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Found 54 results

  1. Szeth-son-son-Vallano, Truthless of Shinovar, was dead. Every passing day, Szeth realized that his Truthless-ness had been dead for a long time. He'd died at the Battle of Narak, and been reborn as... something. Something not quite right. But a second chance was more than many got. Particularly more than a stonewalker like him. But that was one of the many lies he'd discovered that the Shin told him anyway. So Szeth, Skybreaker, nodded to the men around him. Dalinar's chosen. The Alethi had been hesitant to allow Szeth away from him so soon after the events of Thaylen Field, but once he'd told him about the treasure the Shin had been guarding for so many years - the very treasure that Szeth had used a part of to kill the man's own brother - he agreed to the mission immediately. He even sent soldiers and his Captain of the Guard: Kaladin, the Windrunner who'd freed him. Even if it was by trying - and mostly succeeding - to kill him. "It's time to go," Kaladin said. "Odium's forces have been close to Shinovar for some time. We need to get there before they do." Szeth nodded, checking his sphere pouches and scabbard for a third time. He couldn't imagine accidentally leaving sword-nimi behind, but doing so would prove more than disastrous. Then the two Radiants inhaled, tapped the remaining warriors, and Lashed them all towards the sky. Towards Shinovar. "I will cleanse the Shin of their false leaders," he thought to himself. "I will recover what they stole. The Honorblades. The weapons of the Heralds themselves." "Perhaps with them, we stand a chance." * * * The Shin High Council listened to the man before them speak. Rarashe-son-Lurdroler wasn't exactly the most charismatic of the Guardians, but he kept the oaths and was overall Truthful. Which made his report all the more disturbing. A man guarding the Honorblades attacked. And they were found dead and hanging from the ceiling, Stormlight running from his body. Rarashe said the attacker had fled, but they all knew what this meant. They'd lost both Honorblades capable of the Surge of Gravitation. One to the man who claimed to be a Herald, one to a man who called himself king. So this attack... it came from one of them. And if Nin-son-God was to be believed, he would never kill an innocent guardsman. There were infiltrators afoot in Shinovar. They knew of the Honorblades. And they weren't afraid. "Call for the Stone Shaman. We need a full investigation of this," said the lead councilman after a brief bout of whispering. "We can't lose our advantage." Eventually they found the main entry point on their city border: a causeway with Lashed bodies and disarmed men. There were two other points: one where a guard had vanished, another where they'd simply been strangled. Multiple incursions, although only one was a large group. So their Honorblades were under attack. Well, they wouldn't lose them without a fight. * * * Welcome to Long Game 72: The Secret of Shinovar! I, @Ashbringer, will be the GM with @Elandera as my co-GM and ________ as an IM. This game revolves around the concept of Szeth's Fourth Ideal, of returning to Shinovar and getting revenge for being falsely made Truthless, along with him and Kaladin collecting the Honorblades the Shin still have to use in the fight against Odium. I'd also like to note that while this game is a post-Oathbringer concept, it does NOT contain any spoilers for Rhythm of War unless I somehow managed to predict it correctly. I haven't read the book yet... so please keep it as spoiler-free as possible. There are two types of roles in this game, Unique roles and Honorblade roles. Honorblades are transferable; they can be passed around and upon the Bearer’s death they will go to a new player. Players carrying an Honorblade are called "Honorblade Bearers" or simply "Bearers", while the actual Honorblade uses the name of the corresponding Herald. Unique roles will be given to individual players and remain with them for the rest of the game (like normal roles) or until that player is eliminated. They are, as implied, each Unique. Basics: Honorblade Roles: Surges: Unique Roles: Order of Actions: Rule Clarifications: Signups will end December 4th at 5:00 PM PST. Please feel free to create an RP character! Most characters in-writeup will go by [name]-[son/daughter]-[name], but feel free to be a traveler from another land if the Shin naming conventions get too odd. Depending on if people are willing to be pinch-hitters I may install an activity filter, but... Edit: You must post at least once every two cycles. If you fail to do so, you will be replaced with a pinch hitter. (Or die, depending on how many pinch hitters there are.) Oh... and 1000 Posts!!! Spectator List: Player List: Pinch Hitters that I need to make an inactivity filter for: Quicklinks:
  2. no row spoilers

    So on Roshar we have the ten surges. The Heralds were given special magic swords, later known as the Honorblades, which granted them access to these mystical powers. As a matter of fact, anyone who bonds one of these blades is granted access to its surges. We also know that spren saw this, and decided they could mimic it. If a spren bonds with a human, through a process known as the Nahel bond, they can grant said human access to the surges as well, and even manifest physically as a replica of one of these swords. Jump cut to Scadrial, where we have a different kind of bond. But is it really so different after all? Sure, the powers are a little different, and you get them not by acting a certain way, but just by having the right amount of investiture in your bloodline. Remember though - something of the Nahel bond is hereditary too. No, not the powers, unfortunately, but there is a physiological difference between the offspring of a surgebinder and the offspring of anyone else. Their eyes. Okay, so what exactly is @Narcoleptic Axolotl proposing here, (you might ask yourself)? Well, I'm glad you asked. . . . yourself. . . . Whatever. I think it's reasonable that Harmony could create weapons that would bestow upon the holder all the powers of a mistborn and full feruchemist. Not totally unlike what the Bands did. You would still need your own metals and metalminds, just like Szeth still needed his own stormlight. And, just like the honorblades, these 'harmonyblades' wouldn't allow for quite the level of efficiency that an invested person can operate with. That meaning, you would have to flare your metals higher to get the same strength a mistborn has. And, while it's not clear what a lack of efficiency in feruchemy would mean, you'd have that too. Now, let's consider the last of the metallic arts. Hemalurgy. I don't think it makes any sense to think the harmonyblade would grant hemalurgic power, unless holding it made you perfectly aware of all the hemalurgic bind points. As useful as that might be, that's not the most interesting aspect of the harmonyblade with hemalurgy. We can assume that the honorblades, like shardblades, are made of Honor's godmetal, Tanavastium. (This WoB is a little confusing, but I've highlighted the part that matters.) So presumably these harmonyblades (maybe harmony-spears, given the spear's significance in Scadrian history) would be made of Harmony's godmetal, Harmonium aka Ettmetal. So, hypothetical scenario, someone's using a harmonyspear and stabs a metalborn. What happens? What attribute is stolen? Surely not nothing. We know godmetals can steal attributes: (again, you need only read the highlighted part.) Well, that's where I come up short. According to the coppermind, Harmonium is extremely reactive with water, and of course blood is like 98% water. (Disclaimer: don't know for sure about that and don't care.) So a spike made of harmonium would be pretty impractical. Maybe stabbing someone with your harmonyspear is a bad idea, because as soon as it pierces the skin, your spearhead starts exploding. Imagine that. Maybe go with a warhammer then? Maybe don't use it as a weapon. After all, its most useful aspect is granting you all allomantic and feruchemical powers. With those, you almost don't need a sword. Just go with obsidian daggers or something, that's stylish in its own way. Okay, that's all I got. Interesting stuff, right?
  3. I have concluded my investigation. Or, rather, I have concluded what can be investigated at this time. A large group pierced our fortifications, with the power of Shardblades and Surges, notably the lost Surge of Gravitation. Perhaps Radiant Gravitation, if the rumors are to be believed. And I believe they are. This would make this grouping a cohort sent by Dalinar, likely with the guardsman Kaladin at its head. Noble men, but dangerous and misguided ones. There were seperate incursions at other places, but I think those are of minor consequence. For now. Here is my proposition. Have every Honorblade bound to an individual. Keep them from being summoned. Use their powers if you must, but above all be secretive. Losing another Honorblade would be disastrous, and I doubt they only came for one. Be vigilant, for here stonewalkers tread. Find them. Dispose of them, if you must. But rid Shinovar of this invasion, and do it with haste. For one of our member will be watching. - Radezk-son-Jhoun, Emissary of the Stone Shamans. LG72 has begun!... Finally. PMs are hard. The Day will end at 5:00 PM PST on December 6th, about 47 hours from now. A few notes/clarifications: @Elbereth will be our IM! PMs are currently closed, and will be until opened with Abrasion. So no PMs this turn. I'll probably send out GM PMs before I post this, but if you haven't gotten yours... yell at me or something. Slightly less than half of you got a GM PM from me, and slightly more than half got one from Elandera. This means nothing except that I type slow and that I really couldn't do this without Elandera... If you need a vote count or a clarification in-thread, @ me, or send it in the GM PM. All PMs are to be one-on-one. No group PMs. I've seen what those can do. NO RHYTHM OF WAR SPOILERS IN THE THREAD. Even in spoiler boxes or in PMs. One, I'm not sure even if that's allowed. But mainly, I still haven't read RoW yet, and therefore can't open those spoiler boxes to make sure nothing sneaky is happening. I'd rather be able to avoid the possibility/suspicion of information trading within spoiler boxes that not everyone can open for fear of spoilers. (Don't worry, I'll read RoW soon... but the rule still stands.) Edit: knew I was forgetting something... if you'd like a link to the Spec Doc (and are not a player in the game...) PM me and I'll send you a link. The full game rules can be found here. Honorblade List: (because I can never remember which Order Vedel's the Herald of...) Player List:
  4. Given that Nightblood was able to (seemingly quite easily) utterly destroy a Vessel, but only managed to nick Ishar's Honorblade, Honorblades must involve truly staggering concentrations of Investiture. Large amounts of Investiture left lying around tend to start forming minds of their own. Were Shin "given to the Honorblades" to prevent sapience from manifesting in the Honorblades, which might have possibly completely disrupted the Oathpact? Further, families share deep bonds that no random group of people would have, so perhaps having the Honorblades held by minds with deep interpersonal bonds was also serving to somehow prop up the Oathpact. Any merit to that as a possible reason for Shin families being "given to the Honorblades"?
  5. The first thing I would like the point out is that, this is something that came to my mind this morning when I was unable to sleep due to the heat in the UK at the moment, it could be very flawed and I could have had many things really muddled up. But, with everyones input and thoughts, I am sure more sense could be made out of this. Outside of the books, I must admit I am unsure with how much has been revealed from Sanderson himself, most of this could be unproven or thrown under the rug, but I think it's intersting. So, I have a theory about the Unmade, The Heralds and Honorblades. Basically, the history of the Unmade is very cloudy and in modern Roshar, their history is largely unknown. Some sources claimed there was 10 but it is generally assumed that there are 9. This I think is very interesting and quite important. There are 10 heralds, and only 9 Unmade (but there could be 10, see what I am getting at?). Ever since the Oathpact was abandoned, only 1 herald went to Braize, being Taln. This means there are 9 Heralds left on Roshar, incidentally there are 9 Unmade. I think there is a link there… I do believe that there are 10 Unmade, and even though sources indicate that they have existed on Roshar since before the Desolations, I debate how true this is (backed up by the clouded history). I think, in previous Desolations when the Heralds were trapped on Braize, they were being tormented and fighting against a specific Unmade (one per Herald, and its Voidspren). After the Oathpact was broken, and only Taln went to Braize, his Unmade went with him. Thus, 9 Unmade were on Roshar with the 9 Heralds, and 1 on Braize with Taln. [Off topic I thought of in my edit, but, the Unmade could be Odiums ‘Heralds’. We have seen the Fused use surges, maybe there are different types of Voidspren, similar to the different Spren needed for each order of Radiants: Honorspren, Cryptics, etc.] For whatever reason, the Voidspren remain trapped on Braize as long as one Herald and Unmade are present. (This I can’t seem to find a logical reason for, but I think it is important, something about a Herald being on Braize keeps them trapped, even if it is one Herald.) After Taln had given in, and returned to Roshar, everything on Braize was freed. Thus, the coming of the True Desolation. This also means I think a 10th Unmade has come to Roshar, one that has been ignored. (this backing up some sources from history that claim there were 10). This was the first thing I have been thinking on. Secondly, Moash and Honorblades. Moash killed Jezrien in a way that is unlike that in history, when a Herald got killed in history, they seemed to return to Braize, however, Moash killed Jezrian with a knife that contained a gemstone. I think Odium has been cunning in his planning. 4500 years had passed since the last Desolation, the longest time in history; this is A LOT of planning time. We don’t know much about the creation of Honorblades, and we know Shardblades are Spren that mimicked Radiant surges, but Honorblades are said to be a type of Splinter of Honor. I think however, Odium has found ways to create an Honorblade out of the Herald itself. This would be interesting, if the gemstone in the dagger Moash used has bound the herald, (also confirming this death being ‘different’), then perhaps that gemstone can be used to create a new Honorblade. And this could have interesting implications, imagine if his new Honorblade/Heraldblade?, allowed the wielder to become to new head of that order of Radiant. Imagine if, it actually allowed them to manipulate and ‘control’ the knights under that order; it would really mess up Dalinar’s plans. I feel like Moash will also be the first person to wield this. I find it too strange the Jezrien (being the order of windrunners, thus Kaladin, Moash’s ‘friend’) is the first Herald to be killed in this way. If a new kind of power is created from Jezrien, and Moash wields it, then, he could take control of the Windrunners, and if he is able to somehow influence them, he could turn them against Dalinar. And Moash being Moash, will probably try to convince Kaladin that this is the ‘right’ thing to do. Ironically, this could be what leads to Kaladin debating breaking his oaths, as what Syl and the Stormfather have been promising would happen, but this time, in a way that is ‘different’ to The Day of Recreance. Since this is the True Desolation, it would make more sense that things would turn out differently to how they have in the past, ESPECIALLY with this additional time Odium has had to plan.
