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Found 2 results

  1. The camp cornered Kaniae Moreau. "We know you're the last Forgotten!" shouted Elysian. "Just give it up already." added Tria Noche. Kaniae scowled. "Humans, always so unpredictable. Do you really think you've won? We've decimated your numbers. What can six survivors do against an army of Forgotten?" "We'll adapt and learn, just like we always have." spoke Evan Wallace. A random bystander nodded silently, head down in her book. "We'll fight on till our last breath!" argued Tia Vuur. "And when all is said and done, we'll desecrate your corpses." whispered the Servant of the Mad God. With no way out, Kaniae sighed. "I accept my defeat." Her body writhed, and exploded in a mass of chalklings. The survivors had won this battle. Now, it was time to win the war. Vote Count: Devotary of Spontaneity (5): Gears, Archer, Burnt Spaghetti, Araris Valerian, Mist Gears (1): Devotary of Spontaneity Devotary of Spontaneity was court-martialed. She was a Forgotten. The Rithmatists and Non-Rithmatist have won! Items Taken: Final Camp Supply: Player List:
  2. Duncan saw the Forgotten coming. Of course they were coming for him. He had led the remainder of this camp, and now they wanted to topple the figurehead. It made perfect sense. He took a deep breath. Wyatt whispered in his ear, "You knew this was coming." Duncan shook the hallucination off. If this was the night he was to die, so be it. The town woke to a battlefield. The remnants of an epic Rithmatic duel were chalked into the earth. Unfortunately, Duncan Kerr had lost his final bout. And now his watch was ended. Kasimir has died. He was a Rithmatist. Camp Supply: Player List: This Day will end on February 20th, at 8 PM CST.