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Found 48 results

  1. Brandon said that it would be availible on this forum, but where?
  2. Hello All, I am a new poster, so I hope I am not breaking any rules, but I was wondering if anyone had any ideas to break down editing for a dyslexic writer. I am dyslexic, and though I am much better than I used to be, I still have issues. But I am trying to do the best I can, as I really would love to get to be a published author one day. However, whenever I get to the point of my editing I get overwhelmed because of how many different things I'm supposed to look for and look at with my writing. And as works get longer I get more and more overwhelmed. If anyone has any ideas, I would be grateful for them, though the option of getting a professional editor is out of the question as I have no money and though I have tried to use friends and family, I usually give up asking after months of constant reminder to get nothing out of them.
  3. So I'm getting a tattoo of the expanded glyphs that are stamped into the front of the hardcover Stormlight books. Because of this I've paid a lot of attention to them and I've noticed that the Windrunner/ Jezrien glyph look a lot like a helmet. I am looking for help identifying what the other symbols could be. Please offer any help you can? We only have eight of the ten so far
  4. So, I cross referenced the metal category page with the Steel Alphabet page and its sources, and the numbers are incorrect. It looks like it was just never updated properly when era 2 came out. It all seems right except the numbers. It placed atium as nine and malatium as ten, like is shown in the era one diagrams, and after that it just counts up by one with all the others. So the physical, mental, and enhancement quadrants have the right numbers, but nearly everything else is mistaken. I would have edited it myself, but I clicked the edit button and it was code. I have no idea how that works. It looks like it's actually just calling a file that's stored somewhere else, so I'm not even sure I can change the numbers from there. I switched around the order a bit, so now cadmium and bendalloy are between bronze and gold, with atium and malatium after duralumin, but all that did was move the rows around so it fit the era 2 diagram better. I didn't figure out how to actually change any of the information in it. I already begged for help on the discussion page, (I still don't know if I did something wrong in the process) but it's only just now occurred to me that it might be a better idea to put it here. Hopefully someone who knows more will be able to fix it.
  5. *not sure if this is the right place for this* I'm working on a Minecraft language pack where I can edit literally any text in the game to literally anything else. I have just confirmed I am able to do this, and I'm going to set out to change a bunch of the Minecraft text to be cosmere-y. Parrots will be chickens, experience will be Investiture, zombies and/or skeletons could be Lifeless... and that's mostly all I have. I wanted to open this up to you guys on what would be cool to change in a cosmere language pack! I want to change many of the names in the game. I don't want it to feel like regular Minecraft with a few cosmere names thrown in. So I'll need a lot of ideas!
  6. I was recently trying to update my signature. But when I clicked save it said "signature spans too many lines." I tried shortening it, but it still didn't work. Are you not allowed to click enter on your signature? I've been able to do it before, but every time I change my signature I seem to be able to click enter less, and less.
  7. Hello everyone. Basically I've been trying to order something from the store recently and it hasn't worked out. The website keeps rejecting the card and after checking with the bank everything is okay on our end. They suggested that could it perhaps be because of our card isn't an American one? Has anyone experienced this before and if so do they know a fix for it? I've tried to contact the Sanderson store directly about 4 days ago but they have not yet responded. I do understand they are busy but I am still somewhat concerned as this product is in limited stock and currently flying off the shelfs. I am hoping to see if anyone here has experienced this before and if they have a possible fix Thank you for your time.
  8. This has been a project of mine that I have been working on for the past few weeks. These systems were originally made as a Cosmere Fan-Fiction with some of the remaining shards I made up, but as I fleshed out the systems I wanted to write some story of my own. I will take all feedback anyone has to give. There are three different types of magic users Cantors, Guardians, and Phlebotomist. The first two types are Based on sound and have cultures rooted in Norse and Athenians respectively. Phlebotomists are based in a nation close to the Persian Empire. Cantors Guardians Phlebotomists The world is not at all fleshed out, might make another post on it. If anyone has any ideas, don’t be afraid to tell me!
  9. So, Brandon confirmed that the TV show for SA is now on stage 3 (finding a studio). Who would you like to see in the show?? I think Avan Jogia looks like Kaladin (or Luke Pasqualino) oh and Marlon Teixeira For Shallan I'd go with Karen Gillan, Jane Levy or Sophia Lillis (she's 17 like Shallan) I can't think of anyone for Adolin, it's soooo complicated. william devaughn stumpf for Szeth Jeff Bridges for Odium What do you think?? who would you like to be Adolin, Dalinar, Syl and the others?
  10. Hello friends. I've been thinking a lot about Shards over the last month or so, especially in advent of the upcoming Q&A on Reddit. It's been a while since I've seen one of these, so I figure there's no harm in putting this out there again (especially in light of new reveals in AU). I want to think about Shards, and possibly narrow down the six remaining Shards, and I would love some input from you guys (I've been driving my family crazy with questions on their thoughts in the last couple days). Firstly, here's what we know. We know ten of the sixteen Shards of Adonalsuim. Listed in order of reveal/publicity, they are Devotion, Dominion, Preservation, Ruin, Endowment, Honor, Cultivation, Odium, Autonomy, and Ambition. We know that Odium Splintered at least four Shards. We now know all four: Ambition, Devotion, Dominion, and Honor. Odium had a 'hit-list', and Ambition was #1. There is a Shard that just wants to hide and survive, but that Shard's intent is not 'Survival'. There is a Shard that is not on a planet. (This could refer to Ambition, depending on where it was finished off.) There are two Shards that aren't on a planet, Ambition, and one other. Here's some stuff we're I'm pretty sure about/think we know. (Please let me know if any of these suppositions were confirmed) Shards are based somewhat on "divine attributes" of a god figure. Shards have an opposite pairing, but most are not clear opposites.* * There's been a lot of discussion involving this, and it's looking more and more unlikely that there are pairings of Shards. However, since it's somewhat simple to use that supposition as a format for now, if nothing else. Here's some supposition/speculation I make on the information above. If the sixteen Shards of Adonalsium were all combined, the result would be a god figure. Because of this, we can assume that there are likely no duplicates (for example, there wouldn't be a Shard of Immutability, as Preservation already fills that role). Now onto the Big List. I'm going to attempt to fill in this list of Shards and their pairings, and I will update this list with our guesses. Confirmed Shards will be in Red, guesses will be green. Confirmed pairing will be bold, highly likely will be italicized, and unsure I will leave plain. Here goes. Preservation Ruin Dominion Autonomy Odium Devotion* Endowment Ambition** Honor Absolution?*** Cultivation Tribulation Enlightenment Enigma Purity**** Synthesis? * On the Odium/Devotion pairing. I put this one up because Odium is defined by hatred and jealousy, whereas Devotion is stuff like love and service. I find it to be a likely pair, but a good argument can be made for and Honor/Odium mashup as well. ** On the Endowment/Ambition pair, I find this one a bit of a stretch, I'll admit. It comes from the thought process of Endowment being giving to others, and Ambition looking to receive. It's a tenuous connection, but I'll leave it here for the time being until we find a better candidate. *** One of the possible Shards my family came up with is Mercy (or forgiveness) EDIT: Absolution involves both of these, also, you can be absolved of burdens and Oaths. It's also a God attribute so I like it better. I'm still not too sure I like it as a whole. I like the idea that it's a possible opposite to Honor, because the way we've seen Honor act sounds like a Judgement type, dealing heavily with Oaths. Forgiveness and Mercy sometimes happens in Honorable people in SA, but I haven't seen it represented in a Shard (though there is a case to be made that Endowment or Cultivation could involve it). **** Purity seems like a likely Shard to me. We haven't seen a Shard that represents the righteousness or holiness of god, and I think there's an argument to be made that Purity could fill those shoes. There is also a planet named Purity in the Threnodite System that breaks the pattern of funeral songs like the other planets. Now, let's discuss. Please bring forward an idea of the remaining six shards. Even feel free to argue my pairings if you like. Please keep in mind these things on looking for Shard possibilities. Divine attributes separated from the virtues that give them context (as Hoid would say). Attributes that aren't shared in another Shard. Shards that wouldn't logically be higher on Odium's hit-list that Ambition. Otherwise he would have targeted them first. Edit 1: Added Tribulation, added confirmed information about Ambition and the other Shard without a home. Edit 2: Absolution instead of Mercy, added Synthesis as an opposite of Purity.
  11. Hi there. I have recently finished “the Bands Of Mourning” and at the end Brandon mentioned a book called “The Lost Metal”. I have researched it a little and have seen pictures of a hardcover book. But I can’t find anywhere to get one! I have looked for an ebook and audible version as well, but haven’t found anything. Where might I find a copy?
  12. EDIT: Here are some Reddit WoBs compiled by Pagerunner. Have you ever had a problem with finding a WoB? Post here, describe what WoB was about or perhaps some phrases you remember and chances are somebody has it handy! Reminder: This is not the place for discussion. Anyway: does anyone remember a WoB that powers in nicrosil have to be stored separately?
  13. military

    Dwig finished nailing the sign to the wall in front of the building. "Well, this should help recruitment," He said before walking inside.
  14. Under the description of the Illumination surge, it says it is the surge of "light, sound, and various wave forms." Going by this description, can we conclude that Lightweavers can manipulate microwaves? And therefore are just walking microwaves with the power to heat things up?
  15. I am currently in the process of writing a book, the planning phase to be exact. I am also looking for co-author(s), I figured the shard is the best place to look. I need some help, the poll being one, and the other being the magic system. I am having four people wield the four forces of nature and I don't know how to really create a magic system around gravitation, electromagnetism, the weak interaction, and the strong interaction. So please post your ideas. (Names are welcome as well!) Below this is the synopsis of the book. Balance has been upended. I fear I have been the cause of this. I can feel the change on the winds, in my blood. A darkness is coming and I fear I can not stop it alone. My goodness and just dealings have brought this upon the world. God once lived among men, but now he is gone. No amount of searching has uncovered the slightest clue to where he might be. We might as well be doomed. But if you, hero, are reading this, humanity might have the slightest chance, a glimmer of hope to overcome the eternal death that has been unleashed. Do not lose hope, endure what is to come with patience, for if you don't humanity might as well give up. Character Synopsis Aurell Faine She was sent as an ambassador from Ettera to the kingdom of Surn to plead for help, aid and Allies from King Spero Montague. Upon her arrival, she finds out that the capital has closed its gates to all. In a moment of desperation she sneaks into the city only to find herself confronted by a cloaked character. When she reaches the palace she sense that the city is the center of everything, and something big might revolve around her finding out the identity of the figure in black. What will she uncover? Prince Ryker Sinclair Montague 3rd Ryker is third in line for the Montague throne. He is a known to be an excellent swordsman, and witty. But he harbors a secret that nobody can find out. He is the Sparrow. A religious crime fighting vigilante, who feels it is his duty to keep the city safe and return the truths lost to the people so long ago. What will he do when he meets the Etteran Ambassador? Casteal Vaenlane Her name means “the enemy”. Brilliant and talented in engineering, science and mathematics she was inducted into the Flanagan Empire’s military School for the gifted. Even there she exceed the expectations and was soon drafted into the military to build designs of mass destruction and domination. Soon war broke out as Emperor Flanagan tested a new weapon on the peoples of a nearby nation of Voryld-En’ryn. She is promoted to a general of a fleet, she designed herself. Can she win the war? THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP! -Sahin the Just
  16. Hi. I've read The Mistborn Trilogy, Elantris, and the first 2 in the Stormlight Archive only to now discover they all take place in the Cosmere and there is even some sort of suggested reading order. I have them all sorted up to #10, Wards of Radiance. And according to Book Catalogue (my book sorting App) Oathbringer is #15. So what is # 11, 12, 13, and 14? I would think The Bands of Mourning, Shadows of Self, and Edgedancer are 3 of 4...but what novella am I missing? Oh and I do own Arcanum Unbounded. Thanks and I look forward to digesting this site!!!
  17. So, this is kind of a random and depressing question, but my best friend's grandfather is dying of ALS, and I don't know what to do. Hugs, yes, chocolate, yes, yet otherwise I'm witless. She almost seems to be blaming herself for.... something. "When you know it's the last of someone's mortal life that you will talk to them in, what do you say? When you will look back on that day and forever regret or be satisfied with what you said, what words?" How do I help her? How can I comfort her and help her feel loved? We are both Mormon, so we have the "families are eternal, and you will see them in the life to come" part down, but when death knocks, eternity seems very a long ways away. Does anyone have any advice on how to help her? I would appreciate it a lot.
  18. I signed up for Brandons newsletter about a year ago but I still havent gotten a single newsletter. Does anyone know what the email address is that the newsletter is sent out on that way I can whitelist it. Thanks
  19. Because the search function appears utterly broken. Even if I search for a term listed on the tag list- even if I search by clicking on the tag itself- it tells me there are zero results. This is a shame, because I'd really like to be able to be able to look stuff up occasionally. Does it require some sort of innate investiture? Do I have swear oaths- "Canon before fanon, WoBs before Peter"?
  20. So... NanoWriMo is coming up! I have an idea for a magic system, let me just sketch out some really loose details. Imagine the magic from White Sand, except it isn't sand. It's actually more like the magic from Aether of Night. The magicians or whatever have these "crystals" the more experienced and powerful magicians can have them the size of a grapefruit, the record is something like a basketball, and the newbies would have them about the size of a pea or a quarter. Anyway, thats how big they are when they are pressed together. With their minds, these magicians can take these crystals and burst them apart in millions of tiny fragments and use them like arms or something, like white sand. They can make the particals so small that they can shoot these crystals through a wall, without harming the wall, and coalesce the crystals and stab someone or something on the other side. What I would like to know is: Has this been done?
  21. Can I have some help from the shard to gather all the Nightwatcher Banes that we know of? I might develop a theory... Thanks!
  22. So I've been taking a coding course recently and when I get code that I don't understand what's wrong with it, I naturally turned to the awesome people on the 17S Discord server. From there I was advised to start a thread on here. So after looking around, I didn't see a thread that was related to helping out with programming help. So I figured I would start this, and if people either need help or are willing to give it, they could (hopefully) come here. So that's pretty general, but hopefully it works out. Recently I've been trying to figure out jQuery, and to test it I have a bunch of checkboxes and radiobuttons. I'm trying to get it so that one is selected, the background turns a different color. I have the html and the css all set up, so I think it's a problem with the code. $('.left, .computers input').click(function(){$(this).parent('.input').toggleClass("formfocus");}); The code isn't inside a (document).ready, but it is inside a <script> element at the end of the <body>. So I was hoping some of you guys who are more experienced with jQuery could tell me what I did wrong. Debuggers haven't been able to help and the tags are all proper, so I'm pretty stuck right now.
  23. So, I need to write a 1800 word research paper that presents an argument. Any ideas on good topics?
  24. I cannot find, despite half an hour of searching, the topic where someone brilliant talked about the correlation between the three shards on Roshar and the colors of orange, violet, and one other color that I think was green, in the wine, moons, etc.
  25. Hello all. I am trying to make a D&D world fit with Cosmere rules, in the hopes that eventually I will be running it as a campaign world for my friends. I have much of it nailed down (e.g., all D&D planes save the Prime Material, the Astral, and the Far Realms no longer exist as planes in their own right, I have Shards in place for multiple magic systems, etc., I have a not-quite Earthlike planetary system in place for visual interest, but all of those are separate topics). However, what I'm having trouble with is the physiology of the dragons. (And I want to have dragons because they're in the storming title of the storming system, and I think I can do something interesting with them) An adult dragon (upwards of 100 years of age) has not 6 limbs, but 10: 5 pairs of arms, legs, and/or wings, decided upon during their previous age categories. With age comes an increased facility with manipulating their Cognitive selves, such that they can convert much of their mass into Investiture and in so doing take humanoid shape. However, how exactly that Investiture gets into their system in the first place is what I'm having trouble pinning down. D20srd says "A dragon’s metabolism operates like a highly efficient furnace and can metabolize even inorganic material," which I'm sort of using as a starting point, but the details beyond that elude me. Do they ingest Investiture-viable things like Mistborn do? Do they absorb it directly like Taldaini sand does or like Knights Radiant do? Do they go a third route altogether? I'm not certain. And this one question will decide a lot of other things about how dragons work.