  6. So. I've been wondering about ways to create Shardblades using different magic systems. So far, there's the original, the Honorblades, which were made by Honor, and grant Surgebinding to the user. There's Sprenblades, which are bonded sentient Splinters which manifest in the PR and grant surgebinding. There's dead Shardblades, which are the Blades of dead spren whose Radiants betrayed their oaths. They have the same abilities of other Shardblades, but do not grant Surgebinding. There's Awakened Blades, such as Nightblood and presumably Azure's Blade. Since there are so few examples, the only common information shared by these weapons is the requirement of Ninth Heightening, and 1000 spare Breaths to Invest the weapon with. These are the known types of Shardblades, but there may be other ways to make one. Possibly AonDor could be used on a regular sword to give it strength, sharpness, and the summoning ability, however, this might only work in Elantris, and the Blade would always exist in the PR. Another method could be pulling a Seon or Skaze into the PR fully. So Aon Blades, Seon Blades, and Skaze Blades might be possible. Scandrian Blades would be different from other blades in that they would not be supernaturally sharp or strong, but they would grant powers and/or be made of Ettmetal, so an Allomancer's Blade would have a strip of Ettmetal in the sword, or an Ettmetal hilt. This could be used with Unkeyed Feruchemy to make the Blade itself a "medallion", and therefore give the user Allomancy or Feruchemy. I'd imagine the most common Blades would be Ettmetal, with unkeyed metalminds for A-steel and A-pewter. A-pewter would let the user swing the Blade with increased power, and possibly be put into the Ettmetal to make the Blade stronger. A-steel would push an opponent's armor and weapons away in a fight if put into the Ettmetal. These abilities might mimic an ordinary Shardblade's ability to cut through almost anything. A simpler option is that the entire Blade is just a metalmind, no Ettmetal involved.
  7. So shardblades and Honorblades are essentially investiture manifesting as a solid in the physical realm. So assuming that they are both of honor then what is the difference between the actual metal of honorblades and shardblades. Is it the fact that the sprens investiture had a different intent.
  8. Me and my family are into cosplay, specifically prop making and when we made Jezrien's Honorblade and I 3D printed the windrunner glyph, I noticed something odd: The center of the Glyph for the Windrunners looks like a stylized version of Jezrien's Honorblade from the end papers of Oathbringer. Once I noticed that, I started to think, so I started looking at the Radiant Glyphs, descriptions of the Honorblades we have seen (Jezrien's, Nale's, Taln's, let me know if there are others) and comparing the two. Then the pattern started to emerge. the centers of each of the glyphs looks like their associated Herald's Honorblade. Nale's looks like a stylized blade with two fullers, much like his Honorblade. The center of the stoneward glyph lookes like Taln's, which is described as being spike-like. I am working on mapping out potential blades from the other glyphs, but I wanted to share this while it was fresh on my mind.
  9. So we know that a normal shardblade will not appear as such in shadesmar, as it will instead appear as the spren which becomes the blade in the physical realm. We also see that Vivvennas shardblade does appear in the cognitive realm because it is not a spren. So then what about honorblades? As far as I'm aware, the honorblades aren't spren, but instead some other magical stuff™. So I ask, would an honorblade be usable in the cognitive realm?
  10. I have been rereading Oathbringer and I am starting to notice a few connections between the various Moash parts that may relate to Odium's plans. First, the Fused are slowly going crazy because they have been reborn so many times. Also, it seems that the Fused do not have as fine of control over their surges as the corresponding Radiant orders. The Fused are also becoming a liability because they are being reborn at what seems like a greater rate than previous Desolations. Which means that Odium needs a replacement. Which leads us to Moash. First, the Fused are collecting Shardblades and Shardplate. Secondly, Moash kills Jezrien with a dagger that has a gem in the pommel and the wounds bleeds black smoke(similar to nightblood), we also know that the blade is functionally similar to hemalurgy. The gem in the pommel also lights up after Jezrien dies. So the blade is stealing something and storing it in the gem. Also, Odium only has nine orders of Fused and seems to be missing one for the Surge of Adhesion, which is a primarily Honor based Surge. Given that the Heralds have a direct connection to Honor through themselves which is channeled through the Honorblades, I think Odium might be trying to gain the ability for his forces to use Adhesion. Not in the Windrunner sort of way, but more like a Bondsmith. If he uses the dagger to give Moash the direct connection to Honor so that he can use the Honorblade with levels of power magnitudes larger than a Knights Radiant. Moash would then be able to act as basically a dark Bondsmith and unite Odium's forces. Which leads us to my next point: Odium wants and needs to replace the Fused. I think he wants to do this by making Voidbinding Radiants. I think the direct connection to Honor might be able to heal the shardblades long enough for Odium to corrupt the spren and then bond them to Singers or Humans. Which would give the Void Radiants less checks on their power than a Knights Radiant and more Surges and more control of said Surges than a Fused. Sure, Odium's power might burn through them quicker, but he can always get more people to bond. They could also be used to discredit Dalinar's Radiants through false flag attacks on allies. And with Moash's connection to Honor's investure, the Void Radiants could be powered without having to rely on stored investure. It would also fit with the whole Odium is the new Vorin god theory that has been floating around.
  11. So I've been wondering, what exactly would a radiant bonding an honorblade entail? For one, would a radiant actually be able to bond an honourblade in the first place? Yes they can hold it without the screams but does their bond with a spren interfere here. But if they could and were to do so, then presumably they would gain the ability to use the surges associated with that honorblade. Once they have done this, would they still face the issues Szeth did with Jezrien's honorblade? Where stormlight would leak more quickly and such? Or would those things be overcome by their status as a radiant and the powers which come with that. Further, if this were possible, then how many could one person bond? Would it be possible to have a Windrunner say who then bonds all the honorblades and becomes a mega radiant? Or would the bonds interfere and get all confused? I welcome any input.
  12. What exactly are we supposed to expect of the Heralds in the coming books? I would love to see Taln come to deal with his madness in someway, be reunited with his honorblade and lead men against the fused as he once did, but I doubt that would actually happen. So what can we expect of the Heralds instead? Are they so much of a wildcard that they will hinder Dalinar's quest? Will they help out and assist the Radants? Will they turn and support Odium? (is it even possible for a Herald to do this?) Maybe they'll just exist and not do much, but I highly doubt that. Will Moash/Vyre go around and pick them off one by one? I hope this isn't the case, but who knows. I'm eager to know what you all think and if we have any hints to base our guesses on.
  13. Hi. I don't know if this question has been asked or theorised before but I was wondering that now Jezerien is dead, shouldn't his honorblade vanish too, or because Jezerien is proper dead, will the blade remain? In the prelude to WoK, after seeing 8 swords, Kalak knows 8 had survived because: "If their masters had died, the Blades would have vanished". The term "master" I mean to think the original owner, not the current person wielding the blade. As in, if the current owner died, I wouldn't expect the blade to disapear. So I believed that when Jezerien died, the blade also went, but with Jerzerien proper dying, I'm no longer sure if this is 100% accurate. Side note. I also believe we have not seen the true power of the Honorblades. Kalak also mentions in the prelude to WoK that: "These Blades were weapons of power beyond even Shardblades" But, what we have currently seen from an honorblade is, in my opinion, a little underwhelming. So I also believe we have yet to witnesses the full power of an honorblade. Are there any WoB that answer theae questions?
  14. Throughout the Stormlight Archive, we see that Honorblades give a person Radiant powers— the ability to surgebind. Also, we know that one of the metals, nicrosil, stores investiture. Are Honorblades made of nicrosil, and is that how they give abilities to people? It would explain how people gained powers, and why they no longer have them after losing possession of the Honorblade. I don’t know if Sanderson has already answered this in a WoB, or if this is already a forum. If someone could please let me know, that would be great. If not, then... let the theories begin, I guess.
  15. By now, we know it is possible to actually kill the Heralds and not just kill them through the use of a dagger from Odium's investiture and that Moash has been entrusted with it along with Jezrien's Honorblade. But it kind of strikes me as unusual that they only armed him with the honorblade after he has already murdered Jezrien. Is there any implication with him having it while he tried to kill the herald? I know that killing Jezrien is meant to be seen as more of a test of his loyalty/passion, but what if it wasn't an actual test but a requirement? What if they have a plan with Moash? One that might possibly involve killing all of the heralds and bonding with all of their honorblades? We already have a WoB that says a Radiant CAN bond with an honorblade, therefore giving him access to additional surges or making his surges a bit stronger if he has the honorblade of his own order. Can you imagine how powerful one man can become if he bonds with all ten of the honorblades? Wouldn't that make him the closest one to actually becoming Honor? What if this is Odium's plan for him all along? To have Moash gather all of the honorblades, then gather all of the splinters. Only now, he would become a twisted version of Honor, maybe Loyalty? Honoring his debt of gratitude from Odium? Seems to me that Moash's whole journey focuses about his revenge and lack of honor (betraying Kaladin). Is he fated to realize his mistakes and actually become the new shard of Honor? Not to mention also that the original Parshendi were also from Honor. What if they were working against Odium to restore their old god? What do you guys think?
  16. So I was wondering if we knew if Talns Honorblade was stole by Nale. We know the the Shin have eight of them. Szeth has/had one before Kaladin took it and in turn was taken by Mr. T and given to Vyre. So is the missing Honorblade the one Nale has? Thai is what I assumed, I just want to know if if was correct.
  17. I've spent the last few days on a Brandon theory binge, digesting as many fan theories, plot analyses and wild speculations as possible. After reading up someone's question on Hemalugy (Is Hemalugy the only end-negative magic system or are there more?) I realised that there is another use of magic which needs you to give more than you get, the Honorblades! From what we've seen the Blades work exactly like a Sprenblade would bestowing Surgebinding powers with 2 notable exceptions one, no Spren (and by extension no Shardplate) and also that a lot more Stormlight is required to power the same effects. This certainly sounds end-negative to me but I may be misunderstanding the meaning. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  18. Hello everyone. In this topic, I'd like to talk about the engineering principles behind Soulcasters, and to a lesser extent Regrowth fabrials and Honorblades. With Oathbringer, we finally have a PoV of someone using an actual Soulcaster, plus some interesting information in the Ars Arcanum and some further knowledge on the Honorblades. So with all that in mind, let's get to it. First, I'd like to talk about the actual composition of the Soulcasters. From Way of Kings, here is our first actual description of a Soulcaster. Soulcasting fabrials have some limitations that actual Knights Radiants Soulcasting don't seem to have. Not all Soulcasters are able to Soulcast every essence, as stated by Shallan here. In addition, Soulcasters are only able to Soulcast things into an essence that has a corresponding gemstone on the fabrial. Emeralds for food, smokestones for smoke, garnets for blood, etc. This is directly different from how Radiant Soulcasting seems to function, as Jasnah uses multiple essences in the battle for Thaylen city without any particular types of gemstones being noted as being drained. So what are Soulcasting fabrials doing? It appears they are giving limited access to the Transformation surge. It appears that, unlike Shardblades, they have no inherent primary user. It also appears that the process to Soulcast is something people get better with as time passes, but it has devastating side effects on those who use them. We have seen Soulcasters with granite casts to their skin, with vines growing from their eyes, and even those who are turning into smoke. All of these incidences have led me to the follow conclusion Conclusion: Soulcasting Fabrials create a weak approximation of a Nahel bond The only ways we have seen on Roshar to access the Surges are various bonds with the sentient Investiture that Rosharans call spren, by being directly Invested by a Shard (Fused), or by holding an Honorblade. We can cross being directly Invested off the list of potential ways Soulcasting fabrials allow access, as the people using them still require contact with the Soulcaster to use it. Likewise I believe we can cross off a bond with a spren, as while the Soulcasting savant feels a presence when she Soulcasts, she does not see anything, and she is far enough into Shadesmar that in my opinion spren should not be able to hide from her. That leaves the Honorblades. The Honorblades grant a link to two Surges to whomever touches them. We see this with Bridge 4 using Jezrien's Honorblade. In addition we see another similarity between the Honorblades and the Soulcasters: the color of the metal. I will concede that this is a tenuous connection, however: Honorblades appear to be physical manifestations of Honor's power, much like lerasium, atium, or ettmetal. The color of the metal could be