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Found 2 results

  1. It has been years since the Emperor was fixed by the Forger and the Heritage Faction was saved from losing control of the government. There has been evidence of Forgery of Imperial artifacts, and at first it was thought that Shai had come back but she had been contacted and it turned out she was on the other side of the continent. This meant there was only one possibility. Others had learned that the Heritage Faction had allowed the work of Forgers, so they had employed them to try and take control from them once and for all. ------ Welcome to Quick Fix 53: Forging a Nation! The rules are down below, but are quite simple and should take less than two minutes to read through. Here is a link to the doc if you want it. Signups will end on May 31, at 10 pm PST. Rollovers should be pretty quick each turn. Rules: Player List: Pinch Hitters: Quick Links:
  2. You all leave Heritage Halls with somber looks on your faces, for another of your friends have passed on. You know that your feelings of grief and pain are real, but that there are those among you that are only presenting what is expected. Nobody had known how they had died, your friend, but one of the doctors noticed a tiny stamp on the body and the alarm was raised, albeit quietly, that there were forgers in the city. And this time, they were here to kill. --- QF53: Forging a Nation has now begun! All the PMs should have been sent out, so if you didn't get yours please let me know. PMs are open and @Araris Valerian, the IM, has requested to not be placed in any player pms, but you still need to make sure that I am included. The turn will end in just under 24 hours on June 2nd at 10 pm PDT. Here are the rules for anyone too lazy to look at the other thread: Player List: