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Found 5 results

  1. If a person were to tap youth from an Atiummind and then relieve the 5th Heightening, would they stay younger, or would they revert to their original age after releasing their Atiummind but still cease to age? If a person with the 5th Heightening were to store youth, would they still look and function as their normal age?
  2. If an individual can obtain a piece of investiture that stays with them rather than being converted to kinetic investiture or leaking out, they gain certain benefits. We can see these benefits with those who hold a number of bio-chromatic breaths or a Dawnshard, but most other magic systems don’t allow the investiture to stay with the practitioner, which prevents them from gaining heightenings. However, a hemalurgic nicrocil spike can steal general investiture, granting it to someone. My question is if someone took, for example, stormlight held by a surgebinder, would this investiture leak out as it normally would, or, since the spike itself is holding it, would it stick to the person enough to grant them the heighteinings? Could a person even do this, since hemalurgy primarily steals from the spiritual realm? If this is the case, what kinds of investiture (other than Divine Breaths) would be viable for a nicrocil spike?
  3. I wonder if storing nicrocil makes you something like a drab in feruchemy, and tapping it can give you temporary heightenings. We found out in Dawnshard that simply having a lot of investiture grants heightenings.
  4. Anyone have a WoB on whether someone can level up on their Heightenings with Stormlight? Or do they need (can only use) breaths to level up? Yes, Stormlight and Breaths can be used interchangeably. But is there anything on whether you can have a sufficient amount of Stormlight to create a heightening jump. If yes, did Peter work out the math for this? If you need 200 breaths to get the the second heightening, how much Stormlight would you need? thanks!
  5. So far, there are 10 Heightening that we know of. However, 10 is not a Cosmere number. It seems much more likely that the Heightening follow the Law of 16. I have no real evidence for this, despite the fact that there is no clear 16 on Nalthis. The Heightenings are achieved using Breath. Breath is Investure. Investure is Cosmere. Cosmere is Andolisium, not sure if I spelled that right. Andolisium is/created the Law of 16. Therefor, Heightenings should follow the Law of 16. However, 10 Heightenings is practically impossible, and so I doubt that the other Heightenings will be found until a long time after Warbreaker is complete. Any words of Brandon?