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Found 6 results

  1. Anywaaaaayyyyy (pay no attention to the tags) I write some short little scenes when I get bored so uh ima post them here. One of them I've already posted, but I'm putting it here for easier access. NOTE: This is seperate from my Verdur Trilogy post, and these scenes are seperate from the Trilogy. Now for the three scenes I've written in the past 10 days. Scene #1: Short sad, poetic scene (already posted this one) Scene #2: Short, angsty first person scene. It is sad be warned VERY traumatic. Scene #3 Short, also traumatic angsty scene about someone facing the past they've been trying to forget. There. Those are the one's I've written so far. More to come probably!!!
  2. I WAS JOKING WITH MY FRIEND ABOUT GIVING ALCATRAZ THE RUIN SHARD AND NOW I NEED TO DRAW A L L OFF THE DESTRUCTIVE CHARACTERS MERGED INTO ONE BEING current idea: alcatraz reading the bible with red hair holding some shiny rocks saying something like "Matthew 2:12: and behold, God said unto to The Devil 'thou hast yee'd thy last haw'"
  3. I once showed my friends younger brother (he is 9-10ish) a picture of a chasmfiend, and he fell in love (he like sharks, dragons, dinosaurs, that ilk). He has asked me to draw him a chasmfiend for his birthday, which is in a little less than three weeks. My question: Should I trace it out of the book and color it in, or should I just stare at the book and try to draw him an original picture? Or should I do something else entirely? Help would be greatly appreciated. ((And I'm sorry, I had no idea where to put this topic. Q&A? Stormlight board? Hidden in the depths of the Reckoners RPG?))
  4. Hello fellow Sanderson stalke- er, enthusiastic followers! I'm a long-time fan, first-time poster. Mistborn reignited my waning interest in the fantasy genre way back when it first came out in paperback. The title jumped off the shelf at me and it was the best book purchase I’ve ever made! Since then I’ve been obsessed with his fascinating stories and truly unique worlds. Reading through some old threads about translating the non-English script on various Stormlight book illustrations piqued my interest enough to finally join the forum. I'm also quite active on LibraryThing. As you can see, I've made it a point to collect everything Sanderson I could get my grubby hands on. (Except Alcatraz; I’m waiting for the 5th volume to come out so I can snatch them up all at once.) Can't wait to discuss the Cosmere with you all!
  5. This series is huge. That being said, is it worth my time reading it? Keep in mind that it will probably take months to read, and I have many other books I would like to get into as well. your honest opinion, should I hold my breath and take the plunge or stay safely above the roaring river that is The Wheel of Time? (Yes I'm aware that I just compared a book series to a river. David is rubbing off on me.)
  6. If this is in the wrong place, feel free to move or delete this as the mods see fit. In my settings I have the option to ignore forum signatures or even entire people. I'd like to block out an individual's profile picture without ignoring the member altogether. Is that possible?