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Found 3 results

  1. Day 1: A Shadow in the Night The stone along the walls of Urithiru swirled in strange patterns under the lantern light, veins of stone twirling into shapes without meaning. The chamber in which they stood was high-ceilinged, some kind of atrium long unused but still beautiful. "This will be where we'll stay at night, for now," one of the co-captains announced over the chatter of the room. "Find a spot to sleep and make sure it's comfortable - the real work starts tomorrow, and you'll want to be awake for that!" A round of scattered chuckles followed, and then rising conversational murmurs as the group began to spread out. The "real work" was mapping this floor's veins of stone, since apparently only Knights Radiant or their squires could see the colors there. There were scribes along to mark down their findings, but only the Knights could describe the stone accurately. For some of them, that was laughably easy work compared to the life before they became Radiant, but for others it would be hard indeed. And for one of them, it would not happen at all. Ellira set up her bedroll in a corner, near the man with eyes of two colors - some strange quirk of proto-Radiancy, she thought, or perhaps he was just born with it. She'd been watching Naihar for a while now - but then, she'd been watching them all for a while. With a man like him, any special attention would be noticed. She smiled as she curled into her blankets. It had been a while since she'd been given such an interesting assignment. Not only was she becoming a Lightweaver, she had a dangerous assassination target and a few fellow Ghostbloods along and under her command should she need them later on. She didn't know what 'later on' meant - she'd be told by Spanreed later - but the whole scenario gave her the thrill of the deadly dance she loved. She'd placed her bed such that she had to pass by his to visit the designated latrine area, and did so once early in the night to check on the guard situation. There was only one, and he looked bored - she toyed with the idea of a little flirting with him, but decided against it for tonight. Better if no one remembered her being around at all. Much later, when the atrium was quiet but for the occasional snore, Ellira rose again whisper-quiet. Her dagger was already drawn at her side, so that it wouldn't make any noise sliding out of its sheath. Her Lightweaving wasn't skilled yet, but she had practiced a few basic things over and over - like mimicking the sound of a light snore from her own bed, masking any tiny sound she made as she walked lightly over to him. His head was turned such that as little of his neck was available as possible, and even that was under his blanket. She suspected he was probably wearing some kind of lightweight armor anywhere it didn't show, too. That seemed his style. But Ellira had not been given this mission for no reason, and she struck without hesitation before he could sense her presence. Her knife plunged into his neck, and she made sure his vocal chords were cut before he could make a sound. She smiled softly as blood began to pour from his wound and soak into his blanket, dark in the dim light. Not her preferred kind of kill - she liked the intimate touch of a passionate kiss combined with a knife to the heart - but a well-executed one nonetheless. Then something even darker than blood emerged from under the blanket, spilling out and then coalescing as she watched. Ellira frowned, and backed away towards her bed. She wasn't completely familiar with Roshar yet. Whatever that was, she didn't want to go anywhere near it. Naihar was dead, and if he somehow wasn't, she could kill him again easily enough. She wiped off her dagger with a practiced motion, slid it back into its sheath on her thigh, and settled back into her bedroll. Her sleep was light, as always, but uninterrupted - that is, until morning. Morning was when someone found Naihar. Morning is when the shouting started. From a letter found in Naihar's belongings: Join the Radiants. Keep them away from Her. Kill them where possible. Be wary. Give this letter to Her on your successful return. She will grant you the power you desire so long as you serve Odium well. May the Everstorm come again. Alvron (Naihar) was an Odium Sympathizer! The game has begun! Day 1 will end in 48 hours, at 1am Pacific Time on December 28th. PMs should be sent within the next ten minutes; PM me if yours goes missing. @little wilson is the Impartial Moderator for this game. Remember to use your anonymous accounts, and your CRs! PMs are open. Please include myself, @Fifth Scholar, and @little wilson in any PM. Group PMs are allowed, and may have as many as half of the living players (so, 12 presently) in them. Player List 1. Amber Vulture: Jashi, Stormwarden 2. Amethyst Scorpion: Jesh, Lost Axehound 3. Chartreuse Penguin: Taladir, Gambler 4. Coral Swan: Germaine, Scholar 5. Cream Tuatara: Dfyan, Scholar 6. Emerald Falcon: Sein, Inquisitive 7. Indigo Weasel: Adhom Inem, Ardent 8. Ivory Dragonfly: Krask, Conspiracy Theorist 9. Magenta Albatross: Jonan Wikim, Lost Axehound (Gren) 10. Mauve Crocodile: Sernes, Paranoid Scout 11. Mint Heron: Sam, Once a Darkeyes 12. Onyx Flamingo: Kir, Kleptomaniac Scout 13. Opal Lion: Tnaidar, Scout 14. Pearl Chameleon: Purrl, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend 15. Plum Rhinoceros: Logalog, Scholar 16. Quartz Zebra: Arauna Khadal, Adolin’s Former Girlfriend 17. Saffron Iguana: Merinira, Scout 18. Sage Kangaroo: Gilglin, Ardent (Devotary of the Mind) 19. Salmon Meerkat: Cadamum, Ghostblood Recruit 20. Scarlet Octopus: Max Mercury, Past Lives 21. Sunburst Toucan: Tafud, Slightly Crazy 22. Taupe Gecko: Brana, Scholar 23. Turqoise Gorilla: Bomer, Gambler 24. Violet Axolotl: Adi, Anxious
  2. LG19: Twinborn City After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out. Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Allomancy Enhanced Allomantic Powers Feruchemy Kandra Blessings and Info Very Rare Occurrences If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed. Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game. The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.
  3. QF12: The Time of Reckoning there's You live in California. Or you used to. Nowadays it's called Persepolis, named by the Epic who's ruled here since Calamity rose. All things considered, he isn't the worst. Public infrastructure is mostly gone, sure, but killing is frowned upon. A few months later, you woke up with powers yourself. You've pleased Perseus, and have made your way into his service. Perseus has need of all of you, but you would do well to remember: you are replaceable. Every day, Perseus chooses the worst among you, those who have contributed the least, and kills them. Personally. Every day there is a reminder that no one is untouchable. Even Epics. Even you. always You come from somewhere else. You've seen what the Epics do. And you've sworn to execute any who break the law. By a strange coincidence, that is almost all of them. For what they have done, for what they do, for what they will do, there will be a reckoning. And you are bringing it. another Alignments role Roles If you don't contribute in Perseus' Court, you don't live. Any player who does not post in the thread, the GM PM, or another PM in 2 full cycles will be killed by him mercilessly. Notes: The only means of PMs is Telepathy. No other PMs are allowed. The write-up will include all kill attempts. Only dead players will be named in the write-up. There may be hints in write-ups, but it is not a good idea to read too much into wording. The number of Telepathy PMs will change depending on how many people sign up. It will be edited into the rules once the game starts. Order of Actions: 1. Perseus' Kill 2. Passive Powers 3. Transmogrification 4. Illusions 5. Votes Counted and Lynch 6. Forcefields 7. Matter Disruption and Reckoner Kill 8. Invisibililty Quick Links: