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Found 369 results

  1. So I was rereading the Mistborn Era 2 books and the end section on metallurgic arts aroused my interests. It seemed like the narrator from the arcanum unbounded novel. He describes things in a way like he’s from other parts of the cosmere and that he’s doing research of some sort. I’m assuming this is Hoid, right? I’m not making a theory, just seeking knowledge.
  2. From the album The King's Wit

    "I wonder if you could do that to a man. Pull him apart, emotion by emotion, bit by bit, bloody chunk by bloody chunk. Then combine them back together into something else, like a Dysian Aimian." For relaxation I decided to play around with color palettes and ended up drawing Wit aka Hoid from the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. I loved basically everything about these books so far but Hoid's quips are always a good extra
  3. So I was browsing WoB's and I found one that I haven't ever seen refrenced on the Shard: Question 15 I've seen lots of people offhandedly say that we suspect that Hoid has breaths, but we aren't sure. I think we can count this as a fact now though, with that example in the context of the question. Edit: Slightly related, I found this other one that seems to indicate that Awakening has been used off Nalthis.
  4. cosmere

    I was wondering if there was a way to summarize the entire Cosmere in one sentence. My favorite that I have heard is "For storm's sake Hoid, what stormery are you up to now."
  5. In the end, Roshar was peaceful. The Enemy was defeated, still trapped on Braize. The Parshendi had been recognized as a sapient lifeform, and thus worthy of representation. They were given their own kingdom, representation in Alethi politics, etc. The darkeyes were acknowledged as equal to the lighteyes. The Radiants dispersed, no longer a force for war, but for preserving the peace. The world was finally at peace. Until he returned. The world was fire and ash and smoke, a burning, unrecognizable wasteland. The Radiants had battled fiercely, but to no avail. Corpses lay still in their Shardplate, buried under mounds of yet more corpses. Dalinar Kholin, Bondsmith, Blackthorn, Highking of Alethkar, lay dying. Blood clouded his vision as he stared up at the one who caused the ruination of Roshar. "Why, Wit?" he whispered brokenly. "Why?" The Wit had changed his black hair to white, but all else remained the same, from the sharp angular face to the Wit's Sword at his belt. He smiled sadly, though not remorsefully. "I told you why a long time ago," he replied, calm as the Weeping. "'I would watch the world crumble and burn to get what I want. With tears, yes, but I would let it happen.' Do you remember that day, Dalinar? I warned you then, but you didn't listen." Dalinar thought back, and yes, he could almost remember that day, years ago, when Wit told him he was leaving. But he had forgotten about it with the rise of the Everstorm, the Voidbringers, and Odium. He laughed softly, though it jostled his shattered ribs. Would it have been better to let Odium win? At least then, the Parshendi would live. Now, no one would. "Goodbye, Dalinar," Wit said as he walked away. "I hope we do not meet again."
  6. Do we know anything about Spanky? Hoid used a spirit-corpse that he rides in the Cognitive Realm and we know that spanky is not a bastard. Anything else? What is he, why is he able to be used as a raft? just so much there I would like to understand
  7. So well he's 10k years old , a very voracious Traveller and I don't think we have seen anything indicating he's sterile or asexual. But I guess he could like suppress his sperm production as an affectation of his healing factor's partial suppression. So any thoughts , theories or WoBs ? I have heard one interesting if improbable ?? theory of him being the progenitor of the feruchemists.
  8. HUGE SPOILERS FOR IF YOU'RE NOT CAUGHT UP ON THE COSMERE (Apologies if I mess up the format. This is my first discussion post) Adonalsium was the combined power of all of the Shards. If one took a piece of each of the Shards and combined the pieces, could it make a Shard that was basically a mini Adonalsium? There could be many advantages to this, such as not being consumed by the power (Preservation was driven to Preserve at all costs, Ruin turned Ati into a monster, Honor became obsessed with the word rather than spirit of oaths) and being able to tap into multiple magic systems. We've seen that Hoid is collecting magic from all across the Cosmere. The bead of Lerasium is a large chunk of Preservation, a Shardblade is a piece of Honor, Breaths are pieces of Endowment, and Hoid's ability to sense where he's needed might be linked to Fortune. Perhaps his goal is related to this theory?
  9. What does everyone want to see in Storm light 4? For example, 1) I am super excited to see what Sanderson has planned for Wit's epilogue. Brandon said it was something he has planned for a very long time. 2) I want to learn more about the Ghost blood's mission and goals. 3) I want to see Ba-Ado-Mishram released
  10. Hello all, I recently reread Era 2 and was thinking about whether or not Hoid would have been on Scadrial during the Catacendre. My assumption would be yes, based on the timing of his use of the perpendicularity in Mistborn Secret History. If this is true is it possible that he stayed on Scadrial up until he is seen in Era 2 with the coin? I could not find any indication one way or the other. Is there any known evidence for his presence/absence? Thanks for the great forum.
  11. Has anyone asked what would happen if other creators ate the worms from patji’s fingers? More specifically, I would like to know what would happen if a Larkin ate it and what would happen if a human ate the worms. Remember Hoid is on a journey to collect all the signature investments he can. Do we know if Hoid has already been eating some yummy worms?
  12. So we know that Hoid has consumed the Lerasium Bead he stole from the Well of Ascension as per WOB. We can also presume that he's bonded with Elhokar's Cryptic seen in the epilogue of Oathbringer. Can Hoid, with the requisite knowledge, Soulcast allomantic metal to fuel his allomancy?
  13. So right now we know Hoid has a bead of Lerasium , has done much research on selish magic systems and it can be inferred he has done research on and might have access to Taldainite magic systems as well. He also might be bonded to a Cryptic , giving him access to illumination and transformation. He has conclusively been known to have used Yolish lightweaving and nalthisian awakening. He also seems to use fortune and healing through some as yet unknown method , possibly through some pre-shattering magic system. He probably has access to other pre or post shattering magic systems as well. Let's just refer to these as Hoidbindings. So now my question is how many of these magic systems can he access ? How many of the magic systems have been bound by Hoid ? He has been implied to use allomancy . Is it true ? If it is , I guess it's due to his access to Lerasium somehow , right ? But he has been said to be a feruchemist as well . This I don't understand. 1). Is it true ? 2). Feruchemy doesn't seem to have an analog to Lerasium , although I guess u could alloy it with atium to get a feruchemy endowing compound ??? 3). I read this other theory somewhere that Hoid is the progenitor of all ( atleast all scadrian) feruchemists. Like ,it said that feruchemy was a pre shattering magic system and Hoid during his newly immortal ill spent youth had a dalliance or two with some women in Scadrial giving rise to the Terrismen. I actually thought this was true but after joining the Shard I realize it's probably false , right ? 4). So then how else could he have acquired or will acquire feruchemy ? Or is it a deadend , that is, feruchemy is totally off limits to him ? So this is my question . Also could u guys list out all the Hoidbindings he has in potential or in reality , pre and post shattering. Thank you.
  14. oathbringer

    Quote from epilogue He took the rags and cord he’d worked with earlier, forming them into the shape of a doll He raised the doll to his lips, then whispered a choice set of words. When he set it down, it started to walk on its own. is he awakening here?
  15. Does Hoid show up in white sand? and if yes, where does he show up? Because I don't remember seeing him at all
  16. Hi, I am fairly new to Brandon’s books. I’ve listened to Elantris, Mistborn, and stormlight books. I know that Hoid appears in all three series of books and therefore assume these are all happening in the same “universe” what other books are included in this? I’m so intrigued by Hoid and who he is and what he is trying to accomplish. What else do I need to read if not to get more answers on Hoid (seems like Brandon is working up to something with him) but to get all the stories surrounding this “universe”?
  17. Most of us are familiar with Hoid, but there is still one VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION! What on earth in the cosmere is he trying to do?
  18. Ok so I have seen 2 different quotes one that says Hoid is stuck on roshar and another that says he's not. And then So I'm confused. Also why would you be stuck on Roshar while bonded to a spren. They're part of the cognitive realm right? , or was that only because he was a Cognitive shadow. Feel free to RIP me apart on this I've read all the books except White Sands but in still trying to catch up on all things cosmere
  19. So, just recently I realized that most cosmere systems of magic have to do with shardic intent. I know that people have probably already thought of this, but it came to me while I was reading Warbreaker. On Endowment's shardworld, magic allows people to endow items with gifts, namely, the gift of life and breath. Awakeners give items life, of course, but even common people can give their breath to the Returned. And the Returned give their breath to heal. On Scadrial, Ruin's system of magic requires the destruction of metal for power. Preservation's preserves power to be saved for later. Hemalurgy sort of preserves power by transferring it, but requires the ruin of a living being. So it's kind of a combination of the two. On Sel, stuff is different, due to both shards being shattered. I won't bother. I'm still trying to work out White Sand. I haven't read them yet. On Roshar, a Knight Radiant's power is directly linked to being honorable by following the ideals of their order. Cultivation cultivates people with her magic. She nurtures with a gift, but prunes with a curse, in an attempt to foster healthy growth. Odium is... Odium. It seems like the Fused are fuled by passion, which is Odium's thing. We really don't have much concrete information on them though, except that they're basically uncool and Unhinged versions of the Knights Radiant. That's... All I've read of the cosmere so far. Feel free to add, or correct.
  20. Hey guys I couldn't find a discussion specifically about Wit so I decided to dedicate this thread to him Wit/Hoid has admitted to Dalinar that he is neither Herald nor Radiant and we know from Brandon Sanderson's clues that he is something beyond Roshar, since he is unafraid of Jasnah's Shardblade. So Far through the books Wit has appeared at every important twist and turn throughout the book, at least the Alethi part of the world, He is there for character moral development, giving advice to important characters and next-to-outright slandering the characters that we foreshadow to dislike. Wit is a very important character, appearing and weaving connections between the major characters of the Stormlight Archive so far, and being so charmingly funny about it. Anyways post the parts of Wit that you like or want to discuss, such as his Jokes, the deeper meanings of his stories, and his remarkable appearance where a major plot twist occurs
  21. Please continue
  22. So for starters this theory is based upon the premise that Hoid did not just eat the lerasium bead to become a mistborn. Rather I believe he used it's unique ability to rewrite a spirit web in tandem with his vast knowledge of investiture to rewrite his spiritweb to gain access to forms of investiture he was previously unable to. Now this unorthodox use might have limited or even temporary effects as hoid so far has only shown what I would assume are misting and possibly ferring abilities in stormlight (Well excluding breath and yolish lightweaving). Of course he might have acquired unkeyed metal minds at this point so nothing is certain. My first post hope you all enjoy.
  23. So as of late I have been pondering how exactly Hoid has such a seemingly insurmountable healing factor and how he has managed to live such a long time. Well I think we might have some clues from the; fused, returned, heralds, and our beloved survivor. All of whom found a way to keep themselves anchored to the physical/cognitive realm and refrain from passing on. The common denominator of course is that Shards and likely heavy amounts of investiture were involved. Why is this relevant? Well I think Hoid might actually have gone through a similar process during the shattering, since we know he was the only one there to refuse a shard (at least as of now) we don't know what impact the shattering might have had on the rest of those present when Adonalsium was killed. Anyway I think the shattering may have released enough investiture to give Hoid the same kind of immortality cognitive shadows have, he was just fortunate enough to still have his body at the time. As I read on the coppermind odium gave the fused a portion of his power so they could become cognitive shadows, but since they lack an anchor to the physical realm they require hosts. Heralds on the other hand have no bodies created for them at the start of each desolation. While I must concede neither the Heralds or Fused share Hoid's healing ability and this does somewhat hurt my theory I do think it is worth noting that Honor, Odiun, and Endowment are just shards yet they are able to create immortals. One could only imagine the magnitude of investiture Adonalsium must have had within it and I doubt that God went quietly into whatever awaited it. So I think the fact Hoid was alive and therefore tied to the physical realm gave him a more potent immortality and is why he seems simply unable to die. Hence, why nothing save Nightblood (seemingly the embodiment of entropy for the cosmere) well known to devour investiture is one of the few weapons that seems capable of causing him lasting harm. As always I must acknowledge this is just a crazed theory and I admittedly do not have much supporting evidence for my inference. I do hope you enjoyed this idea though. Sorry, also forgot to mention Elantrians who are also immortal, seemed unfair to leave them out. Yet another edition. As for why the others took up shards when they might have already been immortal. Well I think they just might not have been aware, and were likely eager to become gods.
  24. So I was thinking about the realmatic theory of how hoid's powers work. My theory is that somehow, he combines sand mastery with allomancy, the resonance creating an ability to connect you to hoid's story. This is (kind of) supported by Hoid's explanation of how he got his powers in Warbreaker as “ “I learned it many, many years ago from a man who didn’t know who he was, your majesty. It was a distant place where two lands meet and gods have died.” This possibly could refer to the well of ascension and his encounter with Kelsier in secret history.
  25. Whilst pondering who Hoid could be, and what his place in the Cosmere might be, other than being a wanderer and researcher, I came upon an interesting thought that I'm sure has been thought of before, but I wanted to see what everyone else thinks about it. Did Hoid Shatter Adonalsium? Hoid always has been a secretive fellow, popping up at seemingly random moments in the Cosmere, and somehow knowledgeable of facts that even the people of the same world do not know. He was even said to have been offered a Shard after the Shattering. But could he be the villain of the Cosmere, the one no one saw coming, yet was in opposition to and powerful enough to destroy Adonalsium. It sounds ridiculous at first glance, but then, you never can tell with Hoid. Here are my thoughts on the matter... 1. Hoid has been seen gaining one or more spren on Roshar, which could possibly mean he is trying to gain power. 2. He is involved with not just one or two worlds, as some Worldhoppers are, but is involved in pretty much EVERY one. Could he be keeping track of the Cosmere in order to know what he was dealing with if/when he rose back to power? 3. How could he know so much about all of the magic systems, sometimes even aware of things inhabitants of the involved world don't know, and he sometimes mentions the Shards as if he knows them like friends. Is there a reason for this? Anyhow, I just wanted to se what you guys thought, as it was an idea I'd long pondered but finally wanted to put some evidence together just to se what you guys thought. Crush my theory. PLEASE!!! I really don't want Hoid to be evil!!!