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Found 305 results

  1. I've been trying to come up with a way to somehow "supercharge" a hemalurgic spike, but reusing them on multiple donors doesn't seem to be likely. It might be possible to reuse a spike on multiple donors if store their Identity, but that seems unlikely for multiple reasons. But what if you use feruchemy in a different way to enhance your hemalurgic gains? What if you tap, for example, the strength of ten men, then use hemalurgic iron take that enhanced attribute? Would you be able to get that attribute enhanced, or would only the regular, non enhanced piece of spiritweb stick to the spike?
  2. Hemalurgy fascinates me, mostly because of the idea that you can use it to create all kinds of crazy things, but the weaknesses tacked on to having too may spikes means that realistically, you'd probably only want a few. The coppermind says that a nicrosil spike will steal general investiture, like bio-chromatic breaths, not actual powers, like allomancy or surgebinding. My question is, what benefit is there to this? Would it act like just getting a bunch of breaths that you can't awaken with? or would it do something different?
  3. So, I was wondering about what counts in terms of controlling hemalurgic constructs when I stumbled over this quote. "Oversleep What does count for Hemalurgic control? The total Hemalurgic charge or number of the spikes? If we let four spikes decay for a few years and then pierce a human with it, would that person be controllable? Does that work the same for all Hemalurgic constructs? Brandon Sanderson Good question to be asking, as there are spikes that come in sets that only count as a single one... I'd say you're getting close, but not quite there." To me, I think it's the actual number of spikes themselves piercing your soul's binding points. Koloss could still be controlled after much of their charge had been lost, and Harmony could still easily talk to Waxillium with a fraction of an old, worn out Inquisitor's spike. Does my theory seem to make sense, or is it incorrect? P.S. sorry, I don't know how to put the quote in a proper quote box.
  4. Another question about hemalurgy. Koloss have their physical aspect changed drastically by having four iron spikes placed in their body. However, hemalurgic iron steals physical strength, which, obviously, is a physical attribute. Would the mental and spiritual spikes change the recipient in their mental and spiritual aspects rather than their physical aspect? (Aside from shifting organs around to preserve their function)
  5. I can’t find the source for it, so sorry I can’t cite it, but I remember reading somewhere that becoming an aluminum savant would cleanse you of impurities. So, if you had multiple hemalurgic spikes and you didn’t want to be controlled by any shard you came across, could you burn enough aluminum to cleanse your spirit web of impurities, seamlessly melding your spirit web and the spliced spirit web together, leaving one’s self protected against direct control?
  6. We know from WoB that a Lifeless can tap metalminds and can be hemalurgicly spiked if they have enough investiture. The Parshman in Stormlight completely obeyed their owners because they lacked any Connection or Identity. Sounds kind of like what Lifeless do. So if you gave a hemalurgicly charged duralumin spike to a Lifeless, would it still be a Lifeless?
  7. We know that the Fused must feed on voidlight or some other kind of investiture to survive, as they are cognitive shadows. Hemalurgy can, however, steal individuals powers, and then (obviously) prevent them from continuing to use that power. So would stealing a Fuse's power to use voidbinding eventually starve them to death because they can no longer feed on voidlight?
  8. I actually brought this up as a side in my Metallic arts Challenge, but after thinking about it's implications, I think that it deserves a thread of its own. If someone with an allomantic ability, such as a mistborn, could remove it with a hemalurgic spike, then heal back the power (probably via unsealed gold metalmind), would burning that spike then result in them increasing their power for that ability? We know from WoB that burning a hemalurgic spike has the effect of splicing your spiritual DNA with the person whose power the spike contains, so to me this line of reasoning seems logical.
  9. I absolutely love scadrial's magic systems. They feel diverse and like there is a lot that can be done with them if you're creative, but at the same time, they're simple and straightforward enough that the average joe (such as myself) can enjoy coming up with ways that they might be useful. If you have any ideas on how allomancy, feruchemy, and hemalurgy can be used creatively, I'd love to hear them The rules of the challenge are: 1 you can only use powers and effects granted by one of the metallic arts, though you can reference other magic systems to explain what you are attempting to accomplish, or to try and prove why it seems feasible. 2 you can use theories that are not yet fully proven canonically possible, though you should explain why it seem doable. 3 you can use any combination of powers or abilities granted via allomancy, feruchemy, or hemalurgy, even if they would be extremely difficult to get a hold of in practical terms.
  10. So Brandon has said in a WOB that hemalurgy has been used in other parts of the cosmere, let’s rack our brains together to see if we can find anything hemalurgy based in other books apart from mistborn
  11. I have a theory about Ishar's experiments. First off, I believe the reason he is trying to bring spren physically into the physical realm is because this is a potential "cure" for Cognitive Shadows. But my theory is more about the consequences of these specific experiments. I'm not sure where it was said, but there is a WOB saying that using hemalurgy to steal powers from a radiant would be difficult because the surges come from the bonded spren, not from the radiant themselves. But what if you were able to spike a spren directly? I think that these physical spren will be spiked in the future to grant surges through hemalurgy. The experiments are already pretty dark, and I think it will only get darker....
  12. Question in the title: Can you use a spike on a dead body? As in if an allomancer was killed, could you grab the right spike and steal the power from their dead body? I know it is essentially ripping off a piece of the spiritweb, so it may not work. But it's an interesting question for me
  13. basic question. different people have different spiritwebs (unique and all). hemalurgy steals bits of the spiritweb. savants have different and somewhat warped spiritwebs in comparison to normal allomancers. if you spike a savant, do you get savant level abilities when you use that spike?
  14. Say you have a being similar to an Steel Inquisitor on Roshar that forms a bond with a Spren. Could the bond with the Spren replace the need of a Linchpin Spike since the Nahel bond fills in the cracks of someone's spirit web? Second, would that give the Spren "control" of the spiked person? Third, would the Nahel bond prevent someone else from influencing them with emotional allomancy? Assuming I understand the nature of being spiked and all that.
  15. I'm curious to know Odium is able to sense Moash's thoughts and take away his pain, basically influencing him. I thought shards are only able to hear thoughts and influence their subjects only by hemalurgy, something we saw in the mistborn books. Also, Odium is wounded from the battles with Ambition, Honor, Dominion, and Devotion, and he's confined to Braize, so I'm not sure how he affects and influences his followers so strongly. It seems unlikely that Odium is aware of Hemalurgy, so is it just about being willing to give in to his rule, such as what he tried to do with Dalinar, or singers with voidspren in their gemhearts?
  16. There was a creative challenge that my friend told me and I wanted to share here (feel free to do it if you want to): Basically you are coming up with 2 (you can do more but best to go with an even number 2,4,6,8 etc...) new metals which are fully functioning for the metallic arts. Criteria is bullet pointed below: The metals and their alloys must exist in real life (no god metals) Metals can belong to any of the four quadrants (physical, mental/cognitive, temporal/hybrid or enhancement/spiritual) but both the pure metal and its alloy must belong to the same one. Same goes for external/internal. You cannot make up your own quadrants to categorize them in. The pure metal must be a "pull" metal and its alloy must be a "push" metal. The metals must have an allomantic, feruchemical and hemalurgic power which fit with their quadrants Their hemalurgic power cannot grant allomantic or feruchemical powers. i.e. must be a human attribute <optional> The metal has a kandra blessing with a name. i.e. Blessing of <insert name of blessing here> Come up with a misting and ferring name for each metal. For example, here is my own creation (hidden for those that don't really care and for length):
  17. WoB tells us that it would be possible to Replicate Singer Forms with Hemalurgy. As far as I know, we don't knwo details for how exactly that would work, but it would still be fun to speculate, wouldn't it? So, to maybe spark some fun debate and conversation: Let's say our Hemalurgist (as in, someone with the knowledge of Hemalurgy, wherever they originate from) is aware that it might be advisable to spike just one Singer rather than going around becoming a living embodiment of the song of forms. Question 1: What forms would be attractive? Especially, what particular forms would be attractive to particular worldhoppers? Warform sounds like the simple attractive one, in my opinion, especially for someone who is already a Pewterarm. But maybe an Elantrian would prefer Scholarform? Do you think a Seeker (Bronze) who spikes a Singer with a Form of Power could hear Odium's Rythms too, or would they need a Voidspren for that too? Could any other kind of Cosmere Magic make stormform's lightning abilities more reliable? Maybe a Coinshot would be able to shoot a piece of conductive metal behind you, then use that to direct the Lightning in that direction? This is the wildest and most destructive use I've come up with so far. Certainly, Envoyform is very useful if you plan to travel the Cosmere a lot. Question 2: Or even if you decide to spike not the form, but the ability to grow a Gemheart - what Spren would be nice to take with you, if you managed to attract one? Anyway, that's just my thoughts. I'd love to hear thoughts from other people on this! (Note: I haven't quite finished RoW yet, so spoiler tags would still be appreciated)
  18. Ah, it's been a while since I've posted a topic. Hope you all didn't miss me. So, we know that Kandra spikes are unique to them and that they can't accept another Kandra's spikes. This is probably because of Identity, similar to how metalminds only work with their user. However, we see Bleeder use two new spikes that were not her original, made out of trellium, a god metal. So how is she able to do this, despite the problem with identity? I have two theories. 1. Trellium is an alloy of a Shard's god metal and whatever Paalms original spike was. This would explain why Paalm has two that she uses despite having access to more (Which she uses to create chimeras), and why they are still useable for her. (The metal most likely being copper, as Paalm was third generation, and from Tensoon, it appears the third generation was created with blessings of presence, which needed copper spikes (This is also based on my assumption that generations were made with one type of spike.)) OR 2. Trellium's special ability has to do with identity, allowing bleeder to use it despite not being keyed to her identity, like that of an unkeyed metalmind. Seeing as every godmetal seems to have one unique capability (lerasium creates mistborn, atium is the best metal for hemalurgy, acting as a wild card, tavatsium is incredibly hard and can cut your soul, etc.) this would not be hard to believe, and would also fit in with all the identity and connection shenanigans going on in Mistborn Era 2 magic system.
  19. A kandra needs two spikes to be sentient and they can replace their blessing with another kandra and still remain the same mind. So if a kandra loses their blessing, they more memories the longer the the blessing is out because of the decay of the of the hemalurgic spikes, what would happen if you were to remove a blessing from a kandra for a extended period of time, then replace a fresh blessing instead?
  20. Mistborn Monday art: Study Buddies! Khriss and Kelsier study hemalurgy together. Thanks to @LewsTherinTelescope who reminded me of this old headcannon which inspired me to draw it. I headcannon these two as occasional research partners - which has led to the amusing result of some unaware Silverlight Students thinking Kelsier is a reclusive scholar (as Khriss ensures he is given due credit on their papers). The students are always shocked to learn what he’s really up to... Incidentally, the book with the ‘Woman’s Script’* is Rhythm of War - the in-world one. Yes, Kelsier has a copy. The books with dots are written in the Artisan’s Script. And yes, that is a book about Nightblood. Yes, you should be concerned about Kelsier having access to that information. The science experiment with two balls connected by a tube is real, btw. My grandfather made it years ago, so this is a little tribute to him. That thing was our family’s go-to science fair submission for years. Don’t try making it home though! The glass is pressure sensitive and the stuff inside is very questionably legal (and possibly explosive?) (*Neither the Woman’s Script nor the Steel Alphabet nor the Aonic uses actual letters from the scripts. This is because I want to sell this print which I can’t do if I used real letters. So what you see is an impression of the letters, but not real letters.)
  21. spoilers

    Super Lift! The idea Lift gets a bendalloymind so she can can eat bottomlessly and bring out endless reserves of Awesomeness! The thought process After reading both Mistborn and Stormlight Archive I am curious about the combinations possible throughout the Cosmere and the interactions of investiture! The question What combinations of the Cosmere interest you the most? What effect, drawbacks and uses does this create? Combination question#2 Would the gemstones of Roshar be able to capture the mists? Would an allomancer be able draw on the gym stone as if it were metals?
  22. Does anyone know what specific powers Marsh (Ironeyes) has gotten from hemalurgy? We know he is a seeker, and we know he can compound atium, but what other Allomatic and Feruchemic powers does he have?
  23. Spoilers up to Alloy of Law! So I was researching Hemalurgic aluminum for my Mistborn game, and found a discrepancy in the definitions of its use. According to the Coppermind, and The Hemalurgic Table found in the leather bound edition of the Hero of Ages, an Aluminum spike does not steal any power, but rather removes all powers. But in my pocket edition of the Hero of Ages, the Metal Quick Reference Chart describes Aluminum's effect as "Steals Allomantic Enhancement Powers". The leather bound edition is obviously newer, so is this a retcon from Brandon to fit with Era 2 and the Cosmere in general?
  24. Now that we are privy to the whole lord of scars thing and we know from a wob we’ve seen hemalurgy on other worlds: I think it’s likely Mraize is spiked. It would make sense for him to have some sort of investiture beyond his aviar bond and we know how much kel likes hemalurgy. This could also explain how the feruchemist was killed as I imagine feruchemy to make someone unbeatable by a normal man.
  25. I just read Emperor's Soul for the second time and it was just as good on the reread even though the first happened a few months ago. It might be my favorite of his short stories (except for Shadows of Silence or Sixth of the Dusk or...). I have a couple of questions about how Forging relates to Hemalurgy. I'm guessing based on the Kriss essay on Hemalurgy that Forging ability could be stolen from a person. Could I steal some one's stamp? For instance, I could put Shai in a situation where she uses her warrior stamp then take it? Also, could Forging allow someone to switch/gain magical abilities? Like, could I reforge someone into being an Elantrian? P.s. I'm relatively new to the discussion boards so please forgive me if I missed some earlier conversations.