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Found 14 results

  1. Wake up inmates! It's time we played a little game. I want one of you to die. Now, I've always been a fan of democracy, so I'll let you decide who the candidates will be. And be careful, I've given out some nasty little roles to a couple of you. One of them would kill everyone if they are killed. One of them knows slightly more than they let on. And the final one has to be killed to survive, at the expense of almost everyone else. Let's see how you manage. Welcome to the start of the Nomination Phase. Please select half of the players to be chosen as Candidates. Remember, voting is anonymous, so please put your vote in your game PM. This Phase will end in 24 hours at 8 PM CST on October 16th. Good luck. Player List: Here's a link to the rules
  2. Yoden walked through the streets of Garmet, listening to the crowds of people quietly discussing the latest news from the political convention that was meeting in this otherwise quiet city in the far reaches of the Elendel Basin. The People’s Republic of Elendel was nearing its 25th year since its founding, but that did not mean everyone was happy with the way things were now. With the latest rebel attacks up north in Drypost and Mycondwel, tensions were high throughout the Republic. So, to quell tensions between the capital and some of the outer cities, a group of prominent politicians and influential figures had come all the way out here to Garmet to meet with their local leaders and try and figure out how they can improve things. I don’t think things are going well at all, Yoden thought to himself. For the past week, most of the meetings each day had involved the Elendel representatives mostly refusing to listen to the Garmet representatives’ pleas. And the Garmet representatives were far too angry for a governing body, that shouldn’t be happening in the Republic. Though to be fair, Yoden himself might be a bit biased, considering he was an Elendel representative himself. As he thought this, the crowd around him began to part around him as someone inevitably noticed who he was. He sighed to himself, then continued walking to the meeting building. Another day of constant bickering, all to make the Republic look better. ~ Some time later, a break was called. Yoden didn’t remember much of what happened, as it had been another four hours of bickering between people who really couldn’t understand the other side. There might’ve been some agreement that the rebels were causing trouble for everyone, but the people of Garmet almost seemed excited that Yoden and the other Elendel representatives had to worry about them. At least it’s time for lun- Yoden’s thoughts were interrupted as a tall man burst through the chamber doors, his coat torn up and his hair disheveled and incredibly dirty. “The rebels have taken Steinel!” He paused to catch his breath. “The tracks from Elmsdel to Steinel are also ruined. They overtook a train that left Elmsdel yesterday, and blew up the tracks as they went towards Steinel. We’re trapped.” The chamber room was instant chaos, people shouting that that couldn’t be true, others trying to ask the man what else he knew, and throughout it all, there was an underlying realization that this was planned. The rebels knew that all of these representatives from Elendel were gonna be here in Garmet for this month, and now none of them could get back to Elendel. Unless they wanted to take a 200 or more mile long journey walking from Garmet to Elendel. Eventually, someone managed to calm down the group of people within the chamber while Yoden was lost in thoughts. “Listen up everyone,” the man, Goren, said. He was a relatively young man for one so influential, and he was a Garmet native too. “We’re all stuck here, and we all know that the rebels wanted us stuck here. I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure that means we’ve also got rebels in our midst.” There was a gasp in the crowd, and a tall woman began to shout, but Goren cut her off. “I’m not accusing anyone...yet. But it’s only common sense. The rebels needed to know that all of you visitors were still here in order to start their plan. Someone had to tell them that. So, I vote that we lock down the city. No one leaves or comes in until we figure out what’s going on, and until we get word from Elendel. All in favor?” There was a moment of silence as everyone took in his words. Slowly, people began to raise their hands in assent of his motion. Yoden was surprised to see even some people from Elendel raising their hands first. It wasn’t long before everyone begrudgingly raised their hands, even Yoden himself. Goren nodded. “Good, glad we’re in agreement. Now, I say we call the meeting off for today and we all go home and relax for a bit. It’s going to be a long while before we hear back from anyone.” Well, Yoden thought to himself, this trip certainly got more exciting. ~ Welcome to Long Game 77: A Political Trap! This game is a rerun of LG66 (which you can read here if you want). Helping me with this game is my co-GM @Young Bard and my IM @Elbereth I encourage everyone to RP as much as possible. It makes my job doing the writeups more interesting if you all do a lot of RP, not to mention that you get more boxings if you do RP. I’ll be posting the rules down below, in this post itself, but I’m not sure how well they’re going to translate in the transition from my google doc. Here is the link to the rules doc. Clarifications are going to stay in the doc itself because moving them to this post would be a pain. Signups will end on May 27, at 9 am CDT. The game will start as soon as we can get it going. Rollover will probably take 45 minutes to an hour after each turn as well. Also, for what it’s worth, I’m going to preemptively apologize because my work schedule is...variable, to put it lightly, so the rollover time will probably move around a few times over the course of the game as I find out my work schedule for each week. Hopefully I won't have to change it, but you never know. ~ Rules: Player List: Quick Links:
  3. Lerasi walked through the streets of Elendel, careful to watch for signs someone was tailing her. Her handlers had missed the scheduled meeting to discuss what she’d learned about the People’s Republic of Elendel’s plans with the allomancers and feruchemists they were recruiting. It had been almost a year since they’d overthrown the old government and installed a military regime. Lerasi and the other Loyalists were doing everything they could to tear the regime down, which is how she’d found herself being recruited into a secret force of metalborn. She checked her pocket watch as she walked past the meeting point one more time. It was the time that her handlers were supposed to meet her several days ago. She’d finally received a message from them a few days ago. Apparently they’d almost been caught by the PRE’s hazekillers and had to abort the mission. Lerasi shuddered at the thought of having been there when it happened. Lerasi opened the door to the abandoned building and began to make her way to the meeting room. She tapped bronze to check for any signs of allomancy nearby. Thankfully, she didn’t feel anything, so she opened the door and walked in. There was no one there. Before she had time to react, a hand was around her mouth and someone threw her to the ground. A tall man walked into the center of the room from where he’d been hiding in a shadowed corner. Lerasi’s heart stopped for a moment. They’d found her, they must’ve set her up, she was going to die- “Are you alone?” The man said calmly. Lerasi looked up at him, careful to not move too much lest the people holding her down thought she was trying to escape. “As if I’d ever tell you.” She spat at him. He smiled. “That’s what I wanted to hear.” ~ The group of metalborn had been gathered altogether for the first time since they’d all been recruited. People of all ages and from all over the Elendel Basin had been gathered in Elendel to become the peacekeepers for the fledgling republic. A tall man stood in front of the group, their eyes focused intently on him. “I have gathered you all here today,” he said, his eyes scanning across the people before him, “because there are traitors amongst us.” He held up a hand to prevent the whispers that were already spreading through the group. “Lock the doors,” he said to the hazekillers at the edges of the room. “The building has been locked down. There are enough rations here to keep us all alive for the next...month or so. No one is leaving until we have rooted out the traitors amongst us.” He smiled. “I hope you enjoy your stay.” ~ Welcome to Long Game 66: A Struggle for Power! This is a spiritual successor to the game I ran last summer, LG56. This game will be run by me and my fantastic co-GM @Young Bard with @Fifth Scholar as our wonderful IM. I’ll be posting the rules down below, but I’m not sure how great the formatting is going to be when I try to put them in here. If you want to read the rules with much better formatting, you can do so here. Signups will end on Wednesday, June 3rd at 9 pm CDT. The game will start around 10 pm CDT. ~ Rules: Player List: Quick Links:
