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Found 10 results

  1. We know that Nightblood can feed on stormlight, but what would happen if Nightblood was tossed into a highstorm?
  2. Highprince Dalinar Kholin has invited you to a very special banquet, at none other than the king’s feasting basin. Though he declined to tell you his motives, you know better than to turn down an invitation from a man of such status. Plus, many of your closest allies and enemies are there, meaning that the feast will be abuzz with rumor and gossip. Such is the endless strife of a lighteyed noble such as yourself, attempting to catch the latest news of the goings-on throughout the warcamps and Alethkar itself. Of course, hearsay also tends to lead to lies, and lies lead to deceit, and deceit leads to corruption. While you’ve always felt that you can trust in your comrades, you’re beginning to think that something more may be going on. That, perhaps, you may not all be working towards the same goal... Nevertheless, a feast is a feast, so you might as well take the time to enjoy it, right? The Game Conspirators & Corruption Roles Messages Action Order And there's the game! As usual, if you have any game-related questions/clarifications, feel free to ask, either in-thread, or via PM. If you have not already done so, make sure to read the general rules to get an understanding of the basic rules and terminology in the games. For roleplay purposes, the signup phase will take place just before Dalinar’s great feast, at the king’s feasting basin. So if you want to do any pre-game roleplaying (as I’m hoping this game will have some interesting elements of roleplay involved), there’s the place you’ll probably want to get to. For further reference’s sake, this game takes place several months before the events in The Way of Kings. On that note, signups will end about a week from now, on August 19, and then the madness and corruption will begin! If you cannot join the game for some reason and wish to watch, PM me if you'd like to join the Spectator Doc. Player List Draela Heb (Haelbarde) Sheon Idris (Seonid) Brightlord Wannan (Herowannabe) Arilir (Araris Valerian) Seavul Karlon (TheSilverDragon) Brightness Katara (little wilson) Merilee Kavdar (RippleGlyf) Kipper (Kipper) Cleo (Winter Cloud) Bortholemew the Blind (Bort) Seixa (phattemer) Leyton (IrulelikeSTINK) Mace (Macen) Brightlady Nivina Odict (Shallan) Em-son-of-none (Emerald 101) Caesarae (Adamir) Orlok (OrlokTsubodai) Norlav (Alvron) Resha (RavenRadiant7) Eradin (Paranoid King) Vin Elendel (Venture Mistborn) Efrihm (Alvom) Badhab Eony (The Honey Badger) Klanal (Clanky) Patch (Feligon) Mallan (Mailliw73) Owain (TheMightyLopen) Mortago (a smart guy) Write ups:
  3. With the Stormlight Archive, we often make the mistake of thinking the Highstorms are the most influential aspect of Rosharian life. Widows all face Leward, massive windbreaks created on the Stormward side of any community. The life has evolved to resist the powerful winds of the endless, scouring storms, the very ecosystems built around surviving the desolate land. And yet, while we give our attention to the temporary devastation of Highstorms, many of us ignore their more permanent affects. The most significant of these is so commonplace among the Rosharans, it's easy to forget how remarkable it is. Crem. It's everywhere. The world literally drowns in it. The entirety of Roshar is covered in thin layers of the stuff by the highstorms, which eventually builds into thick layers of strata. It covers the world like clay, hardening as it dries into solid stone. It covers corpses left in the sun, turning them into clay statues melting into the rock. But what is it, and where does it come from? It seems to have similar properties to clay. However, It appears to be harder when it dries, and it's runny enough to splash in directly after a storm. It could, of course, be the same chemical composition, but I doubt it. And where does it come from? It falls with the highstorms, but not the weeping. This means it doesn't form in the sky, and fall to earth in the rains. It could be created by the highstorms themselves, but then it would cover ALL of Roshar, rather than leaving Shinovar untouched. It seems to pick it up overseas, then dump it on Roshar, running out as it moves. So where does it come from? The Ocean? But where would it get the sediment from straight water? Maybe another continent, across the waves? Can anybody tell me? its driving me nuts.
  4. To start this off, I'm going to give a little Brandon quote. "The Highstorms are more related to the mist from Mistborn" This leads me to believe that first of all, the Highstorms may be some remnant body left behind of Honor after his splintering, as the mists were a sort of weakened body of Preservation after her trapping Ruin. This is supported by the time Kaladin sees the large face in the sky, possibly the face of Honor, or, another theory, this is the face of Odium, and the storms are his doing, which would be supported by the threat of the Everstorm. But regardless, we're talking Honor here. Now, another interesting thing about the Mist is that later in the series, (Mistborn spoilers) This could be similar to the Highstorms in this theorized way. Perhaps people need to go out into the Highstorms, or at least experience some exposure to them to develop a bond with a spren? Kaladin only started noticing Syl after spending time in the slave carts, where he had no choice but to spend time in the storms, since they were poorly protected. This could be Honor's way of communicating with people/helping them. (Mistborn spoilers) So perhaps Honor needs the storms? This could be supported by Dalinar's visions, confirmed to be sent by Honor, only happening during the storms.
  5. I'm going to take you through my complete thought process here. It's not long, and it's not very intellectual, but these couple ideas kept me busy for around 10 minutes, so... I was thinking on the "Soulcast air into bridges" topic, and what it really means if you can Soulcast air into things.... considering it is everywhere. Unless you are having a space battle, that's pretty over powered, hahaha. Then I started thinking "What if someone tried to Soulcast the entire atmosphere around Roshar into.... well it wouldn't really matter, because any material would doom the planet. That would be a really villainous thing to do, however obnoxious that storyline would be. They'd have to hunt for some huge gemheart that could handle Soulcasting like that. Oh my gosh it would be the Bowl of the Winds quest all over again." But you wouldn't really need a huge gemheart, would you? You could probably just bring standard gems (or however Soulcasting KR take in Stormlight) into a hightstorm and have like infinite Stormlight. That is on such a huge scale that it sounds like you could poke 1 bajillion holes in it, but what if instead you just walked into a highstorm and Soulcast the storm itself into something?! Picture Jasnah in armor walking into a highstorm and Soulcasting it into food ( I like to think it would be pot pies) and then literally eating the Stormfather. Hey Brandon, if you ever need a co-author/idea man, private message me and we can exchange phone numbers.
  6. I don't think that normal Earth ship would be capable of weathering Highstorms, and certainly not pre-industrial age ones. So most likely some ships on Roshar would be constructed in a way so as to be capable of weathering Highstorms, or at the very least able to make sure that they're never caught in one. What modifications do you think that a ship would need in order to weather a Highstorm? So far all that I've been able to think of is that they'd need: retractable or folding mast (otherwise the mast would be torn of during a Highstorm, or possibly capsize the ship) several more anchors than a normal ship (for stability and to prevent being blown too far off course) possibly be enclosed on top (in a manner similar to a Korean turtle ship) outriggers or multiple hulls (for stability) What ideas do you have for ships to allow them to endure Highstorms? Note: I'm not too ship savvy, so it's possible (or rather probable) that I'm wrong about something here. If so, please do correct me.
  7. So I'm not sure where I got this idea in my head, but it seems to be pretty common: most people believe that the highstorms are somehow related to Honor (or in the case of vorinism, Jezrien). I think it's been thrown around that it's the remains of his shard's investiture raining back to Roshar and recharging spheres, because Dalinar only has his visions (sent by Honor) during highstorms. While this is certainly a reasonable assumption, I was just thinking today: what if the highstorms are actually caused by Cultivation? I always found it strange that stormlight (investiture from the storms) could be so easily stored in gemstones, which have nothing to do with binding, oaths, or honor of any sort. (Words of Radiance preview spoilers!) On the other hand, Almost every aspect of the surgebinding process seems to relate to Cultivation. The storms themselves are nourishing to plants, the investiture accumulates in gemstones (which are grown over long periods of time) and promotes vigor and healing in whoever holds it. Soulcasting is the closest it comes to Honor, with bargains being struck. Overall, the flow of power in the surgebinding system seems like a very Cultivation type thing to do: The world is showered in stormlight, which increases the amount of life and energy available to the people it affects. So what if Honor's only contribution to magic on Roshar is the Nahel bond, while the actual economy of magic is powered by Cultivation? I think the coppermind says that Honor, Cultivation, and Odium all have their own planets in the greater Roshar solar system, so that would imply Cultivation has her own world to manage. From descriptions of life just after a highstorm, though, I'm inclined to think it's really her doing. Thoughts? Edit: Also, it may be the case that Cultivation is broadcasting Honor's message, which explains why Dalinar only gets them during highstorms. It could be Odium, but I don't think Sanderson would use the same Ruin/Preservation trick again.
  8. Crem is one of those things. It is a nutrient-rich, clay-like substance that falls from Invested storms, (possibly) providing the nutrients for crustaceans shells and rockbuds...rockiness, used for pottery, building, and almost never violence. It is not identifiable as anything but itself, and falls directly on all land across the supercontinent with the highstorms - meaning it isn't swept up from one place there and deposited everywhere else. From that, we can assume either or both of two things: Crem is generated by a Shard/other powerful entity and crem is swept up from some place between the Origin of Storms and Panrosha (my name for the Rosharian supercontinent, derived from Pangaea, with a bastardization of Roshar). Further, the crem doesn't seem to stick around unless specifically treated - perhaps it's absorbed by plants and animals, but it should still build up in places. Yet, it just goes away. Is this simply Cultivations power returning to her (a la Atium and Ruin) once it's been used? I've been pinning the crem on her the whole time, simply because it fits with her Intent, but it might be anyone else, or just a natural process. Any ideas? Discuss!
