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Found 28 results

  1. Hello! I’m ash! Im here mostly just for Sanderson elimination, cause it sounds cool and dnd-like. i live off of iced coffee. ….annnnnd that’s all the information I think I need to put here to introduce myself!
  2. I wasn't sure where to put this, and I don't know how grand or elaborate anyone was expecting this to be, but here I am. Apollyon, known by friends as AP. Before I go any further, I will stop to assure you all that I am okay. I'm good. Great, actually. I appreciate all the concern, love, and support. I've seen the little memorial on my page, and nearly shed a tear. I love you guys! My good friend, @AonEne informed me that I was now somewhat of a legend around here, so there's that. What's up?! How've you all been?!
  3. Has anyone noticed that Shardblad can be rearranged into Balderdash?
  4. hi

    hello all Dont spoil Mistborn Era 2 pls i havent read yet And Stormlight And Elantris (I really should read that one cuz i have it at my house) ive read mistborn era 1, warbreaker, reckoners, and rithmatist hello again he/him Edit: i finished mistborn era 2, starting stormlight now
  5. i may or may not be a stick though
  6. Hello, everyone! I am new to the 17th Shard, but not new to Brandon Sanderson. I have read the whole Stormlight Archive(except for edgedancer), the whole Mistborn series, Elantris, The Rithmatist, Skyward and Starsight, and I am reading Warbreaker right now. I think most people's favorite series is The Stormlight Archive, but every time I read another Brandon Sanderson book, it becomes my new favorite. Also, I am a Windrunner.
  7. Hey there! I'm new to these forums but have been a Brandon Sanderson fan since 2015. My favorite book is probably Oathbringer (for now), and my Knight Radiant order is the Willshapers. I love space, reading, gaming, computers, fantasy books, game development, and programming and also like to talk about the world building parts that aren't really in the main focus (like wanting to know more about the Rosharan moons or how physics works on Roshar).
  8. GREETINGS! I'm Fantasiuss, but call be fanta like the drink, it's easier for both of us. I've read the mistborn trilogy, the current wax and wayne books (Assuming there's still only three), elantris and warbreaker. I absolutely plan to read EVERYTHING IN THE FRIGGIN COSMERE. I absolutely love this author and I should have signed up for this a while ago. I'm a 3D modeler, but I'm terrible at my job so instead I read books and play games. I'm actually a girl so don't confuse my gender kthx. I ABSOLUTELY love the interconnecting lore of the cosmere and how once I realized hoid was a thing I looked through all my books and found him. I need to IMMIDIATELY read up on everything there is to know about the cosmere so I can start fangirling. I love anime, Sword Art Online is my favorite, with My Hero Academia coming in a close second. PRETTY sure this is okay, so !Fantasiuss#5243 Pretty sure that's all I have to say so... Without wax, Fanta
  9. I’ve been here for more than 20 days so maybe it’s a little late, but H I ! I’m a huge Skyward fan. Not really into Cosmere.
  10. Hello, I am TheMathemagician, a Feruchemist currently living on Roshar, as well as a bunch of other slightly generic and slightly cheesy book references and stuffs! I may or may not also be a Potato Person, a being from a reality of five-dimensional space that is trying to take over the world. I'm probably not. Just go with that.
  11. Hi guys, My name is Daniel Rosales. I'm a huge Cosmere fan working on a Mistborn game as a fan tribute. I hope I can share it with you once I'm past the Spren level XD. I love discussing Cosemere Physics and I have a theory or two about Hoid's agenda. I look forward to learning more about your thoughts on the Cosmere.
  12. Happy Saturday, my dudes It's been actual years since I've been a part of any forum other than Reddit. So we'll see how active I am on here (hopefully I'll be around fairly often) Any suggestions on where I should start browsing? I've pretty much just used reddit for everything lately, so any interesting places to check out would be great. ✌
  13. I’m fairly new - I’ve only been reading Brando’s book for about 4 months. My addiction started when I read WoT and I went on to Warbreaker because I really enjoyed his writing style for the end of WoT. I’ve been selling off my smaller possessions to buy SA and Mistborn the first Era. I had a sample of Elantris recently though and I’m definitely going to have to sell something else In all seriousness though, I’m really glad that I found Brandon Sanderson’s Cosmere because I’ve found several new authors that I also love. I never would have found them if I hadn’t picked up Brando’s books when I was done with WoT
  14. Hello, fellow Brandon Sanderson fans! I have no idea what I'm supposed to write here, but oh well... I have read all of the Stormlight Archive books, the first two books of Mistborn, Edgedancer, Steelheart, The Rithmatist, and Skyward. Obviously, I have a couple of Brandon Sanderson books left on my list I found Brandon Sanderson books by my brothers and my dad. They kept ranting about them at the dinner table, so I decided to give them a try. It took a while to get into The Way of Kings at first; the length made it hard to start. As soon as I got into it though, I knew I had to read all of his books! My favorite characters from The Stormlight Archive would probably have to be Wit, Kaladin, or Lift (along with their individual spren); although my favorite right now is Renarin! My favorite character from Mistborn is probably Kelsier (still), and/or Elend. Anyway...Hi!
  15. Anyone know any cool tests, that relate to the ShardBearers. & do any other books tie into it? Thanks!
  16. Hello! I'm excited to finally be a part of the cosmere club. Now I can speculate absurd ways of hacking the magic systems just like I used to, but now it'll be official. Medium-sized blurb about me: favorite cosmere setting so far is Mistborn Era 2, Wayne is such an awesome character (maybe even as awesome as Lift). Favorite feasible power set (as you might be able to tell from my username): Twinborn Allomantic Slider + Feruchemical Steelrunner A theory that I've been considering recently is what would an allomantic bendalloy savant be able to do? Take his time bubble with him as he moves? Reduce his bubble to act like a second skin so that no one else could accidentally get inside and reap the benefits?
  17. Now, I have no experience in tabletop games or D&D-esk stuff, heck, I've no idea what you even call it. However, the concept has always interested me, and I wanted to ask if it was fun. Probably akin to asking a someone, "what is a maths?" I'm sure, but if you could describe what it's like, that'd be awesome.
  18. Just saying hi, long time reader and lurker, but nobody near me(geographically) that I know is reading the preview Chapters, or is even caught up with Brandon's books I needed people to discuss it with. So saying hi to everyone
  19. This is Suraj Sasidharan from Chennai, India. I have been a very frequent guest here through my Sanderson journey. Many of you have helped me in understanding concepts I did not get, give me ideas I did not think of, open up new meanings to things I took for granted and make my journey till date a better one. Thanks to everyone on this site for everything. Hope you welcome me and my mind maddening thoughts into your midst. Cheers to Brandon for the amazing world he has created in which we are nothing but sprens. Ps. Listening to Perfect State while typing this. What is your opinion about that book? Is it non cosmere?
  20. Hi! I've been following posts on 17th shard for a while and haven't gotten around to creating an account until now. I've got a few theories of my own that I'm going to be posting later, after prusing certain threads making sure I'm not makeing a duplicate. Will be nice to converse with you guys in the future!
  21. Hi?

