link:
  2. I haven't seen this topic discussed so here it goes: What do you think will happen to Rock? My (wild) guess is: he will be the 3rd bondsmith!! Besides that, I think we´ll see some interaction between him and Azure.
  3. I just finished listening to Rock's chapter in OB and noticed some things I hadn't picked up on before. This is mostly because a Shardcast I watched talked about human parshendi hybrids and that horneaters were one example of those. All of a sudden things in this chapter (and elsewhere) made sense. The Horneaters' Singer heritage is why they can see into the cognitive realm. Rock mentions being closer to the cognitive realm and being able to see spren in their entirety, not just the part that appears in the physical realm. He also mentions, when it is quiet and he focuses, that he can faintly hear the rhythms (he calls it something else, but it's obvious it's the rhythms). This has made me wonder about some of the other mixed race humans on Roshar and what unique traits they might have (besides hard fingernails and teeth). Any thoughts? The the ones I can think of are Horneaters (Singer blood), Herdazians (Singer blood), Rirans (Iriali blood), and Nataans (Amian blood). Are there any others?
  4. In the Are Honorblades Spren thread, the diversity of Rosharians was brought up. Given that the Rosharians are not natives, and biologically distinct from the Rosharian ecosystem, I think Cultivation might be messing with the human genome. I think that Cultivation might have modified humans for some reason to make them either better adapted to the planet or for some bigger purpose. Examples: Alethi: Shallan remarks in Words of Radiance that the Alethi are freakishly tall. Herdazians: They have rock like fingernails Horneaters: Have throat teeth and can see spren. I think that the Herdazians are a prototype for the Horneaters and the Horneaters are a prototype for what ever Lift is. I think that Cultivation might be trying to fight back by modifying humans to do her dirty work. A human who can see spren and make their own stormlight would be a huge boon against Odium because they do not have to rely on the Highstorm to fuel their abilities. That is a backup in case Odium manages to destroy Dalinar, the Stormfather, and the Highstorm.
  5. On the Coppermind Wiki entry for Unkalaki, it says that they "are one of several races on Roshar with Listener blood in their ancestry." Which other races are these "several races?"
  6. Please tell me if this has been proposed before. Anyone who has read the Stormlight Archive knows all about Rock's obsession with the thick lowlander air. I think most people just assume it's a cultural belief. However, I think it could be Honor/Cultivation's gaseous manifestation. Ruin and Preservation both had a solid, liquid, and gaseous manifestation: Preservation's manifestations Ruin- this, atium, and his Shardpool at Hathsin(I think I remember that from somewhere but if I'm wrong correct me.) So, the rest of the shards probably have these three manifestations too. I'm not sure if that's been confirmed yet, but it seems like a logical assumption. We know the solid manifestations of Honor and Cultivation are the Shardblades and the shardpool(s) of one (or both) of them are in the Horneater Peaks. We haven't seen their gaseous manifestation yet. Is it possible that the Horneater air is this gaseous manifestation? It seems like a strange idea for the Horneaters to get into their heads, and Rock continues to believe it despite having breathed the lowlander air for around a year. If there was really no difference, then Rock probably would have realized. What do you think?
  7. The Horneater origin story, as told by Rock and paraphrased by me, goes something like this: "Always persecuted by the [rest of the] humans, the Horneaters' ancestors asked various spren for help. These spren offered to grant them their homes as their own, but warned that the [rest of the] humans also persecuted their kind (Kaladin scoffs at the idea of Horneaters being chopped down by woodsmen). The 'spren' of the mountain refuses to help them until they have proven they can cultivate a home for themselves on their barren slopes. When they do so, [she] it grants them the home (which they had already made for themselves) that allowed them to live in relative peace alongside the [rest of the] humans." I believe this is the story of a group of listeners that succeed in breaking from the cycle of desolations by convincing Cultivation to give them a human-like and -compatible form, thereby allowing interbreeding. I'll break this down into notions: 1) The persecution by [other] humans definitely aligns with the desolations. 2) All their pleas to the Spren are answered in terms of transformation: The suggestion that, by living in the forest, they would be targeted by woodsmen, or by living in the sea they would be targeted by fisherman, indicates that in those cases they would become wood or fish. Sounds like Listener forms to me. 3) When they went to the mountains they were not offered such an obvious transformation, and were basically asked to Cultivate the peaks into somewhere habitable in exchange for being sheltered from the persecution mentioned in part 1). On the face of it this seems like the weakest offer, seeming to be 'if you make a home for yourself, thereby making this place easily habitable by humans (and therefore accessible to the ones persecuting you), I'll let you live there'. However, we know there is a Shardpool in the middle of the Horneater peaks, and the suggestion has been that it is Cultivation's, what with all the surprisingly habitable ecosystem. Perhaps, in fleeing to the peaks and Cultivating it into a home, a group of Listeners convinced Cultivation to grant them a human-like (and -compatible) form. It was this that made them safe from the humans, with whom they could now breed to dilute their hereditary vulnerability to Odium whilst maintaining their culture (hence the singing, and treating spren as gods). What do you guys think?
  8. I was just reading Brandon's AMA over at r/books from 2 months ago. It was pretty far down so I don't know if others saw... But both Herdazians and Horneaters are the result of human-listener interbreeding. :/ So, apparently they had been 'discovered' long ago, not to mention that relations were probably quite quite good. So Rock+Rlain=fam forever.
  9. theory

    I have always pondered at the Kingdom of Jah Keved. The rest of the Silver Kingdoms have obvious remnants. Alethkar was Alethela, Shinovar was Shin Kak Nish, Makabakam and Sela Tales shattered into smaller kingdoms. All of the kingdoms of modern times however are still populated by the same race of people that once lived there when it as a Silver Kingdom. There are still Natans in the Unclaimed Hills, still Selay men in Marabethia. There has been some overlapping, such as the Purelakers, who are of Reshi and Selay descent, but as a whole, people have stayed put. But Jah Keved seems to deviate. Although they control roughly the area of the kingdom of Valhav, they are very much like the Alethi. They have much the same appearance, tall, tan and dark haired. Their culture is similarly focused on war. They share the same religion, have a similar system of government, and even speak languages that are very similar. In fact, they don't seem to have any truly distinguishing characteristics like the other races do. Only one little tiny bit, the red hair (athough an argument can be made for violet eyes). So the Vedens themselves did not initially have the red hair. It is from the Unkalaki. Then, Rock tells of how his people came to the Horneater Peaks. This is fascinating (including an obvious Hoid cameo), but a small line at the beginning caught my attention. So, with those two pieces of evidence, I'd like to submit a theory. The Vedens are not one of the races of the Silver Kingdoms. They are a mixture, the quote says as much, of the Alethi and the Unkalaki, who were once the true rulers of the Kingdom of Valhav. After the Silver Kingdoms fell, the Alethi went to Valhav and conquered it, driving its true people up into the mountains, where they took refuge. The Alethi who conquered Valhav eventually set up their own kingdom and named Jah Keved. They eventually interbred with the Unkalaki, creating a kingdom very similar to Alethkar, but with a few oddities. If you need any more evidence, look at the name. Perhaps it is circumstantial, but the very name Unkalaki contains the name of a Herald within it. Seems like a good sign to me.