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Found 388 results

  1. Okay, so this is something that I've been wondering about for a very, very long time, and I'll probably know for certain how it works after The Lost Metal is released, so it's pretty much now or never if I want to post a theory about how Kandra Blessings are made. We know that it's not necessarily a difference in the recipient, the mistwraith, that makes a Kandra Blessing special. We also know that the metals themselves aren't likely to be particularly special, as they are made of standard Hemalurgically viable metals, and it seems unlikely to me that there is another kind of metal hidden underneath the top layer as it wouldn't likely be congruent with the same bind point as the external metal. This really only leaves one option for process of creating Kandra Blessings that could be different from the creation of other Hemalurgic spikes; it must be the donors that are special. Therefore, it is my guess that when the Lord Ruler created Kandra Blessings, he forced the people he was going to Hemalurgically spike to blank their Identity using special Unsealed Metalminds he created specifically for that purpose. Identity is what separates and protects a Spiritweb from outside influences, which likely is why Hemalurgic spikes made through the standard method that hold the Identity of the donor still have some limitations, such as not granting resonances, not passing Allomantic potency to the descendants of the spike holder, and preventing the spikes from being burned Allomantically. However, if the donors didn't have an Identity while being spiked, then the mistwraiths would be able to access the contents of the spike more freely, allowing for them to gain a greater measure of sapience. I also think that the donors of the spikes were likely close relatives, as their Spiritweb's familiarity with one another due to their shared Connection would make them work more congruently in the newly made Kandra. Finally, I think that the reason why two Hemalurgic spikes are required to make a fully sapient Kandra is because Hemalurgic spikes only take a piece of a functional Spiritweb, not the whole thing, so having two compatible spikes working together would help fully form a Kandra's mind. If anybody has any other ideas as to how Kandra Blessings are made, I'd love to hear them
  2. I (very) recently made a post that talked about how I thought Kandra Blessings were made by blanking Identity. But when I was making that post, it got me thinking about Kandra Blessings more and how they function for a Kandra, so here are a few musings and ideas I came to that didn't fit into the original post. If I'm correct, a Kandra's memories are actually stored inside their Blessings, which would explain why a Kandra's memories fade if their spikes are lost for a period of time; the Invesiture that the memories were encoded in is lost, so the memories are too. This would also help explain why Kandra can have memories that span over hundreds of years, as a normal brain just isn't capable of holding more than a few hundred years worth of memories, and mistwraiths aren't naturally immortal, the Coppermind Wiki says that they naturally live up to fifty years, so they probably don't have a specially designed cognitive system that would allow them to hold over a thousand years worth of memories, but if their spikes can magically hold memories, it would help explain how they don't have this issue. I wonder if this means that a Kandra Blessing actually gains an extra charge of Investiture over time as a Kandra gains new memories that are converted into Investiture to be held in the spikes, even if it doesn't enhance the original attribute held by the spike and only works to hold memories, similar to a Coppermind. If a Kandra's memories are held within their spikes, then Hemalurgy might be an even better alternative to Feruchemy or Awakening in terms of memory storage, as a Kandra can (probably) still access their memories as if they were still inside their brain and not stored in a separate place. I also think that even if a Kandra's spikes did have a blanked Identity at some point, it seems that they gain a new Identity, that of the Kandra, which would explain why a Kandra can't take in another Kandra's spikes without pain unless they already have a stable personality; the new Identity of the spikes is incongruent with that of the other Kandra. All in all, it seems like a Kandra has a much deeper connection to their spikes than other Hemalurgic constructs, almost as if they were an extension of the Kandra themselves rather than some foreign piece of power stapled on haphazardly (which to me supports my blank Identity theory). Anyway, this post feels kind of like I'm just rambling, but I wasn't really sure of a better way to share all of my thoughts on this topic.
  3. If a Hemalurgic spike or other piece of Hemalurgically viable metal were filled with Investiture already and someone tried to fill it with another Hemalurgic charge, would the person they stabbed still have the chunk of Spiritweb removed and have a spiritual injury, or does the Spiritweb piece not leave the person being spiked if there's no room to hold it in the spike?
  4. Your Identity acts as a barrier that separates your Spiritweb from the outside influences, and it's been stated by Brandon Sanderson that if you were to remove your Identity that you would be more susceptible to outside influence. So, if you could perhaps non-lethally spike out a person's Identity, and then give them a Duralumin spike containing a Hemalurgic charge taken from a person or creature you want your patient to physically resemble, maybe you could use this as a method of changing someone's body to appear different or have different abilities, but only need one spike to accomplish this as their Identity would not interfere with any physical transformation that would occur.
  5. If you gave a single Aviar all the powers normally available in Patji's system via Hemalurgy, turning them into something of a parrot Inquisitor, and then Bonded it, would you be able to become a Mistborn version of Patji's magic system?
  6. discuss

    The linchpin for this idea came from a question that came to mind while viewing other threads, though I will admit that it's based on supposition and unconfirmed ideas. I'm not asking if Paalm was influenced or corrupted by Trell, that much is obvious, I'm wondering if the control was to the extent to make her a slave as Marsh was. Ruin could corrupt and alter a person with even a small degraded Hemalurgic spike, as seen with Lord Penrod who eventually drove Luthadel to collapse. However, it seems that Harmony required 2 Spikes in Bleeder to take control of a Kandra. Three spikes was the limit that the Set determined would let them avoid influence from Harmony. I'm not sure why there is this great of a disparity. The question is this: how much control would Ruin have had over someone with a freshly charged Atium spike in them? It would make sense to me that Ruin would have much, much deeper control with his own essence piercing the soul of his slave. The follow up question is if a single spike of Trellium would have given Trell sufficient power over Paalm, particularly if Trell could make Paalm think that there wasn't anything wrong? This would be in the same way that Ruin could make Marsh think death and ash was beautiful, even while part of him was horrified at what he was doing. A few things that have made me wonder this is that in BoM, we get transcripts of VenDell's interview with ReLuur while ReLuur was missing a spike. Compare ReLuur's behavior, language, and mannerisms to the level of control Paalm has when mimicking Governor Innate or taking up the persona of Lessie. Basically I think there's no way ReLuur could have held it together to do a fraction of what Paalm did. So why does Paalm have such control, creating and executing an intricate and convoluted plan that almost works without a hitch, tricking a city, Wax, and the Kandra? Why didn't she have a major personality mood swing when Wax shot her with his earring, making a mismatched Blessing that apparently was incredibly unpleasant when ReLuur was given one of TenSoon's spikes? What happened with Paalm is not consistent with what we see later without a Trellium spike. Basically, I think that there was a lot of control and planning involved with Paalm, it just wasn't her own. There's obfuscation in that Edwarn Ladrian says that the Set are merely riding the storm of Bleeder's campaign, but we now know that the Set follow Trell, and that spike was from Trell (or at least Brandon lets us call it Trellium. Which brings me to my idea that Paalm was being controlled all along to do things that had she been sane might have agreed in a specific context, so even as a slave perhaps she never considered or even had the control to kill herself as she did at the end of SoS. I suspect she died there because Trell didn't want to reveal their hand more than had already been done. As a final note, at the end of BoM, Harmony says that Paalm would have remained "a slave in her mind" had Wax not killed her. Thoughts?
  7. Hemalurgy is a difficult thing to experiment with, because there are so many variables. You have to use the correct metal, have the right Intent, be spiked in just the right spot, and probably sooo many other factors we don't even know about yet. Most characters know so little about it, and it could take a person lifetimes to discover anything about it. So what if it wasn't a person per se doing the experimenting? If there is one thing computers are good at, it's running thousands of calculations in an infinitesimal fraction of the time it would take a person, or even many people, to do the same thing manually. If you were to train an AI to find new hemalurgic possibilities and create new constructs, it could likely run simulations to find hundreds of new viable possibilities in a fraction of the time it would take for people doing manual experiments to find even one. You'd still have to hunt down people with the right traits to be able to test its theories, but you could probably have a much greater degree of success than you would otherwise. Even, say, a 10% success rate would be groundbreaking. (As a tangent, I bet one viable way of creating this would be using zinc, somehow, since it stores mental speed) And AIs are coming to the cosmere. Brandon's described the cosmere as "what if you got to see something like Star Trek develop over time? If you got to see stories from the individual planets that form a part of the greater universe?" It's going to be a science-fantasy universe, with space travel and advanced Investiture-based technology. There's no way that future doesn't include AI and robots. Especially since Investiture tends toward sentience. This would be a great set up for a story about a rogue, killer AI that really could only be done in something like the cosmere. An AI that tries to learn about magic is a story that really plays into the cosmere's strengths, and is something that's both completely logical for someone in world to create and simultaneously extremely dangerous. (As another tangent- the AI would likely be trained on human-based hemalurgy, since that's what most of the known data about hemalurgy relates to, but I believe Brandon has said you could actually spike attributes from AIs, but he hadn't really worked out the logistics of that at the time of the ask since obviously bindpoints get wonky.)
  8. It is my current understanding that a Bond is essentially a Connection between to entities that also utilizes Identity somehow. So, if you were to spike someone Hemalurgically with a duralumin spike, split the spike into two pieces, then implant a half in two different people, would the two people have a Bond since they now have a shared Connection and at least some overlapping Identity?
  9. If you used a Hemalurgic spike to grant an Aviar a piece of a Radiant Spren, would the person who bonded the Aviar gain Radiant powers?
  10. The Curse of Kind seems to be a kind of "bad luck" that follows an individual, causing bad things to happen because of its relation to Fortune. I think then, that the best way to cure it would be to remove the effects from your Spiritweb via chromium Hemalurgy. It is my belief that the "destiny" that chromium Hemalurgy might steal is simply the Fortune of the individual you took it from, but it is somehow shaped by the individual's Spiritweb so that it pushes the individual to act in certain ways, causing them to potentially usurp the destiny of the donor. If this is the case, you could use chromium Hemalurgy to remove the bad Fortune from a person who had the Curse of Kind, Heal them with a form of Investiture such as gold medallions (just not so much that they completely regrow the lost Spiritweb or you'll just go back to where you started) and then you could give them a different chromium spike containing someone else's shaped Fortune to get a "healthy" destiny. Just make sure that the Fortune you use to graft on to your patient isn't somehow worse than the original. If you want to take it one step further, you could blank the Identity of the donor of the new destiny to make it possible to Allomantically splice into the patient's Spiritweb, which may patch them up better. In the end, the person you're trying to cure may end up with some spiritual scarring, and they might have some other weird side effects from having someone else's destiny spliced into their Spiritweb, but they shouldn't have to worry about the Curse of Kind anymore
  11. If you stole a Dakhor's powers via Hemalurgy, would your bones twist and grow to reflect the power, or would you have the power but without the bone twists since an Aon Dor (and presumably some other Selish magics) can have their physical structure messed up but still function?
  12. I read this quote and it got me thinking, "huh, so most people on Scadrial have some power in themselves, just not enough to manifest an Allomantic ability". If this is the case, could it be possible to give a Scadrien an Unsealed Goldmind filled with plenty of health, spike them multiple times Hemalurgically, then forge the spikes together to create an Allomantic, or possibly even Feruchemical, power from non-powered people?
  13. We know that if you burn a Hemalurgic spike that you splice the sDNA inside to your own. I had always imagined that as swallowing the spike as is done traditionally with Allomancy, but what if you instead were to have the spike already piercing your body before you burned it? Could a Koloss made from a Lurcher, for instance, burn their spikes (assuming that their donors blanked their Identity when the spikes were charged) to sort of "seal in" the enhancements and alterations made to them, freeing them from the danger of someone controlling them via Allomancy or Shardic power?
  14. Let's say an Allomancer were to go to Nalthis and buy him or herself a healthy number of Bio-Chromatic Breaths, then get attacked by someone trying to Hemalurgically spike them. The Allomancer/Awakener Awakens their cloak to try and protect themselves, but their attacker manages to spike them and give themselves the Allomancer's power. The Hemalurgist then retrieves the Breaths from the Cloak because they have enough of the Allomancer's Identity to grab the Breaths. If the Hemalurgist were to lose their spike, would the Breaths taken from the Allomancer/Awakener stay but be un-commandable, dissipate, or remain pretty much the same as if they had gotten them through normal means?
  15. If you were to take a steel sword and attempt to charge it by running through a regular human with no Allomantic powers, would the sword still receive a Hemalurgic charge by ripping off the piece of Spiritweb that the Allomantic powers would normally be held in, or would it not receive a charge at all?
  16. I've had several ideas on how one could vastly increase the power of their individual Hemalurgic spikes, 'Supercharging' them, if you will. This would reduce the need for a large number of spikes, but still allow someone to have a massive boost of power. However, I literally just thought of a problem that might occur with this. If you put too much Investiture in a spike, it will gain sapience, or a least a lesser form of sentience, which might cause it to be able to manipulate or even straight up puppeteer you through the hole it makes in your Spiritweb. Normally it takes a truly massive amount of Investiture to bring an inanimate object to life (Nightblood has tens of thousands of times the amount of Investiture as a regular human being), but it might actually be easier to bring a Hemalurgic spike to life than by Awakening an object as it already has a foundation for a personality, an Identity, and spiritual DNA held within it, but that of course is just a hunch.
  17. I read a quote from Brandon Sanderson that it was possible for people to fabricate Spiritwebs (unfortunately, I couldn't find the quote ), so obviously I had to come up with at least a few different ways that it might be accomplished. Also, because I'm me, it mostly involves the use of Hemalurgy. Method 1: Stabbing someone repeatedly. Okay, so Hemalurgy is able to rip off chunks of functional Spiritweb that can be stapled onto another Spiritweb to hotwire the recipient's Spiritweb in such a way that it can access the ability held within the donor's Spiritweb. However, Hemalurgy also takes some other stuff in addition to the power or attribute removed, such as the person's Identity. Therefore, if someone were to use Hemalurgy on someone who could regrow the lost pieces of Spiritweb, maybe they could take from multiple bind points on the Spiritweb, then smelt the spikes together to create a full Spiritweb. Staple that soul onto a viable body, such as that of a Lifeless, and you have copy of that person (presumably). Method 2: Forging a fake soul . . . and then stabbing someone. So, you're not satisfied with simply making a copy of a Spiritweb that already exists, are you? Well, if you could use Selish Forgery to create a Spiritual overwrite, you could that use Hemalurgy to take that and then staple that into a viable body. We already know that it is possible to Hemalurgically spike off a Forgery, so this would likely be an improvement to method 1, as it would cause less damage to the donor and would allow you to create a Spiritweb that you could edit more before creation. Oh, I forgot to mention this, but Hemalurgic duralumin is probably the metal you'd want to use to create your soul, as it focuses specifically on taking Connection and Identity, rather than only taking the dregs of those two attributes.
  18. We learn from TLR's storage cache that multiple Soothers or Rioters working jointly can take over a Koloss or Kandra. Who gets control? I'm assuming it is not Twitch Plays Koloss as funny as that would be. A couple options: 1. The "last" person that breaks through the control resistance after the others have weakened the Koloss. 2. Whomever is Soothing or Rioting the strongest. Maybe I should put my next thought into a new thread, but it's related. I'm pretty sure Inquisitors during the days of TLR could take control the Koloss and direct them for battle, even before Ruin's escape. It looks like Ruin could later direct Inquisitors to take over Koloss armies, though Ruin could I suppose do this directly and give the illusion of ceding control to Vin and Elend. I can't remember if any of the Marsh viewpoints has him directing Koloss. It does look like you can Hemalurgic creatures controlling other Hemalurgic creatures though. At any rate, assume you are able to capture an Inquisitor and break its resistance and control it by either a Duralumin Soothing or Breeze's whole Soothing team working together. Could you then direct the Inquisitor to assist you with Soothing the next Inquisitor as you try to convert the Steel Ministry to be under your control until it becomes a Soothing control war? That's a different conflict, but in essence I was wondering if the Steel Inquisitors had a hierarchy not just in authority but in emotional control over their peers. When Marsh was made into an Inquisitor why didn't they jointly bind him to their service, particularly before giving him Copper? Why hasn't TLR been directing everything this way? Maybe he did and it didn't matter when Marsh killed the Inquisitors in their sleep, though apparently TLR didn't feel the Inquisitors die. Maybe Ruin was weakening TLR and Karr's control over Marsh to get TLR offed. What I can't tell is if Hemalurgic creatures need to be constantly Soothed, Rioted, or mental control exerted over them to maintain the mind control bond once you take over anything other than the mentally crippled Koloss. Vin deliberately severed her bond with TenSoon to not control him and everything else was probably affected by Ruin. That could explain why this doesn't work for anything other than Koloss. Thoughts?
  19. If an Awakener were to meet a Koloss, Kandra, or other Hemalurgic construct of similarly controllable vulnerability, would the Awakener be able to "break" them as they do to Lifeless? Similarly, if a Rioter, Soother, or Mistborn were to encounter a Lifeless, could they control them as they do Hemalurgic constructs?
  20. When you use a Forgery on someone, you overlay their Spiritweb, causing temporary changes to their being. However, we know from a Wob that you can Hemalurgically take the overlay. And then, if you were to Allomanticlly burn the spike, it would splice the changes into your Spiritweb rather than just overlaying them, making them permanent. If you want to take it a step further, you could stamp and spike yourself multiple times, then either burn the spikes individually or smelt them into a single spike and then burn them to possibly get an enhanced result that would normally require more Investiture to create, such as turning yourself into an Allomancer. This is only a theory, obviously, but I think that there is enough evidence that it should be possible.
  21. When a metal is filled with a Feruchemical attribute, the power that the metal then gives when burned Allomantically is a copy of the Feruchemical attribute rather than the Allomantic power that it would normally give. Would the same apply to Hemalurgy? In other words, if you were to burn a Hemalurgic spike that only had a small charge in it, would the investiture granted by the metal itself copy and be added to the Hemalurgic charge that was already in the spike, thus making the power or ability spliced into your spiritweb actually becoming much stronger than what was in the spike originally?
  22. If a Nicroburst Misting were to burn their metal while trying to fill a Hemalurgic spike, would they be able to enhance the process of charging the spike? Perhaps the spike would be charged more efficiently, taking more total Investiture from the target?
  23. If someone with the intent of Hemalurgy went to Roshar and stabbed a Windrunner in the right place with an Atium spike, would the Hemalurgist be able to steal a spren bond in a similar way to an unchained Bondsmith?
  24. Hemalurgy can be used to remove chunks of Spiritweb from others, including Spiritweb pieces that allow for magical healing. So, if someone like Kelsier were to use Hemalurgy to rip off the power or Connection that allows for Hoid's magical healing, could he be killed?
  25. What happens if you intend to spike someone for Hemalurgy, pound the spike into their heart and then... just leave it there? The obvious answer is that they just die because you rammed a spike into their chest, but I'm wondering if activating it for Hemalurgy makes the spike partially interact with the Spiritual Realm, and if you just end up punching a hole into their soul. The spike would probably get Hemalurgically charged, but if you left it in and it was able to provide the host with the same attributes that got stolen (with some loss likely), would they survive or would you need to provide additional healing? I was looking at @Trusk'our our Hemalurgy enthusiast's Q&A post Do Highly Invested Spiritwebs Naturally Develop Powers? and wondered what would happen if you stabbed someone with a Raysium spike intending Hemalurgy and started pumping Stormlight into their soul. Could they survive it? Probably not, but I'm trying to find Hemalurgic approaches that we haven't seen yet for Lost Metal.