    Hello hello, the Doctor's arrived in the cosmere! Anyway, hi, I've been lurking around the stormlight and mistborn forums for a few weeks now, starting a discussion or two, but now I suppose I'd come in properly and introduce myself. I'm a Sanderson you probably could tell. I've read every book Sanderson has written thus far, with my favorite series being the Stormlight series, with Mistborn era 1 a close second. Non cosmere favorites are Rithmatist and the Alcatraz series. Random other things I like are Doctor Who, as again, you probably could tell (Maybe I should set my title to Captain Obvious), and My little pony. heh. Oh and I'm from Malaysia. Hi! While not a theorist myself, I do love reading all those crazy theories we fans come up with. I tend to ask random, perhaps meta discussions such as Vin vs Iron Man, or trying to create trailers or posters for the Stormlight Archive (Possibly Mistborn as well). I also love writing fanfiction, although I haven't dabbled in cosmere fanfiction yet - but its a matter of time! BTW I am accepting prompts for writing if anyone has them. Also, I'm friendly (most of the time) and quite open to meeting new friends to discuss cosmere with! I love this place already, and I think I'll be very happy here.
  22. Howdy, folks! Just joining up after hearing Brandon mention the site at a recent signing. I started out in the Fantasy world with C. S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia (in 6th grade), moving on to J. R. R. Tolkien and the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings (high school freshman year), moving then to Terry Brooks and Shannara and Landover (the rest of high school), then to Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time (senior year of high school, when Crown of Swords came out in paperback, until the end), which naturally introduced me to Brandon's work while I was in college. Now look at me, several years later, with a wonderful, large family, a steady career of a dozen years (seriously--I'm guessing a lot of us here are computer nerds), and even though I've branched out into non-fiction research topics, I still love to come home to some good ol' fantasy to relax at the end of the day. Or any time during the day, like while walking to work, or taking a break from work, or during lunch break at work... Honestly, I'd rather just read all day.
  23. Hi

    I have only read the Reckoners series, my friend Venture Mistborn talked me into getting a account.
  24. Hi eeveryone. I'm Aidulin, and I just read a Brandon Sanderson book for the first time. I'm hooked, I think. The one I read was The Rithmatist, and there's only one so far in that series, so I was wondering which series you guys think I should read next? I know you'll all have ideas, but I want to get to know this fanbase a little better.