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Found 70 results

  1. Was the Shardblade Taln appeared with a normal Shardblade or was it his Honorblade that he retrieved or took to Braize?
  2. So the Honorblade's whole thing is that they can grant anyone access to Surgebinding at the drawback of not being as efficient with Stormlight as the Nahel Bond, so my question is this: If a Surgebinder held an Honorblade with entirely different Surges, like a Windrunner with the Lightweaver blade, would the presence of the Nahel Bond get rid of the inefficiency problem?
  3. So I was rereading Edgedancer recently and came across this little bit in the Nale/Lift battle that got me thinking. (Ch19 if you want to look it up yourself) The first bunch of times I read this were all pre-Oathbringer and RoW so I just assumed that he was summoning his Honorblade, and at the time Szeth's actions implied that an Honorblade required 10 heartbeats. Except, we've learned something since then: Nale is (supposedly) of the 5th Ideal So why the delay? It would make sense that his Spren would be right there with him, and Syl has shown that means instantaneous Blade. It has also been heavily implied that Nale's 2nd Blade is his Honorblade, which may or may not have a delay. I think Nale killed his Spren, and when that happened is when Nale went to Shinovar and retrieved his Honorblade (Oathbringer ch106, Szeth mentions that Shinovar had 9, until 1 vanished long ago). Either because of Ego or Madness, he can't/won't admit what he did, and has been using the Honorblade to make the Skybreakers think he is of the 5th Ideal. A few additional points: RoW ch77, Nale implies that he is sworn to not touch the Honorblades, or at the minimum Jezrien's Blade specifically. Nale is, AFAIK, never seen wearing Shardplate. Even in RoW when he takes an arrow to the eyeball, no Plate appears The thing I can't figure out is this: how is he fooling the Highspren? 100% he could trick humans into thinking he's 5th Ideal, but I'd think that the other Highspren might want to talk to his Spren. So yeah, what's everyone think about this? IMO it's obviously not conclusive, but I also don't feel that I'm making something out of nothing.
  4. I am rereading Way of Kings and something in the prelude unsettled me. In the Prelude there were 7 honor blades, if we add Taln's and Kelek's blades that would make them 9, where is the last one?
  5. I found this: My question is if she got access to an Honorblade, could she utilize Stormlight to fuel her Surges in addition to metabolizing food into Lifelight? From there, could she figure out how to internally mix and/or separate the power into Towerlight with the right intention? Maybe she just eats a prism to separate it? I'm imagining something on the back 5 where something goes wrong with the Sibling and Lift just jams herself into the workings and makes it work anyway. At any rate, having a Radiant on standby at Urithiru that can be directly fueled by the Sibling and Bondsmith could be really useful. Sure Dalinar can open a perpendicularity and eventually Navani will be able to as well I assume, but making it so Lift is doing funky stuff that only Bondsmiths do would be... fitting and hilarious. I still don't know how she was sneaking into Dalinar's visions. Thoughts?
  6. Here's the relevant phrase from the Coppermind: Ishar flickers his Honorblade at the end of RoW. I think it's clear that the summoning time can be instantaneous, but is based on the perception of the wielder, as Szeth takes 10 heartbeats to summon Jezrien's Blade. Unless we think that there's an inherent difference to Ishar wielding his own Blade? At any rate, I think this could be updated to include what we see Ishar do.
  7. I didn't spot a specific mention of this, and it might even be a mistake, but it's interesting to me that Gavilar identifies the "sinuous, curved Blade" as belonging to Jezrien. This seems a little at odds with existing descriptions of Jezrien's blade ("thin, silvery weapon... an unornamented blade" WoR Ch 187) ("long, slender...largely unornamented" OB Ch 122), but more in line with the description of Ishar's blade (in RoW Ch 111) as, "a sinuous Shardblade lined with glyphs." Others noted that Gavilar doesn't seem to recognise Jezrien's blade when wielded by Szeth, which he ought to if he's seen the visions so many times. He also doesn't recognise Szeth using the powers of a windrunner, which I was also shown in the vision that featured midnight essence, IIRC. Furthermore, the SF reacts negatively (with a hiss) to Gavilar treating the blade cavalierly. Thinking about this led me down a rabbit-hole of what-ifs, but I think the above is fairly evidence based, while the rabbit-hole is a lot more guessy, and I'm interested to here what people think of the above.
  8. Sorry if asked already, but I was re-reading Rhythym of War, and the parts where certain Chars can see into shardesmar made me wonder what would they see if they looked into shadesmar/cognitive realm to see what an Honorblade looks like there.
  9. From the album tWoK Prelude

    Here's the basically finished 3D model of the Kalak's CG sword that I'm using. It looks like it turned a bit funky around the spheres at the bottom, so I'll have to fix that.
  10. So I'm getting a tattoo of the expanded glyphs that are stamped into the front of the hardcover Stormlight books. Because of this I've paid a lot of attention to them and I've noticed that the Windrunner/ Jezrien glyph look a lot like a helmet. I am looking for help identifying what the other symbols could be. Please offer any help you can? We only have eight of the ten so far
  11. Kaldin mentioned that Moash has an Honorblade. Teft is not surprised. How can this be? They must know that Jezrien is dead. Have they kept it from the common troops? Does this mean that Jasnah's plan of killing Heralds is right out now? What does this tell us about the long time plans of the coalition? The Heralds cannot help them, the Everstorm is still blowing and Herdaz has fallen? Despair should be setting in.
  12. I believe a clandestine organization is behind the disappearance of all the shards missing on Roshar . But Taln’s blade I think it was the of a known group . So at the End of Way of Kings Taln shows up with a Sharblade . Since it was being worn and not dismissed I assumed it was a regular shardblade . The thought was Taln came back after 4K years couldn’t find his shardblade , went to the cache that’s brought up by Amaram in WoR and shows up in Alethkar . Then a WoB comes out and Brandon says that Taln blade was swapped out somewhere between the shattered plains and Alethkar . So Hoid is on the trip so of course he becomes the prime suspect . I assumed Hoid knows Taln from way back when and trying to do him a solid and help keep Taln cover by hiding his shardblade . So groups like the ghostbloods won’t hear and try and steal it .... We know the sons of Honor didn’t do it cause Amaram and the ardents were trying to get the Herald to tell them where the cache was assuming it was the cache or Honorblades . The ghost bloods were trying to kill them so I doubt it was them . So that leaves just two on screen groups that could of done it . The group I believe that has hidden the majority of the shards on Roshar ( The aimians) and the group I believe is behind the theft The Shin What made me decide on the Shin was that I don’t think the Aimians would left a shardblade in place of The Honorblade . The Shin Shamanate have someway of tracking the Honorblades . Szeth said upon his death they would come to claim it The Shin would not have a problem with Leaving a blade in place as a sign of respect . The Shin could transport thier and back thru shadesmar using the Lightweaver or Elsecaller blades . They could also disguise themselves using The lightweaver blade. ( Perhaps this is why Taln freaked out when shallan tried to Lightweave while he was in the cell ) he thought whoever took his blade was back . When he realized it was just Radiant he calmed down! If it is them for the first time they have the Stoneward Honor blade to study and train with . I don’t know if I’m right , but if I am . I’m greatly interested on how the Stone Shamans locate honor blades. .
  13. In the very beginning of WoK and other times, it is proven that honorblades require 10 heartbeats to summon. Since they aren't dead spren that need connection to the (physical realm, i think), why would they require heartbeats?
  14. The honorblades are basically Honor's god metal, a condensed aspect of his essence in solid form. If an allomancer were to somehow consume an honorblade, or part of one (a hypothetical situation as I'm not sure it'd be possible) would they be able to burn it and achieve an affect from the metal? If so, I find it interesting that perhaps burning part of Tanavast's power, an allomancer would gain access to the surges in some way? I welcome your thoughts on the matter.
  15. So we know that a normal shardblade will not appear as such in shadesmar, as it will instead appear as the spren which becomes the blade in the physical realm. We also see that Vivvennas shardblade does appear in the cognitive realm because it is not a spren. So then what about honorblades? As far as I'm aware, the honorblades aren't spren, but instead some other magical stuff™. So I ask, would an honorblade be usable in the cognitive realm?
  16. I was wondering if the Heralds ever named their blades. All the Shardblades seem to have a name so why not the Honorblades. Nalan's sword is mentioned as the sword of retribution in Wok. But that might just be the religion linking it to the divine attributes of the Herald associated with it. So was Jezrein's sword called the blade of protection?
  17. So I've been wondering, what exactly would a radiant bonding an honorblade entail? For one, would a radiant actually be able to bond an honourblade in the first place? Yes they can hold it without the screams but does their bond with a spren interfere here. But if they could and were to do so, then presumably they would gain the ability to use the surges associated with that honorblade. Once they have done this, would they still face the issues Szeth did with Jezrien's honorblade? Where stormlight would leak more quickly and such? Or would those things be overcome by their status as a radiant and the powers which come with that. Further, if this were possible, then how many could one person bond? Would it be possible to have a Windrunner say who then bonds all the honorblades and becomes a mega radiant? Or would the bonds interfere and get all confused? I welcome any input.
  18. What exactly are we supposed to expect of the Heralds in the coming books? I would love to see Taln come to deal with his madness in someway, be reunited with his honorblade and lead men against the fused as he once did, but I doubt that would actually happen. So what can we expect of the Heralds instead? Are they so much of a wildcard that they will hinder Dalinar's quest? Will they help out and assist the Radants? Will they turn and support Odium? (is it even possible for a Herald to do this?) Maybe they'll just exist and not do much, but I highly doubt that. Will Moash/Vyre go around and pick them off one by one? I hope this isn't the case, but who knows. I'm eager to know what you all think and if we have any hints to base our guesses on.
  19. So, I was looking back through WOB's on the Stormlight Archive, and I ran into one where he said that Taln's Honorblade that he had at the epilogue for tWoK was different then the blade that Dalinar had in WoR. I looked back at the descriptions, tWoK Epilogue: "It was long, narrow, and straight, shaped like an enormous spike." and then in WoR it described the blade as wide and cleaver shaped. The WOB basically said that somehow the honorblade was swapped along the way from Kholinar to the Shattered Plains. I looked back through old posts... but there were over 250 pages to go through, and I gave up at about page 5. I am pretty sure something has already been said on this, but I would like to hear your thoughts on who now has Taln's honorblade. I think it is pretty safe to assume that it is one of the many secret organizations on Roshar that has it, Hoid, or Odium/Voidbringers. I think Hoid is a possibility simply because, well, it is hoid, also, he was at the gates waiting for Taln when he arrived at Kholinar, what hoid would do with an honorblade? No idea, but I think it is certainly possible. I think it is nearly impossible for Odium/Voidbringers to have it (unless they got it from a secret organization) simply because this was before the Everstorm. That leaves the secret organizations. From what I gathered from various shard posts is that there are 9 different organizations working at Roshar, one of which is confirmed to be the 17th Shard. The only other ones that we know much of note about is the Diagram, the Sons of Honor, the Skybreakers, the Envisagers, and the Ghostbloods. Now lets lower that number throught process of elimantion. It is unlikely to be Suns of Honor since this group includes Amaram and tried to steal the Shardblade that had been swapped with the Honorblade, and it seems unlikely that they would bother with swapping a blade out for the Honorblade if they were just going to steal it back later. It is also unlikely that the Skybreakers would steal it, simply because they are all about upholding the law, and it would take a very large loophole to steal a Highprince's property, as well as the fact that they don't really need an Honorblade for any purpose. This leaves as known options for the having the honorblade The Diagram, the Envisagers, or the Ghostbloods, and the 17th Shard, as well as Hoid. Of course, there is always the possibility that one of the other 3 secret organizations has it, and personally I think that is the most likely. I would like to hear everybody's thoughts, and if anybody has a link to an older, similar thread, please post it below. I just realized this really isn't the right place to post theories... would a moderator be so kind as to move it to the cosmere discussion section?
  20. So first Szeth believes that the radiants are coming back. This somehow leads to him being exiled, deemed "Truthless" which, according to societal convention, binds him as a slave to the wielder of a rock. But then why would he be given the Honorblade for the Windrunners if he was being punished or removed from society. Either something is missing/wrong with Szeth's recollection or the Shin are extremely odd.
  21. This is a theory founded on Moash's last acts in Oathbringer, and built considering that Odium is in desperate need of a champion that cannot lose. The theory is really pretty simple; What if Odium had Moash kill Jezrien, and gives him Jezriens sword, not just for the sake of killing him or for poetic symbolism, but because he intends to have Moash take Jezriens place in the Oathpact? Becoming a man that can be killed Physically only to be sent to 'damnation' with the only way out being the conscious act of betraying mankind (something Moash seems all too comfortable with)? The main queries for this theory are both how and why Odium would do this. The how could be done in a few ways, using the knife that killed jezrien as a hemalurgic spike is the most messy and obvious, the gem on the knife might also be used for this, or might also have its own purpose. The next is somehow having Moash absorb Jezrien's soul and meld with it, making them basically the same individual, and thus making Moash=Jezrien=Herald, if you guys can think of other ways that this may be achieved than please explain, I would love to hear your theories. The why is also rather simple, Odium needs a champion, and he needs one that cannot lose, he had a planned in place for this already, Dalinar fusing with the thrill entirely would have given him an unstoppable force for battle and ruthless tactics, undefeatable in combat through sheer skill, knowledge, and decisiveness. This theory suggests a back up plan, a champion that is an immovable object, if he can jury rig Moash into a Herald than that gives him both an immortal champion and someone to always hold the door open for his minions, because the only way for the ancient voidbringers to leave Damnation is for one of the Heralds to crack and manifest on Roshar to either escape or to willingly bring a desolation (the circumstances to the requirements for this are unclear, do they have to begin a desolation to manifest or does their manifestation begin the desolation?) But either way Moash could just keep coming back. with both Jezriens soul and his sword in hand I feel like this is an interesting next step for Odium, perhaps he even intended it for Dalinar, but is using a promising new tool in his stead due to lack of options or desperation
  22. [Originally posted on r/stormlightarchive, and figured that I'd bring it over here. The more I think about it, the more interested I am in Shinovar. I think they've got some serious secrets. A poster pointed out a WoB that confirms Rosharan humans originated on Ashyn] Another random observation that's probably been noticed, but I haven't seen on here. (That kinda spiraled into a general post about the Shin) The going theory at the moment is that Humans in the Roshar system originated on Ashyn - WoB states that there was a cataclysm there, with small pockets of civilisation living in cloud cities as a result. Hence, the idea that humans caused said cataclysm and jumped ship to Roshar (planet) with their advanced tech/powers. We know that when humans first arrived on Roshar, they were given the Shin lands in the West because it was most like their natural habitat and they could raise horses, chickens etc. I just noted that the word Shin is very similar to the back end of Ashyn. If humans were introducing themselves on another planet, they would likely introduce themselves as the 'Ashyn' people. Over millennia, that would boil down to Shin. This also ties back to the Shin culture and the amount of control they (likely) secretly hold over the cosmic Shard war raging in the background, implying that their histories passed down hold a lot more accurate knowledge that the rest of Roshar had available. The aversion to walking on stone has been noted previously as a possible link to the fact that the Dawnsingers owned the rocky portions of the continent, and might actually have developed as a belief due to the guilt surrounding the original voidbringers' actions. Another interesting point is the circumstances of Szeth's Truthless stamp. He claimed that the voidbringers were returning. If the Shin hold a better history than the rest of humanity, then Szeth's original claim might be interpreted oddly. If he was referring to the 'modern' voidbringers (the Fused), then his story plays out unchanged - he saw a crisis coming and was ignored. Now, if we look at the ancient use of the word voidbringer, then he may have been referring directly to Radiants or any forms of power. I'm having trouble putting this one together in my head, because I might have been missing some nuances in Szeth's lines. He flips out when there's a possibility of Kal being Radiant, as this would confirm his suspicion of the return of voidbringers. Without the revelations of Oathbringer, this was read as Radiants returning providing indirect proof that modern voidbringers were going to be stomping about soon. Going by the ancient definition, he may have predicted the return of ancient voidbringers with Kaladin as direct proof of their return. All of this has to go through a few layers of culture and Shin development. If the Ashyn histories were preserved to the point that knowledge of the first desolation remains, then we would have to wonder how pervasive this knowledge would be. The way that Sanderson writes religion, I would assume that the general populace is completely unaware of this information and holds to their devout beliefs as a matter of culture. In this scenario, the higher up members of Shin culture (the council who exiled Szeth) would have more context to their religion - possibly holding knowledge from before the move to Roshar, but more likely having gaps in their knowledge due to the sheer time