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Found 9 results

  1. Did Ishar forge the Oathpact himself with the powers he recieved from Honour, or did Honour forge the Oathpact? Also, did Ishar create the Nahel bond, and if he did, did he do it around the same time?
  2. Hello! I've been trying to work out the timeline for the first events we know that happened in Roshar. We know the Singers "betrayed" the Spren and I am extremely curious! I don't think we have clues about what happened, but this is what we know: 1 - Roshar was inhabited by Singers and the shards Honour and Cultivation 2 - Humans arrive on Roshar after destroying their original planed with surgebinding. Ishar was a bondsmith and the one able to transport the people Odium came with them to Roshar Questions: how did investiture work in Ashyn? Via Honorblades? Did the Honorblades come from Ashyn? If so, why honor blades? 3 - Once the humans arrive, the Singers give then Shinnovar. 4 - We know eventually 2 things happen: Humans start conquering other regions War with the Singers, they betray the spren and loose their connection to them. Is this when the Fused and Unmade show up? 5 - The oath pact is made, the Heralds vanish Odium. Question: what happens with the singers between Desolations (before the false Desolation and imprisonment of BAM)? 6 - Spren imitate the honor blades and give surges to humans. Question: surges are based on Roshar´s surges, were Ashyn ´s the same? Or maybe, the Honorblades and Surges were created after humans came to Roshar... I think this makes more sense. 7 - The cycle of Desolations begin. Lets discuss if this timeline is correct (I'm probably forgetting something!) and what may have happened to make the Singers side with Odium.
  3. Do shards have opposites, like preservation and ruin, or do some not. And if they do, are Odium and Honour opposites?
  4. So my little pet theory I have, or at least hope will be the case, is that Dalinar will eventually take up the Shard once held by Honour. Honour is dead yes, but when a Shard dies their power doesn't just disappear (unless that is what Odium did to Honour but I doubt that as honours power is still available to those on Roshar = stormlight), and so presumably someone could still accept the power of Honour. As Dalinar and the Stormfather are doing some whack things, I imagine that there is something special going on. I don't think Dalinar will become Honour but instead Unity, as he is doing more than even the Bondsmiths of old were capable, according to the Stormfather, and his face-off with Odium in OB is full of Unity stuff. Anyway, I welcome your thoughts.
  5. When reading chapter 4, I noticed the Stormfather make a very suspicious claim: that Dalinar was the first person to bind him in millennia. Why is this suspicious? This would mean that Radiants were bonding him before the Recreance, however, the Stormfather couldn't have existed back then as we know him since he is Tanavast's Cognitive Shadow fused with the spren that previously governed the Highstorms, and we know that Honour was alive during the Recreance since he was able to send Dalinar a vision of it from his memories. How then could he have been bound millennia ago? What if the Bondsmiths didn't bond the spren of the Highstorms in the past? What if they instead bonded Honour himself? The Shards of Adonalsium are, after all, technically spren, so is there a reason that they couldn't be bonded the way "normal" spren are bonded? Could the reason for Honour's death actually be the same reason as the death of the other Radiant spren? Bondsmiths never received Shardblades, so his death couldn't manifest in the same way as "normal" spren. Also, unlike "normal" spren, Honour had a Vessel: Tanavast. When the Radiant breaks their Oaths, the spren's mind dies; in Honour's case, could this not manifest as the separation of the Vessel from the power and the Splintering of said power? This would explain something that has been at the back of my mind for a while. The Bondsmiths are supposedly the Order closest to Honour, and yet the spren of the Highstorms predates the arrival of the Shards on Roshar, and is thus presumably of Adonalsium and therefore no closer to Honour than to any of the other Shards. Why would the Order closest to Honour bond a spren unrelated to Honour? But what could be closer to Honour than Honour? This would also give extra meaning to the Stormfathers claim at the end of Words of Radiance: "I WILL NOT LET MYSELF BE BOUND IN SUCH A WAY AS TO KILL ME!" If this theory is true, he's already been killed once already. When Dalinar was unable to get the Ardents to marry him to Navani, he went over their heads and sought a higher authority, the Stormfather. Could Brandon be foreshadowing the temperament of the Bondsmiths as a whole here? They couldn't get any "normal" spren to bond them, so they went over their heads and bonded the ultimate authority: the Shard of Honour.
  6. OK, so you know how in Mistborn if you swallow metal you can use powers, etc. etc. We all know that stuff. Same for the Stormlight Archive. If there's a nearby source of stormlight, you can abbsorb it and use powers. But here's the thing; at the end of HoA, Vin absorbs the Mists and Ascends. The same could be true for the Stormlight Archive; if you absorb enough Stormlight, you could Ascend. You could dismiss this by saying 'even if you swallow a lot of metal, you don't ascend'. This is true; but remember this. The metals commonly used in allomancy are channels for power; the power isn't in the metal itself; rather, you use it to channel power from preservation. If you take a metal with the power actually inside of it, say, lerasium. If you have enough of it (enough to become a savant), you ascend. This could be true for the SA as well. Since Stormlight holds the actual power and is not a channel for it, if you had enough, you would ascend to become Honour. Again, you might say 'but Vin could absorb the Mists because Leras let her, and he chose her to be the next Preservation'. If you think about it, this could be true for SA as well, more specifically, Dalinar. Think about it. The Almighty (Honour) gave him seizures (not much of a gift, but still) so that he could see recordings of him. He chose Dalinar, the same way Leras chose Vin. Admittedly, Honour has been Splintered, but could it come back together for a new Shard? Quite possibly. Please tell me what you think of this down below. (by which i mean tell me whether I'm a deranged lunatic or a child prodigy)
  7. At the Portland signing for Shadows of Self, I asked Brandon if all the shards had a opposite paired, and he replied to the effect that "Philosophically speaking, you could argue they did, but not all had polarized opposites like Preservation and Ruin." That got me thinking about what the other opposites would be for our known shards. Odium (Hatred) Would likely be opposite to Devotion (Love). The new found Autonomy (Free will) would likely be opposite to Dominion (Control). That in turn made me realize that the shards were paired with something like them. Odium and Devotion are both Higher emotions. Autonomy and Dominion are both Ideologies. Preservation and Ruin are both Natural Forces. So i started pulling apart the remaining shards and trying to guess what their paired shard would be. Though only one I'm even slightly confident in is Honour's Pair. Abuse. Honour is to bring people together, to protect those weaker than yourself, to defend and protect. Abuse is to break bonds, hurt those who can't defend themselves, to attack and destroy. What Magic system do we know of that might fit Abuse? Ashyn, the world of Silence Divine has a system where people purposely infect themselves with diseases to grant them selves supernatural abilities. They hurt their own bodies for personal gain, and spread the infection to others, hurting them as well. It fits. Less so than other intents might, but it fits well enough. So, in conclusion, or TL;DR: Abuse might be a shard and Honour's opposite. It's probably on Ashyn. Please, throw as many WoB's at me as you can, proving or disproving all or parts of this theory. EDIT: Nevermind. Found a Wob saying there is no Shard on Ashyn at the moment.
  8. Hey all, so I'm thinking the Oathpact might be more simple than we've, or at least I've, given it credit for. The way I see it, Honour and Odium have a chat. Maybe after Odium hits Braize and forces H/C to Roshar. Honour proposes a contest. He will pick ten of his best to face any trial Odium can throw at them, if they fail Odium gets a shot at Honour, or Roshar. Odium, being tricksy, rightly points out that Honour could just never said champions to face Odium's challenges. No challenge is no failure, and thus Odium never gets a chance. Honour is like "fine, if they don't return after a while you get another shot" Odium decides fair is fair and thinks torture is the best way to challenge Honour's champions, perhaps not necessarily in keeping with Honour's understanding of the oathpact or intent but the deal has been made. The reason why the Desolations were getting fiercer over time is because with each desolation Odium gets a better idea of how to attack and make use of his resources. Just as the Spren and Heralds seem to get a better idea of the proper game plan. However, with Aharietiam the Heralds throw a wrench into this plan as Taln is too stubborn to break. Odium eventually gets frustrated and just decides to throw the deal to the wind and go at Honour. Because he's no longer acting within the bounds of the deal honour can bind him, in this case to Greater Roshar/Braize. Of course, Honour is dead, so that sucks. The way I see it, the Oathpact is the specific name for the deal Honour made with the Heralds. Thus why it doesn't include Odium as a binding participant, as per WoB...probably. In this model the Oathpact is like a contract of employment between one company Honour and ten people. I've some thoughts on Parsheni and Odium Influence that I may share later. So, that's it. If anything here is mindnumbingly simple just feel free to cruise on by.
  9. Please note that this thread contains both WoR and tWoK spoilers. You have been warned. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- While rereading tWoK, I noticed something interesting on page 777, the page where Kaladin and Tien enlisted to the army. Let me quickly quote it for you: Seeing as in WoR kaladin mentioned that he must return to Hearthstone to warn them of the impending doom, he will surprise his parents by the fact that he is still alive - but what of tien? He swore on the stormfather and the almighty himself, surely as a man of honour, this promise will haunt him in some way or another. In addition, the way it repeats itself in the last line and italicizes it causes me to think that it will have some importance in the next book, most likely with his honor-relying relationship with Syl. Just some Laral related speculations about the Bride prayer and the silversmiths What are your thoughts of these two speculations?