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Found 3 results

  1. So we learn that the Heirocracy was an out of control, corrupt preisthood opressing the people and the Sun Maker cast down the arrogant Heirocracy and freed the people of Vorin Roshar from the twisted Dogma of the Vorin Church. Here is the entire entry in the Coppermind for the War of Loss; Who was the Vorin Church before the War of Loss? Who won the war? Who told this version of the story? Cui bono? I think the post Recreance Vorin church emerged from the servants, priests, and remnants of the Radiants. I think they stepped into the leadership gap left by the Recreance of the Radiants. Who steps in when the most powerful class in a society, a class that functions as the priests, leaders, generals, scholars, artists, champoins, judges, and heroes of the society, a class that is bound by supernatural oaths to act honorably stops functioning. Someone needs to step in. And the most logical choice initially would be the people closest to the Radiants. I also think that once those people gained power they would try to keep it and therefore try to associate themselves with the Radiants of old while distance themselves from the Recreant Radiants, they would try to hide information. When the Roman empire collapsed in the west the highest power left was the Roman Catholic Church and the church became the power in western Europe. Just like the Nobility of Europe chaffed under the Roman church, I think the nobility of Eastern Roshar didn't like being underneath the Vorin Church. Side note: I don't think being Lighteyed means anything except that the Radiants had Light Eyes and were maybe called Light Eyes and I think the Nobility became those who had lighter eyes through a misunderstanding and because they associated themselves with the Radiants and shardbearers all having lighter eyes, but not Light eyes like the Radiants. I think that the War of Loss was a Civil war between the first estate, the clergy of the Vorin Church who were in charge, and the second estate, the Nobility. I think the Sunmaker was an Alethi Prince who subjugated, allied with, and persauded the other Alethi Nobility to help him overthrow the Priests to elevate the Nobility over the priests. I don't think it was a high minded war for freedom of thought, I think it was a petty war to see who got to be in charge. And in a move that imitated the enslavement of the Listeners after the last Desolation, the Nobility enslaved the priests and used them to tell their version of history where the church was lying and hiding things from the people (although this may be partially true). It was just a power struggle between the Nobility and the Priesthood. Not that the Priesthood would have been any better than the lighteyes. Kaladin, Sigzil, and Moash's discussions on what would happen if the darkeyes overthrew the lighteyes, the Babatharnum and their eldest rule society illustrate this. I just want to point out that the war probably wasn't what the lighteyes say it was and that we should look at who is telling history and why they would tell it how they tell it.
  2. I believe that the priests of the Heirocracy really were having visions. In fact, I think they were having the same visions Dalinar is having and they were following Honor's command to "unite them" when they were trying to rule all of Roshar. Then the sunmaker, under odium's influence, came and messed everything up, fabricating false evidence that the prophecies were lies.
  3. Alright, before I start, I'll warn you guys that this theory has almost no evidence behind it at all. It just has that "Brandon Sanderson plot twist" feeling to it. We know that Kabsal was a Ghostblood. However, he was also very good at playing the part of an ardent. In fact, the only time we saw his true nature was when he began to rage about how beaten-down the ardentia was. He claimed that the ardents had become property to the Brightlords, and that people ignored them. This leads me to believe that Kabsal really was an ardent, and wasn't just pretending to be one. Then, there was a strange event at one of Elkohar's feasts that seems to be mostly forgotten in this forum. An ardent belonging to Brightlord Hatham approached Dalinar with this message: "Just as Hatham wishes his partner in negotiations to know of his goodwill, I wish you to know of our goodwill toward you, Brightlord." I got the feeling that the "we" in this statement wasn't referring to the ardent and Hatham, who has been a minor character so far. Instead, I connected it to another organization we know has connections to the ardentia: the Ghostbloods. I feel that the most likely motivation for a secret organization of ardents, especially considering Kabsal's monologue, is the reinstitution of the Heirocracy. Any thoughts on this almost totally baseless theory? =)