passed since then (and repeat Desolations). I can't speculate on whether Szeth would have been privy to this information, but don't recall any great surprise when Nale drops the voidbringer revelation on him. Szeth just doesn't seem to react to much with surprise though. In terms of how Szeth gained his knowledge in the first place without leaving Shinovar - I think that comes down to his training with the Honorblades. Discounting the possibility of seeing the future (just because Odium influencing him here seems a little off to me) multiple Radiant orders have experienced visions of the present day (scrying?). Kaladin's storm riding visions showed him Ash scratching eyes. Shallan had an instance where she accidentally drew the sailors washing up on a shore, but in Oathbringer she did another drawing that seemed to confirm this ability (can't remember exactly when - maybe while she was still in Urithiru?). These seem like Order-specific perks that we don't know transfer with Honorblades. Another option is that Szeth did something unusual regarding the Honorblades and gained knowledge that way, something along the lines of wielding multiple blades at once during his training. Questions that would help guide this thinking: 1. How open is the Shin religion among its members with its information/history? Does even the lowest warrior know as much as the highest councilmember? 2. Does every Shin train with the Honorblades, just the warriors, or a select subset of warriors? 3. Have the Shin been known to use parshmen slaves? I don't recall any being mentioned in Vstim's trade in WoK, but Rysn was focused on the warriors being dressed so poorly. TL;DR - The Shin know things, man, and they're not sharing. And Ashyn=Shin over time. Edit: A quote from Szeth's interlude in WoR (I-10) - This is immediately post his first clash with Kaladin, and he is standing atop Urithiru contemplating the fact that his Truthless status might be in error: "He had fought an impossibility. A man with Stormlight, a man who knew the storm within. That meant... problems. Years ago, Szeth had been banished for raising the alarm. The false alarm, it had been said. The Voidbringers are no more, they had told him. The spirits of the stones themselves promised it. The powers of old are no more. The Knights Radiant are fallen. We are all that remains. All that remains... Truthless." Later, on contemplating his inefficiency with Stormlight: "Too imperfect a body. The Knights Radiant... they'd been said... they'd been said to be better at this... like the Voidbringers." Time to re-read Nale's discussion with him over the Battle of Thaylenar. (To be continued!) Edit 2: Nale/Nin/aboshi fills Szeth in on the Voidbringer revelation off-screen. When we return to them, they hover over the battlefield observing Amaram's forces go Thrilltastic. (Ch 116, Alone) (beginning of the Sanderson Avalanche): {Throughout this passage, there are no emotional qualifiers used to describe Szeth's speech. It reads as a purely logical discussion of lawyers deciding which code is relevant based on the parshmen being the original owners of the land.} "All along," Szeth said, "this world belonged to the parshmen. My people watched not for the return of an invading enemy, but for the masters of the house." (I read that as a surprised statement, but it is difficult to draw conclusions) {Jumping ahead, Nale asks Szeth to join him in backing the singers. Szeth's inner monologue is as follows:} "Wind rippled Szeth's clothing. All those years ago, he'd been correct. The Voidbringers had returned. Now... now he was to simple accept their rule?" Later in the fighting, Szeth continues to refer to Fused combatants as Voidbringers. I think I've pulled apart a bit of my theory a little too well. I've placed myself in the camp that Szeth was unaware of the revelations of the First Desolation prior to being informed by Nale. This still leaves the question of how much the religious leaders of Shinovar (the Shamanate) know/knew prior to the Battle of Thaylenar. Regardless, the implications of having a culture on Shinovar with very direct/lasting Ashyn influences is very interesting. I'm going to have to go through and look closely at references to the Shin so far.
  23. From the album Stormlight Art of Carbonationspren

    My depiction of Jezrien's Honorblade, based off of Howard Lyon's illustration in the back of Oathbringer. I added the Windrunner glyph and some Stormlight in the background. The image viewer makes it really small since it's in portrait orientation, so click on "More Sizes" in the top right to view the larger image. You can view a stripped-down 3D version of the blade on Sketchfab at

    © Carbonationspren 2017 All Rights Reserved

  24. So at the end of the book, Kaladin is facing Amaram who has bonded to 2 Shardblades. Since this is now confirmed possible, would it also be possible to bond to 2 (or more) honorblades? With 10 honorblades total, you could have 2 people who bond to 5 each and get access to all 10 Surges if they do not double up on any Surges. They would be SO POWERFUL, especially if they can recharge Stormlight like Dalinar does. Thoughts?
  25. So i just realized, dalinar has been hiding the honorblade in the ventilation/sewage lines for right now. Sooo when they figure out how to power up that storming huge power core, are all the systems going to start up automatically? Will dalinar have the foresight to move the blade before turning the ignition on Urithiru? One would hope so, but seeing as that wouldnt be very interesting... is someone else about to get a surprise gift flying out of their vents or privy?!? Who would be the most terrifying person to take posession of the honorblade?