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Found 3 results

  1. These two were the only (surviving) highprinces to join Dalinar at the Battle of Narak. What do you think their roles will be during Oathbringer? Will they continue to work with and support Dalinar?
  2. Does anyone know the colors (as in livery/uniforms) for the highprinces? Here is all I could find so far: Kholin: blue Sadeas: green (primary) and red (secondary) Sebarial: his banner is golden skyeel on a black field, so presumably gold and black? Aladar: white and dark green Roion: ? I am particularly looking to add Roion's info and to correct any errors in the list above. This is for some more lego fan art, so I need to figure out what color parts to order for some army-building. Thanks!
  3. So.. at this point there are so many societies, factions and agendas that it seems almost every interesting character is hiding something which again is only hiding something which is... you get the point. A character I haven't really read much about here (I hope I didn't miss it) is Sebarial - well, actually him and his mistress combined. I found them extremely interesting. He gives off a very Hoid-ish feel. Which I guess is easily accomplished by being witty, laid back and enjoying to see others struggle for words. Anyways, as far as the Highprinces we know go he's one of the rather entertaining ones. And he seems rather smart on top of it. So yes, I do think there's more to him - whatever that may be. He knows to well how to keep appearances (I mean who the hell chills out during an upcoming Everstorm?) Any thoughts? Oh, and can anyone remember/quote what Jasnahs notes say about him?