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Found 7 results

  1. I just read the Szeth paintball competition chapter in OB and noticed the description of the Highspren. "What were those two spren floating nearby, shaped as small slits in the air? They separated the sky, like wounds in skin, exposing a black field full of stars. When they moved, the substance of reality bent around them." This makes me wonder if fifth ideal Skybreakers can use division to create a "break" in reality...a place that temporarily exists outside the three realms. When they "become the law," maybe that includes laws of nature. They could literally pull someone outside of reality to deal with them. Just a thought. Or they can literally affect reality around them in some way.
  2. From the album My Interpretation

  3. From the album General SA Art

    Law is light, and darkness does not serve it. Finally finished this! My favorite order other than the Lightweavers =) Highspren are just so cool! More KR lineup pieces to come!
  4. So i tend to agree with some theorists proposing that the in book, book, Oathbringer is being written by jasnah. The line that stuck out the most was "I did not die. I experienced something worse." I believe she is referring to her attack on the wind's pleasure, and subsequent trip into the cognitive realm. We know from her first hand that she visited the highspren and their city during her travels there, but i think the perhaps she made another stop along the way. Possibly by choice, or perhaps by force or happenstance. I think jasnah visited braize in the cognitive realm, this is one of the things often referred to directly or obliquely as being worse than death. Damnation. This is only supposition which may be proved wrong on this upcoming tuesday, but i imagine that if jasnah was finally going to take a deep dive into the cognitive realm she would be compelled to have a better understanding of her enemy. Discuss.
  5. Sorry if this had been discussed already, but I didn't find threads on a cursory look through the forums. What do you suppose she was asking the Highspren about? Obviously it mentions that she learned a few things about previous desolations: Yes, it's heavily implied that she is merely pumping them for information about the desolations, but at the same time, she was gone for quite some time. I know there have been WoB implying that was due to the inaccuracies of elsecalling and her inexperience with it, but this seems too simplistic for me. It's also heavily implied that she had to leave in a hurry, and that she was in some sort of battle . So here are my theories. My first is based more on instinct, that the Highspren warned her about Nalan, and that's what monopolized some of her time. But that was just a hunch based on another theory I have about the skybreakers that I only wish to be true. Then I started looking at that excerpt; A utilitarian braid. She wants her hair manageable and out of the way. Usually any time before this Jasnah looks perfect, a part of her presentation to the world. Right now she wants function over fashion. Hemmed at the knees. Again, this a convenience factor. She can move more quickly and the dress won't trip her up. Jasnah is not normally one to rush. She sewed herself a glove out of something improvised. Right here. This is major to me. Jasnah would break from this tradition only if absolutely necessary. She already had enough a reputation with the heresy, so she wouldn't want to distance herself anymore by having people see her as indecent. She thinks it's even more important to have use of her safehand than it is to follow social conventions. I know Navani breaks it, but Navani has more social freedom than Jasnah does. She had a bandolier and a backpack that she didn't before. Kind of simple deduction here, she wanted those for simple utility. Burns on her face. She presumably just came back from the cognitive realm. Injured. Ok, so we see a much different Jasnah than we had before she left. Jasnah left a scholar, and yet she emerges as a warrior. In fact, without a second thought she levels a shardblade at Hoid. Fledgling battle instincts? Then there is this snippet: So now I was thinking she's referencing her escape from the assassins, but that makes no sense. That was months ago, and she has entirely different wounds than she would have from that encounter. She was involved in some sort of battle while she was off of Roshar. The only spren we know she definitely is interacting with are the highspren, who's order of Radiant is currently taking out other bonded pairs. We know the Stormfather has forbidden honorspren from bonding, maybe other spren had similar edicts. This could be interpreted as a law, which the highspren are focused on upholding. Here is the picture I'm trying to paint. Jasnah makes contact with the highspren, no knowing anything about the current state of the skybreakers, which are presumably hunting bonded to prevent deslolations, and due to broken laws. Maybe the Highspren are endorsing the deaths because the spren disobeyed and came to the physical realm. So after making initial contact, the Highspren give her the information she was asking as a way to distract her, while they summoned the skybreakers, trying to continue their quest to kill bonded. A large fight enues, and Jasnah once again has to elsecall in order to survive, and so she lands WAY outside of where she would like to be, battle hardened, and laden with fresh information, both about the desolations, and about the new threat to surgebinders.
  6. theory

    This theory is a simple one. Unlike the other orders of Knights Radiant, the Skybreakers never abandoned their oaths and disbanded. They have remained active, albeit covertly, under the control of Nalan. Firstly, I want to present evidence that one of the orders of Radiants never disbanded, at least entirely. This epigraph makes it quite apparent to me that one of the orders of Radiants stuck around for quite some time. Nalan offers Szeth a place in their ranks, and Helaran was apparently attempting to join them. It seems evident to me that for whatever reason, the Skybreakers refused to abandon their Blades and their oaths to stick around. As one final piece of evidence, I'd like to look at the spren. First, I'll establish the type of spren the Skybreakers were bonded to. Given Nalan's penchant for laws and one of the divine attributes of the Skybreakers being "just" this makes me fairly certain that the highspren belong to the Skybreakers. Now, lets look at who Jasnah goes to see for information while she is in Shadesmar. Why would she go to see the highspren? While I'm sure that they are knowledgeable, would not the spren of other orders be better? Why not see the spren of the Willshapers or the Elsecallers, her own spren? They are associated with knowledge and wisdom, surely they would be better equipped? But here, Pattern provides a clue. The answer is clear. She went to the highspren because they are the only spren who survived the Recreance because the Skybreakers did not abandon their oaths. They are the only ones who were alive during the Desolations.
  7. So, this post will contain references to both WoR and WoK, though only one major spoiler, and that will be in spoiler brackets, so don't look at that if you haven't read THE ENTIRE WOR BOOK. Literally, this spoiler is from the very end and I will -not- have it ruined for someone. The rest will be tiny minor spoilers that aren't consequential to your reading. _________________________________________________________________ Now, on to the post. During the series, several spren have been encountered or mentioned that are extraordinary. I shall list them thusly. 1. Cusicesh the Protector- This spren is an enormous one that rises out of the waters in a city whose name I have forgotten every day at the same time. It then looks at the Origin and changes appearance rapidly, making those around it tired. This spren appears to be bound to this area somehow, likely due to the way it is viewed by people as being the protector of the city. 2. The Nightwatcher- This strange spren gives out boons to those that request them of her, giving out curses in return as well. Not too much is known about her except that she is responsible for the Old Magic, which is likely not magic at all, but just a strong spren's manipulation of the cognitive aspect of the world. She is likely a spren of Cultivation, as I'm sure I heard Lift's spren talking about her at some point... Reference needed. She seems to be bound to some sort of valley in the same way that Cusicesh is bound to the city, by the way she is viewed by humans. Perhaps, if they viewed her as not giving curses, then she would only give boons? This must indeed be researched eventually. 3. The Stormfather- This immensely powerful spren is a spren that appears every time a Highstorm passes. He is responsible in some way for the release of Stormlight into gemstones during this time. This spren seems somehow trapped by the thoughts of man as being confined to the Highstorm. 4. Moelach- This spren, mentioned briefly by Tanavast on page 906 of the hardback version,is apparently responsible for the Death Rattle. When nearby (range unknown) This spren causes dying people to glimpse at something, powered by their life energy, past present or future. Unlike the other spren above, this one is cable of moving about, as it is so unknown by mankind that it is not bound by their perception of it. 5. Nergaoul- This spren, also mentioned by Tanavast, is responsible for the Thrill. It is considered an ancient evil spren that Tanavast does not yet have the resources to tackle. Aka, this thing is too strong for a kingdom that leads one of the most powerful cults in the world. This makes me believe it is an Unmade or Voidspren, a spren of Odium. He, like Moelach, is not bound by man's perception of him, and can move about, as he is so unknown. 6. Lunu'anaki- This spren appeared before rock from the depths of the Horneater Peak's "Oceans". Not much is known of him, save that he is considered to be a very very powerful god. He is the god of travel and mischief, looks like a lighter skinned Alethi with white hair. Possibly not a spren at all, but it is unknown. [Edit] This is most likely Hoid.