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Found 489 results

  1. Hello, I am a fan of insults, and I hope some of you are too. What are some insults---from Wit or not---that you all enjoy? I'm willing to give some... [If any of you need help insulting someone, i'm here!] Also, what are some fun Hoid scenes you liked? I loved it when he gave Wax the coin when he was pretending to be a (blind, as always) beggar. Whenever I see him in a book, I end up staring at the page, and then laughing my head off.
  2. Theory: Hoid is not as good as you thought he was! Hoid has been roaming the Cosmere since the beginning of time, encouraging the main characters usually by way of storytelling and using his skills as an Awakener. Loyal fans will know that he was one of the group that shattered Adonalsium into the 16 Shards. He was offered a chance to become the Vessel of one of the Shards. However, he chose not to and in that way, gained something even more important than power: freedom. He was not bound by the rules of Shards and was free to influence events in the Cosmere as much as he liked. One of the first hints at his master plan comes early in Stormlight, in the Way of Kings, in chapter 54 on page 933. "... 'Adonalsium' Dalinar frowned more deeply. 'What?' Wit searched his face. 'Have you ever heard the term, Dalinar?'" This short exchange gives context for what Hoid says soon after: "'Ado-what?' 'Nothing,' Wit said. He seemed preoccupied, unlike his normal self. 'Nonsense. Balderdash. Figgldygrak. Isn't it odd that gibberish words are often the sounds of other words, cut up and dismembered, then stitched into something like them–yet wholly unlike them at the same time?' Dalinar frowned. 'I wonder if you could do that to a man. Pull him apart, emotion by emotion, bit by bit, bloody chunk by bloody chunk. Then combine them back together into something else, like a Dysian Amian.'..." This hints at Hoid's secret plan: To kill all the current Shards and assemble them back together into a new Adonalsium, with himself holding the power. Hoid had planned this all since the death of Adonalsium. I hope everyone enjoys this theory
  3. Hoid has bonded a Cryptic. Now to progress through his “oaths” he must speak truths about himself. What truths might Hoid speak about himself? I assume must be truths he hasn’t already said, even to himself. I don’t think we have enough information even to guess, except maybe for one truth about this immortal being surrounded by mortals who cannot understand him: “I am alone.” I doubt he will say that, but it’s my only guess. What do you think?
  4. Hemalurgy can be used to remove chunks of Spiritweb from others, including Spiritweb pieces that allow for magical healing. So, if someone like Kelsier were to use Hemalurgy to rip off the power or Connection that allows for Hoid's magical healing, could he be killed?
  5. How will the Cosmere story end? Will there still be shards? Here is a list of possibilities for discussion. Adonalsium is re-formed with a new vessel. Adonalsium is re-formed without a vessel. The shards continue. The shards continue, but without vessels. The shards are splintered. All investiture, including shards, is destroyed, possibly by Nightblood. Any other possibilities? What do you think will happen?
  6. Hi. So I'm wondering if all of Cultivation's machinations to get Taravangian to ascend are primarily motivated by revenge against Rayse, or if it is also part of a longer conflict with Hoid.
  7. From the album General SA Art

    Finally drew this after so many years! Probably still my fav Jasnah/Hoid scene (●'◡'●)ノ❤
  8. I’ve taken a bit of a break from the cosmere and I’m a little rusty. I feel like I’ve missed 10,000 WOB’s and I am trying to refresh myself and catch up. It’s long been previously theorised Hoid has access to Feruchemy and it was assumed he was a Feruchemist but it was later revealed he simply has unkeyed metal minds.. That’s how he uses ferchemical powers Hoid has the full powers of a powerful Allomancer after ingesting the L bead and we now all know he has un-keyed Metalminds but I’m a little foggy on how they operate. Is he capable of refilling his un-keyed feruchemy metal minds himself and being able to burn/compound for twinborn powers?