  4. Day 1: Flight to the Mountain Pass The small group of Singers fled before the light of Mishim faded from the sky. They had prepared some maps. Their goal was to get to the mountain pass that would lead into Alethela before the next highstorm hit. Thane could hardly think in dullform. Nobody really talked as they headed across the flatlands of Velhav. He missed the rhythms. But there had been no other choice in order to prevent Odium from still having a grasp on their gemhearts. But they had brought spren with them so that once the next highstorm hit, they would be able to think again. Thane looked at the singers around him, counting in his head. Almost 25 adults, plus their children. He frowned. Something was wrong with that. Were there that many who had agreed to go with them? He wasn't sure, it was hard to think, hard to remember, hard to feel. But he trudged up to Moirin, who somehow was still leading the group, even in dullform. Her wisdom seemed to pierce through even the fog of dullform. "Did you notice how many of us there are? I think there are more than we started with," he said slowly. He couldn't speak any faster than that. Moirin hummed quietly. "Indeed. There are traitors among us. They will try to turn us back." It seemed escape was not going to be so easy. He tried to think about the situation more, but he kept losing his train of thought. He would wait to solve things until he got a form again. --- Abaram trudged underneath a cloak alongside the rebels. She felt a small thrill at the idea of killing them slowly, breaking their hope. How dare they try and escape Odium, after all? Odium was God. There was no escape from God. Her servants and her had already made some plans before they had taken dullform. Currently, she was using Illumination to look like just another dullform. There was no way they would notice her specifically while their brains were muddled by the lack of thought. How foolish, she thought to the Rhythm of Derision, to try to escape Odium by becoming stupid. --- Welcome to Rhythm of Freedom! This turn will end in about 47 hours, on 7/21/21 at 10:00 AM EDT. Please remember to only comment on the thread using your anonymous account. I know people make mistakes, and the mods will hopefully fix any of them, but I'd rather keep that to a minimum because it spoils the fun. Reminder the voting rules are Among Us styled, and I think that's about it. Have fun! (Also remember to let me know if you can't get in your account). Oh, and I forgot to remind you. Please include me in all PMs. You can create them yourselves, but I need to be able to keep track of actions. Even better, let me know when you're making a PM so it's easier. Also feel free to clean up the old PMs, because I never bothered to do that. Village Gemstones Player List
  5. Savia could hardly believe what she was seeing. Horatio was doing something to prevent people from killing him, and no one could tell why. Savia knew that there were magical things out there, but she had never really seen much of them. To see something like this in person...that was extraordinary. Horatio turned to look at all the people gathered in the room. "Just let me explain," he said. "We don't have much time. We need to plan, figure out who amongst us are still Yiga. The Calamity draws near, and-" He was cut off as one of the soldiers in the crowd drew out the Master Sword. There was a gasp, and all Savia could think was, wait, that doesn't look like Link. Link began to walk towards Horatio, and Horatio simply smiled at him. Link raised the sword to strike, and all of those gathered went silent as they began to wait for what was to come. Savia closed her eyes- There was a loud explosion. Savia flew back, knocked off her feet. People screamed. She opened her eyes. Yiga had appeared out of nowhere, and they attacked the soldiers. Some of them had been blown away by the explosion as well. And in the center of the room, a circle of burns surrounded a corpse being held by a boy with burned arms. It was Daruk. Horatio had been Daruk in disguise. Savia followed the other non-combatants trying to escape from the melee. As she crawled on the ground, trying to avoid arrows flying overhead, her heart pounding, she passed the body of Cimu. There was an arrow in his back, and thankfully she couldn't see his face. This was the closest she'd been to a dead body though. Cimu had been quiet, and she didn't know him very well, but he'd also been one of the castle staff. They'd talked sometimes. And now he was dead. And it could've been her. She ran, trying to make it out the door that a soldier was holding open for people to escape. She made it through just in time, as she heard one of the soldiers inside the room yell. "We make our stand now! Protect Link! Kill as many of them as you can! For Hyrule!" "FOR HYRULE!" Savia ran, avoiding the yelling, the sounds of battle, and the screams of the dying. Jondesu has been killed! They were a Hyrulean! attic_gremlin has been killed! They were a Hyrulean Daruk! There will be a removal during this Day turn. There is no vote minimum (though no one is removed if no one votes), and tied votes result in a random tied player getting removed. This turn will end at 9:30 am CDT on Thursday, July 15th. PMs will be sent out shortly, if they haven't been already. Player List:
  6. The second day after the announcement that everyone in Garmet was completely trapped began like any other. People got up, they got ready for their day, and then they went about doing their business for that day. All of the politicians and representatives met in the meeting hall again, today with a new agenda on the docket. What to do about the fact that they're trapped with no railroads back to Elendel, and Elendel being a 200+ trip even if someone began to walk. Yoden found himself distracted during these meetings. Goren, who had so quickly taken charge the previous day, was doing just fine leading the politicians. Oh, there were squabbles between the Elendel reps and the Garmet reps, but that was politics. What was distracting Yoden was that he hadn't seen Isendwel, his assistant, since yesterday morning. She'd woken him up that day because he'd slept in late. Yoden was almost late today because she hadn't woken him up like he was expecting her to. It was at that moment that Isendwel was dragged into the meeting hall by two city guards. She looked ragged, her hair a mess, her eyes wild. Yoden stood up faster than he ever stood up before. "What is the meaning of this?" He yelled. "Calm down, Yoden," Goren said calmly. "I'm sure there's a perfectly good reason for all of this." He turned to one of the guards. "Go ahead, speak." The man nodded, dragging Isendwel forward with him as he moved so more people could see him. "This one was found trying to escape the city last night. We searched her rooms and found a bunch of records showing train schematics and times and instructions from someone on what to do once 'the plan was complete.'" There was a gasp in the meeting hall as everyone realized what he meant, and the man seemed to be pausing deliberately to take it all in. "Our investigators believe that she was not alone here in Garmet, based on what they could glean from her notes." There was a frenzied rush of murmurs and conversations throughout the room, but Yoden could hardly hear any of it. Later that day, he would remember that Goren eventually took charge. They executed Isendwel for treason not soon after, and vowed to do so to anyone else they found out was working with the rebels. And so it begun. ~ LG77: A Political Trap has begun! GM PMs will be, or already have been, sent out as soon as possible. Remember that all PMs must include myself and @Young Bard. In addition, I'd request that players label their PMs with LG77 at the start of them, to make our lives easier. There will also be a removal during this Day. There is no vote minimum (though no one is removed if no one votes), and tied votes result in a random tied player getting removed. Player List: This turn will end on Monday, May 31st at 9 am CDT.
  7. Cycle One - Murders in the Night Anaiya ran for her dear life. Something had gone horribly, horribly wrong. She turned, looking at the shadowed figure closing in on her. It didn’t seem to be moving, but it seemed to catch up on her nonetheless. How had things gone so wrong? I was just… at our usual meeting place. Sure, it seemed like a weird time to meet, but we’d been having meetings for a while now and nothing had happened. Anaiya risked a glance backwards and immediately regretted it. She couldn’t find her pursuer. She started looking around and- Pain. Immense unimaginable pain. Not the physical kind, but one of the mind. The pain of loss… Setagana. No. She ran. Not away from her pursuer, she didn’t care about that now. She ran towards that familiar tugging sensation that pulled her in his direction. She could sense that feeling diminish with each moment and she ran faster. After what seemed like a long time, she stumbled onto Setagana’s body. She could no longer feel their bond now, but she checked for his pulse nonetheless. She stumbled and fell to her knees as she couldn’t find a pulse and let out a heart-wrenching scream. They said losing a Warder was extremely tough for an Aes Sedai, but nothing could prepare her for this. Setagana. Poor Setagana. What did we do to deserve this? She laid there sobbing for what felt like an eternity till the approach of footsteps indicated the presence of her pursuer. Suddenly, she seemed to be aware of her surroundings. She knew this person had come for both of them, and she needed to survive to tell the others. She prepared her Weaves to attack the unknown person. Just as she was about to release them, she felt held back. Like something was restraining and holding her back. What in the- Her eyes widened in realization. She could feel her opponent’s Weaves of Air on her arms but she could not feel them. And that meant only one thing. Saidin. She tried to shake it off, but the Weaves gripped her harder until one of the Weaves entered her mouth. As the mysterious person started walking closer, the Weaves grew thicker and increased in number, choking and suffocating her. Tears streamed from her eyes as she struggled to breathe. The last thing she saw before she took her final breath was a familiar face. Halima. As dawn broke, the news of Anaiya and Setagana’s death travelled quickly. Whispers of Black Ajah ran around the camp, and there was a general sense of panic in the air. The Amyrlin Seat had to deal with this, and deal with it quickly. She immediately called a meeting with the Hall of the Tower to inform the Sitters and to get to the bottom of this gruesome event. Anaiya was killed! She was a Rebel Aes Sedai of the order Blue Ajah. Setagana was killed! He was a Warder in the service of Rebel Aes Sedai. QF50 has begun! Cycle 1 will end on January 15, at 23:30 IST [GMT + 05:30]. All the PMs should have been sent. If you have not received yours, let me know. Please try to bold your votes, and give retractions in green. Have fun and don’t forget to put your actions in! Player List:
  8. Fura was not one to go down to a knife in the dark. What he bore... it was too precious. He didn't even really know what it was, but he knew it had to stay out of the infiltrators hands. That didn't make too much sense, considering that's where it started, but who was he to ask questions. A pair of boots clattered behind him as he ran. Down the stairs, down a hallway, varying between making as much noise as he could to wake up someone who could help and making as little as he could to try and avoid the roamer's ears. Neither seemed to be working. "You should destroy them..." Fura stopped. Who was that? "You say they're evil, right? So why not destroy them?" I can't, was Fura's immediate thought. But perhaps... He turned and faced the clanking boots, looking their owner in the eyes. He tried not to think about what he'd shared with those eyes. Painful memories, but joyous ones as well. Fura reached out a hand... then stopped, swinging the dark sword off of his back, still sheathed. It was lighter than it looked. "So that's where that went," the infiltrator said. "The Honorblades are easier to hide, but that... that can't be summoned like the the Heralds weapons." "Maybe you can ask the Heralds after I send your soul back to Braize," was Fura's reply. They lunged. Fura swung with the sheathed sword, shattering the arm the traitor raised in defense. But then he felt a tugging, near his stomach. He collapsed, watching the infiltrator sheathe the knife that had just gutted him as Stormlight reknit his bones. An Honorblade appeared at Fura's side as he died. One blade of darkness, one blade of light. Both lay at the ground, defeated. * * * Furamirionind was killed! They were a member of the Shin High Council, the Bearer of Nightblood, and Bearer of Ishar's Honorblade! Nightblood is available to be claimed by Furamirionind's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the turn. Ishar's Honorblade is available to be claimed by Furamirionind's killer! If it remains unclaimed, it will be redistributed at the end of the turn. (Note that only one Honorblade (including Nightblood) can be claimed from one kill.) * * * A Highstorm has arrived! Every player who held an Honorblade or is a Radiant has recieved Stormlight! PMS ARE CLOSED, and will remain closed until they are reopened. Please stop PMing or creating new PMs. The Day Turn will end at 5:00 PM PST on December 24th, in about 47 hours. Get your actions in! Honorblade List: Player List:
  9. I have concluded my investigation. Or, rather, I have concluded what can be investigated at this time. A large group pierced our fortifications, with the power of Shardblades and Surges, notably the lost Surge of Gravitation. Perhaps Radiant Gravitation, if the rumors are to be believed. And I believe they are. This would make this grouping a cohort sent by Dalinar, likely with the guardsman Kaladin at its head. Noble men, but dangerous and misguided ones. There were seperate incursions at other places, but I think those are of minor consequence. For now. Here is my proposition. Have every Honorblade bound to an individual. Keep them from being summoned. Use their powers if you must, but above all be secretive. Losing another Honorblade would be disastrous, and I doubt they only came for one. Be vigilant, for here stonewalkers tread. Find them. Dispose of them, if you must. But rid Shinovar of this invasion, and do it with haste. For one of our member will be watching. - Radezk-son-Jhoun, Emissary of the Stone Shamans. LG72 has begun!... Finally. PMs are hard. The Day will end at 5:00 PM PST on December 6th, about 47 hours from now. A few notes/clarifications: @Elbereth will be our IM! PMs are currently closed, and will be until opened with Abrasion. So no PMs this turn. I'll probably send out GM PMs before I post this, but if you haven't gotten yours... yell at me or something. Slightly less than half of you got a GM PM from me, and slightly more than half got one from Elandera. This means nothing except that I type slow and that I really couldn't do this without Elandera... If you need a vote count or a clarification in-thread, @ me, or send it in the GM PM. All PMs are to be one-on-one. No group PMs. I've seen what those can do. NO RHYTHM OF WAR SPOILERS IN THE THREAD. Even in spoiler boxes or in PMs. One, I'm not sure even if that's allowed. But mainly, I still haven't read RoW yet, and therefore can't open those spoiler boxes to make sure nothing sneaky is happening. I'd rather be able to avoid the possibility/suspicion of information trading within spoiler boxes that not everyone can open for fear of spoilers. (Don't worry, I'll read RoW soon... but the rule still stands.) Edit: knew I was forgetting something... if you'd like a link to the Spec Doc (and are not a player in the game...) PM me and I'll send you a link. The full game rules can be found here. Honorblade List: (because I can never remember which Order Vedel's the Herald of...) Player List:
  10. Darius Lorian, Obligator of the glorious Steel Ministry and a member of the Canton of Orthodoxy, wore a brown cloak that covered his face in shadow. It was a tactful clothing choice, as he could roam the streets of Luthadel without the general public shying away from his eye tattoos naming him an open follower of the Lord Ruler. Darius wondered why Obligators such as himself had that effect on people in the Lord Ruler’s own kingdom. They were the proclaimers of justice! Darius had no specific motive on this day for this walk, he merely couldn’t handle work inside the Ministry to be a constant. Darius Lorian liked his breaks. As he moved down the gloomy streets, he noticed a brief shadow appear on the wall beside him. Darius turned to see if a small animal was what was there, or if it was something else. As he turned, he saw that it was not a small animal, but instead a large figure in a hood like his own. Though the hood covered the finer details of the face in shadow, Darius could see the two spikes driven through the figure’s eyes. Darius let out a squeak and jumped back, but quickly regained his composure. The Canton of Inquisition was not always a welcome sight. Hardly ever, in fact. Especially now, with rumors of a struggle breaking out between the Cantons. He stammered out a greeting, making sure not to offend the creature. “Lord Inquisitor, sir, what brings you to me?” The Inquisitor chose to stay true to its reputation and was silent, but gestured to a nearby alley way. Darius did not hesitate to comply with the thing’s wishes, whatever was in store for him there couldn’t be worse than disobedience to a Steel Inquisitor. As soon as they were out of sight from the common people, the Inquisitor wasted no time in extracting a dagger from inside its cloak and stabbing it into Darius’s chest. He gasped and collapsed onto his knees, blood flowing onto the dirt ground. Only now did the Inquisitor speak, and Darius had to struggle to hear the words through his anguish. “Times are changing. The Cantons cannot work together for long. Inquisition will reign.” Darius closed his eyes. He could feel the life seeping out of him. The Inquisitor bent down to be sure that Darius heard his final words: “You are only the beginning of sorrows, a symbol to the others. Many more Obligators will fall. The Final Empire will belong to the Canton of Inquisition, as it should have been from the beginning.” The Inquisitor left Darius lying in his own blood, wondering what he could have possibly done to deserve such a fate. Darius Lorain has died! He was an Obligator of the Canton of Orthodoxy! Cycle One has begun! The cycle will end in approximately 48 hours, on Sunday, November 15th at 1 pm PST. The following cycle will begin soon thereafter. Darius Lorian was an NPC for the sake of flavor in the writeup, and has no influence on distribution or wincons. PMs are open. Group PMs are not allowed. Include myself, Lotus, and Devotary in any PMs made. The lynch has a one vote minimum. Tied lynches will be randomly decided. If you did not receive your PM, message me and that will quickly be fixed. Important: The signups thread got a little cluttered with unnecessary posts, and I don't want that kind of thing to affect the game and those who may not want to participate in them. I would request that straight RPing, other random conversations, and things like that which are unrelated to the game be strictly in PMs. For the thread's sake and for the other players' sake, please respect this guideline. Thank you. Player List:
  11. Alright! This will be my first Inktober, but I don’t have any social media. Instead, you people get to see it. I will post my first drawing later tonight for the prompt: Fly.
  12. So I'm going to put all my (pfft) inktober stuff in this thread. I'm following the Cosmere promts: and yeah I don't have much free time and have absolutely nothing planned out so don't be surprised if I never upload anything
  13. Hello! If you’re reading this without having read Ten of the Void, the first Augury thread, then you need to know two things right now. First, this is a sequel to that. Second, you don’t need to have participated in TotV to participate in this chapter of the adventure! We’d still love to have you if you want to join. So if you’re new and don’t want to read the old thread, or plan to do it later but want to jump in with the RP, here’s what you need to know. (This is also where the Augury itself can be referenced.) Character List: * Izzy sighed. Gati raised an eyebrow, capping eyes that hinted at amusement. “You’ve gotten bored already?” “Aren’t you? All we’re doing is walking.” “I guess being in the presence of multiple gods has worn off, then,” he said, smiling openly, and waved at their surroundings. Green trees permeated with the faint sounds of animals were the majority of the view. “Plus, scenery.” “The scenery is okay,” she mumbled. “But I don’t like walking.” “Technically, the horses are walking.” They’d gotten them at a horse trader back in Fel; Izzy didn’t know what Gati had said or done to get them, but he’d come back out with two horses, one for each of them. Izzy sighed again, matched by Gati grinning, and on they went. *** @Ookla the Maybe-Existent At some points during his journey, Price slept, and as humans do, he dreamed. The very instant one of these began, something took it in its hands and changed it. It swept away whatever would have been in the dream before - a nightmare, a memory, a replaying of the day’s events, jumbled nonsense - and replaced it with a room: wherever Price knew best. Whichever room was closest and most important to him. It was a flawless reproduction, down to the most precise detail imaginable, every atom no different from the room itself; except of course, one was real, and the other in a dream. Yet as exact as the replica was, as much as Price would recognize would feel unfamiliar. Sitting in a chair in this room was a figure. It was impossible to tell the figure’s age, sex, or the color of any of their features. They were not obscured, but as soon as the information was acquired by your eyes and interpreted by your brain, your mind’s record of it vanished. There was a fuzz at their edges, where the air grayed slightly; looking at it for very long gave you a headache. What could be told about them, after some time of watching, was that their eyes were open, and they did not once blink. All of this was in place within the first heartbeat of Price’s dream. By the time he himself had entered it, the figure was smiling, hands spread just slightly, welcoming. “Hello, Pryclin Evada. May I have a moment of your time?” *** @Sorana At some points during her journey, Sagitta slept, and as humans do, she dreamed. The very instant one of these ended, something took it in its hands and changed it. It swept away whatever had been in the dream before - a nightmare, a memory, a replaying of the day’s events, jumbled nonsense - and replaced it with a room: wherever Sagitta knew best. Whichever room was closest and most important to her. It was a flawless reproduction, down to the most precise detail imaginable, every atom no different from the room itself; except of course, one was real, and the other in a dream. Yet as exact as the replica was, as much as Sagitta would recognize would feel unfamiliar. Sitting in a chair in this room was a figure. It was impossible to tell the figure’s age, sex, or the color of any of their features. They were not obscured, but as soon as the information was acquired by your eyes and interpreted by your brain, your mind’s record of it vanished. There was a fuzz at their edges, where the air grayed slightly; looking at it for very long gave you a headache. What could be told about them, after some time of watching, was that their eyes were closed, and they did not once open. All of this was in place within the last heartbeat of Sagitta’s dream. By the time she herself had entered it, the figure was smiling, arms crossed, one leg causally set over the other. “Hello, Sagitta T’Sora. May I have a moment of your time?”
  14. Writeup to be added. Turtle was Lynched! They were a Traitorous Trapper with an Aviar Spy! Illwei was killed! They were a Trapper with an Aviar Trapper! The Nightmaw was released! Vote Count: Turtle (4): Gears, Matrim's Dice, The Windrunner Supreme, Illwei The Windrunner Supreme (3): Ashbringer, Straw, CadCom The turn will end in just under 48 hours on Sunday, October 11th, at 9:00 PM PST Player List: