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Found 3 results

  1. I don't know if this has been attempted before (and if it was - I'm sorry, I'm not one for necroing threads) but I know quite a lot of sharders here are actually very, very brilliant poets and I thought it would be good if we could, like, post our poems in a single place. Newcomers could try their hand, experienced ones can read through and critic stuff like that. And more importantly, we can just write what we want when we want it. I'll start - here's one I wrote, it was originally for someone I knew and now it's just for someone, anyone. We Were Once a Bridge We can't expect things from each other. Except for the songs meant to drive us away. I mean it, reach out and hold my hand All I'll hold is the distance between us. Twisted fingers Broken glances Stories told underneath these covers Warm red sunsets Deep blue midnights Let's just settle for well used lovers When all is said and done Hold out your hands and reach for the distance. Maybe that way you'll find out That there's nothing to grab on to.
  2. Greetings from the Tardis. And Camelot. And the back of the Impala that suspiciously has wifi. And from the Argo ll. Yeah... So! As you can see, I come from all over the interweb. Places wide and far, mostly tv shows of course. Then one day at Barnes and Noble, I saw a giant book. This huge paperback. It was the start of summer so I figured I should read something big, a challenge. So I picked it up, read the back. Was instantly slightly confused. Read the prologue, still confused. So I put it back, thinking to find another book. A few seconds after that, my mom tells me that time's up, we have to go, you better have a book by now. I, of course, had no book.I ran back, grabbed the huge paperback, and brought it up, having conveniently forgotten the five dollar limit. I still manage to get it. Somehow, the paperback ends up on the shelf, left unread until school when I need to read. Three weeks later, I finish it, and I'm begging my mom to go back for the sequel. Three days after that, I get the sequel. Two days after that, I'm done with it and scouring the interweb for any trace of Stormlight Archive. And here I am. So, hello. I have a question though, do we have a fan name?
  3. On a whim I decided to do a quick Google News search for "Mistborn." - I found a couple reviews and this little gem on a French news site. "During a series of questions / answers, the American author has returned to the film adaptation of Mistborn, or Son-of-Mists French. Sanderson reveals that one of his conditions for this film is a cast opening to the public, so anyone can apply for a role. He also explained that it is the "film" section of the company Little Orbit, who produced the Mistborn video game: Birtright, which currently holds the rights to adapt. They keep the game if they finish within 18 months, otherwise these rights will be relisted. Of course, we are still far from even just an estimate release date for this film ..." I ran it through Google Translate, so it's not perfect. Apparently Mistborn: Birthright is coming within about 17 months, or it's not coming at all. I like that casting is open to the public, but I'd prefer having more talented actors performing the principal roles rather than someone off the streets. Any other thoughts from anyone? Was this knowledge previously known and I just missed it?