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Found 330 results

  1. Let me get this straight. In Mistborn: A Secret History, Hoid takes a bit of Lurasium from the Well of Ascension. If Wit on Roshar is Hoid, then he also has a Cryptic, which could mean that he is now a Lightweaver. And then, in the final chapter of Oathbringer, it says something about repressing his healing, which hints at him being a Returned from Warbreaker. How much damage would that much Investiture close to your soul do to you? And how would his Connections in the Spiritual Realm be affected?
  2. As we know, Hoid will be the protagonist of Mistborn era 4, but he is ridiculously overpowered right know. List of Hoid's powers: - lightweaving(old Yolen magic & being bonded to a Cryptic) - Healing(stormlight, possibly Yolen magic) - Agelessness(Yolen magic?) - Lerasium Misborn - Fortune(more old Yolen magic?) - Surgebinder(he will probably have sworn at least 4 oaths by era 4) - Worldhopping(by technology or unknown magic?) - Extensive knowledge about the basically everything(not really a power but hey, knowledge is power right?) - Ability to speak multiple languages(unless he wastes his time learning a new language everytime he worldhops to a new planet, he probably have some access to Connection) - Some form of defence against people in other realms(Kelsier got hurt when he tried to touch him in the Cognitive realm) - Probably have some form of knowledge on Forgery and probably have a bunch of Breaths and unkeyed metalminds stored away somewhere Brando Sando(yes that what I call him in every circumstance, regards from r/cremposting) probably needs to do something to Hoid or the rest of the Cosmere to actually provide challenges to Hoid Possible solution 1: Hoid get a major power downgrade before era 4, possibly by the hands of those 17th Shard people who are trying to find him in SA(forgot which book). Or everyone in the Cosmere gets a major power downgrade(maybe due to something major happening with the Shards?) Possible solution 2: Either all of the main characters encountered in era 4 will be just as overpowered(fighting against people just as old as Hoid or maybe even a Shard) as Hoid or technology has advanced to the point where it can substitute magic(Fabrials, unkeyed Metalminds, maybe even some Elantrian made stuff)
  3. In Honor of the recent WoB confirming that Hoid has in fact ingested a lerasium bead and is now a Mistborn, I think it's time to cook up some interesting battles. So here's a summary of Hoid's power set (spoilered below, based mainly on WoBs, no new info here): He is limited in the fact that he can't intentionally hurt anyone, but he can intentionally allow someone to get hurt, sounds like enough wiggle room for the cleverest being in the Cosmere to figure out how to make any fight a fight to the finish, without necessarily doing the finishing himself. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to try and find a worthy opponent for Hoid, and to give this a narrative twist, say that he's dipped into one too many pots of investiture and our boy Hoid is starting to loose hold of his sanity. He thinks that to save the world he must first destroy it (he could potentially use the loophole that he is not directly hurting anyone he is just destroying the planet that just unfortunately happens to have a lot of people on it). I have a couple of different potential battle arenas in mind, I'll just list the first for now, but might edit in a couple more later. Feel free to have the fight take place wherever you want with whatever initial conditions that you think would make for the most interesting battle. Battle Arena 1: Aluminum Cage Match One of the Rosharn Gas giants, lets say Vev, has had the outer 100 miles of atmosphere Soulcast into a shell of Aluminum, and the rest of the gaseous/liquid hydrgen and helium have been soulcast into a habitable atmosphere similar to Roshar's. The outer 100 ft of the metallic hydrogen shell around the planets core has been soulcast to a garnet with a perfect crystalline structure and infused with Stormlight, descending from this shell to the surface of the planets core are tapering columns of similarly infused garnet, spaced at frequent but irregular intervals. The planets core is roughly .25 cosmere standard radii, and is a continuous primarily metallic metropolis like Cybertron or Corsucant. A large geosynchronous satellite intermittently Collects the rays from Roshar's sun and focuses them onto the outer shell of the Aluminum Cage Match planet, giving the planet a stable ambient temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It requires direct shardic intervention to enter or exit the Aluminum cage planet, and lets just say that Hoid and the other combatant(s) are transported to the surface by a shard and can only leave when the other side has been vanquished. For this arena victory by Hoid is complete and sustained immobilization or the death of his opponent(s) and lets say the same thing goes for the other side too, complete and sustained immobilization of Hoid or Hoid's death would constitute victory for your champion(s). You can pick up to two abilities to spike into your champion(s), but if you grant two hemalurgically stolen abilities to a single champion, there might be the real possibility that Hoid can control them with Duralimun boosted emotional allomancy. Also you can make 2 modifications to the Arena to give your champion(s) easier access to their preferred form of Investiture. Your champion, or each of your champions can have up to 2 unkeyed metal minds of any type that you want to specify. Let's say for this arena that Hoid has a bag of flour, one vial of Taldain sand and an unkeyed medallion that can store and retrieve mental sped (F-Zinc)
  4. Ok, so we know Hoid is probably immortal and quite difficult to kill. He's a repository for an enormous amount of knowledge and was present at the Shattering, something only 17 others (that we know of) can claim, and 6 of those are dead already. So only a very few things can kill him. The question I have is, can he be hurt? I ask because if someone were to capture him and attempt to torture him for information, how likely would that torture be of success? Can he be controlled by pain, forced through pain to give up his secrets? I realize that capture would be unlikely and that the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Cosmere would not know what they had even if they did catch him. But there's at least 2 secret societies on Roshar that know of him and at least some of his capabilities. The Ghostbloods in particular seem like a group that would make such an attempt. Their main stock in trade seems to be secrets and they would have no qualms at torture for information. Should we be worried?
