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Found 3 results

  1. Most of my other topic intros are fairly long, so let’s try and make this as short as possible. This is a chain game, similar to all my other game threads: Assign a Character, Ask Anyone Anything, and Inverse Ask Anyone Anything. (Shameless self-plug WOOOOOOO!) I don’t expect this thread to go on very long, it’ll probably die in just a few days, but let’s make it a great few days. How to play: Someone gives you a scenario, you say the worst thing you could possibly say in that scenario (“worst” being most awkward, most inappropriate, most rude, whatever; as long as it’s funny. (and within 17th shard guidelines)), then give a scenario to the next person. All scenarios must start with “What’s the worst thing to say”. Examples: What’s the worst thing to say to your Mother-In-Law? What’s the worst thing to say at a high school dance? What’s the worst thing to say when you rear-end someone’s car? As you can see, there are numerous ways you could follow the phrase “What’s the worst thing to say”. You could do WTWTTS to a person, WTWTTS at a place, WTWTTS when something happens, whatever, as long as it makes sense, and gives the following person room to make something funny. You can be as detailed as you want in your prompt or your response. Sometimes long rambling answers can be really funny, if they’re done right. You could create a whole awkward interaction between 2 characters or whatever. You don’t need to directly answer the question. The question is just a prompt, as long as the answer to the prompt is somewhere in your response, you’re good. You could open your response with some in-depth worldbuilding, you could write an entire book in your response, as long as somewhere in your book there’s an awkward scene where a character says something awkward that answers the prompt. Also, you can respond to an earlier prompt if you wish, just quote it so we know what you’re doing, and after that be sure to answer the latest prompt as well. Don’t forget to add your own prompt after you do all that. I’d also like to encourage upvoting stuff, if someone posts something you chuckled at, show your appreciation, give them some of those wonderfully delicious internet points of uselessness! Well that wasn’t too long. Let’s get started. What’s the worst thing to say when someone asks you out on a date?
  2. Sharders, we are visiting remote islands in the middle of the sea! You can try to bring what you want, but to protect the island’s flora and fauna, I’ll have to screen everything you bring. I’ll start. I’m going to bring an airplane to take us there!
  3. "That took longer," says the white-haired man, "than I expected. I'm terribly sorry." Welcome, one and all, to the third and fourth rounds of the Sanderson Puzzlehunt! Signups are now open to both new and returning players. For those unfamiliar for what this is, there is a description of it in the spoiler below: However, this is a special event! There will actually be two rounds of puzzles that will be released to teams in this round. The puzzles in the first round will be designed to be easier and generally more approachable so that newer players can whet their teeth. The second round shall only be available and solvable to the teams with the strongest of wills (coughs obliquely in Team 5's direction). There may also be other changes and surprises that I'm not telling you about! But you'll just have to play the game to discover them, won't you? Due to the size of these rounds, team sizes may be larger depending on membership - I will also try to put new players with experienced ones so that they can work alongside people who have been in the puzzle circus before. The Rules: How do I solve puzzles? The last two rounds (for looking at sample puzzles and solutions): (In other, somewhat unrelated news: Puzzle Potluck (a non-Sanderson puzzlehunt run by someone who isn't me) is on June 15 - you may want to organise for your team to join that, depending on your teammates' preferences.) This event looks to be larger than Earth and Scadrial put together. Therefore, while I would put the ballpark on the first round being completed in two to four days, I have no idea when the final round will be finished. I would be very surprised if someone finished in under a week. Maybe someone will prove me wrong. Regardless, the hunt will begin whenever enough people have signed up, the puzzles are prepared, when the phase of the moon is correct, Sagittarius is waxing, Mars is in fifth house, and most importantly when I feel like it. The hunt has begun. Signups are now closed. Leaderboard: