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Found 463 results

  1. It seems like Hoid has some abilities that somehow involve people around him eating food. There are scenes with Kaladin, Shallan, and Jasnah where they are eating food while talking to Wit and are hungrier than they expect to be. Shallan’s scene is in Oathbringer at the inn in Kholinar. Kaladin’s is when Wit interrupts his Odium dream. Jasnah’s is when she is eating fruit after fighting in the battle in Emul. I know this is probably nothing, but I have been stewing on this (pun intended) ever since I read Shallan’s scene in Kholinar eating at the inn with Wit. It just isn’t like Brandon to include specific details that aren’t relevant. And then when Kaladin had the same reaction eating stew during his Odium dream, and Jasnah when she was eating fruit after her battle. It just seemed like too much of a coincidence. Not much of a theory, just seems like Hoid is doing something weird. Healing people through making them eat maybe? Or just talking to folks when he knows they’re hungry? Rioting their hunger? Chicken soup for the soul?? Lol I have no idea, but I feel like something is happening there, even if it’s something trivial. If there’s any existing theories or WoB related to this, I’d love to know. I plan to look up the excerpts and list them here, but if anyone beats me to it, please feel free to add excerpts of the scenes in question.
  2. My theory revolves around finding the BEST thematic ending for kaladin. The thematic is important because that excludes narrative foreshadowing or clever wordplays and stuff. This is strictly the ending Kaladin should get if the the plot went along with his character arc. For example The name kaladin means 'born unto eternity', the line' Honor is dead, but I'll see what I can do' and 'Son of Tanavast' seems to imply that Kaladin would become Honor. There is foreshadowing but it's not the most natural conclusion to kaladin's arc. Same with him being a herald or becoming king(that one stupid death rattle) What I think the most natural thematic conclusion will be: Kaladin becomes a worldsinger. Kal will go with szeth to shinovar. His budding therapist skills will be put to the test by szeth and ishar. This will become more complicated near the ending with the arrival of Moash. Kal will have a struggle if he really should kill Moash and then chooses to instead talk some sense into Moash. On the other side, something happens to todium prolly and Moash loses his 'gift' to not feel pain. So if he can't escape pain, what will he do? Moash will try to end his miserable life. Kal runs forward, grabs the weapon and says the fifth ideal, 'I will help others protect themselves'. The suicidal character will stop someone from killing themselves. Kool Kaladin moments ensue, for three seconds. Ishar goes crazy again, creates a perpendicularity and pulls syl thru it. Syl becomes a full human.( No I am not a syladin shipper) And Kaladin loses his epic stormlight powers and becomes a normal human again. I am guessing he will still use the windrunnur honorblade for the final fight before giving it up for Dalinar to reforge honor or something. My big theory is that the night of sorrows will be the darkest event in the books, where a major catstrophe occurs, a significant fraction of humanity will die(like a third). The human race will survive by escaping to shadesmar, but be broken by the sudden calamity At the end of book 5, Kaladin will start living more for himself while still doing his best to help other people. He wants to be a therapist. Who has been giving Kaladin free therapy since book one? Wit. The worldsinger who shares stories. Also after a calamity, knowledge will prolly be hard to pass around, humans will be fragmented. Stories, like the legend of stormblessed and a religion around Dalinar and oathbringer will connect people. Kaladin will finally learn how to play a flute and sing honor's and cultivation's rhythms to people as Instructions to create stormlight or lifelight. So kal and sigzil will go around shadesmar listening to and sharing their own stories almost definitely around a stew. Kaladin as the posterboy of the new worldsingers will become the travelling swordsman kind of figure/legend, cuz he will still be a badass in normal combat. He will prolly try to bridge the gap between humans and singers and listeners. In the back half of stormlight, kal will be a zahel,wit kind of figure who wouldn't be invested but still pretty badass. He could be the therapist for the new heroes. He will also reveal that in 10-15 years he has been successful in reviving many of the deadeyes, something he learned from Adolin, which will quite literally save the good guys side. Why does no honorspren bond Kaladin u ask? Because a nahel bond is more 'intimate' than even a romantic bond and I am pretty sure the honorSpren would consider Kaladin 'taken' and violating it 'cheating'. Kaladin might become a edgedancer, but only in the distant future. This is my perfect ending to Kaladin. What do u guys think?
  3. Hello Sharders! I am looking for 1 or more good artists to make some cool hoid art for me to use as as my digital persona. Would prefer to pay in ETH or USDC. If you know what those are good job welcome to the future, I'll also help make them nfts if you want to do it like that. If your good but don't want to do that, ngmi but we can do payments your way.
  4. When a crystal breaks, and it has no natural fault lines, it kind of breaks in every direction at once. Kind of like when a car windshield gets hit by a big rock. This breakage is known as a "conchoidal fracture" - viz. The shattering of a perfect gemstone would lead to a conchoidal remnant of a gem first gem topaz concHOIDal HOID HOID HOID
  5. Just re-read this scene the other day and had to create it.
  6. From the album Cosmeme & Crossmere

    Commissioned piece. Crossover description: Hoid from the Cosmere and Gandalf from Lord of the Rings performing dragon fireworks show, with Kaladin, Syl, the Dog, Frodo and Bilbo watching. It's really an unexpected crossover but fun to draw!
  7. This post contains spoilers for Stormlight Archive’s Rhytm of War, Mistborn’s Bands of Mourning and minor spoilers for Warbreaker. Proceed with caution. In the epilogue of Rhythm of War, Wit encounters the new Odium and their interaction leaves us wondering if the encounter truly happened as Wit expected or whether he has been outwitted (hah). I will summarize some “facts”: 1. Wit planned entering the old palace in order to meet Odium. 2. Investiture can be used to store memories. 3. Odium notices that Wit stores his memories in his Breaths. 4. Odium does something to Wit’s Breaths. 5. Wit appears panicked. 6. Wit appears to have forgotten he had already met Odium. 7. The encounter “repeats”. 8. Wit loses his perfect pitch, an ability granted by holding a sufficient number of Breaths. I think it is safe to say that 1. – 3. are facts. I will explain what I think what really happened during 4.-8. Put on your ralkalest foil hats and let's dive in. Wit, the man himself, gives us a few hints in the epilogue. Wit does a coin trick while talking about storytelling. He explains to Design that performing a magic trick without actual magic is more impressive. He talks about misdirection (“dirty tricks”) and then shows us that he had two coins all along. Now here is my theory: Wit knew exactly what he was doing. He planned to meet Odium and he planned to trick Odium into thinking he had been outwitted. “But wait”, you say. “Odium did mess with Wit’s Breaths! He stole them and that’s why he loses his perfect pitch. To that I say: “True, he stole his Investiture. But what about second Investiture?” Breath is not the only thing in the Cosmere capable of storing memories. Copperminds can do so as well. Wit is shown playing with a coin. That’s his Coppermind. He uses both Breath and Copperminds to store memories. These are the two coins that are parts of a whole. During the initial encounter, he starts storing his memories from the last few minutes into his Coppermind. When Odium “attacks”, Wit truly is panicked because he doesn’t know what’s going on. His memories are partially in his Coppermind and therefore not in his mind. His lack of information makes the rest of the encounter scary. While Odium talks about his predecessors’ agreements, Wit finishes storing the memory of the meeting into the Coppermind. The Breaths are a decoy, the misdirection. Odium does steal a few of his Breaths but Wit has a backup in his coin now. After their second encounter, Wit appears to have forgotten that they had already met a few minutes before. He seems confused and looks for Design. Then he meets Odium. At this moment, Wit genuinely thinks this is their first face-to-face meeting in over a thousand years. While talking to Odium, he glances at his coin and thinks “I wanna tap that. But not now with Odium watching.” The encounter ends. Wit walks away and tries to whistle. He notices a few of his Breaths are missing. He taps the coin and recalls his memories. Their first face-to-face meeting in over a thousand years had gone exactly as he had imagined. Some problems and possible answers about this theory: P1: It might be impossible to upload memories into Breaths and into a Coppermind at the same time. A1: 1. Wit could have stored half of his memories in his Breaths and half in his Coppermind. He can then piece together through context what happened. 2. The more interesting explanation is that Wit created this scene in advance (storytelling) and left those memories as a decoy for Odium. Here is an excerpt from the epilogue. The biggest clue, however, is the very last sentence of the epilogue. He *imagined* the meeting, as in he created images of it. How? Lightweaving. P2: Why does Odium notice the Breaths but not the Coppermind? A2: Wit says (Like Breath.) (Unlike coins.) Breath is Investiture that Wit is endowed with. It is a part of him, at least temporary. Metalminds store Investiture outside of the body. Odium is not interested in the coin at all. Why would he? Breath is much more interesting. Maybe if he had not noticed that Wit stores memories in his Breaths, he might have been curious about the coin. But that’s the magic of misdirection. P3: If Feruchemy existed before the Shattering or if Odium learned about Feruchemy at some point before Rhythm of War, he would be much more wary of a coin, something that is not commonly used on Roshar. A3: During his negotiation with Dalinar, Rayse says This implies that the different manifestations of Investiture are not known to each Shard. Plus, Odium was trapped in the Rosharan system, so he might have missed a few things P4: Why did Odium not notice that Wit's prepared memory was fake? A4: Wit is an amazing storyteller and could create illusions with Yolish Lightweaving prior to bonding a Cryptic. The Surge of Illumination would enhance and complement his abilities. P5: Why could Odium not foresee that Wit would attempt to create a fake memory? A5: Wit spent quite some time around Renarin who can interfere with Odium's predictive powers. Wit's Fortune allows him know where he is supposed to be but even without Fortune it would be smart to stick around Renarin if you want to avoid Odium's gaze. P6: Is Wit even a Ferring? We only know he is an Allomancer. A6: BoM chapter 21 Wit doesn't have to be a real Feruchemist or Ferring. He would just need to have access to a filled Niccrosilmind. P7: Where would Wit get a filled Niccrosilmind from? He visited Scadrial during Era 1, presumably left and came back during Era 2. However, Stormlight takes place before Era 2. A7: Wit could have visited Scadrial again between Era 1 and Stormlight to get a Nicrosilmind. Another and easier solution is that someone brought the Nicrosilmind to him. There were at least three Scadrians on Roshar, two of which are heavily implied to be Ferrings or Feruchemists. So that's my theory. I invite you to re-read the epilogue with these thoughts in mind. Channel your inner conspiracy theorist and try to find as many connections between what Wit says during his performance to the Spren and what happens during his meeting with Odium. I would love for you to add your thoughts and expand this little theory. TLDR: Wit is an advanced method actor. He played the fool but was actually still the Wit. He said to Odium "~~You cannot have my memories~~ Please feel free to take my memories" but only if you can find the right ones.
  8. Are we aware of how Hoid can worldhop even though he is a lightweaver? Invested beings from Roshar/Honor is normally extremely hard to get off world, but Hoid seems to do it regularly. Mraise tells Shallan that Radiants are bound to Roshar. So what's the deal?
  9. SPOILERS for MISTBORN: SECRET HISTORY and OATHBRINGER and a little bit WARBREAKER Well, that’s my theoretical ramblings. I’d absolutely love to hear your thoughts! p.s. I’ve no clue if my idea is original. I thought about looking through the threads to see if anyone was already discussing it, but there’s SO many threads. Any tips for finding discussions quickly on the 17th shard?
  10. Hey guys, I've been gone for a bit but with Graphic Audio releasing version 1.5 of White Sand (I'll explain that in a moment :wink:) and me getting my tax return, I decided to grab them. So first off: Version 1.5. This may confuse some people but this is just the number I've decided to use between Brandon's Draft of White Sand and what we got in the Graphic Novel. On the page for the first Volume of the GA version of White Sand it confirms that a lot was cut in order to make the GN, whether this stuff is still canon or not someone should definitely ask Brandon one day. The Script used in the Graphic Audio version IS the original edited script for the Graphic Novel before things started having to be chopped. I decided to record some of the difference just to see how different they are. Now for the Differences, I'll try and be thorough but I probably will end up missing some things here and there. Volume 1: Kenton is shown running the whole gauntlet from beginning to end instead of picking up around the forth sphere. Unlike the Graphic Novel which makes it very hard to tell there are indeed both men and women in the Diem and they comment about Kenton throughout his trial. Khriss's story begin with her on the ship from Darkside and seeing the sun and port for the first time. We get to see some of the hostility between Baon and the soldiers due to Boan being in charge. Most of the Ceremony is the same for Kenton's sash, with the exception that after he blacks out, we cut to Khriss and company attempting to buy supplies in port as well as a guide. They discover that the language they'd been taught as Daysider is the Holy Language of the Priests. The Story matches up quite well from here up to the ambush after the marketplace. The assassin's attack and Baon's acquires one of their casters. Kenton then explains how it works to him. Before they reach the city, We see that the area around it is very lush with life surprising Khriss. Then the story switches to our favorite, Ais, who is planning to raid to capture Sherizane or their conspirators. It switches to Lokmlen who is trying to persuade his cohorts into a job. He's wanting to sneak into the Diem and steal what's there since the Sand Masters are no more. After get the others to agree, Ais and her team, with expert timing, enter and their operation. Lokmlen escapes much to Ais annoyance. The back wall then opens up and a kill squad begins to pick off the tracts. Ais rushes the wall and grabbing the arm of the of men, then proceeds to use him as a battering ram to bring down the wall. She then picks off the shocked men and takes off after Lokmlen. The GN picks up with their chase and is completely the same except for one small detail: Aarik has sheath not a sword, as he had thrown the sword away years ago. Speaking of Airik, his introduction is actually a bit different in the GA version. We meet him on a boat heading towards Kezare to mourn his friend Kenton, whom he believes was killed. He talks to himself and the Gondolier driver questions whether he should have ferried him. From here the graphic novel and Graphic audio play continue the same, right up til Kenton reaches the diem, which is confirmed to be on it's own little island seperated from the rest of Kezare. Kenton enters the Diem and spends a good while searching. Every room that he could reached, screaming at the top of his lungs before he collapses at the entrances and Dirin Finds him. Things continue the same until we reach the Judgement hall. Where we see our musician friend for the first time, singing about the current situation to no one in particular. It is noted that he has long hair similiar to Aarik and that he reminds Kenton of him. The only other remarkable difference is that Ais has a bad habit of Digging her nails into her skin as a skin of frustration which is shown in the GN version, but is very hard to pick out. The rest of the volume is the same with Kenton fighting it out with Drile, Aarik Arriving at the Diem, and Khriss paying N'teese, going to meet people and eventually learning that Kenton is a Sand Master which she is none too happy about
  11. So, I may be coming to this a bit late. However, I cannot sleep and find my mind wandering. Like so many of us here on the 17th shard i took the official radiant quiz. To my immense surprise I got lightweaver as my top result. Thus, due to a slightly narcissistic curiosity I decided to research them more. While the official descriptions brandon gave are great. I must confess still find myself wondering about the character of prospective lightweavers. Sure many are artists and the spren are drawn to those who deceive themselves. Yet, we see soldiers, prostitutes, artists, and a spy join as well. Some of whom seem to have no artistic inclinations. So I guess I'm curious if someone can help me discern the greater truth as to what makes a lightweaver. Furthermore, what else draws a cryptic to bond them beyond a propensity for self delusion? What traits truly make one a good fit for the order? afterword thank you all for reading and engaging in advance. I appreciate your thoughts and your indulgence of my inquiry.
  12. So let me start with this. The dawnshard that is different from the rest is likely the one Hoid held (which was a topaz) and that is now dead. so we know Hoid held the name topaz because of him being the bearer of the first gem, which was a topaz. from the coppermind: And we know that title is linked to him being a dawnshard from this WoB: and we know that the topaz is now “dead” from this letter that frost sent: From all that, it is easy to connect some dots. Now that we have that out of the way, Have we seen the Topaz? The Dawnshard? Not just in the stormlight archive, but in any of the Cosmere. A reference to a strange orange gem or a magical stone? Where is the Dawnshard?
