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Found 347 results

  1. The flute I'm refering to is the flute that Hoid gives to Kaladin and he leaves in the camps. This question was prompted by this WOB So do we know anything about this? Can someone find where TLR is described?
  2. Hello, Just to put it out there I have not read the Stormlight Archives I’m here for help getting a present made for someone who is a huge fan of all things Sanderson. So my question is what does Hoid’s guitar look like? Do any of the books provide a description of the guitar or type of guitar that it is? I would like to get one custom made if needed so please give as much detail as you can! Thanks a ton!
  3. Most of us are familiar with Hoid, but there is still one VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION! What on earth in the cosmere is he trying to do?
  4. I drew Wit again. He is definitely my favorite male character in Stormlight Process: + + + Wit genderbend + + + Szeth and Nightblood GrumpyKaladin.gif
  5. Hi, I'm new here. I've been reading alot on these forums and I'll make my first topic here. Please excuse me if I don't use this correctly. Also, english is not my first language, so please ignore my "french-isms". I have read through stormlight and am starting a re-read in french to make sure I don't miss anything. Spoilers for Oathbringer and Cosmere stuff outside Roshar. A thought came to my mind... If I'm not mistaken, it was posted on the wobs that leaving Roshar whilst having a strong nahel bond may be difficult. Correct me if I'm wrong. But if that's the case, considering how Hoid is bound by some ~magical~ restriction to be unable to hurt other living beings, did he manage to restrict himself from leaving Roshar by bonding the spren? Or does his restriction only apply to physical entities, and not spren (thinking about Kelsier...)? He might find a trick to leave but still, it makes me wonder if the trickster cornered himself unknowingly... since severing his bond might hurt and or kill the spren. What do you guys think?
  6. I was reading the more recent wob and someone asked if Hoid had a black haired counterpart. It was RAFO'd which I thought was pretty interesting, and this was something I never really considered. Is Hoid having a counterpart a common fan theory around here? If not, what do you guys think of the idea that there's an anti-Hoid out there?
  7. How many powers does Hoid actually have? What are they?
  8. Hey Guys, So I’ve had an idea in my head for a while now and I haven’t seen anything on the forums regarding it. So I figured I should at least bring it up. I apologize if this has been discussed previously, I couldn’t find it anywhere. Lets start with some facts: Hoid is refered to as the “Bearer of the First Gem” in one of the letters. Gems can hold stormlight, a form of investiture Gems can also hold beings of investiture of varying sizes (spren and Unmade) The Unmade, Splinters of Odium, was contained inside “Kings Drop”, a perfect gem the size of a child’s head. Now for some speculation: What is to say that if someone was to have a large enough gem (I realize that it gets unrealistic to a point) they could potentially contain a whole shard. As I imagine that the Unmade hold a non-trivial portion of Odium’s power and a child’s head doesn’t seem TOO big considering the vast power. In the very first letter Hoid states that “the element” is safe. When compared to the later letters this could refer to the first gem. But why would Frost care if the gem would be safe unless it has vast importance and that specific individuals would want to destroy it. The only thing I can think of that would make a gem interesting enough that a shard would refer to it as a type of title would be if it were VERY large. Well or if it held some special type of investiture, but we haven’t seen investiture being special in this manner before. I recognize that it could be a title, but I feel that Brandon wouldn’t bring up something like that in this manner if weren’t a physical or real object. So could Hoid possess a gem, the size and cut so large that it could be a prison for a shard? Could the reason that he believes Rayse would level a very important city if he even suspected Hoid was there is not because he’s just been incredibly annoying to him, (or not just) but because he is the sole bearer of a “weapon” that can imprison a god or a piece of a god? Could it already contain one of the six shards we don’t know about or a piece of one? When your talking about volume of a 3 dimensional object if you increase the radius it will increase the volume by n^3 times. So if its 5 times as big (like a small boulder) it will hold 125 times more. Though that doesn’t take into consideration exactly how much larger a shard is than its splinters, or how it would possibly be created and cut I think the idea still stands as an interesting possibility. What do you guys think?
  9. Every time I read Stormlight, I try to figure him out, but he always seems to have another facet hiding away. He tells Dalinar he'll watch the world burn to get what he wants, which made me think he would be go after his goals with cold efficiency. But he seems to be following our Radiants around the world and offering wisdom when they need it (speaking to Dalinar, Kaladin in prison, Shallan after watching Grund's death, Jasnah when she returned from Shadesmar). All that talk about being in the right place but not knowing why confuses me.
  10. I feel that there are some very important things connected to those visions, particularly if you notice some... subtleties on pages 1136 and 1139 of OB. Something big is happening, and I'm wondering whether Hoid would have liked to be in Dalinar's place there. This is such an intense thing that I don't really want to put all of it out there, but also I might be very wrong.
  11. How does worldhopping actually work? I mean, I think they travel through shadesmar, but how? boat? magic? shadesmar is like the inverse of the worlds, but what's the inverse of space? Anyone?
  12. I just finished my read through of Aether of Night and was wondering if Hoid makes an appearance within the book? I know he doesn't have to be included in each book, but I also know that if Brandon included him in the earlier books it was way more subtle. I didn't see anything about a white haired man or anything like that. Did anyone else see him or is he absent?
  13. Okay so I presented this idea to our facebook group and actually got a decent bit of pushback on it so I wanted to see what the Shard thought of it. Also, this thread will likely get pretty Cosmere spoiler-y so if you haven't read much other than Stormlight, you may get spoiled so tread at your own pace (Ironic as I haven't read Mistborn Era 2 yet) So, Wit totally bonded that Cryptic that Elhokar left, right? Okay, so now that we cleared that up: we know Hoid has the ability to just happen to be in the right place at the right time, but I had the inkling suspicion that Hoid was very interested in the abilities of Lightweavers (considering he already has a Yolish form of the magic) and that he might have been helping sort of "groom" proto-Lightweavers for a while now on Roshar so that he could get his hands on the magic system (something he has been doing throughout the Cosmere). So hear me out, Hoid was aware of Shallan's speaking of the Immortal Words/First Ideal when he confronted her during her flashback sequence and even used emotional Allomancy on her during the confrontation. He also served as King's Wit for Elhokar, whom was also a proto-Lightweaver. While Hoid has had a hand in the lives of the other MC Radiants, it seems as though he was more focused on the ones that were on the brink of becoming Lightweavers. I'm thinking that Hoid might have been grooming these Lightweavers so that when one of them eventually got killed (like a super young girl and a son of an assassinated king), he would pick up the spren. The Order is perfect for Hoid, he even says that he has many truths that he can tell the Cryptic. He has made it very clear when he spoke to Dalinar in WoR (I think) that he will watch Roshar burn if that's what it takes to get what he wants. He may not necessarily want that to happen because seems pretty apparent from his letters in each books' Part Two epigraphs that he wants to stop Odium and is begging for help from outside forces. But I also could see Hoid lurking for a Lightweaver to get killed and to try and salvage the spren considering that obtaining Surgebinding is a MUCH more complex task than eating a bead or obtaining someone's Breath. I could very well be wrong with this theory but I think it is neat regardless, but what do all of you think?
  14. During WoR, Rock (Lunamor) is talking about Hoid, and says Do we know specifically why Hoid cannot hurt anybody? Could it be that somehow, other Shards forced this onto him, the inability to harm others?
  15. To start this off I understand that this is kind of a stretch so try and follow along and be patient with me lol. This whole theory revolves around the time Shallan meets Hoid for the the first time at the fair. In this Chapter Shallan observes Hoid slip something into his drink. Hoid drinks the contents of the drink and immediately turns and looks at Shallan in shock. Most people have concluded that he looked at shallan becuase he sense the presence of a Surgebinder near by. I believe that this is all misdirection and that there is more going on in this scene. Shallans role in this chapter is the problem solver. She has taken it upon her self to try and soothe her brothers emotions and get them back on a positive path. She first leaves to find Balat at the Gambling tent but is confronted by one of the house guard. She tells him that she wants to go to the gambling tents and he does not think that it is a good idea. Somehow Shallan manages to convince the man to let her go into the tents. While in the tents she finds her brother Balat who is watching the Axehound fights. She goes against his wishes and sets up a meeting between him and Elytia. He was not happy about this but then subsides and agrees to meet with her. Then she returns to her father and he is meeting with Hoid. This is where the aforementioned event happens earlier. She then leaves and finds Wickim in the carriage contemplating suicide. She tries in this moment to convince him that he can do more than just wait for the tirades of his father. She shows him that he can at least study and spend his time seeking knowledge instead of waiting for the displeasure of her father. He is not fully convinced and she flee's in tears. Later she speaks with Hoid and he shows her that Wickim is actually working on the math that Shallan prepared for him about the highstorms. So to come back around to my original point.I think the vial that Hoid had was the basic metals that all mistborn use. I believe that Hoid began to burn tin and bronze by natural instinct because it is common to do so among Mistborn. He then has sensation that another Allomancer is near by and looks directly to Shallan. Not expecting an Allomancer to be on Roshar or at least in his immediate vicinity he looks at her in surprise maybe even panic. He then realizes this small child is not the threat he first expects her to be and expunges the first feeling of danger/shock he originally had and continues his conversation with Lin. I believe that Shallan might actually be a Mistling and is unintentionally burning brass much like Vin in book one of the Mistborn trilogy. She might be doing it at such a minute amount that she doesn't actually realize what she is really doing. Furthermore Could her mother have suspected this as well and this be the reason that her and the other man tried to kill Shallan? Maybe she was not of Roshar herself and the man she talked to might not have been of the Skybreakers? Could it be that Shallan is actually a Mistling or maybe even more a Mistborn and does not know that she has the unique abilities. Maybe Hoid showing her how to use her Lightweaver powers for the reader is a misdirection to a larger reveal later in the overall story? Well there it is hopefully its not to nonsensical. Hopefully you have read this with an open mind and can give me some constructive criticism.
  16. cosmere

    Hello, I'm a new prospecting reader to the Cosmere uniververse. I decided to get into the series in order of release from Elantris to White Sand Volume 2 and beyond. My delima is that I thought that I had bought Elantris 10th Anniversary Edition when I purchased the mass market paper pack from my Barnes & Nobel here in America because Sanderson said, in a post back in '15, that all prints would convert to the new edition exclusively. Well... it was not the 10th AE. And I live 2 hours from the nearest bookstore and am a poor college grad— and it was also purchased two weeks ago —so returning it and getting the new version is out of my control right now. So, my question to you is, even though this is the original version of Elantris, could I still read it and enjoy the rest of the universe (like, does it properly fit into the canon)? If not, should I hold off on reading anything until I eventually buy the new version? Thanks.
  17. I was up late one wondering about whether soulstamps that rewrote the past of the recipient could potentially get rid of Hoid. Of course you would also have to convince him to use it daily, but that shouldn't be overly difficult. And then I realized something. Hoid would know of this threat, and likely take action to prevent it. I think i figured out what he did to make it an ineffective tactic to use against him. I think that it is possible that the reason Hoid wanted to become a lightweaver was not the power it granted him, but the oaths. When you rewrite some one's past they retain any powers they had, therefore radiant would continue to have their spren. A lightweaver's spren would know their radiant's darkest secret's, because of the truths. Their spren could then remind them of their past and convince them to stop soulstamping themselves, causing them to return to normal. I am looking forward to seeing this theory being torn to shreds.
  18. hoid

    We know that Hoid is able to utilize the power of various shards in the cosmere, but how? I had the thought that it might be through hemalurgy.
  19. So I'm rereading WoR, and i just passed the part where Hoid comes to Shallan and delivers a message from Helaran. Hoid specifically tells Shallan Could Hoid once have tried to bond a spren (a Cryptic)?
  20. I've been re-reading the Cosmere the last few months and I just got onto my Oathbringer reread. This time around I caught something that I hadn't seen talked about so I figured I'd point it out; When Shallan is exploring Kholinar as Veil she encounters Hoid telling the story of Mishim. He recognizes her through her illusion. Shallan comments that Hoid has a white and black jar in his satchel. This is a jar of White Sand and is likely how he identified her since the Kinetic Investiture of her illusion would change the sand's color.
  21. Let me get this straight. In Mistborn: A Secret History, Hoid takes a bit of Lurasium from the Well of Ascension. If Wit on Roshar is Hoid, then he also has a Cryptic, which could mean that he is now a Lightweaver. And then, in the final chapter of Oathbringer, it says something about repressing his healing, which hints at him being a Returned from Warbreaker. How much damage would that much Investiture close to your soul do to you? And how would his Connections in the Spiritual Realm be affected?