  5. "Of the half-dozen or so people in the room, one drew her attention most. Straight-backed, with jet-black hair, he wore white clothing and stood in front of the room’s crackling hearth. He reminded her of someone, a man from her childhood. The messenger with the smiling eyes, the enigma who knew so much. Two blind men waited at the end of an era, contemplating beauty. . . ." (WOR) This got me wondering if there is some deep connection between hoid and Mraize. Why would Shallan think of Hoid by just looking at Mraize's back? I don't really have anything solid but the way this is written just feels like it means something. It has a feeling of light and dark, or Mraize is something like Hoids future adversary. Like they are the two blind men contemplating beauty. This is all based on the above quote and I wished I new more about Mraize. I am probably overanalyzing this but it makes Mraize someone to take note of.
  6. I was thinking this morning and somehow got here... Pre-shattering, was Hoid originally for or against shattering Adonalsium? It would put a new perspective on things if he wasn't wouldn't it? Anyways, I hope someone has asked Brandon so they know the answer to this!
  7. Hoid likes instant noodles and has his eyes on Scadrial. Other people want noodles too apparently??? This just in, everyone: Adonalsium's secretly just the Flying Spaghetti Monster and the only way to bring him back is to make every Shardworld have instant noodles, so the entire reason another Shard is messing around with Scadrial is because they want to do their part in resurrecting God via noodles. The Sho Del are just walking piles of noodles. Edit: Normally common sense would tell me to not post this but it's like 2 in the morning and all my brain cells are dead.
  8. To start this off I understand that this is kind of a stretch so try and follow along and be patient with me lol. This whole theory revolves around the time Shallan meets Hoid for the the first time at the fair. In this Chapter Shallan observes Hoid slip something into his drink. Hoid drinks the contents of the drink and immediately turns and looks at Shallan in shock. Most people have concluded that he looked at shallan becuase he sense the presence of a Surgebinder near by. I believe that this is all misdirection and that there is more going on in this scene. Shallans role in this chapter is the problem solver. She has taken it upon her self to try and soothe her brothers emotions and get them back on a positive path. She first leaves to find Balat at the Gambling tent but is confronted by one of the house guard. She tells him that she wants to go to the gambling tents and he does not think that it is a good idea. Somehow Shallan manages to convince the man to let her go into the tents. While in the tents she finds her brother Balat who is watching the Axehound fights. She goes against his wishes and sets up a meeting between him and Elytia. He was not happy about this but then subsides and agrees to meet with her. Then she returns to her father and he is meeting with Hoid. This is where the aforementioned event happens earlier. She then leaves and finds Wickim in the carriage contemplating suicide. She tries in this moment to convince him that he can do more than just wait for the tirades of his father. She shows him that he can at least study and spend his time seeking knowledge instead of waiting for the displeasure of her father. He is not fully convinced and she flee's in tears. Later she speaks with Hoid and he shows her that Wickim is actually working on the math that Shallan prepared for him about the highstorms. So to come back around to my original point.I think the vial that Hoid had was the basic metals that all mistborn use. I believe that Hoid began to burn tin and bronze by natural instinct because it is common to do so among Mistborn. He then has sensation that another Allomancer is near by and looks directly to Shallan. Not expecting an Allomancer to be on Roshar or at least in his immediate vicinity he looks at her in surprise maybe even panic. He then realizes this small child is not the threat he first expects her to be and expunges the first feeling of danger/shock he originally had and continues his conversation with Lin. I believe that Shallan might actually be a Mistling and is unintentionally burning brass much like Vin in book one of the Mistborn trilogy. She might be doing it at such a minute amount that she doesn't actually realize what she is really doing. Furthermore Could her mother have suspected this as well and this be the reason that her and the other man tried to kill Shallan? Maybe she was not of Roshar herself and the man she talked to might not have been of the Skybreakers? Could it be that Shallan is actually a Mistling or maybe even more a Mistborn and does not know that she has the unique abilities. Maybe Hoid showing her how to use her Lightweaver powers for the reader is a misdirection to a larger reveal later in the overall story? Well there it is hopefully its not to nonsensical. Hopefully you have read this with an open mind and can give me some constructive criticism.
  9. Hello everyone! We are a nerd podcast about the deeper meanings, messages, and intricacies hidden within nerd culture. We talk about Brandon/ Cosmere stuff about once a month! My question is do you think the correct term is Worldsingers or worldbringers? Are they the same? What’s the difference? And also, how old would you place Hoid as being? Also, if you want, we’re on YouTube and SoundCloud, so give us a listen! WE WOULD LOVE TO KNOW WHAT IN THE COSMERE / BRANDERSON UNIVERSE YOU WOULD LIKE US TO DELVE DEEPER INTO!
  10. So I finally got my copy of Skyward from the US today, and as per, I will always ask Brandon for some information about a shard we haven't seen yet, and he gave me the following info this year... I have two possible ideas with this, feel free to pick at them though! 1) Brandon is referencing Bavadin, and possibly suggesting that there are six separate entities or aspects to Autonomy 2) It's the eyes, nostrils and front fangs of a Dragon SPECULATE!
  11. Hey Guys! So I've been laboring on this for 5 hours on and off and have finally done it, I present Hoid in drag no horse sorry ben. So, up in the corner is women's script and that reads "Hoid" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This is what happens when I get bored I guess.
  12. Is there any specific times Brandon has said Hoid isn't a dragon? There's probably some really solid answer to this, but I thought that I'd just see if anyone knows off the top of their head rather than me deep-diving into the archives.
  13. I haven't read all the WoB's so there's probably one to contradict me this, or the theory may have already been posted once. However, I wanted to put it out there just in case. The theory is that Hoid had some kind of relationship with Adonalsium, or the holder of Adonalsium. Whether this is family, or romantic (we do know he's had multiple love interests in the past), I don't know. Based on Hoid's seemingly wanting to get at least a lot of the different powers, and The Traveler, the very short story Brandon read at a signing a while back, I think this may be possible. He may want to try to hold the powers to get a glimpse of his loved one, or believe that that may bring his loved one back. From The Traveler we do know that The Traveler, who is Hoid, has lost someone dear to him. Potentially the pomegranate is symbolic for this, as in Greek Mythology it's a fruit of the underworld, and eating one of the seeds will force you to stay there, but that's relatively irrelevant. That's basically it. If you have any input, I'd love to hear it
  14. Do we know how much breath Hoid has? He obviously has some, but it's unclear from the text how much. He could be muting the effects of his breath on the environment as other people do, but that doesn't leave us with much knowledge.
  15. Can someone who knows what they're talking about give me a summary of Hoid's story that we know so far? I've read Mistborn Eras 1&2, Stormlight, Elantris, Edgedancer, Mistborn: Secret History, The Hope of Elantris, and The Eleventh Metal. I plan to read the rest of Ars Arcanum, the Rithmatist and Warbreaker in the next few weeks. I just want to be able to participate in more Hoid discussions. I'm still fairly new to all this stuff and getting an answer from someone will be faster than searching out all the answers on here.
  16. I just finished transcribing Brandon's short story, "The Traveler". It's basically a conversation between Hoid and Frost upon his return home (Yolen, probably?) after the events of the first Mistborn Trilogy. There's not really anything really revelatory, Cosmere-wise, but it's still a fun read. It's also a first draft, so Hoid is constantly pointing his finger, but it's nice having something completely new to read. Have a read! One section that stood out to me was Hoid's passing thought. Which do you think Hoid lost? Is it a person, place, or thing? Where is this place that he's thinking of going to, and why does he want to go? It has something to do with dead people, perhaps? Nalthis, where people can Return? Threnody, with shades?
  17. I admit I have only comepleted books 1 and 2 . Perhaps book 3 will provide something that will change my theory . But , it seems to me that it would be simple to add this trilogy to Cosmere. In my opinion Calamity is similar to a shard. The gifted abilities are like investiture granted by shard. All we would need is for him to write era 2 reckoners , create a perpindicularity , and have Hoid visit for some Unkown reason and Tada , Reckoners is part of Cosmere . Why do we need this . For a long time I avoided this series’s because it wasn’t cosmere. Big mistake as it is very good and feels the same . What do u guys think. Would you like to see the reckoners join the cosmere
  18. In the epilogue of Words of Radiance, Jasnah draws her Shardblade, and holds it to Hoid’s throat. He responds by saying: Is it just me, or does this seem somewhat uncharacteristic for Hoid? Generally, we see him exchanging witty (no pun intended) banter, and even his most serious threats are versed lightheartedly. He doesn’t show the level of arrogance that is implied in the quote above. Additionally, I found this quote... My question is this: Is there some sort of unknown history between Jasnah and Hoid that we don’t know about? Earlier in the same scene, when he mentions the “other side,” referring to Shadesmar, Jasnah doesn’t have any trouble understanding what that means. How much does Jasnah know about Hoid?