  13. Hi, It's my first post, I specifically created an account so I could talk about it. During the RoW epilogue, a detail struck me as weird. After Hoid got his memory Breaths modified by TOdium, the dialogue seems more neat the second time. When we repeat a speech, we tend to add words, to emphasize our meaning. It feels to me like Wit knew what was happening. He just couldn't resist improving his speech the second time. I know it's a long stretch but please debate
  14. Do we have WoB concerning whether Hoid will be in each piece of the White Sand trilogy of graphic novels? I know Sanderson stated he would have to put more Hoid in them than was in the prose version, and we also know Hoid appears in every novel, but concerning the graphic novel (since it's one story broken into 3 parts): will Hoid appear in EACH part, or just in the series? -CQ
  15. I belive that wit has 4 surges. Wit was the first one to meet taln after 4500 so I think he took taln's honorblade. So he gets 2 surges form there and then he gets 2 surges form design
  16. I searched the Arcanum & can't find where Brandon has ever said anything on this, & neither does it seem like anyone has posted it here on the Shard, so I'm gonna be brave and theorize in public (amongst us Sander-fans, anyway). Please be kind, & know that I realize that I'm rarely if ever right about these things... Anyway, here goes: What if Hoid's role in Cosmere history, post-Shattering, is like that of a prophet? - the "voice crying in the wilderness," etc.? This came to me after reading (what some of us call) the "minor prophets" of the Old Testament in the (Christian) Bible - the books from Hosea to Malachi. Sometimes these prophets made their point using snarky and sarcastic humor, and some of them used their own real-life events to communicate their message. I dunno - something about it just reminded me of Hoid. YMMV, of course, but I'll be looking for indications of "prophet" on my next read-through. And if one of you would like to pose this question to Brandon on the next livestream or event, please do - I always find out about those too late to get my questions in.
  17. Someone may have already thought of this so if there is another thread discussing this please link it. So we've seen Hoid use some form of lightweaving before he bonded a cryptic. He was also very ecstatic about bonding a spren, this got me thinking. Could Hoid's goal perhaps be to master all types of investiture? Would the mastery of all investiture possibly make him the closest being to adonalsium? Just my thoughts on this hoping to hear what all of you think of this idea.
  18. Just a funny thought, then I got to thinking Brandon is Hoid. The collector of stories. The one that was there for the shattering but not one of the shards. Who, Travels to all the worlds and interjects as only an author would (kinda like the neverending story). Whether it is written into the books at some point or not, the two are connected for me now. What do you think? Or is it deeper, in all actuality is Brandon Sanderson really a worldhopper? That's why his books are so good. It's just history, not fantasy.
  19. From the album Other Cosmere Art

    Hoid’s original look is always my fav Some points to check:
  20. Intro I have returned for yet another attempt to theorize and understand one of the many magics of the Cosmere. This time I am tackling breath, one of my favorite magic systems, though I do love them all. As many of you undoubtedly know, everybody's favorite wanderer has shown us a less than well known use for breath. While there was prior evidence of breath being tied to memory from two scenes in Warbreaker (the little girl, and the offer to Denth) this aspect has yet to be explored or explained much. I apologize in advance if their is a WOB that already talks about this, I keep forgetting to read them all. Some Background In very typical fashion for me, I felt compelled to try and understand this more. So I turned to the wonderful coppermind and Warbreaker itself. In it I found a most peculiar note, "If enough Breaths are collected, they can start to affect the personality of the person holding them. "Breaths do bring some things along with them,", but they are not "terribly individual" depending on their original owner. For example, Vahr's resolve was strengthened because of the similar mindsets of those he collected his Breaths from, but the effect only manifested due to the large amount of Breaths he had." The Theory one: How Breath Connects To The Bearer Now given textual evidence and assuming this is accurate I propose. Breath actually has an impact on a person in all 3 realms to a greater extent than the average magic system (which to me makes sense for Endowment). Though one could argue it is simply because one can acquire more of it more easily than most other Cosmere magic systems. The physical is easily seen, as many of the heightenings provide benefits that are at least tangentially physical (and arguably cognitive). As for the cognitive aspect, I think that like a cognitive shadow, breaths imprint slightly upon a person's spirit web and or their cognitive aspect. Hence how they can influence a person's personality if they collect a lot of it. However, due to the relatively small amount of investiture per breath this effect is greatly diminished. Likely only picking up a modicum of a person's thoughts and feelings that is only noticeable if those you get the breath from have a similar mindset. Finally, there is the spiritual aspect to consider. While there is really only one concrete example I think Susebron gives us some idea what this entails. Although he is no sliver, the sheer quantity of investiture bound to him would in my eyes on some level expand his soul in a similar if lesser manner. Given we do not know as much about the greater levels of heightening I sadly cannot back this up with much evidence. Though I do believe the way in which the more breath you have makes you better at awakening when you first begin might tie into a spiritual connection with endowment and awakening as a magic system. Yet, I could see an argument for this being a cognitive not spiritual effect. Theory two: How This Connects To Memory Now assuming I am at least on the right track. Then the question is, how does this allow you to store memories in them? I would propose given the ties to multiple aspects of a person (particularly cognitive and spiritual) there is a way to exploit this to impact memory. When Vasher tells the little girl to speak a certain command, Vivenna notices her breath flickers. To me this implies a portion of the breath and the cognitive tie to that memory have been severed from the girl. As for Hoid using it as a memory storage, once again. Given the impact memory can have on your cognitive aspect, and how are memories shape our identity. It does not feel like a great leap in logic to assume that one could use those breaths to store those memories. As the breaths in question are tied to a person in just about every way. Though whether using them to awaken or storing the breaths in something like clothes would degrade or destroy the memories I do not know. Granted I imagine it requires a great knowledge of investiture to do this, but many things are possible with the right application of knowledge. Afterword Just wanted to say thanks for reading everyone. Happy to discuss further if you feel so inclined. Sorry if my thought process is hard to follow or I seem to be making too great a leap in logic. Also hope people like the new format I am using for my theories. Feel like it helps make them more digestible and easy to follow.
  21. What if cephandris was the weapon. He could have held "Destroy" long enough after that it warped his spirit web to the point that he was dependent on its existence to "destroy" anyone/thing or be destroyed. The reason he can't be harmed/harm is because in the spiritual realm his spirit web is literally missing the piece that let's another web hurt it or be hurt by it.(It's mumbo jumbo-ey. I know.) He worked with the 5 scholars to bind "Destroy" so no one could use its power. The impossible thing he's trying to do is change "Destroy" to "Destroy Evil". That's also how a dawnshard is different from the others. That dawnshard is nightblood. Actually I guess it should be Nightblood.
  22. So Hoid clearly "pushed the boulder" in order to steal the Moon Scepter and possibly to cause Shai's imprisonment. Do we know if he or possibly another world hopper may have set the failed assassination attempt in motion? This novella could contain some of the highest levels of Hoid's influence if so in my opinion.
  23. Through use of forgery it is shown that one can take different paths in their past for different results to become different versions that could have been Since it has become apparent Hoid had an opportunity to become a shard at some point could forging his soul turn him into one?
  24. In the epilogue of Rhythm of War, Hoid refers to the coins from his magic trick as cents, I deduce that this either a translation of a word from one of the languages of the Cosmere (unlikely), an error on Mr. Sanderson's part (once again, rather unlikely), or, last but not least, a hint that Hoid is aware of Earth's Unniverse, Earth, and specifically the United States (which does provide some degree of a time frame). This could imply that Hoid can hop universes. What do you all think? Any other theories upon why Sanderson chose this word beyond that it made a convenient pun?
  25. Hey I'm Noahdon. In real life my name is Noah so if nothing else, I am here on 17th Shard to claim one of the best screen names in the fandom (though I think the Rosharans may dismay at the asymmetry, I couldn't resist the poignant pun). I got into Brandon Sanderson in 2018 by listening to Michael Kramer and Kate Reading read The Way of Kings on a 10hr road trip to visit my significant other over break. I was happily surprised that after the 20hr round trip there was still so much story to be had and I was hooked. Wanting to see how the fantasy names were spelled I picked up a hard copy of book and started lurking on Coppermind and 17th Shard forums. I expertly avoided many spoilers and learning about the expansive Cosmere I was goaded to finish all of Brandon's published works within it so I could start making more solid connections in my brain. Brandon and all of the other epic fantasy authors I would pick up after sparked my love for reading again as an adult. After listening to the audiobook in bed my significant other was became interested in Shallan and I was able to convince her to start reading as well. We now have a thriving SFF book club that meets over Zoom and I have someone to discuss my theories with. However, she has not finished all of the Cosmere yet, so after listening to Shardcast I knew there was a larger community I could engage with. So hello everyone! Happy to be here! Other than being a Cosmere and all-around nerd, I am also into Brandon's Writing Excuses Podcast and have started my own novella. I am a musician so naturally, I'm chasing after Hoid and plan to write music with some investiture magic inspiration at some point. I also am a DM and tabletop RPGer. Can't wait to hear your theories and talk fantasy with y'all!