  22. As we know, Hoid will be the protagonist of Mistborn era 4, but he is ridiculously overpowered right know. List of Hoid's powers: - lightweaving(old Yolen magic & being bonded to a Cryptic) - Healing(stormlight, possibly Yolen magic) - Agelessness(Yolen magic?) - Lerasium Misborn - Fortune(more old Yolen magic?) - Surgebinder(he will probably have sworn at least 4 oaths by era 4) - Worldhopping(by technology or unknown magic?) - Extensive knowledge about the basically everything(not really a power but hey, knowledge is power right?) - Ability to speak multiple languages(unless he wastes his time learning a new language everytime he worldhops to a new planet, he probably have some access to Connection) - Some form of defence against people in other realms(Kelsier got hurt when he tried to touch him in the Cognitive realm) - Probably have some form of knowledge on Forgery and probably have a bunch of Breaths and unkeyed metalminds stored away somewhere Brando Sando(yes that what I call him in every circumstance, regards from r/cremposting) probably needs to do something to Hoid or the rest of the Cosmere to actually provide challenges to Hoid Possible solution 1: Hoid get a major power downgrade before era 4, possibly by the hands of those 17th Shard people who are trying to find him in SA(forgot which book). Or everyone in the Cosmere gets a major power downgrade(maybe due to something major happening with the Shards?) Possible solution 2: Either all of the main characters encountered in era 4 will be just as overpowered(fighting against people just as old as Hoid or maybe even a Shard) as Hoid or technology has advanced to the point where it can substitute magic(Fabrials, unkeyed Metalminds, maybe even some Elantrian made stuff)
  23. In Honor of the recent WoB confirming that Hoid has in fact ingested a lerasium bead and is now a Mistborn, I think it's time to cook up some interesting battles. So here's a summary of Hoid's power set (spoilered below, based mainly on WoBs, no new info here): He is limited in the fact that he can't intentionally hurt anyone, but he can intentionally allow someone to get hurt, sounds like enough wiggle room for the cleverest being in the Cosmere to figure out how to make any fight a fight to the finish, without necessarily doing the finishing himself. Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to try and find a worthy opponent for Hoid, and to give this a narrative twist, say that he's dipped into one too many pots of investiture and our boy Hoid is starting to loose hold of his sanity. He thinks that to save the world he must first destroy it (he could potentially use the loophole that he is not directly hurting anyone he is just destroying the planet that just unfortunately happens to have a lot of people on it). I have a couple of different potential battle arenas in mind, I'll just list the first for now, but might edit in a couple more later. Feel free to have the fight take place wherever you want with whatever initial conditions that you think would make for the most interesting battle. Battle Arena 1: Aluminum Cage Match One of the Rosharn Gas giants, lets say Vev, has had the outer 100 miles of atmosphere Soulcast into a shell of Aluminum, and the rest of the gaseous/liquid hydrgen and helium have been soulcast into a habitable atmosphere similar to Roshar's. The outer 100 ft of the metallic hydrogen shell around the planets core has been soulcast to a garnet with a perfect crystalline structure and infused with Stormlight, descending from this shell to the surface of the planets core are tapering columns of similarly infused garnet, spaced at frequent but irregular intervals. The planets core is roughly .25 cosmere standard radii, and is a continuous primarily metallic metropolis like Cybertron or Corsucant. A large geosynchronous satellite intermittently Collects the rays from Roshar's sun and focuses them onto the outer shell of the Aluminum Cage Match planet, giving the planet a stable ambient temperature of 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It requires direct shardic intervention to enter or exit the Aluminum cage planet, and lets just say that Hoid and the other combatant(s) are transported to the surface by a shard and can only leave when the other side has been vanquished. For this arena victory by Hoid is complete and sustained immobilization or the death of his opponent(s) and lets say the same thing goes for the other side too, complete and sustained immobilization of Hoid or Hoid's death would constitute victory for your champion(s). You can pick up to two abilities to spike into your champion(s), but if you grant two hemalurgically stolen abilities to a single champion, there might be the real possibility that Hoid can control them with Duralimun boosted emotional allomancy. Also you can make 2 modifications to the Arena to give your champion(s) easier access to their preferred form of Investiture. Your champion, or each of your champions can have up to 2 unkeyed metal minds of any type that you want to specify. Let's say for this arena that Hoid has a bag of flour, one vial of Taldain sand and an unkeyed medallion that can store and retrieve mental sped (F-Zinc)
  24. Ok, so we know Hoid is probably immortal and quite difficult to kill. He's a repository for an enormous amount of knowledge and was present at the Shattering, something only 17 others (that we know of) can claim, and 6 of those are dead already. So only a very few things can kill him. The question I have is, can he be hurt? I ask because if someone were to capture him and attempt to torture him for information, how likely would that torture be of success? Can he be controlled by pain, forced through pain to give up his secrets? I realize that capture would be unlikely and that the vast majority of the inhabitants of the Cosmere would not know what they had even if they did catch him. But there's at least 2 secret societies on Roshar that know of him and at least some of his capabilities. The Ghostbloods in particular seem like a group that would make such an attempt. Their main stock in trade seems to be secrets and they would have no qualms at torture for information. Should we be worried?
  25. "Of the half-dozen or so people in the room, one drew her attention most. Straight-backed, with jet-black hair, he wore white clothing and stood in front of the room’s crackling hearth. He reminded her of someone, a man from her childhood. The messenger with the smiling eyes, the enigma who knew so much. Two blind men waited at the end of an era, contemplating beauty. . . ." (WOR) This got me wondering if there is some deep connection between hoid and Mraize. Why would Shallan think of Hoid by just looking at Mraize's back? I don't really have anything solid but the way this is written just feels like it means something. It has a feeling of light and dark, or Mraize is something like Hoids future adversary. Like they are the two blind men contemplating beauty. This is all based on the above quote and I wished I new more about Mraize. I am probably overanalyzing this but it makes Mraize someone to take note of.