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Found 22 results

  1. Hello everyone, this is my first post in the forum. I read the Mistborn-Series and loved it, but there is this one thing that I just can’t grasp and that bothers me - so I hope you can help me. The whole magic system and it’s use are fantastically well thought-through! So when I felt like finding an ‘error’ I assumed that I must have misread something. But I just can’t figure it out. So instead of saying ‘I found a mistake’, I’m gonna ask: What do I not understand here? In Hero of Ages, Vin is imprisoned in chapter 44 (also 45, 48, 50) in the cavern underneath Fadrex city. The metal plate in the door has been removed. Yet still I ask myself: Why was she not able to break out on her own? I understand that she cannot simply push against the door and have it open, since the metal inside has been taken out. She tries that at the end of chapter 44. However, she notes that ‘with duralumin-enhanced pewter’ she should have been able to push even that open’ - but she can’t get any footing. So I assume that she has duralumin. She also has a coin pouch. Since she’s shooting them around later, she also must have steel. So immediately I asked myself: Why can she not simply place one or multiple coins against the door and steel-push, duralumin-enhanced, against the door? Of course she would have to push in the opposite direction as well, just as it is described when she opens the previous cavern. Opposite to her should be the steel plate she reads later - and even if it’s not exactly opposite of her, she could place coins there as well! Should this not be enough to open the door again right away? Friends of mine have suggested that it is different if you push only against a small coin to open a large door as opposed to the huge metal plates that were inside the door. If that is so, can someone explain to me, why? My understanding of steel-pushing is that every person has a different strength, that does not relate to the size of the pushed object. If at all, it relates to the person’s weight, but that seems to be somewhat misleading. However, weight should not be important in my question… i hope someone can explain why it would not be possible for Vin to simply break out like this - and restore my feeling of logic in all of this. Thank you! :-)
  2. I’m finishing a reread of the original Mistborn trilogy. These were the first Cosmere books I read so figured it would be good to reread now that I have a better idea of what’s going on in the grand scale of things! Maybe this is explained more later and I just don’t remember but in Vin’s battle with the Inquisitors near the end of Hero of Ages Marsh breaks her arms, legs, and fingers before pulling out her earring allowing her to draw in the mists. However Allomancy has no healing power that I know of, only the ability to push through pain. I would think with all of those bones broken she wouldn’t be able to jump around, fighting like crazy, no matter how much allomantic power she had from the mists. Anyone have an answer for this?
  3. So at the end of AoL, Marsh delivers Spook's book to Marasi, which informs her, as well as Wax and Wayne, of the existence of Hemalurgy. I've just been rereading HoA and realized that Sazed wrote about Hemalurgy in the epigraphs of the book. Those epigraphs were part of the books that he left the founders of the new world. So why wouldn't Hemalurgy be widely know about in Era 2 already?
  4. I keep finding little details that I totally missed before. This one I'd be surprised if it hasn't been noticed already. It's a small detail that doesn't draw attention to its importance, but in Hero of Ages, Elend notes that the Imperial line of Succession goes from himself, to Vin, and then to Sazed. Minutes before he Ascended, at the death of first Elend, then Vin, Sazed became Emperor. The Hero of Ages was removed from the Terris people. He was not royalty himself, but came to it eventually. ...One who is separated from the Terris people, a king of men, a rebel caught between two worlds. I had somewhat glazed over these, as I wasn't sure if they were altered by Ruin to make first Alendi, then Vin as Empress appear as the Hero. Nope, coming in at the last minute, Sazed became the rightful king of men before becoming their god. It's fitting, I think. Maybe this was obvious to everyone else, but I thought this was cool.
  5. Hi All, I had a quick look but couldn't see a post on this topic so wanted to make one. Since my re-read of the Mistborn books, including Secret History, I started getting a sneaky suspicion that the Hero of Ages prophecy doesn't necessarily solely have to apply to Sazed - I then recently came across a post where someone had laid out all the Hero of Ages prophecy quotes and I think this is worth a discussion. We all know that Brandon loves pulling a fast one on us, hiding hints very early for much later pay-off. My theory essentially suggests that multiple people can fulfil the Hero of Ages prophecy - and that the next person to do so will be Kelsier in Era 3 or 4. Now I don't know whether this will mean he will take up the shards, as that isn't necessarily a pre-requisite of being the Hero of Ages as per the quotes, but that he is in someway destined to save the world. I have laid out the quotes below, and left some comments underneath some of them. As you can see, since the release of Secret History, there are a lot of these prophecies that match Kelsier very nicely. Let me know what you all think of this - I can't help but think that many of these prophecies can be linked with Kelsier too nicely given what we know since Secret History and Mistborn Era 2. As always, rip it to pieces.
  6. OK, so one of the main plot points is that 16% of people affected by the mists Snap and that shows that the whole event is intentional. Except that a percent is 1/100 and the use of percents is inherently tied to the fact that we use base 10. 16% is just 16/100. And we know from other sources that Scadrians use a hexadecimal number system. In this base, 0.16 (16% or 16/100) would be 0.28F5C28F6… or roughly 0.29, or 29% (by "29" I mean 2*16+9, ie 41.). I know, Mistborn is an old book, and written before Brandon had tons of consultants, and it also depicts red leaves photosynthesizing using red sunlight, but maybe let's try to find some explanation anyway. Like, maybe they used hexadecimal for natural numbers but base-10 for the fractional part, because they learned decimal fractions from another culture… this mix would make fractions interesting. By "interesting" I mean "probably weirdly complicated and inconvenient", so I guess modern Scadrial uses 16 for everything, or maye 10 for everything (Harmony wanted to make it worldhopper-friendly) and the base-16 is like Roman numerals for us - old, official, nice for dates and such but not used for actual maths. However, if they still use base-16, and have money denominations like 4 and 8 of something… I'd really like to see a worldhopper trying to get accustomed to this. Or maybe the percents are not our percents, but pre-Catacendre Scadrians used "percent" to mean 1/128 and used those a lot. This could work too, I guess.
  7. I realiized something, Vin and Elend represent the concepts of ruin and preservation (Elend wears white, Vin wears black, Elend's character arc is not forgetting the good in himself, Vin's character arc is become comfortable with who she is becoming, Vin ascended to become preservation, Elend duralumin burned Ruins essence). Sazed was the one to marry Vin and Elend. Sazed symbolizes the unity of ruin and preservation literally and metaphoricaly.
  8. The last thing Leras does before dying is appear to Elend and point to the Northeast. He also did that the first time he met Elend. If you trace the two lines from their approximate locations, you end up in the far right corner of the Terris mountains. Hence the question: what was in the Terris Dominance that Preservation was pointing to? And why was it so important that Leras used the last of his strength to try and tell Elend about it?
  9. So. I was going through the "Hero of Ages" prophecy and I found the line, "That which has been sundered must again begin to find its whole." (here's a link: Now, supposedly the prophecy is only referring to Sazed, but let's think about it for a bit. "That which has been sundered . . ." (by the way, sundered is a synonym for split.) Well, Harmony wasn't sundered. Adonalsium was sundered. So presumably, this line should be referring to Adonalsium. Which means that "[Adonalsium] must again begin to find its whole." Whole??? Yeah, we saw Ruin and Preservation combine into Harmony. But Harmony isn't whole. Harmony is 1/8th of whole. 12.5%. Therefore, I predict that all the shards of Adonalsium will eventually be collected and fused back together. Seems like a cool way to end the story of the cosmere. I went through the other lines from the prophecy, but those all talk about the Hero directly, and most of them do sound like they refer to Sazed. Although, wouldn't this be fun, what if Sazed isn't the Hero of Ages? He just fits the prophecy well enough that nobody's looking for the Hero anymore. They think it's him, Harmony. When really, it's somebody we haven't been introduced to yet so we can't compare them against the prophecy. I don't know. For now, I'll assume that Sazed is the Hero of Ages, but I am confident that Adonalsium will eventually become Adonalsium again. I mean, Odium already did a good portion of the work. How many shards has he splintered so far? It's at least, like, five. Somebody just needs to go collect the splinters. If Sazed did that, maybe his Intent would change enough to let him be more useful. Anyway, that's all I got.
  10. From the album Mistborn Doodles

    Vin's Ascension to Preservation in Hero of Ages. I always think of the poem "There Will Be Rest" by Sara Teasdale during this scene. "There will be rest, and sure stars shining Over the roof-tops crowned with snow, A reign of rest, serene forgetting, The music of stillness holy and low. I will make this world of my devising Out of a dream in my lonely mind. I shall find the crystal of peace, – above me Stars I shall find."
  11. How many shards? Originally there were 16. Some were splintered so that nobody held their power, but the Investiture that was unique to each shard remained. On Scadrial, Ruin and Preservation were each a shard. They died and were taken up by Sazed, becoming Harmony. Does that mean there are now 15 shards?
  12. I'm done with this for now - I'd like to come back to it at some point and edit it because I'm not totally happy with it, but it's late and I'm worried if I don't post it now I'll never get around to it. For reference, this is a Rashendi story, arising out of the chat conversation during the 10th Anniversary Livestream. The logbook entries, of course, are Brandon's words, taken from The Final Empire epigraphs.
  13. If you're keen, you can tell who is the hero of ages at the third epigraph of the book. "In some ways, having such power was too overwhelming, I think. ......." Who else would say "i think" after anything he or she is uncertain?
  14. From the album Homemade Hero of Ages Movie Poster

    For anyone wondering, Vin is on the left, Elend on the right, and an abstraction of Ruin/Marsh in the middle.
  15. Opening Disclaimer: I'm sorry I'm not going to have the exact references directly in front of me, but my Dad has my copy at this time and is a slow reader. The part of Shadows of Self that really caught my attention, was the fact that MeLaan gave Wax his earring personally, on what I assume were Harmony's orders. It is confirmed as being a Hemalurgic spike, but the ability that is charged with the spike is unknown. My theory/hope is that the earring is the same earring as the one Vin wore during the original trilogy (giving it an allomantic bronze charge). I saw a post on here about the earring before, where the poster theorized that the earring has a pewter charge, as Wax is seen to be strengthened by the mists. Well, during HoA, didn't Vin become the Mists when she took the Shard of Preservation and drew all the mists into herself? Could she be giving him a slight physical boost as she did to Elend at the end of HoA? One of the things that made me think this (I'm really sorry about the reference part here) is the short aside from Wax in SoS where he talks about a form moving with him in the mists sometimes. Furthermore, in several sections of the book he muses about Vin and what she would have been like, but what if she is really the form in the mists that he can sense when he is about? Here is where I think about how Vin was able to sense the Mist spirit using her bronze, and maybe the Bronze allomantic charge of his earring allows Wax to be able to sense Vin in the mists. Partially related to the above theory, but how is an allomantically charged hemalurgic spike used? Did inquisitors have to actually ingest the metals they needed before using the abilities, or did the spikes themselves provide a certain measure of the abilities? If they needed to actually ingest them, I could imagine duralumin steelpushes being very dangerous for inquisitors, as how could they see after doing something like that? (First post, Sorry if not put up in the right way)
  16. I just finishers HoA, and I've been wondering, does Sazed die? I mean, he is a but in the summary thing in Alloy of Law, it says that And on the Coppermind, it doesn't say when he is born or when he (maybe) died. So should I trust the summary thing for AoL, or the end of HoA? Oh, HA! This is sorta kinda barely like when Sazed was going through the religions!
  17. -- Contains some Secret History information-- On p660 of Hero of Ages, the first generation is discussing the clash between Ruin and Preservation, and notes that Preservation's Mind was basically destroyed: Just from a bit of consideration this brings up a few things: 1) It seems that "the shadow" is refering to the "sliver" that is left of Preservation's mind (referred to in the previous sentence). Shadow + Mind = Cognitive Shadow. I'm noting this link somewhat pedantically, because I think one could say that the second speaker wasn't referring to the Mind anymore, but I think that the juxtaposition makes my reading sensible. 2) If that's true, is the implication here that when a Vessel is sufficiently weakened, to the point that they must give up their Shard and become a Sliver, they would default to a cognitive shadow (I guess assuming they remain in the cognitive realm)? 3) Based on the nearby plot of HoA, I assume that the "image" being discussed is what eventually falls to earth as Leras's body. That would be the same "body" (cognitive shadow in the cognitive realm until it is destroyed at last) that Kelsier interacts with in Secret History, he himself being a cognitive shadow. If this is the case, does it imply that a cognitive shadow still retains connection to a physical body somehow? 4) If shades are cognitive shadows (implied in Secret History?), and shades are warded away by silver, and Vessel is a cognitive shadow (either always or just when it loses it's Shard), it could make sense that silver would be Allomantically inert, as it would have negative interactions with Preservation? How far afield have I gotten here? 5) How bad of a job have I done putting this in the right forum?
  18. One of my favourite descriptions from the HoA ball, she was in curves of black and he in lines of white. (If someone want to find the exact quote for me, I'm too lazy :P)
  19. From the album cloud world

    my secret sazed present for craftycowboyenemy on tumblr haha look at that handsome boy
  20. Alright guys, here's something I came up with and could not resist sharing with the rest of you Mistborn fans. You know that final battle in Hero of Ages? That final, heartbreaking battle? I found a song by Two Steps from Hell and decided to put it to the battle. Storms, it fit Perfectly. Please guys. try this. Play the song, and read the text below according to the timestamps I put. I promise you won't be disappointed ( I hope) 0:00- 0:30 = Vin, floating in the Mists. The army of Koloss advances, hundreds of thousands. Ruin stands gloating. Inside the pits, Elend is speaking. "I ask of you your lives. I ask of you your lives, and your courage. I ask of you your faith, and your honor - your strength and your compassion. For today, I lead you to die. I do not ask you to welcome this event. I will not insult you by asking you to call it well, or just, or even glorious. But I will say this." As he speaks, we see the people, their faces fearful. We see Sazed waiting. We see the Kandra collecting the atium. 0:30- !:00 = "Each moment you fight is a gift to those in this cavern. Every second we fight is a second longer that thousands of people may draw breath. Each stroke of the sword, each Koloss felled, each breath earned is a victory. It is a person protected for a moment longer, a life extended, an enemy frustrated!" As Elend speaks, their faces firm. They hold their weapons tighter. As his voice continues to speak, they assemble by the cave, looking out into the enemy beyond. They stood, Elend at the fore, a bright dot on an endless canvas of blue. Elend's voice rings as they move forward. "In the end, they will kill us. But first, they shall fear us!!!" 1:00- 1:40 Through Vin's eyes, Elend bursts with brilliant energy as the entire army charges at the Koloss. They don't die. They don't die, they explode with light just as Elend did, each man creating thousands of atium shadows. They meet the first wave, the Koloss swing their swords, and not a single Koloss sword finds its target. They don't die, every sweep of their swords destroy more than one Koloss, and every Koloss sword seems to miss by breaths. The Koloss start dying, and the army punches through them, performing incredible feats. They leap over swords, they sidestep blades, often causing the Koloss to kill each other in their anger. Not a single drop of human blood is spilled, but the ground is littered with Koloss corpse. They fight back, three hundred against hundreds of thousands. Each soldier as if a god, each soldier sweeping through the Koloss as if blades cutting water. And at their head, Elend, his white clothes glowing brighter than any other. They flag, but they down more beads of atium. Hundreds of thousands of beads being burned, an army invincible. 1:40- 2:08 Through Elends eyes, the world is white and blue, atium shadows and Koloss. He runs, untouchable, through the field. Hundreds of blue bodies lie in his wake. Then he falls. He hits the ground. He rolls out of the way of a sword, and downs another bead. His beads are low. He then hears the first human scream.He turns, to see one of his soldiers go down in a spray of blood. As he whirls, he understands. The atium is going. They have fought magnificently, but there is no more atium. Another soldier screams, his heart aches. He turns to see more and more of his soldiers going down screaming, and he sees Marsh the Inquisitor with his obsidian axe. He understands. This is the end. He firms his stance, meets Marsh's eyes. Then takes a last look at they sky. Only to see the Mists charging, he sees like an enormous angel of pure white, Vin. Hair streaming backwards, mist flaring like wings across the sky. reaching for him. 2:08- 2:40 The atium shadows return. His body jerks as his reserves increase by a hundredfold. Again he rises, and he charges towards Marsh. From Vin's eyes, the army continues to charge, as with Preservation's power she fuels them, giving them strength, power, hope. She flies above the army, her arms outstretched towards them as a parent embracing her children. Each soldier jerks upright, strength feeding them once more. They could run, but they do not. They look back at the pits, where their famlies lie, they look back to the Koloss, and once again they charge. The look on their faces now is not one of triumph, as it was in their first charge. The time for victory was past. This time, there is only a grim determination. The Koloss continue to overwhelm, but the soldiers do. not. yield. The last soldier uses his last bead of atium. Then they start dying. 2:40 - 3:12 Below, Marsh finally corners Elend. They duel, axes clanging on swords, two beings of incredible power using the full force of their allomancy. Elend dances between Marsh's brutal attacks, but even he cannot last forever against the augmented power of the Inquisitors Marsh grab's Elend's throat. The Koloss begin to enter the pits. The last soldier was dead. Three hundred soldiers had killed over twenty times their number, but in the end, the Koloss entered the pits. Yet Elend smiles. "We've won, Marsh." Above them, Ruin stand stock still. A koloss has entered the pits, and through his eyes he sees the empty pits. " Ruin's body is gone. That is why we win. " Ruin screams. Pain, disbelief and pure rage. Elend smiles. At the highest point of the chorus, Marsh's axe takes off Elend's head. 3:12 - 3:44 Vin floats, in pure shock. She sees Elend's body crumple slowly. It finally comes to a rest. She reaches incorporeal fingers to his head, seeing the peace now on it. Elend was that. she knew that. and there was nothing she could do. She finds that she is at peace, because she has let him go long ago. Ruin is laughing, thrashing. How do you like that? I killed him! I ruined everything you love! I took him away from you! She stands, gathering all of Preservation's power. Realizing finally Preservation's plan. She speaks quietly. "You just made one final mistake. You shouldn't have killed Elend. You see. He was the only reason I had left to live." Ruin pales. 3:44- 4:25 A titanic clash. Black clashes with White. Ruin screams. Vin shuts her eyes. Their essences clash, Ruin's black and Preservation's white burning each other away. Every moment is one of agony for Vin, and yet she is at peace. Grappling in a plane far above, the power and Intents of the Shards cancel each other out, and in an instant, Preservation and Ruin is no more. Below, a wave seems to pass through the world. The women, the children, moments from being slaughtered by Koloss, watch in fear as the Koloss suddenly lumber to a confused stop. Bereft of direction, of purpose, they begin to exit the pits. The women and children clutch each other, weeping with joy and sorrow. They had won, they were safe, but the cost had been bitter indeed. But they were safe. They were safe. 4:25- 4:51 Sazed emerges, and sees Vin and Ati smoking on the ground. he gasps, he sobs, he questions. Finally he understands. He takes the Shards, and recreates the world. The sun retreats. Constellations whirl into the sky. Green grass catches like wildfire across the earth, massive behemoths of trees sprout. Ashmounts sink into the ground. The ash dissolves like snow. The Mists disappear. Flowers flare their way across the earth. Colors flame across the land. The land is beautiful. 4:51 to end. The people emerge. They gasp at the whole new world. They rejoice. The sit down in shock. Spook wakes, fully healed. The rest of teh crew, Ham and the others, they lived. Spook looks around, and he sees the circle of flowers. At the centre of the flowers he found two people. VIn lay in her mistcloak, shirt and trousers, Elend lay in his white uniform, complete with cape. They held hands as they lay amidst the flowers. And they were both dead. He looks up, sees the yellow sun in the blue sky, he sees teh green grass and the beautiful flowers. His hand grasps Beldre's. And together they walk into this new world. Fade to black There is no victory without sacrifice.
  21. If you could be any character from the Mistborn series which would it be? Would you be one of the good characters? or would you chose to be one of the bad? Going forth on that theme if you could chose a character that that didn't have certain powers although you liked the attributes which power would you give them? Try to keep the post from giving away spoilers so those that are still reading the books can take part without having plots ruined for them. (ME INCLUDED AS I AM ONLY 1/3 THROUGH THE 3rd BOOK)