  9. FYI: I have only read Stormlight Archive, Warbreaker and Mistborn Era 1 and Secret History. This theory is based on what I know about hoid till now. Anyone who has read the other cosmere works, please correct me where I am wrong. Hoid usually is very content with he does. He seems to be in control most of times, nothing really surprises him anymore. He is one of the oldest beings in the cosmere and one of the most knowledgeable. His persona is of a chaotic trickster with no allegiance to anyone. And that is very much true to his real personality. But Roshar is where we have seen him be most... human. Rosharans surprise Wit a lot. For ex he is flabbergasted about something when he sees young Shallan at the marketplace ( we have no idea why. Not important to the theory, just mentioned it) He is at a genuine loss for words when shallan hugs him years later. I don't think he expected for shallan to be affectionate towards him. He is again shocked when Kaladin asks him for a story, saying that 'no one has ever asked that'. Also hoid is at his most wholesome with Shallan and Kaladin, giving them very heartfelt therapy- story sessions.'Accept the pain, don't think you deserve it' and 'You will be warm again' can make me tear up. He is very helpful this time for protecting the planet( instead of Mistborn where he accelerates the danger). He also has a romantic interest in Jasnah. He is also very open about his belief in a god. The main theme is that hoid is developing actual human connections with the Rosharans, something he has never had before. This will end only in tragedy. Because taravangian Brandon has confirmed that Taravangian completely ' hornswoggled' hoid in the epilogue. Hoid did feel true terror there. He did lose some of his memories. Hoid, for the first time, has been actually hurt in a confrontation. Brandon also said that Hoid will find out what happened in the lead up to the contest. (Prolly with the metalminds) This dude has not felt fear in maybe 7000 years, who says Hoid won't overreact? Because hoid was really motivated in having rayse- odium bound to the system. And todium has proven himself to be far superior of a threat already. There is also a lot of foreshadowing that Hoid will betray Roshar. When he talks to Dalinar, he says 'i will burn this world down to get what I want, even with tears'. He repeatedly tells shallan and Jasnah not to trust people. At the end of RoW, Dalinar has to choose between trusting odium and wit I think we will see Hoid betray the people of Roshar in a cruel,stone-cold way just to make sure todium stays bound. I don't know exactly how, but it will happen. The good guys will have to fix what he did too and some damage could be irreparable. He will definitely lose all his friends and this time, he will have genuine sadness and tears. This time? Yes, because hoid has definitely betrayed Roshar before. During the first desolation. We know he knew the heralds (as midius). Isn't it interesting that stonewards are associated with topaz and they swear an oath to be where they are needed? Two things common with hoid? Also doesn't rayse seem just a little too angry when he reads 'cephandrius' name in the contract. Like he really, really hates hoid for some reason. Is it because all of this has happened before, like this? Hoid bring up the idea of the oathpact and the heralds. Because whose plan was this exactly? Who the heralds bring up the idea of eternal torture themselves. No this seems cruel enough to be hood's idea He was meant to be the the tenth herald, the stoneward-ish herald, but the moment the oathpact was created, his business was done and he left the planet, leaving the Rosharans to panic. Taln steps up for the job and the rest his history. I think in this case Hoid knew that taln was going to pick his place. But what he did was still a betrayal. He just doesn't care much This time, he will care What do you guys think?
  10. I have a few thoughts on Dawnshards. I am relatively sure that there are four of them, I may have misinterpreted something, but I think there are four. In their name, They are called shards. This seems significant to me, and seems to imply that they were once together and part of a whole(or all of a whole). We also know that Hoid held a Dawnshard to help shatter Adonalsium. What if Hoid's end goal is to reunite all of the Dawnshards and recreate whatever they originally were?
  11. When Hoid tries to hurt someone or even contemplates it, he is incapacitated due to the way his Spiritweb was changed by holding a Dawnshard. However, there are ways to use magic to compel you to cause harm rather than avoiding it. The first that comes to mind would be by him using Hemalurgic spikes to grant himself a more Ruinous Intent on his Spiritweb, which would, if there were enough spikes placed and enough time given, allow him to override the current structure of his Spiritweb allow him to physically harm others. There are definitely some problems with this, such as how he would need someone else to charge and place the spikes for him, and how he would be opening himself up to shardic influence (which is NOT something that he wants to have happen), but this may hypothetically be possible. Another possibility would be for Hoid to wield Nightblood. Since Nightblood compels whoever is holding it to destroy, it seems likely that Hoid would be able to overcome is own magical compulsion to not do any physical harm if he were to use the blade. However, even if he could do so, I doubt that he would risk himself to try and directly kill someone via Nightblood; he's crafty and patient and he would likely rather carefully plan for someone else to do the fighting for him, which he could even without needing to cause direct physical harm.
  12. Which Party involved in the shattering was Hoid in, before he back out? Which ideology did he follow, do you think? The ones that did it for power, or who thought that Adonalsium presented a threat? And why did he back out? Was it because he wanted to retain his sense of self?
  13. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Happy Lunar New Year 2022! The celebratory art is a continuation of the former DS con AU, featuring Shallan/Hoid/Nazh/Kelsier/Shai/Khriss!
  14. It's something of a consensus in the community that, for whatever reason, Hoid has been traveling to various worlds and acquiring their magics for some purpose, maybe for amassing power, or maybe as a hobby. Whenever he lands on a planet, he tries to get that magic system. However, I don't think he's simply "collecting" these magics. I've been thinking about Investiture and how it relates to rhythm and color, and I think I have a hunch on why Hoid has been acquiring the Invested Arts we've seen him collect, and it's for a very specific reason: converting Investiture between forms and manipulating raw Investiture. We have seen Hoid acquire very specific magic systems. He has: Failed to become an Elantrian Stolen the Moon Scepter Become an Allomancer Become an Awakener Become a Surgebinder Selish magics require their user to induce a specific waveform into the Dor to create a given effect. As an Elantrian, he would be able to manipulate these waveforms and study how they affect the Dor itself. The Moon Scepter is the next best thing, as it helps to convert between the local magic systems. Allomancers give off distinct Rhythms when they burn metals and have the ability to perceive the Rhythms produced by other Invested individuals. Awakeners of the second Heightening have perfect pitch. This helps Hoid distinguish minute details of sound. Also, though it only reaches perfection at the third Heightening, he also has enhanced color perception. Surgebinders utilize Rosharan Lights, which oscillate with light and sound in ways that reflect the nature of the Investiture that they contain. Putting this all together: Hoid has the understanding of the waveforms that power Investiture from the Moon Scepter, the ability to perceive those waveforms via Bronze, the auditory acuity to distinguish them from Breath, and an abundant source of malleable Investiture that responds to sound in the form of Stormlight. All he needs now is a musical instrument.
  15. Do we have WoB concerning whether Hoid will be in each piece of the White Sand trilogy of graphic novels? I know Sanderson stated he would have to put more Hoid in them than was in the prose version, and we also know Hoid appears in every novel, but concerning the graphic novel (since it's one story broken into 3 parts): will Hoid appear in EACH part, or just in the series? -CQ
  16. Hey, anyone else notice that in Chapter 32 of Warbreaker, Hoid uses black and white sand? The black sand turns white when he puts it with the white sand. Wondering if this has to do with the Breaths that Lightsong holds, Hoid himself, or if maybe this is another coincidence like the letter 'shash'. Another thing is how he describes his learning of storytelling, which Siri ascribes to him attempting to be dramatic. "I learned it many, many years ago from a man who did not know who he was, Your Majesty. It was a distant place where two lands meet and gods have died. But that is unimportant." This is, I believe, one of the few times we ever definitively learn something about Hoid from something other than WoB/Stormlight Archive. And even from SA, we don't know how much is fact and how much is fiction. So, any thoughts?
  17. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    So I haven't posted this yet? I felt quite thrilled when drawing this XD I love them so much and how I wish I could get a time machine to read their story! (The art is per request and wildly imagined though. We actually don’t know much about Yolish dragons.) Liar of Partinel draft spoilers: Other Hoid doodles from this year and last year (Sorry for the mess of medias and styles): [Long post warning] Hoid in Greek costumes Shai trying to grab back the Moon Scepter Shai: Give back the Scepter, you foul liar! Fool: I won't give back such an useful translator. What are you going to do with me? Hoid does the worst in pilot academy Skyward x Cosmere - Spensa teasing Wit Hoid & Kelsier in suit/modern clothing Hoid as musician 1) Piano - 2) Violin - 3) Erhu (Chinese instrument) Character going dark meme Bonus: Hoid in drag as a flapper girl
  18. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Hoid in Scadrian modern/near future AU (sort of) This is actually for recent art style bend challenge, though I always want to try this look with Hoid still being a bard in modern times XD
  19. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Featuring Khriss, Kelsier, Hoid, Shallan, Nazh & Shai. So here is a bunch of Cosmere nerds I imagine would love to attend DS Con XD
  20. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Hoid’s original look is always my fav Some points to check:
  21. Alright, I know that this topic has been discussed and argued about a lot already, and the points that I’m about to bring up may have already been used, but I recently re-read Rhythm of War, and I think that I found some good points regarding this debate. In chapter 99, “Not Bound”, it is shown that Hoid (Wit) wrote up a contract to bind Odium in the contest of champions. Part of this contracts would protect Hoid from Odium’s attacks, as he would be counted as a liaison for Honor for the duration of the agreement. Hoid also mentions that he knows Rayse, and seems to very, very confident in his knowledge. In chapter 112, “Terms”, Odium surprise visits Dalinar to make final terms on the contest of champions. Dalinar shows the contract made by Hoid to Odium, but Odium doesn’t accept the terms set out on it. Instead, he and Dalinar come up with a different agreement together, one that, as it so happens, doesn’t protect Hoid. In this very chapter (page 1173), Dalinar thanks Renarin in his mind for making his future unknown to Odium, but this also reminds us, the readers, that Hoid can’t see what’s going to happen here either, due to Renarin’s interference. Later, in chapter 113, “Emotion”, Taravangian ends up replacing Rayse as the Vessel of Odium, but Taravangian’s future is also currently being protected by Renarin (and Odium himself, since he also has future sight), so Hoid wouldn’t be able to foresee this event either. Finally, in the Epilogue, “Dirty Tricks”, Hoid goes to meet Odium, who he still presumes to be Rayse, who he knows well and understands. Unfortunately, Hoid doesn’t know Taravangian nearly as well (if at all; I can’t remember them ever meeting before), and he doesn’t even know that Taravangian is the new Odium, after all. This lack of knowledge combined with the actual deal that was made between Dalinar and Odium left Hoid open to attack, allowing Odium to remove some of Hoid’s memories, hiding the truth that Rayse was replaced, and that someone who abilities were far more unknown was now holding the reigns. Now, to be fair, in chapter 99, one of the things that Hoid likes so much about Jasnah is that she’s paranoid, which likely reflects Hoid’s own paranoia. I would not put it past Hoid to have somehow made copies of his memories in case an event like the one between him and Taravangian ever occurred (perhaps using copper feruchemy compounding?), but I don’t see enough evidence for it currently to be thoroughly convinced either. Anyway, I enjoyed coming up with this explanation of what I think really happened, and I hope that you guys enjoyed it as well! (As a side note, this is the longest post I’ve ever made!)
  22. Apparently, Hoid is now stuck on Roshar due to his Bond with Design. But if he is a Feruchemist, he could overcome this by storing his Lightweaving and Soulcasting abilities inside a nicrosil metalmind, then compounding those powers, which would replace Honor’s investiture with Preservation’s, thus allowing him to leave. Well, that and he’d also need to break his Bond with Design, but that would be comparatively simple (if somewhat selfish and traitorous).
  23. So, in every book, we get at least one letter between hoid and a Shard (or Frost I suppose). In TWoK and WoR, we got Hoid and Frost. In Oathbringer we got a whopping 3 from Endowment, Autonomy, and Harmony, and Harmony's letter in RoW was absolutely crazy. Who do you want to see a letter from in the 5th book? We've already heard from all the (living) shards from other shardworlds we have had books from; White Sand, Warbreaker, Mistborn (The vessels from Elantris are dead, and the short story world's aren't Shardworlds iirc), so it would be (presumably) from a shard we haven't really "met" yet. I personally hope it's from Valor, one of the new ones from Harmony's letter. Sazed meantioned she would probably be open to talking to Hoid after all. Though Mercy's previous involvement with Odium would also be extremely interesting to hear about. Invention and Whimsy have nothing to go off of so I'm less interested in them. I also doubt we will hear from an entirely new Shard, as that's never happened before in a letter. Though maybe we won't hear from a shard at all? No idea who Hoid would really want to hear from besides Frost or a Shard though. Maybe Thaidakar? Really, really, REALLY doubt Hoid would write to him though. Can't be someone from Sel either, Elantris and Emperor's Soul takes place like 1000 years before Stormlight. Would love to hear everyone's thoughts, the letter epigraphs are always so interesting.
  24. You need a significant connection to a Shard to become a vessel of that Shard, right? Does that mean that you would need connection to all Shards to become a vessel of Adonalsium? Or would you need connection to Adonalsium somehow? Something else? This might limit who could ascend to Adonalsium quite severely, depending on the answer to my next question. In order to have a connection to a Shard, do you simply need to act in line with that Shards intent, or do you need to connect with it on some other level. For instance, could someone from Roshar be really devoted on Roshar, then travel to Sel and ascend to Devotion (assuming anyone can ascend to Devotion), or would you have to be really devoted on Sel and connect with Devotion's investiture there before you could ascend? If you need to be on the same planet as the Shard, which I think you would, then only worldhoppers could conceivably ascend to Adonalsium. And what worldhoppers have become solidly Invested from Shards on multiple worlds? As far as I recall, we only know of one: Hoid. Hoid has access to Surgebinding, Awakening, and Allomancy, and possibly other Invested arts. Does this have something to do with Hoid's goal? Is Hoid trying to ascend to Adonalsium? This seems out of character for Hoid, who has never shown interest in ruling others, but perhaps he has motivations we don't know about. Whether Hoid is trying to ascend to Adonalsium or not, he may end up being the only person who can, and I suspect that when it is both necessary and possible, he will do so. Hoid will become Adonalsium. What do you think? Do you need connection to all Shards to become Adonalsium? If so, what kind of connection? Does this suggest anything about Hoid?
  25. Spoilers for Rhythm of War and also for the entire Cosmere, literally all of it, if you ain't caught up then pretend this post is Aimia and sail right the hell away plzkthx I just posted this as a comment on Reddit. Reposting here as its own thread in case its of interest to y'all :-) This post was inspired by the recent episode of Shardcast. What a great podcast. Absolutely love it. The most recent episode is about Jasnah, in particular her asexuality as it related to her having a sexual relationship with Hoid in Rhythm of War. On the surface, this relationship is BOGGLING. I totally agree. And one interpretation of this is that Brandon Sanderson has done some very bad writing around an asexual character. This sure is possible. However, I don't think that is the case here. I think that Jasnah/Hoid is meant to be boggling. We are supposed to say to ourselves this does not make sense! And then we are supposed to ask, well, under what circumstances could this make sense? I tried to do this, and I think I have an interesting answer. We are told that Jasnah is not interested in sex for pleasure, and that she does not reciprocate Hoid's interest in a romantic relationship with her. How can she be in this sexual relationship if not for sexual pleasure and not for romance? I think the Shardcasters are forgetting that there can be other reasons for a relationship, particularly a cis/het sexual relationship in an (essentially) medieval context. I can think of two possible reasons. The first reason is for the sharing of power through a union, such as marriage. This doesn't seem likely here. What power could a Queen gain from union with a Wit? This would be my conclusion if they had proclaimed a union publicly but not acted on it privately. They are doing the exact opposite. So this doesn't seem likely at all. As a result, I think it's the second reason: procreation. They are having sex in order to produce a child. This is the only reason that I can think of for a person who is not interested in sex in general, not interested in romance with this person in specific, and has nothing to gain from the relationship being public, to engage in a private sexual relationship. Why does Jasnah want to have a baby with Hoid? Merciful Domi but idk. Maybe she wants to give Hoid something to live for (we WoT fans call this "the Veins of Gold"). Or maybe the answer is "magic stuff." Maybe she wants her child to have Connection to a Dawnshard. Maybe she wants her child to be a Mistborn - Hoid's a Lerasium Mistborn so his child will probably be full Mistborn too. Maybe she wants her child to be a Lightweaver apart from the Radiant Surges. Maybe she wants her child to have Connection to Yolen. Or, hell, maybe she just wants to raise a child alone, and in the incorrigibly patriarchal Alethi society, the only way to do this is to hook up with the literally least dependable man in the Cosmere. I don't know Jasnah's reasons - all I know is, this is Jasnah, and so she has 'em. This brings up one more question: if procreation is Jasnah's reason for their sexual relationship, is it also Hoid's? Hoid's behavior might be a clue. His attempts to sexually interest an asexual person suggest that he's unaware of her asexuality; doesn't understand it; or is deliberately ignoring it. If someone agrees to have a sexual relationship with an asexual person for purposes entirely apart from pleasure or romance, maybe their subsequent attempts to interest the asexual person in sexual pleasure result from their guilt at experiencing pleasure in the sexual act which their partner does not. In other words, Hoid is making misguided attempts to resolve a dissonance. This... isn't great. This seems like how an alien would think human empathy works. But Hoid could be that alien just as easily as Brandon. Alternatively, Hoid is just an asshole. This is entirely within the realm of possibility, because, y'know, Hoid. But I don't think this is likely. First, Hoid is not a dumb person. Moreover, he seems to be quite empathetic when he wants to be - and his statements about wanting a romantic relationship with Jasnah suggest that this is a person for whom he'd be empathetic. But most importantly, Jasnah is kind of the freaking patron saint of telling people how it is. If she told Hoid she was ace, I can't imagine she wouldn't explain to him exactly what that means to her & set boundaries clearly and effectively. As a result, I think the most likely answer is that Hoid is unaware of Jasnah's asexuality. This would would imply that Jasnah is pretending to be interested in sex - or at least, allowing him to assume that she is and not correcting him - in order to entice him into a sexual relationship. This would imply that it is her desire to get pregnant - but not his. It wouldn't surprise me if Jasnah has learned a way for cognitive shadows to be involved in conceiving children that is unknown to Hoid. Further, I bet she learned this as a result of things that her father Gavilor Kholin did with the Sons of Honor in an attempt to create 'Fused Heralds' - magical experiments that resulted both in Jasnah's childhood 'lunacy,' and later, Shallan's identity complexities. See But that's theories upon theories. But that's why I love the Stormlight Archive In a greatshell: I think that Jasnah has allowed Hoid to believe their sexual relationship is one of pleasure/romance purely in order to concienve a child with him. Further, I think Hoid believes himself incapable of getting someone pregnant - and as a result is going to be mad surprised when Jasnah hands him the sonogram.