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Found 6 results

  1. From the album Colored Cosmere Symbols

    @Ghanderflaffle I AM SORRYYYY this one took longer ack. I hope it’s not a disappointment
  2. I was trying to add a note that the current highprince of the Sadeas pricedom (Amaram) is dead. When I saved the changes, the note was there, but 1/2 of the page disappeared. Is there a way to undo this? If not, can I see what used to be there? It also is not appearing the the long list of pages (the one you see after you click Stormlight Archive on the front page), but it does appear in the "Subcategories" area (above the page list). The link though, does not appear in the Highprinces subcategory. Other links like that on the Alethkar page are there and work.
  3. For some reason, I haven't seen this pop up yet. It seems obvious. With Sadeas' death, I think Amaram rises to fill his place as highprince. He was already the second most powerful lighteyes in his realm, and Sadeas mentions having an understanding with him. I think he is Sadeas' heir. That will certainly put a damper on any attempt to prosecute Amaram for killing Kaladin's men and stealing his Shards.
  4. I took a venture into stylized characters a little while back (I've come back to more representational stuff recently so as to better learn the rules, and then go BACK to stylizing with a bit more confidence) and decided to do the 25 essential expressions meme with my version of Dalinar Kaolin. It was a lot of fun =) let me know what you think!
  5. We know that we have at least two dead Highprinces, at the end of WoR. Question is, do we think more of them kicks the bucket off-page? Everyone did not leave for Urithiru. And how bad a situation will replacing several highprinces be?
  6. Hello to all! It's my first post here, please be kind This piece is a rough faceshot sketch of Elhokar and the ten highprinces, drawn by pencil. (Full resolution: [x]) To know who is who, here is the key: (Full resolution: [x]) I did a keyword search for the exact description of each character, but still couldn't find useful information about Bethab and Thanadal, so I had to make some wild speculations. Actually I'm not so sure about the appearance and outfit design for all of them, any suggestions are welcomed =) (I did have a try, though )