an indication of a shared origin. Both seem to require large amounts of Stormlight to function. Both create a weak bond on touch, and require some time to learn how to use. Honorblades can be dismissed, while Soulcasters cannot, but that could be a property of Soulcasters not being intended as weapons. The link between the two is reinforced in the Ars Arcanum, where Khriss seems to think that Soulcasting fabrials, medallions on Scadrial, and Honorblades all work by similar principles. What I believe occurs in each case is that the possession of a medallion, Soulcaster, or Honorblade temporarily overwrites the person who is using it's Spiritweb to make them a temporary Metalborn or Surgebinder. In the case of medallions, we are shown that knowledge of what the medallion can do is necessary to unlock it's power. We see this with the weight medallions used in the airships and by the coin Wax acquired from Hoid. Soulcasters do not have this problem as most of Roshar knows what they are on sight, and Honorblades have been sequestered in Shinovar and seem to have been used for training Surgebinders for unknown purpose. Clearly the Shin know what the Honorblades do, and so the Intent is not a problem there either. This temporary overwrite causes problems for the recipients down the road, however, I think. In the case of Soulcasters and Honorblades, they are required to draw dangerous amounts of Investiture into their Spiritwebs, probably exacerbating any cracks already there and probably giving them an increased likelihood of savantism. Medallions likely don't have this problem as much because of the relatively limited amounts of Investiture in their use. Anyway, that's my current theory. What do you guys think?
  19. I'm looking for some help on something that a friend noticed. So at the beginning of WOK, as far as I know, Taln had his Honorblade in Damnation (or however that works) and Szeth had Jezrien's. But when Taravangian tells Szeth that Kaladin must have one of the other Honorblades, to convince him that Kal isn't a surgebinder, my friend I just talked to says that Szeth replies with something like "One of the other seven?" which seems to imply that the Shin only had 8 total (and gave him one). I don't have any of my SA books with me right now, so I can't check any of this to be sure. How many blades do the Shin/Szeth have at the start of WOK, and if it's only 8 (including Jezrien's), do we know where the last one is?
  20. So, I haven't done much research on this but I wanted your guys thoughts on where the other honorblades are. I know nine of the Heralds left theirs when the Oathpact was abandoned, with Taln keeping his. Szeth has an honorblade, Nale has his own (presumably) that he uses to hunt people bonded with spren, and Taln brought his own with him when he returned. Thats three of the ten, do the rest reside with the Shin? And if they do why are the Shin in control of 7 honorblades? Another thing on dawnshards, I was reading another thread about how the Parshendi could be dawnsingers due to their singing language and the fact they predate humans on Roshar (I think). If so could Eshonais shardblade be a dawnshard?
  21. As honorblades can be used by anyone and give power to anyone, can we assume that honorblades work like the bands of mourning do, in the sense that anyone can use them because there is identity signature on them? If the answer is confirmed please post it. If not please post theories.
  22. I haven't seen any good threads on this topic, so correct me if I'm wrong. In WoR Interlude 4, Eshonai indicates that one of the Honorblades, which was somehow in the possession of the Parshendi, was 'left' with the Alethi the night Gavilar was assassinated. Question #1: We know that the 9 Honorblades were left altogether by Jezrien and Kalak, where most were recovered by the Shin. It seems clear that no other peoples actually know the Shin have the Honorblades. So how in the world did the Parshendi get one? Particularly concerning their Voidbringer history at that time... I can only imagine, and this is a bit of a stretch, that it's related to the Parshendi's theorized connection to the Dysian Aimians. #2: If an Honorblade really was left that night...where is it now? It's possible they were just referring to Szeth's Blade, but that just seems like an obviously false lead to me since that was clearly given to him by the Shin, plus that wouldn't explain why the Shin only have 7 (8=Szeths, 9=Talns 10=Parshendi). Then the additional "stolen" one mentioned by Taravangian could be Nalan's. That's all a bit hazy to me. At one point I thought it could be Oathbringer, but I've mostly discarded that theory. I did think it could be with Jasnah, although she seemed to be very new to her Surgebinding at that time. But she seems one that might take off with it and not tell anyone about her newfound powers, plus she was the one that watched her father die and was there when they arrested and executed the Parshendi leaders. I imagine one of them would have had it. There's been no mention of Jasnah being a known Shardbearer, but I suppose if her family knew she bonded a Blade that night(thinking it an ordinary Shardblade), they might want it to be covert that she has one. She could be a false Elsecaller, or she could be a true Elsecaller with additional abilities granted by the Honorblade. Someone else. Perhaps it was added to the stash of King's Blades, which would be quite funny. I feel like I'm missing some important things here. Any thoughts?
  23. So... I was wondering why Dalinar hears att scream when summoning the blade he took from Taln in order to pin Amaram down as a liar. When the Stormfather accepts his oath on top of Urithiru he (like Kaladin and Renaren) hears the scream of the dead spren of which it is "made" from (lacking a better word). But if it realy was a honorblade Dalinar was holding it should not have that effect on him. Kaladin, after picking up Szeth's honorblade, notes that he does not hear anything and remaks on it. Is the blade Taln carried att fake, did someone swap it- if so when, and who?
  24. I suspect that when Radiants who have reached a certain degree of progress in the Nahel bond die, they go to Braize. Several points of evidence have led me to to suspect this: The Nahel bond was not designed by Honor, but was an attempt by the spren to imitate what Honor had given to the Heralds. In WoR chapter 87, Syl clarifies to Kaladin that the Nahel bond was specifically based on the Honorblades. The Prelude to the Stormlight Archive tells us that one of the conditions of the Oathpact is that the Heralds would return to Braize to be tortured if they died, and were expected to return willingly if they did not die during a Desolation. To abandon the Oathpact, they had to leave their Honorblades behind, willingly and intentionally giving them up. They did so by slamming the Blades into the stone ground. This suggests that the Honorblades was the basis of their connection to the Oathpact, and thereby to Braize. The coded passage from the Diagram found in the WoR Chapter 84 epigraph references "the secret that broke the Knights Radiant". Apparently there is such a secret, and obviously it would need to be a very significant one. When Dalinar observes the Recreance in his vision (WoK Chapter 52), he sees the Radiants slam their Blades into the stone ground, as the Heralds did, and as Dalinar does when he relinquishes Oathbringer to Sadeas. This is clearly how the Bond is broken, though why they needed to leave the Plate behind as well is unclear, mostly because we know so little about what Shardplate actually is and whether it has any connection at all to the Heralds (whom so far have never been shown wearing Plate of any kind). Nale believes, following Ishar, that when the proto-Radiants "naturally discover the greater power of the Oaths"..."without Honor to regulate this, there is a small chance that what comes next will allow the Voidbringers to again make the jump between worlds." (Edgedancer, Chapter 9) This suggests that the Radiants are connected in some way we do not yet understand to Braize, and could potentially (though by no means certainly) bring a Desolation the same way the Heralds do. Whether Ishar is correct in this belief or not is not yet known to us. To bring these points together, the Nahel bond is based on the Honorblades, and severed by the same means that the Heralds severed their ties to the Oathpact. Is it possible, then, that by copying the Honorblades, the Nahel spren inadvertently recreated the not-so-desirable aspect of the Honorblades that connects the Heralds to Braize? If so, it is possible that when Radiants die, their soul(?)/Cognitive shadow/non-material aspect goes to Braize, as the Heralds do, instead of going through the usual afterlife? This would be an extremely serious side-effect for the Nahel bond to have, and it's hard to imagine anyone, least of all the Radiants who were all broken people in some way, stoically accepting more-or-less-eternal torment after their death. As others have theorized, we already have reason to believe that the afterlife is messed up in some way on Roshar, but if the Radiants suddenly found out that they were more or less guaranteed to go to Damnation, that would go a long way toward explaining the Recreance.
  25. WOR Ch. 42 Epigraph: And how, exactly, was Ishi going to do that? According to Syl, Honorblade Surgebinding is less efficient than normal. Taln displays more-than-human reflexes/speed, but Stormlight boosts your physical capability too. The Heralds must have had some really impressive powers unrelated to Surgebinding... with just the Bondsmith Honorblade (and the Bondsmiths probably aren't a primary battle Order) and super-reflexes, Ishi would have had trouble beating a single "battle Order" KR, much less all of them.