  9. I was just reading the Szeth/Shin Conspiracy thread, and it got me thinking. The basic speculation was that Shin discovered Honorblades, and built Shone Shamanism around hiding the secret. I've been doing a second read-through of tWoK, and I like many parts of this theory. However, I'd like to propose my own. I don't think sacredness of stone has to do with Honorblades, but rather thunderclasts. Let me explain. Part 1: Mistborn spoilers*: *If you skipped this spoiler, it simply contains some evidence that Sanderson is capable of this kind of conspiracy-laden writing We also know that Shin religion has other truths preserved in its religion, after others have forgotten. Note that the Shin still know about stormlight (and by the use of the word "sacred" in this quote, I do think it stems from Shin religion, and not just Shen's knowledge of surgebinding): So, in The Stormlight Archive, we see the present-day application of Shin religion: Shin do not walk on (or interact with) stone. I would suggest that this branches from the ancient knowledge of thunderclasts, and their relation to stone. We know, from the Prologue, that thunderclasts 1) are made of stone, and 2) come from stone: I would suggest that Shin culture has preserved the danger associated with stone by labeling it "sacred". End part 1 of my conspiracy theory. Part 2: Think about the geography of Shin in the world. Think about the geography of stone. Shin religion, and its application with regard to stone, has effectively secluded the Shin people to the west in Shinovar. Likewise, they remain somewhat protected from the events of the east. Shin religion could be protecting Shin from the area of the world where Odium has influence. Where are the parshendi and parshmen (who may or may not have some direct relation to voidbringers)? Should the thunderclasts 'return', where would they arise (i.e. where is the world's mass of stone)? In fact, what has the landscape looked like in EVERY one of Dalinar's visions (the supposedly significant moments in the evolution of the world)? All of the visions have been based in rocky, highstorm-afflicted areas (i.e. not Shinovar). Everything that is associated with instability, change, and danger is located in the east, where Shin religion effectively forbids its people to 'trod'. Part 3: In the same way that I feel Shin reverence of stone is related to something significant, I think there's a reason that parshendi leave bodies untouched and lying on stone. In the event that the bodies do not die on stone, they are carried there. The parshendi affinity for stone, juxtaposed with the Shin deference, is somewhat telling. I don't have a solid enough theory to elaborate on this, but I would speculate that it has something to do with thunderclasts, pupating (as seen with chasmfiends), and the parshmen/parshedi ability to change forms. On Honorblades: Here's why I think the Honorblade theory (of Shin discovering and hiding the Honorblades) is incorrect: Through the same reasoning contained in what I said above, the physical landscape of the place where the Honorblades were left does not match that of Shinovar. I haven't seen anything that points to Shinovar being the location of anything of historical/mythological significance. That said, the fact that Shinovar isn't prevalent in any historical analysis we've seen seems significant and possibly telling. Here's a reason I could be wrong: Shinovar has been speculated by many to be the home of, or at least under the influence of, Cultivation. Based on Argent's thought, Cultivation could very well be involved in an elaborate cover-up. Why, though? I've got no idea. Tangents: Because I've dealt so heavily in this post with geography, I'd just like to bring forward the relative influences of the different Shards on different parts of the world. I think it's pretty well-accepted that the vegetation differences in Shinovar are attributable to Cultivation, while the Highstorms are attributable to Honor. From a Brandon Sanderson Q&A: The highstorms are not arbitrary. What their function is, I do not know for sure. However, as for speculation: I would guess that Cultivation has similar functions somewhere in the world. This means a "conciousness" and a "body". I reject the hypothesis that Cultivation is the Night Watcher, because nothing we've seen about Shards in other books indicates they can have an anthropomorphic form in the world (the nature of the Night Watcher does not seem to fit that of Cultivation, either). There is some power bestowed by Cultivation within the world that we have yet to see or to recognize. I would suggest that this material or energy is contained within Shinovar.
  10. So at the end of The Way of Kings, Dalinar's last vision during the Highstorm was him meeting with Honor and Honor telling him that he must find the Dawnshards and that the order of the Knights Radiant must be reformed. Can we safely assume that this is the last part of the messages from Honor? If so will Dalinar continue to be affected by the Highstorms and keep getting visions? I think he will stop receiving the visions personally. I haven't read the readings of Words of Radiance that have been released only because it'd make me even less patient for the whole book to come out.