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Found 2 results

  1. "That took longer," says the white-haired man, "than I expected. I'm terribly sorry." Welcome, one and all, to the third and fourth rounds of the Sanderson Puzzlehunt! Signups are now open to both new and returning players. For those unfamiliar for what this is, there is a description of it in the spoiler below: However, this is a special event! There will actually be two rounds of puzzles that will be released to teams in this round. The puzzles in the first round will be designed to be easier and generally more approachable so that newer players can whet their teeth. The second round shall only be available and solvable to the teams with the strongest of wills (coughs obliquely in Team 5's direction). There may also be other changes and surprises that I'm not telling you about! But you'll just have to play the game to discover them, won't you? Due to the size of these rounds, team sizes may be larger depending on membership - I will also try to put new players with experienced ones so that they can work alongside people who have been in the puzzle circus before. The Rules: How do I solve puzzles? The last two rounds (for looking at sample puzzles and solutions): (In other, somewhat unrelated news: Puzzle Potluck (a non-Sanderson puzzlehunt run by someone who isn't me) is on June 15 - you may want to organise for your team to join that, depending on your teammates' preferences.) This event looks to be larger than Earth and Scadrial put together. Therefore, while I would put the ballpark on the first round being completed in two to four days, I have no idea when the final round will be finished. I would be very surprised if someone finished in under a week. Maybe someone will prove me wrong. Regardless, the hunt will begin whenever enough people have signed up, the puzzles are prepared, when the phase of the moon is correct, Sagittarius is waxing, Mars is in fifth house, and most importantly when I feel like it. The hunt has begun. Signups are now closed. Leaderboard:
  2. LG43: Night Zero - Containment Breaches Ninera ran through campus, breathing heavily, her oversized backpack jostling up and down her back as her gym bag bounced against her legs. She wiped a bead of sweat from her forehead, checked her watch, and swore. Nights, I’m late, she thought. Her dance coach had made practice run on for an extra half-hour again. Professor Sheran would understand, right? Finally, just as her legs felt like they were going to melt into jelly, she reached the entrance to the Shard Lab. She slammed her hand into the biometric scanner, panting. Nothing. She pressed her hand into the scanner again. Still nothing. “I don’t have storming time for this,” she muttered. She dropped her gym bag and backpack to the floor. As she took out her phone to call the office, she leaned against the door. It swung inwards. Ninera yelped and flung out her arm catch herself. Then she held the door open with her foot to collect her things. Once she got everything -- gym bag, backpack, and all -- she closed the door behind her. Cold white lights flooded the corridor. Ninera closed her eyes and took a deep breath, the first one she’d had since she’d left dance practice. She waited for the decontamination procedure to start, for the chamber to blast her with cold air, for the machinery to scan her for any significant sources of Investiture that might disrupt the experiments within, for the almost-but-not-quite-human voice to tell her that she was cleared. Nothing happened. Huh, that was weird. Ninera shrugged and passed through to the lab. Dog-tired, sleep-deprived, with a mountain of homework waiting for her afterwards, the sight of it still brought a smile to her face. Rows of computers lined the walls, with cords stretching from them to every part of the room. An assortment of barometers, geiger counters, mass spectrometers, and more lay on some tables that had been set aside. And there, on table 31b, lay Sheran’s experimental setup, the one that Ninera had been chosen to help with. It was an honor to be here, even as a lowly intern. How many undergrad students got to say that they were allowed into the Shardic Research Facility of Silverlight Polytechnic University? Only one, and that was Ninera Choi herself. She spotted a bit of broken glass left on the counters, and her eye twitched. That would be Kyle’s experiment with Survival, then. Storming grad students thought they could be as messy as they wanted because they had a new janitor now, huh? Ninera got a broom and dustpan to sweep the glass up. Nights afire, the glass was everywhere. It littered the floor in a three-meter radius, shining dully in the light. What had Kyle even broken to produce this much glass, several dozen windows? Ninera glanced at his experiment and froze. Survival’s containment cage was broken. Where there should have been an unbroken plane of specially-designed optically clear aluminum, plus a million other security measures, there was a large gaping hole instead. And Survival itself... Ninera prayed to the Iridescent Tones, hoping against all hope, and stuck her hand into the containment cage. Nothing. Survival was gone. Ninera’s hands flew to her phone to call Professor Sheran. When the university police came, she let them take her away, and answered their questions without complaint. By the time night fell, everybody on Silverlight knew it, broadcast in a flurry of texts, calls, and spanreed messages, in as many different languages as there were people. Survival was gone. Nobody knew where it was. Sitting in two opposite corners of the Cosmere, two very different individuals smiled the same smile, one of plans made, chances calculated, and opportunities seized. “Mission success,” said one. “Why, I thought I’d never get another chance!” said the other. -------------------- Welcome to LG43: Under the Banner of Adonalsium! General announcements: The Shard of Survival has been released from containment by malefactors unknown, and is currently believed to be at large. Please report any suspiciously large concentrations of uncontained Investiture to your team leader. Remember, all personal storage of uncontained Investiture is strictly prohibited, and violation of this policy will be grounds for immediate termination from the Silverlight Shardic Research Facility. In addition, the organizational goals of the 17th Shard have been streamlined and updated. Copies have been posted in all the break rooms in this facility. Please take the time to familiarize yourselves with the updated goals. Remember, at the 17th Shard, our goals are your goals! (The 17th Shard win condition has been slightly altered. The new conditions are in the Rules post, and are reproduced here for your convenience: 17th Shard - With the dangerous machinations of the madman who once led you taken care of, you are free to study the power of the shards however you like. And if you keep their power to yourselves, who could blame you? It’s not everyday you get offered a chance at Shardic power. You win the game if all members of the Standard of Harmony and Adonalsium’s Chosen are killed. Sudden Death Win Condition - If Hoid and Khrissala are killed and all 11 Shards are in containment, the 17th Shard wins the game.) Finally, we are pleased to announce that Arraenae has been hired as the Assistant Vice President of Archival Operations of the Silverlight Research Facility. You should all have been given her contact information, and you should feel free to address any concerns you have with her. She will be primarily responsible for maintaining the historical record of this facility, but she has jurisdiction over operational matters as well. If you have any matters that you believe ought to be included in the long-term historical archive of this facility, please bring it to her attention. (Arraenae has graciously offered to be the co-GM. She will be handling most of the writeups for the game. If you have any RP, death scenes, or just cool action sequences you might like to see in a writeup, let her know in the GM PM. No requesting game-related info in the writeups, please.) As a final note, please remember that private communication channels in this facility are not permitted. If you would like to open up a private communication channel, please contact your team lead for permission. (Remember - all PMs in the game are actions, and must be submitted to the GM. They will be created the following cycle, unless the action is roleblocked. Also, unless you have an action that permits you to create a PM, you cannot create a PM.) Thank you for your time, and we hope you have a productive day at the Silverlight Shardic Research Facility! The Night will end in: Player List: Young Bard - Jeral Arinian - Unnamed Character 1 Eternum - Habrian Fifth Scholar - Darrel randuir - Met Steeldancer - Steeldancer and Eobard Thawne Straw - Straw Jondesu - Quintus Droughtbringer - Ralar Devotary of Sponteneity - Reed livinglegend - Unnamed Character 3 Orlok - Locke Tekiel MonsterMetroid - Willie Magestar - Moro Hemalurgic_Headshot - Jiamo Megasif - Mega Sart - Sam Taswell TheYoungPyromancer - Kelsier _Stick_ - Stick shanerockes - Philepe De Pedro Von Leiderhuch Johnson III Drake Marshall - Everen Elbereth - Elaria