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Found 9 results

  1. I just finished the three Stormlight books, and with my brain like a sieve I find all the little details filtering away, and I feel like some important tidbits are just gone from my brain and there are just too many thousands of pages for them to hide in. So, if any of you can refresh my memory, I would be grateful. 1. How did the soulcaster break? When I first heard it was broken in WoK and the damage was described, I assumed it was a shadeblade that did the damage and that Shallan did it when she killed her father. This turned out not to be the case. Did we ever find out what cut the chains, and who had it when it happened? 2. If Lin was working with the Ghostbloods, what the heck were the Ghostbloods trying ti achieve with the help of such an unlikable guy? 3. Who was Helaran working with? Same group as Gavilar? 4. If the Shard Bearer that Kaladin killed actually was Helaren (it was definitely Helaran's sword, and Amaram said the guy was Veden), where did he get the black horse and Shard Plate? 5. There were hundreds if not thousands of people who saw the Shard Bearer on the field, though not the battle where he was killed. Why did Amaram wait six months to publically lay claim to the Shards?
  2. Okay am I the only one here who thinks this whole Helaran killed by Kaladin is a little too convenient..... Well. It just seems to me that Helaran dying on a battle field only six months after his father ordered his death by assassination a little to coincidental seems to me that whoever it was that died in that battle at Kaladins hands may not perhaps be Helaran and that may perhap turn up in next book right around the time that Shallan figures out that Kaladin was the one who killed the shard barer. More than likely he will show up to help convince her to work more closely with the ghostblood... It's a legit theory I mean the only eviadance that we have that Helaran is dead after all is what his shard blade which he wielded once years ago and the fact the dead guy had red hair... I doubt the ghostbloods would leave a tool like a shard blade to be used by only one person and as for the hair colour the dispute took place on a boarder near the horneater mountain ranges where everyone's hair is red. Also who else would have enough influence to convince her brothers to leave there home and go to uruthiru without an argument or a fight. I think Helaran is alive and I think he's going to turn into a major pain in the chull... Just saying.
  3. Necroed Shallan thinks that Amaram killed her brother Helaran, but she's going to find out the truth. At the end of Words of Radiance Amaram confesses to killing the men to take the Shardblade, and Dalinar promises to have a trial for it. When that trial happens, Shallan will find out about Kaladin killing Helaran. Or will she find out before? And how will she react when that happens? Will her friendship with Kaladin be shattered by that? I personally think Shallan will find out from the Ghostbloods, but as to how she'll react, I'm completely unsure.
  4. WoR chapter 74 Striding the Storm Kaladin & Shallan survive the highstorm together in the Chasms. Then in OB chapter 27 Playing Pretend While in Urithiru Adolin tells Shallan that Kaladin was the one that killed her brother, the shardbearer, Helaran. So how far apart did these two events occur? (From when Kaladin realizes it to when Shallan realizes it) I’m not great a timelines, but I know many of you out there are. @maxal if I recall correctly, you have a countdown going as to how long Adolin has been in Urithiru. I’m guessing that it’s been about a month between these two events — but that is just a wild guess. Please share your thoughts — I want to know! Thanks!
  5. Unlikely as it may be, I think this is a fun theory and I want to put my thoughts in one place. Others have talked about the idea before, so I don't mean to claim the idea as my own. But I'm not going to directly cite anyone else's reasoning here. What we know: It's pretty clear that the Shardbearer Kaladin killed was a Veden man. The stormwarden also suggests that he's not a particularly important figure, though it's hard to draw many conclusions from this. We also have pretty good reason to believe he is a Ghostblood. Amaram seems pretty certain that the Ghostbloods sent the man to kill him. While it's possible Amaram had some other reason to think this, I think that a simpler explanation makes more sense here: the man probably had a Ghostbloods tatoo. The Shardbearer certainly had possession of Helaran's Blade. The same Shardblade is described in each case. Not only was the Shardbearer a Veden man, but he was a younger man with red hair. This, tied with the blade description, leaves little doubt in Shallan's mind that her brother is dead. Helaran is also believed to be dead by quite a few people. Lin has received news of his death, which implies others knows. And Taravangian himself has heard of it. However, we still haven't encountered indisputable evidence that Helaran is dead, or that he was the Shardbearer defeated by Kaladin. Support for the idea that Helaran is alive: Mraize's comment suggests that Helaran was not a Ghostblood. Indeed, it seems unlikely that Helaran would join the Ghostbloods given his father had. This doesn't fit well with the notion that Amaram believed the Surgebinder was a Ghostblood. We have reason to believe that Helaran was a Surgebinder. Mraize claims that Helaran sought out the Skybreakers and Taravangian seems certain that he was advanced enough to offer training to his little sister. This strongly suggests that Helaran has advanced far enough to have formed a Nahel bond. (Note: evidence in Edgedancer indicates that this is plausible) Brandon was asked in 2014 if Helaran had bonded with a spren. While taken at face value, Brandon's words suggest that he had not. But his initial dance around the question followed by an indirect answer don't rule out the possibility. If Helaran is a Surgebinder, it seems highly unlikely that he would hang on to his original Shardblade. He would be hearing screams every time he used it. Renarin's experience suggests Helaran would be unable to keep and use it. Besides, it's entirely possible that he has advanced far enough to have no need of a "dead" blade. Lastly, I'd like to point out that Helaran is never seen with Shardplate. If he wanted to intimidate his father, why not bring that up as well? While it's possible his benefactors may have supplied it later, or that he wanted to keep his full capabilities a secret, the easiest explanation is that he didn't have Shardplate. Conclusion: Helaran is alive. After successfully seeking out the Skybreakers and joining their ranks, he rid himself of the Shardblade he was known to carry. The Blade ended up in the hands of another man--a Ghostblood--who was defeated by Kaladin on the battlefield. Reports that Helaran died are incorrect. There's too much mystery to the man's identity for this to be surprising. It doesn't matter how lowly Helaran may have been in Veden society. A Shardbearer on the battlefield would normally be well-known, and Amaram would have discovered the man's identity without much effort. The fact that the history of the Blade (and it's former bearer) is so shrouded suggests there's something to the story that people aren't seeing. In fact, it's possible that Helaran intentionally faked his death for one reason or another. Crackpot? Yes. I'm fully aware that the support for this is flimsy. But until proven false beyond a doubt, I think it's a fun conspiracy theory! Addendum: @Bcknight2 points out a notable WoB here, which strongly suggests Amaram knew the Shardbearer's name at the time he spoke with Shallan about the man. Based on that interaction, I think there's a strong case to be made that it wasn't Helaran. The gist is that he wouldn't have acted so casually or provided key details unless he had no reason to believe the details would be meaningful. And that doesn't work if the name he has is Helaran Davar. My full analysis and conclusions are here.
  6. I were comparing some epigraphs from my book with the original ones in English, when I spotted something in Taravangian's Interlude. The one when Szeth comes to him to tell him about Kaladin. Mr T. is scared that Szeth will break and turn on him, so he tells Szeth that it must have been somebody with a Honorblade. Two things: So Diagram knew about Skybreakers (not surprising), about Helaran and about Shallan being a Surgebinder... But what made him think that Helaran was a Surgebinder? Or maybe he really was? But at that point in the book Kaladin already got out of the chasms, so Graves was introduced to Kaladin long ago and Kaladin already broke his bond by deciding to help him. He even told them that he agrees with them. Is this Interlude anachronical? I doubt it, since Szeth was given an order and went to fulfill it. If it happened earlier he would also had come earlier to kill Dalinar, not in the middle of battle between Voidbringers and Alethi, with two Highstorms colliding. I'm sure he would pick a time when the armies were marching, maybe some time when Dalinar went scouting with a smaller squad of soldiers or something. If this Interlude happened chronically, then why Graves haven't reported to Taravangian about Kaladin? Even if Moash didn't tell him about Kaladin being Surgebinder, Graves would be able to put two and two together (since there is a passage in Diagram about looking for those who survived when they shouldn't). He must have heard stories about the Stormblessed, who survived a Highstorm and bridgeruns (statistically, Bridge Four had a higher survival rate than others), so of all people somebody familiar with Diagram would realise what's going on.
  7. I got the impression that the shardblade that Amaram shows to Shallan (who appears as a messenger boy) is not the one that Kaladin got for him, but is, a second, newer one. Amaram says, "The blade is still new to me. I find excuses to summon it." This is consistent with Amaram's story that he got the blade only four months ago from an assasin that was sent after him (Helaran). I do audiobooks, so it's hard for me to go back and find and compare the right supporting quotes. But I figure this might be proved or disproved by comparing the description of the shardblade Kaladin sees on the battlefield to the one that Amaram shows to Shallan. Thoughts?
  8. My theory is that to become a Skybreaker, you must first die and then be revived (like what happened to Szeth). This could also mean that Helaran would be alive and might have even gotten himself killed on purpose in the hopes he would become one. It could also explain this in some small part : Please leave me your thoughts!
  9. Ok, so this idea started out as a discussion with Moogle about calling the theory that Shallan's brother, Nan Helaran, was the shardbearer which Kaladin killed in the Amaram battle. Moogle is very convinced that this theory is accurate. Of course that is fine. My intent is not to disprove that theory, but rather to construct an alternative scenario which fits the evidence we have thus far. This all started out as just tossing an idea out there and it gradually became a compelling chain of plausible events in its own right. So, to start, I will present the evidence Moogle presented to establish the shardbearer theory (bear with me, this will be a long post): Shallan's father was a member of the Ghostbloods. Even her father's advisor - the steward who was also a member of the Ghostbloods -- didn't know more than Helaran. That implies he was in heavy with his father, which probably means he was in the Ghostbloods. Quote -Kaladin scene with the Shardbearer attacking Amaram, which happened one year ago, the time when Shallan's brother was missing for a short while then declared dead. Quote Shallan is Veden. Ergo, her brother would be Veden. The Shardbearer who attacked Amaram was Veden and unknown. Shallan's family is rural, and thus their appearances would not be readily recognized. Again, it's not certain, but you basically have to propose Brandon is attempting to trick us with red herrings here. If that doesn't convince you, I don't think anything will short of a direct book confirmation. So, this evidence truly does fit the prevailing theory quite nicely (hence it being the prevailing theory). So, in the words of Clue, "That's how it could have happened". But, what about this: Luesh, a member of a secret organization known as the Ghostbloods was employed as steward to the head of House Davar, a Veden noble house. The Ghostbloods, who have a specific and active agenda, are seeking to increase their power and political influence. As a means of achieving this goal, the Ghostbloods seek to put a sympathizer in place as a high prince of Vedenar. Luesh informs the Ghostbloods that House Davar is has traveled far down the road to dire financial straits and therefore provides the Ghostbloods with an opening. The Ghostbloods come to an agreement with house Davar to provide him with financial backing with the goal of House Davar claiming a vulnerable Veden highprincedom in return for certain political influence and favors. The Ghostbloods cannot simply provide House Davar with direct financial backing, this would draw too much attention as well as raise uncomfortable questions regarding the source of this sudden wealth. It is decided that the Ghostbloods will provide House Davar with a soulcasting fabrial to produce valuable mineral deposits on Davar lands that House Davar will then be able to exploit an monetize on the open market. That way, there is an obvious, verifiable, and 'legitimate' source for the new Davar wealth. However, the Ghostbloods get something else in the bargain as well. The use of soulcasters in this fashion is forbidden and thus the Ghostbloods have additional leverage over House Davar. Time passes and the head of House Davar brings his son and heir Nan Helaran in on his plans. However, either immediately or over time Nan Helaran rejects these plans and becomes a liability to the Ghostbloods. He must be silenced. He suddenly and inexplicably 'disappears' and is never heard from again. About a year later, the head of house Davar is dead. The new heir, Nan Balat, is brought up to speed by the steward Luesh on what his father was up to. Nan Balat shares this info with his siblings and the family craps a collective brick when it is discovered that the extraordinarily valuable soulcaster is no longer working. Attempts are made to repair it to no avail. A desperate and dangerous plan to save the family is decided upon with Luesh, the Ghostblood family steward, having divided loyalties between the Ghostbloods and the Davar children, complicit in this plan. During the course of this plan, the Ghostbloods, knowing that the Davar patriarch is dead, send enforcer agents to Nan Balat to demand that the soulcaster is returned to the organization. After all, such a threat is more effective if made by someone unknown and more threatening than good old Luesh whom the children have known for so many years. Later, the Ghostbloods learn of Luesh's duplicity and take actions to address his betrayal which result in Luesh's death. So, that is the scenario. In conjunction with this scenario neither Helaran nor his father need be actual members of the Ghostbloods. Conservation of characters and the fact that the shardbearer Kaladin killed was Veden are the best evidences for the prevailing theory over another alternative. But inter-tangling the character's side stories too much begins to make things hokey in my view. It gets to the point where it is discovered that Han Solo is actually the son of Amidala's secret lover who secretly hoped that his son would one day marry Amidala's unborn daughter. Besides, this is a 10 volume epic. There is a lot of room for additional significant characters (including a Veden shardbearer who is a Ghostblood). It has been posited that if the shardbearer was not Helaran, than why would the Ghostbloods risk sending a Veden shardbearer into an Alethi border conflict. To this I have two responses: 1) Sending a mounted shardbearer into an Alethi border conflict (which will be fought largely by second tier soldiers and no other shardbearers) would not likely be considered a particularly big risk. Add to that, the way Kaladin killed him was extraordinary and would never have been considered a significant possibility. Especially since the shardbearer did not enter the fray until Amaram's forces were routed. 2) This is kind of a straw man argument, the fact is whether or not the shardbearer was Helaran, the shardbearer was in fact Veden. Helaran or not, the Ghostbloods sent a Veden shardbearer. Again, my purpose is not to contest that the shardbearer was Shallan's brother, but rather to propose a reasonable alternative relying upon the same evidence. I actually have no opinion on this theory at all except that I don't think the evidence is particular strong (compelling, yes) to support any idea currently set forth to the extent that alternative theories are particularly unlikely.