  19. Oathbringer / mistborn era 2 spoilers guys. So by the end of OB we see Hoid bond a Cryptic, which was quite an exciting event, add to this we know MB era 2 is between SA 5 & 6. So its got me thinking.. (my answers in bold) 1) Is Hoid still Bonded? yes 2) Has Hoid figured out how to take a spren off world? yes 3) Can anyone remember if this may have been suggestive in the texts? cant memba I can only remember two scenes; SoS - carriage driver when Wax talks to Harmony BoM - homeless person who talks to Wax out the front of "that" party where Hoid gives Wax the copper mind medalion. Anyway, thought this eas interesting and wanted to share. Thoughts guys? Anything else we can think of here..? !~ HIF ~!
  20. I’m just curious, is there any actual evidence in support of the idea that Hoid is able to travel through time as opposed to merely being immortal? I’ve heard several times that Hoid is speculated to be a time traveler, and the fact that his character has evolved into something clearly at least superficially based on the Doctor or another Time Lord would seem to give it plausibility, but is there any actual canonical evidence for or against the idea? Off the top of my head the only thing that might possibly be construed as evidence for it is that in Words of Radiance when Hoid is posing as the coachman, when Shallan recognizes him and thanks and hugs him for his helping her a couple years previously, he seems entirely baffled as to who she is. Almost like he hadn’t yet done it from his timeline. Obviously there are many other interpretations of this, but regardless, is the whole ‘Hoid is a Time Lord’ thing purely a matter of speculation at this point, or has Brandon actually hinted that it might have some validity to it beyond him being based at least superficially on the Doctor?
  21. So i ran into this interesting WoB. Tho Cultivation wasn't mentioned here so maybe he is only more worried about Harmony simply because he is a Shard compared to both Hoid/Dalinar. Still interesting nonetheless that he is more worried of Harmony who is so far away who probably doesn't even have plans involving him(or maybe he does with Hoid's letter and he has Kandra's spying on that place) than the actual people causing him problems upfront. Or is it about overconfidence but he isn't that confident enough against Harmony (cause he is a relatively unknown vessel who just randomly joined the game) ? Personally while i do subscribe on the theory that Autonomy may likely be the big bad. It is interesting to find WoB that push the hype of a possible confrontation between the two bigs of Cosmere. Thoughts ?
  22. Alright, I had a crazy thought and need some validation or contradiction, either will work. Let's start with the facts I'm basing this off of: 1. Hoid has difficulty hurting others. (There's probably a better WoB but this will do for the time being) 2. Harmony has difficulty acting, due to the two opposing intents warring inside him. 3. This is speculation: Adolnasium was under no such intent constraint. We have no way of knowing this definitively, but it's fair to speculate that this was the case because Roshar was created by Adolnasium and a limit on his actions suggests that it would have been impossible to create Roshar otherwise. Theory: Hoid's inability to harm others comes from being overly invested by a shard. We don't know which one, but it could be any number of them. So, he is (in addition, probably, to his overarching goals) travelling around the cosmere searching for various forms of investiture in order to re-gain invested balance.
  23. in the epigraphs of WoK the writer, presumably Hoid, states Given that this letter is most likely written by Hoid, and Hoid is thought to be the bearer of the first gem, it is safe to assume at this point that the element is the first gem. This quote leads me to assume that the first gem currently resides WITHIN Hoids body. We know Hoid has incredible regenerative properties, and according to a WOB somewhere that Hoid is ridiculously hard to kill, hiding the gem inside himself may have been seen as a relatively safe hiding place for it.
  24. In The Traveler quote above Frost indicates that Hoid is trying to restore something he lost. Hoid says it's not JUST about the dead. It seems like Hoid's quest is about bringing back a loved one. A person, one would think. However, the epigraph letters I reference above indicate that Hoid was really closely linked to a special gemstone that is now "dead" in the words of Frost. Could this be what Hoid is trying to restore? As the "First Gem" it sounds really special, it may have even been a sentient, sapient object. Not a person, but an entity that was important to Hoid for more than just the power it gave him. I got this idea while listening to the Shardcast that discussed the WoB about the weapon used against Adonalsium being the same thing that gave Hoid immortality and that it was "expended".