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Found 387 results

  1. "the story of Hoid, if you don't know, is... he's the character that connects all the Cosmere. When I first started writing, Elantris was the first book ever I put him in and then he appeared in Dragonsteel, which is an unpublished novel, and in White Sand and in Aether of Night, but just little, tiny cameos." -WoB 2019 this is just a small chunk of a much larger WoB, but this is what i found the most relevant. so we know Hoid makes a appearance in AoN, but its just a cameo. i searched for Hoid, Midus and Topaz in the text and found nothing. from his other roles in the published books, i bet he would either be playing the role of a beggar, thief, or informant. this doesn't narrow it down very much, but its something. i just recently read the book and didnt even think to keep an eye out for him. anyone have any ideas as to who he is?
  2. We know several dead shards now, mostly killed by the joint effort of Odium and Autonomy: Devotion, Dominion, Honor and Ambition. Now, I think they're all pro unshattering of the Aldonasium by their intent. Ambition: it is a proper ambition for a shard to want to be the whole, and the only whole Adonalsium. For a shard, he is almost at the top of the hierarchy of sentient beings. If he can have any real ambition to go up, it should be to be the only one at the top. Dominion: being at the top he can dominate his now peers. Devotion: well, it requires devotion to sacrifice your shardity to make a whole Adonalsium. Honor: he was all about uniting the others when he was talking to Dalinar. Strictly speaking, we don't know who he wanted Dalinar to unite, the Rosharians, or the other shards. In my opinion, it is very cultivating to grow a new Adonalsium from 1 or a few more shards. I think before Odium killed Honor, and the other dead shards, Honor was working with Cultivation to try to grow back Adonlsium, probably from Honor himself, without shardic investiture from other shards. The other dead shards may have helped, but in other ways. Odium and Autonomy don't want a whole Aldolnasium, understandably, so they killed Honor, and other shards who was sympathetic to the effort. Endowment should not care much about the growing back, but she will definitely give help if asked. Ruin will definitely not help, and may work with Odium to do damage if he had the time. Preservation should want to preserve the current situation, which is a shattered Adolnasium. But Harmony, though, may want a whole Adonalsium, as his intent is different from Ruin and Preservation both. So after he was in power for some time, an attack from another world began.
  3. Hey guys, I've been gone for a bit but with Graphic Audio releasing version 1.5 of White Sand (I'll explain that in a moment :wink:) and me getting my tax return, I decided to grab them. So first off: Version 1.5. This may confuse some people but this is just the number I've decided to use between Brandon's Draft of White Sand and what we got in the Graphic Novel. On the page for the first Volume of the GA version of White Sand it confirms that a lot was cut in order to make the GN, whether this stuff is still canon or not someone should definitely ask Brandon one day. The Script used in the Graphic Audio version IS the original edited script for the Graphic Novel before things started having to be chopped. I decided to record some of the difference just to see how different they are. Now for the Differences, I'll try and be thorough but I probably will end up missing some things here and there. Volume 1: Kenton is shown running the whole gauntlet from beginning to end instead of picking up around the forth sphere. Unlike the Graphic Novel which makes it very hard to tell there are indeed both men and women in the Diem and they comment about Kenton throughout his trial. Khriss's story begin with her on the ship from Darkside and seeing the sun and port for the first time. We get to see some of the hostility between Baon and the soldiers due to Boan being in charge. Most of the Ceremony is the same for Kenton's sash, with the exception that after he blacks out, we cut to Khriss and company attempting to buy supplies in port as well as a guide. They discover that the language they'd been taught as Daysider is the Holy Language of the Priests. The Story matches up quite well from here up to the ambush after the marketplace. The assassin's attack and Baon's acquires one of their casters. Kenton then explains how it works to him. Before they reach the city, We see that the area around it is very lush with life surprising Khriss. Then the story switches to our favorite, Ais, who is planning to raid to capture Sherizane or their conspirators. It switches to Lokmlen who is trying to persuade his cohorts into a job. He's wanting to sneak into the Diem and steal what's there since the Sand Masters are no more. After get the others to agree, Ais and her team, with expert timing, enter and their operation. Lokmlen escapes much to Ais annoyance. The back wall then opens up and a kill squad begins to pick off the tracts. Ais rushes the wall and grabbing the arm of the of men, then proceeds to use him as a battering ram to bring down the wall. She then picks off the shocked men and takes off after Lokmlen. The GN picks up with their chase and is completely the same except for one small detail: Aarik has sheath not a sword, as he had thrown the sword away years ago. Speaking of Airik, his introduction is actually a bit different in the GA version. We meet him on a boat heading towards Kezare to mourn his friend Kenton, whom he believes was killed. He talks to himself and the Gondolier driver questions whether he should have ferried him. From here the graphic novel and Graphic audio play continue the same, right up til Kenton reaches the diem, which is confirmed to be on it's own little island seperated from the rest of Kezare. Kenton enters the Diem and spends a good while searching. Every room that he could reached, screaming at the top of his lungs before he collapses at the entrances and Dirin Finds him. Things continue the same until we reach the Judgement hall. Where we see our musician friend for the first time, singing about the current situation to no one in particular. It is noted that he has long hair similiar to Aarik and that he reminds Kenton of him. The only other remarkable difference is that Ais has a bad habit of Digging her nails into her skin as a skin of frustration which is shown in the GN version, but is very hard to pick out. The rest of the volume is the same with Kenton fighting it out with Drile, Aarik Arriving at the Diem, and Khriss paying N'teese, going to meet people and eventually learning that Kenton is a Sand Master which she is none too happy about
  4. So I came across this: and I know the name Hoid itself is an alias. Im wondering if there is more that we should look for.
  5. I have a friend telling me that ultimately the cosmere is an overarching story of how one man (Hoid) goes on to become God by uniting all if the shards. He said it'll be similar to Harmony but on a larger scale. He also said that by collecting different types of investitures, this will ultimately allow him to re unite the shards into 1 vessel, himself. I've not been able to see or find anything to confirm or deny what he is telling me. Any help from you guys would be appreciated!
  6. So in HoA Vin is supposed to go see hoid about something but as she's walking up she gets a sense that something is wrong so she turns around and leaves without a word. This scene mirrors the one is Secret History when Kelsier finds Hoid and touches him and gets jolt through his "body" I just realized that the reason Vin turned around was because Kelsier got through to Vin's mind/subconscious and told her not to talk to him I love how much foresight Brandon has when it comes to things like this. This WoB is relevant: Brandon Sanderson No, that was something I wanted to do from the beginning. I was inspired by Isaac Asimov combining his Robots books and his Foundation books, and he did it late in his career. It kind of felt a bit hacked together a bit, but it blew my mind when he did it and, as a writer, I always thought, what if somebody did this from the get-go. The actual origins of the kind of worldhoppers for me was reading books as a teenager and inserting Hoid into them. I really did this.... Do you read books and you like change what is happening in the book, or maybe it's just a me thing? I would have my character interacting with the characters in the books, in my head, as I played the movie of that book in my head, while I was reading it, and there was this character hopping between worlds, with this knowing smirk on his face. And so, when I was working on Elantris I said, "OK", I knew I had something in that book that was good, that was important, that was relevant, I was very confident in that book. It was my sixth novel, by the way, so I kind of had a handle on these things, and so that's when I decided I'm going to start doing some of this, I'm going to insert Hoid into this and I'm going to start planning this larger epic. It was particularly important to me because I knew I was not going to write a sequel to Elantris immediately, but I wanted to be writing epic stories, and the reason I didn't want to write a sequel to Elantris is because, if an editor rejected Elantris I wanted to be able to send them another book, because when you're getting close to publishing you'll start getting rejections that are like "This is actually a really good book, it doesn't fit our line, you just wrote a great mystical llama book but we just bought one of those, do you have anything else?". I wanted to be able to send them "here's my next thing" rather than "oh, I've got a sequel to the one you just rejected". And so I sat down and wrote the sequel, which was not a sequel, it was called Dragonsteel, which was Hoid's origin story. And then I jumped forward and I wrote White Sand which is another book connected to all these things and it went on, you know, it went crazy from there. And then when I actually sold Elantris it was already going and already in there, and I was able to sit down and write Mistborn, well in hand, knowing what was going to happen. That's why you find Hoid in Elantris and Mistborn and the sneaky, the scary-- well, it's not sneaky and it's not scary-- the moment in the third book when Vin gets creeped out by Hoid is a very important moment, Cosmerologically, but I'm not going to tell you why! Shadows of Self Newcastle UK signing (Oct. 20, 2015)
  7. I know I’m far from the first person to postulate a theory about Hoid, or the Survival Shard, but... hear me out: Hard facts: - confirmed to be virtually unkillable - confirmed to be present at the shattering of Adonalsium - confirmed to be hated by Kelsier (aka the self-proclaimed “Survivor”) - known by the Shards as “Cephandrius, bearer of the first gem” - preternatural knowledge of “where he’s supposed to be” - incapable of direct interference Implied facts: - confirmed that Nightblood might be able to kill Shards, and confirmed that Nightblood might be able to kill Hoid - Shardic intent eventually overrides the impulses/personality of the Ascended person (e.g. Ati/Ruin, Sazed/Harmony), Hoid is by nature a “pot-stirrer” - Shards are aware of the relative locations of other Shard’s singularities, Hoid world-hops at an alarming rate that puts Khriss to shame - cognitive investiture is non-dilutable/non-transferable; spheres in the cognitive realm are not re-charged, shardblades cannot be summoned in the cognitive realm, cognitive shadows are immortal unless either their bond with the physical realm (abandoned shardblades at the aharietum, Returned who surrender their breath to a human) or their bond with the spiritual realm (shades of Threnody countered with silver, Heralds of Roshar countered with “awakened” metal—Nale refuses to draw Nightblood himself, and black smoke pooled the wound when Vyre stabbed Jezrien), and to date Hoid can only invoke harm in the cognitive realm - Hoid moves to accelerate Ruin’s return on Scadrial (not only does he pose as an informant for Kelsier, but also steals one of the last two beads of Lerasium which he then takes off-world AND steals an Taln’s Honorblade, both of which would dimish there respective shards abilities to coalesce their presence in the physical realm), but moves against the Odium/Autonomy team-up; equally potent shards in combat are net neutral (e.g. Ati sans Atium pitted against Vin sans Lerasium); Odium’s success in defeating co-habitating shards lies in pitting them against each other (e.g “WE killed you”-Roshar, dominion vs. devotion-Sel) - Hoid inspires the actions of Invested humans, but invokes vexation from Invested others (court of gods, shards, autonomy’s splinters, the unmade, frost) AND shards (edgli, autonomy, odium, cultivation) **EXCEPTION: Sazed/Harmony; however, this makes sense as Saze’s opposing intents would keep him from attacking another Shard. Therefore, he is the ultimate “whale” for Hoid’s sales-pitch. - the Survival Shard would by nature be an “investiture chameleon”, Hoid collects investiture in the physical realm - Hoid understands the metallic arts to such a degree that he can intuit which will hold their power across shard realms - the “Shardpact” explicitly forbade Shards settling a world together, but did not forbid Shards traveling between worlds THEORY: Hoid engineered the shattering of Adonalsium, presumably because he’d drawn the malice of God for an act of pot-stirring. However, when he met Frost (an immortal dragon, who presumably hoards metals based on genetic tendencies, from interactions with whom he may have realized there was a metal that allowed him to hide from God), he spent his adulthood on Yolen attempting to hide from and eventually overturn Adonalsium. He gathers the 16 plus Frost, using the heuristic threat of Godly intervention while promising them “unimaginable power” [#sheevpalpatine]. They plot the shattering. They succeed. As engineer of the Shattering, he is granted first choice of the “gems” aka shards. Because he spent his life hiding from God, he opts for Survival. However, over time his Shardoc intent precludes him from proactively protecting himself. After Odium makes quick work of D and D in Sel, however, he begins to get “buyer’s remorse”. He realizes that while his Shardic intent will keep him from diluting his own investiture, he does have two other avenues for proactive protection. Therefore, he starts worldhopping, still within the bounds of the Shardpact as he is the omnipresent Bedouin who never settles, collecting mild levels of investiture from as many different Shards as he can. This both bolsters his own power level and diminishes the actionable power of his peers, while giving him insight into the forms of magic chosen by his peers. Kelsier and his Ghostbloods are chasing him because through Kelsier’s interactions with Saze in the cognitive realm he realizes there is a Shard perfectly molded to his modus operandi. The 17th shard is chasing him because Kelsier’s loyal disciple/priest Captain Demoux is conducting a sting meant to utilize Frost’s resources to gain knowledge, and during his infiltration Demoux has convinced his compadres that Hoid is up to no good.
  8. From the illustration right before chapter 15 of the Dragonsteel Edition. is this supposed to be hoid?
  9. Though I feel like he has been discussed and dissected more then even 7th grade biology class would have, I'm surprised that we haven't gotten a shardcast specifically on Hoid. I mean he may be something of a minor character so far but he does spark Some interest amoung the readership
  10. so im hoping someone here will be able to help me. im looking for a specific quote from Hoid. its in one of the stormlight archive books. its during a highstorm and Hoid says something along the lines of "filled to the brim, and looking for a place to put it all" its important for a Highstorm Theory im working on.
  11. so i know its far from Canon but in the Chapter one version of Liar of Partinel, near the end of the chapter Hoid/Midius lets us in on something important 'Midius had only just begun to learn how to Lightweave. Not a week had passed since its greatest secret had been revealed to him--the only secret, really. i know Brandon could've easily change the mechanics of it by now but what do you guys think "the only secret" is? we know that Rosharan Lightweaving is the most similar to Yolen Lightweaving and that the Roshar variant relies heavily upon the Spiritual Realm and Connection 'Unlike the variations present on Sel, however, this method has a powerful Spiritual element, requiring not just a full mental picture of the intended creation, but some level of connection to it as well. The illusion is based not simply upon what the Lightweaver imagines, but upon what they desire to create." I feel that the Yolish variant also heavily uses the Spiritual realm and Connection but while the Rosharan variant Creates what the Radiant alone wants, the Yolish variant relies heavily upon Connecting to others. so instead of Hoid directly shaping the image, hes using the subconscious of others to help him shape it .that's why hes usually telling a story when he Lightweaves. I always got the feeling that when Hoid is using his Lightweaving, he doesn't have full control of the images he makes. its like he Connects with the audience or whoever is listening, and lets their subconscious shape the image to help him fully create what he intended.
  12. I have a crazy fridge theory about our Stalker Musician and Guitar. Now it's generally thought that the Musician is Hoid, and we know that Hoid has a love for musical instruments (at least in the Stormlight Archives). first he uses a flute that he is very fond of which he gives to Kaladin. Then next we see him he has a Guitar that seems to have more than one player. I subject that Hoid either got or has the guitar in White Sand, the very one we see in fact, took it with him on his Cosmere Grand Tour before eventually managing to awake it on Nalthis. I also believe that by the end of Part 3, that Guitar and Musician will have a role to play. But we shall see.
  13. Greetings, everyone. Could someone point me in the right direction to where I can read the sample chapters of Liar of Partiniel? I've found this link (, and this another one ( from Brandon's page, but it looks like the pages are offline. Is there any other official place where I can get it from? Regards.
  14. At the very end of OB, Hoid retrieves the Cryptic that was about to bond with Elhokar. He says he thinks the reason he came to Kholinar may have been to find that spren. I find myself wondering what's so special about this particular spren? It's described as small and trembling, so clearly it's upset by having lost its Radiant. (Thanks fer nuthin', Moash.) But I don't get the impression that this is just a random act of kindness like him uniting the little orphaned girl with the woman who lost her baby. This feels like something that's meant to have a larger importance, and I'm curious if any Sharders have theories about why. Could this Cryptic be its species' equivalent of an Ancient Daughter, a spren that was made in an earlier era and might have knowledge about Aharietiam and/or the Recreance? Is it some sort of leader among the spren that could give whoever bonds it extra influence in Shadesmar? Something else?
  15. So I was browsing WoB's and I found one that I haven't ever seen refrenced on the Shard: Question 15 I've seen lots of people offhandedly say that we suspect that Hoid has breaths, but we aren't sure. I think we can count this as a fact now though, with that example in the context of the question. Edit: Slightly related, I found this other one that seems to indicate that Awakening has been used off Nalthis.
  16. We all know that Hoid has a weakness . If he even thinks about causing harm to someone who is not a cognitive shadow he experiences incapacitating pain . So this got me wondering what all he could do if for example some Fused caught up to him . They are Cognitive shadows so maybe he could hurt them? I also wondered if the 17th Shard tried to take him prisoner could he indirectly fight ? 1. Could he use emotional allomancy to make them fear him so he could scare them off ? Or perhaps talk them into letting him go 2. Could he use Breath and say enchant his cloak and say defend me ? Could he create Lifeless and have them fight for him ? 3. Let’s say there is a pit in the floor and someone is chasing him , could he use lightweaving and make the pit appear to be solid ground ? Or would that cause him pain 4. Let’s say 4 Fused are attacking him . He used lightweaving to appear as a Fused and make another Fused appear as him . The other Fused unwittingly attack there fellow would Hoids weakness key in because he didn’t harm anybody what situations or powers do you think he could get away with and which can’t he . ? I had this idea that he is not helpless . I think he do Alot and get away with it if it’s indirect enough . My favorite is Hoid is in a bar up comes the 17 Shard . Hoid puts some poison in his glass . Then uses emotional allomancy to Riot everyone sense of thirst in the bar , he flairs it in fact and sets his cup of poisoned wine down in front of him as the 17 Shard surrounds him . If one of them drank the poison because he was so thirsty that’s not him harming them , they harmed themselves ... idk what do you guys think ?
  17. So, let's talk about Hoid. Wow Ashspren, I hear you say. We've never heard that one before. But now let me make this a bit more intriguing: let's talk about Hoid and the Stonewards. At first, this seems like a strange combination. Hoid, given his Yolish abilities, seems to be more compatible with the Lightweavers–– storms, he even bonded a cryptic. However, there are two main facets to Hoid's relationship with the Stonewards that I wanted to explore. The first idea is the Ten Essences. I'm going to start with the role of gems, especially within the plot of the Stormlight Archive. As we all know, stones and gems play a huge part on Roshar. They power fabrials, reside in the hilts of blades, and are the cause for Greatshell hunts. Thus, whenever a gem is mentioned, it's generally a good idea to take a closer look. Take a look at the following table of the Ten Essences, spoilered for size (because it's a lot bigger than I expected, wow). I'm associating each row of the column with its respective order of the Knights Radiant, which I believe is a pretty safe assumption: The stones all seem pretty generic. Sapphire, a blue stone, goes to the sky-centric Windrunners. The Dustbringers are associated with rubies, as they invoke an image of heat and sparks. But, Number 9 on the table really caught my eye. The gemstone of the Stonewards is Topaz... where else is that stone used? The answer: that was one of Hoid's aliases, possibly even his given name. Spoilered for length, here's the WOB to back it up: (We could get into a whole other discussion about the "words on a page" deal, but let's not for right now.) So we already have this connection between the stone and one of Hoid's names. On top of that, though, let's examine the body focuses of Hoid's Radiant associations. Hoid is most prominently mentioned with regards to the Lightweavers, so the body focus there is blood. For the Stonewards, the body focus is bones. To demonstrate a prominent connection with both, I looked at The Traveler and specific imagery in that scene. For a color scheme, we're given lots of white, accentuated by red. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but there is an overwhelming amount of the colors of bones and blood shown in the scene. Additionally, the surrounding trees are described as "skeletal," and the juice from the pomegranate is "like blood." So, let's review before we move on: in accordance with the Ten Essences, we have determined that one of Hoid's aliases and the Stoneward gemstone are both named Topaz, and imagery from The Traveler reflects blood and bones, which are the body focuses of the Lightweavers and Stonewards, respectively. Next, we move onto human-to-human relationships. What is the significance of Taln, the Herald of the Stonewards, with respect to Hoid? An important thing to note is that Taln is introduced during the epilogue to The Way of Kings. Thus, Hoid is the among the first to hear that Taln has succumbed to the pain on Braize, and the Desolation is soon to arrive. However, it's clear that Hoid knows what is about to happen. We know why Taln is the one to announce the dawn of the Desolation; the other Heralds left him to suffer on Braize alone, as he was the only one who had not failed in enduring Damnation. However, why is it Hoid that receives him at the gates? Personally, I think that this was Brandon's way of alluding to a deeper connection between their characters. Specifically, I see many ways in which Hoid and Taln are painted as opposites. In the aforementioned epilogue, the differences are mostly superficial. To condense the key parts of the passages: Eye color: Hoid has blue eyes and is therefore high-class, while Taln has brown eyes and appears to be low-class Positioning: Hoid is comfortably perched on boxes, while Taln is cannot walk straight and is tripping over himself Material objects: Hoid carries an instrument, while Taln carries a giant Shardblade Beyond this, though, there are major points of contrast within Hoid and Taln's personalities. If we assume Taln to be like his fellow Stonewards, he is "dependable" and "resourceful," according to the chart of the Ten Essences. This is further affirmed by his long years of pain on Braize and how he was able to stand firm to protect Roshar. Therefore, the argument is not if Taln is dependable and resourceful, but rather if Hoid is the opposite of at least one of those qualities. We all know that Hoid is very resourceful, and this is virtually inarguable–– as someone who operates alone, going any way the wind blows, he has to be. But as to the question if Hoid is dependable, the answer is a resolute no. Here's why... Reading back through The Traveler, we witness a conversation between Hoid and Frost the dragon, who reminds him of his past wishes. Hoid and Frost reflect on the former's change over thousands of years, and why his involvement in universal affairs is an issue. Through this passage, it can be inferred that Hoid has changed his mind from an earlier conviction. This means that he is not sticking to what he has previously said, whether or not that statement was a true promise or just passionate words. Additionally, Frost describes what Hoid wants as "dangerous," and Hoid's response–– or lack thereof–– demonstrates that he knows that his behavior can cause harm, yet he continues to do it. I'm not arguing that Hoid is a villain. What I am trying to say, though, is that you wouldn't be able to ask him for a favor and reliably assume that he would follow through. Again, this isn't a good or bad thing, it's just the way he is. Couple his lack of dependability with surface-level differences, and you've cracked the mystery of Hoid's relationships with the Knights Radiant. He essentially twins with the Lightweavers and heavily contrasts with the Stonewards. TLDR: Brandon's given us one of Hoid's aliases, Topaz, to imply a deeper connection between Hoid and the Stonewards. Through the body focuses of the Ten Essences chart, we can conclude that Hoid has connections to both the Lightweavers–– as we already knew–– and the Stonewards. After an analysis of Hoid and Taln's characters, it's clear that they are basically opposites, so Hoid's strongest relationships within the Knights Radiant must be the Lightweavers (similar) and the Stonewards (different). I know this had a lot of explanation and less of an actual theory, but I wanted to open up the theorizing to everyone else. What are your thoughts? Just saw a connection and ran with it, so I want to know what everyone else thinks about Hoid, his relationship with the Knights Radiant, Taln, the Stonewards, and anything involving all of them.
  18. On my first read of mistborn I didn’t like many of the characters . Do not get me wrong I loved both series but the characters didn’t interest me first . Chief amongst all these was Spook . I thought him useless , and had no idea of his potential . I read the whole series and started on era 2 before I snapped to who Spook was inspired by or similar too . This only happened after a drawing I saw Spook with his blindfold on and two dueling canes . I stood up in my seat and was like Omg “ Spook is Daredevil .!!! So I was shocked I missed that . He became so much more interesting to me . Not because I liked daredevil. But because I now realized what Spook could do being a tin-eye Savant who flared his metals constantly ! Now he was interesting . So I reread and I starting seeing other similarities all throughtout mistborn . Raynett was “q” from James Bond . Wax reminded me so much oh Jim west . I don’t know why but I always picture Kelsier as “ Magneto” Hoid as “doc who” . Mr suit “ professor Moriate” Sherlock Holmes . I’m going to stop at calling Wayne “Deadpool “ Wayne is my favorite character in both books and he hates guns Does anybody else see any characters in the Cosmere that you said remind you of someone else very strongly ?
  19. Do we have any information about Hoid being the person that Lift was talking about in Edgedancer that jumped into a greatshell's mouth? He did say to Jasnah at the end of WoR "I once spent the better part of a year inside of a large stomach, being digested."
  20. During TWoK Wit and Dalinar are Having a conversation . During wich Wit casually drops the name Adonalsium . Dalinar has no idea what Wit was talking about . We as readers do . But why does Wit wonder if Dalinar does ??? This conversation is very important and I have two separate theories as to why it took place . One this conversation gave me Hoids plan to put Adonalsium. Back together and I wanted to see if everyone saw it how I did . Secondly why did he say it to Dalinar ? I think Hoid/Wit perceived with his Hoidsense that Dalinar would soon ascend to be in possession of a Shard . He wanted to see if Dalinar knew anything about it . How shards are splineterec and such. I think he wanted to see when he got ready to put his plan into action he wondered if Dalinar would help him. Dalinar was clueless so Wit prattled on and played simpleton. And moved on . I managed to copy and paste the conversation . I do not post from a computer . I post on my phone so it’s very hard for me to get the clip exactly right . But everything I have clipped you will need to read anyways if you want to form a theory . So does anyone agree with me ? Does Wit want to put them back together? “Winds are changing,” Wit whispered. Dalinar glanced at him. Wit’s eyes narrowed, and he scanned the night sky. “It’s been happening for months now. A whirlwind. Shifting and churning, blowing us round and around. Like a world spinning, but we can’t see it because we’re too much a part of it.” “World spinning. What foolishness is this?” “The foolishness of men who care, Dalinar,” Wit said. “And the brilliance of those who do not. The second depend on the first—but also exploit the first—while the first misunderstand the second, hoping that the second are more like the first. And all of their games steal our time. Second by second.” “Wit,” Dalinar said with a sigh. “I haven’t the mind for this tonight. I’m sorry if I’m missing your intent, but I have no idea what you mean.” “I know,” Wit said, then looked directly at him. “Adonalsium.” Dalinar frowned more deeply. “What?” Wit searched his face. “Have you ever heard the term, Dalinar?” “Ado … what?” “Nothing,” Wit said. He seemed preoccupied, unlike his usual self. “Nonsense. Balderdash. Figgldygrak. Isn’t it odd that gibberish words are often the sounds of other words, cut up and dismembered, then stitched[…]” Excerpt From The Way of Kings Brandon Sanderson This material may be protected by copyright.
  21. So I was rereading the Mistborn Era 2 books and the end section on metallurgic arts aroused my interests. It seemed like the narrator from the arcanum unbounded novel. He describes things in a way like he’s from other parts of the cosmere and that he’s doing research of some sort. I’m assuming this is Hoid, right? I’m not making a theory, just seeking knowledge.
  22. From the album The King's Wit

    "I wonder if you could do that to a man. Pull him apart, emotion by emotion, bit by bit, bloody chunk by bloody chunk. Then combine them back together into something else, like a Dysian Aimian." For relaxation I decided to play around with color palettes and ended up drawing Wit aka Hoid from the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. I loved basically everything about these books so far but Hoid's quips are always a good extra
  23. cosmere

    I was wondering if there was a way to summarize the entire Cosmere in one sentence. My favorite that I have heard is "For storm's sake Hoid, what stormery are you up to now."
  24. In the end, Roshar was peaceful. The Enemy was defeated, still trapped on Braize. The Parshendi had been recognized as a sapient lifeform, and thus worthy of representation. They were given their own kingdom, representation in Alethi politics, etc. The darkeyes were acknowledged as equal to the lighteyes. The Radiants dispersed, no longer a force for war, but for preserving the peace. The world was finally at peace. Until he returned. The world was fire and ash and smoke, a burning, unrecognizable wasteland. The Radiants had battled fiercely, but to no avail. Corpses lay still in their Shardplate, buried under mounds of yet more corpses. Dalinar Kholin, Bondsmith, Blackthorn, Highking of Alethkar, lay dying. Blood clouded his vision as he stared up at the one who caused the ruination of Roshar. "Why, Wit?" he whispered brokenly. "Why?" The Wit had changed his black hair to white, but all else remained the same, from the sharp angular face to the Wit's Sword at his belt. He smiled sadly, though not remorsefully. "I told you why a long time ago," he replied, calm as the Weeping. "'I would watch the world crumble and burn to get what I want. With tears, yes, but I would let it happen.' Do you remember that day, Dalinar? I warned you then, but you didn't listen." Dalinar thought back, and yes, he could almost remember that day, years ago, when Wit told him he was leaving. But he had forgotten about it with the rise of the Everstorm, the Voidbringers, and Odium. He laughed softly, though it jostled his shattered ribs. Would it have been better to let Odium win? At least then, the Parshendi would live. Now, no one would. "Goodbye, Dalinar," Wit said as he walked away. "I hope we do not meet again."
  25. Do we know anything about Spanky? Hoid used a spirit-corpse that he rides in the Cognitive Realm and we know that spanky is not a bastard. Anything else? What is he, why is he able to be used as a raft? just so much there I would like to understand