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Found 4 results

  1. Yoden didn't think of himself as a particularly clever man. Sure, there was a reason he'd ended up in his position of power, though some might say he would've gotten nowhere near an office if he hadn't been from a noble family. But sometimes he felt like everyone was one step ahead of him. Until now. He'd been looking for the Sweeper. The meeting had just recently ended for the day, and someone had managed to make a mess everywhere, and Yoden was the unlucky fellow told to go find the Sweeper. He'd started calling himself the Moper and was moping around and slacking on his duties, and Yoden found himself wondering how in Harmony's name the man hadn't been fired yet. Yoden finally found the Sweeper's closet in the building, and opened it without knocking. He was about to ask for the Sweeper to come help when he noticed the pile of bones on the floor. There was a...thing squeezing through a crack in one of the walls, and Yoden just barely got a glimpse of it before it disappeared. Yoden stood there for a moment, all thoughts of the mess in the meeting hall fleeing his mind. All he could think about was the bones on the ground before him, in the Sweepers closet no less, and that strange thing that he had seen. Oh Harmony, Yoden thought, Sweeper was a Faceless Immortal, and he's just abandoned his body for a new one. ~ Magrait found themselves sneaking through the halls of the capitol building. While they were probably the closest match to Adomert and Inedze out there, they still had their own...personality quirks. They couldn't stop themselves from stealing things sometimes. Her current mark was walking ahead of them, and Magrait was sure that the mark didn't know they were following. Which was only reasonable. Magrait had a nearly perfect track record as a thief. Suddenly, her mark made a turn around a corner, and Magrait turned the corner to follow them. They stopped when their mark wasn't there, their hand going to the knife at their side. A hand wrapped around her neck, pulling her to the cold ground. Before Magrait could let out a noise, another hand covered their mouth. Magrait frantically tapped her copperminds, looking to see if there was any information that could help them from those. There wasn't much, though they did realize they didn't want to die like Adomert or Inedze had. So they fought, biting at the hand covering their mouth and trying to pull the arm away from their throat. It wasn't much use, though their attacker finally pulled their hand away from Magrait's mouth. Magrait was about to yell for help when a cold sharp pain hit them in the back. For a moment, Magrait was confused as the pain hit them and her attacker stood up. Magrait tried to move, but then they realized their body was failing. Their limbs were going numb, their vision growing cloudy, and finally Magrait realized that the pain in their back was from a knife. Magrait coughed up some blood, and began to tap their copperminds as their life began to fade. Better to relive the good memories from Adomert and Inedze's lives during her final moments. ~ Veren stopped tapping their tinminds. Veren had suspected Magrait for awhile, had found some of their missing appearances suspicious. And while Veren was currently trying to work both sides of this foolish gathering against each other, they weren't okay with murder or the destruction of miles' worth of railroads. And so, they followed Magrait through the building, tapping tin to increase their senses so they couldn't lose them in these dark hallways. It's hard to lose track of someone when you can hear them from miles away. And they were constantly burning electrum. The experience was disconcerting sometimes, but Veren had grown so used to it that they often forgot that everyone else didn't watch their future selves do things seconds ahead, and then make new decisions off of that. So Veren saw their own shock a few seconds before anything happened, and they began to slow down, hand going to their side in case they needed a knife. Magrait had just turned down a corner a little bit ago, though they hadn't come out yet. Veren quickly considered what her shock must mean. It could be that they walked around the corner and saw a dead body, someone Magrait had killed. Maybe Magrait was attacking someone, maybe- Veren was surprised to see Magrait dead on the ground, pooling in their own blood. And they saw themselves taking a knife to the back as well. They quickly tapped tin, heightening their senses even more, turning around to grab the knife before it hit them. Their new electrum shadows kept dying, and Veren began to react to each death quickly, struggling to keep their attacker's knife away from them. It was surprisingly difficult. Veren was surprised by who it was, but maybe they shouldn't have been. Suddenly, Veren's electrum stores ran out. They panicked, realizing what had happened. They'd been burning electrum too much, almost flaring it to keep themselves alive in the fight. They hadn't prepared to need this much tonight. And so, their attacker quickly took advantage of Veren's moment of surprise, putting a knife in their stomach, and knocked them to the ground. Veren struggled, trying to crawl away, but they didn't get far before their attacker finished them off and fled into the scene. ~ "You're telling me," Goren said to Yoden, who'd been in Goren's office far later than he'd wanted to be, "that the Sweeper was some sort of mythological creature from the stories come to life?" "Yes." Yoden said. "For the fifteenth time, I know what I saw. The bones were in the closet, and something squeezed through a crack in the wall." The guards in the office with them seemed unnerved by this story, even despite how often Yoden had said it by now "Well," Goren said thoughtfully. "We're locking down the city. We already have everyone here in the building, and no one is leaving this building unless they were in this room tonight. If there really is a murderous Faceless Immortal out there, it can't be any of us, yes?" There were some nods around the room, and Yoden found himself reluctantly nodding. "That means it could be literally anyone in this rusting city. It's probably someone in this building, or at least that's what I'd assume given all the important stuff is happening here. First things first, we're going to-" The door suddenly burst open, a guard running in. "Sir!" He yelled, trying to catch his breath, "two dead bodies in the same hallway. We're trying to figure out how they died." "Change of plans then." Goren said, standing up. He looked to those who had already been in the room, and they carefully began to surround the new guard. Just in case. "We're locking everyone up in the main hall for now, if they aren't there already. We're staying here until we figure this rusting thing out." He shook his head. "Two new murders and a Faceless Immortal in the same night?" ~ Araris Valerian has died! They were the Kandra! Devotary of Spontaneity has been killed! They were a Loyalist Spinner Ferring and Thief! Flyingbooks has been killed! They were a Loyalist Oracle/Windwhisper Twinborn! A secret has been revealed! PMs are still closed, so please avoid PMing still. In addition, there will be a removal this turn. As a reminder, there is no vote minimum, and a tied vote will result in one of the tied players being removed. This turn will end at 9 am CDT on Saturday, June 12th. Player List: PMs will be sent out shortly, if they haven't been already.
  2. It was a cold and dreary night as Lumen walked through the streets of Garmet. The chill sent shivers down her spine, and she pulled her coat closer around her. The latest murders were still weighing on her mind, not to mention that she was frustrated with the lack of progress the politicians of Elendel and Garmet were making. This was supposed to be a grand event, where people came together to figure out how to make things better and to bring justice to those who needed it. But now it was just them constantly squabbling over what to do about the rebels, whether they should leave, or any other trivial matter they could think of. Lumen almost missed the footsteps that started up behind her, since she was lost in her thoughts. She quickly spun around, reaching for her knife and dodging as her attacker swung their knife at her. She quickly started burning chromium, reaching to try and touch her attacker. Thank Harmony, she thought to herself quickly, that I hadn't already burned that bit for the night yet. Once she managed to get her hand on the attacker, she tapped her nicrosilminds, pulling as much stored up strength in leeching as she possibly could, and she burned. Her attacker swept her hand away, seemingly unfazed by the leeching. In her moment of shock, the attacker got a knife into her gut, then kicked her to the ground. Lumen could hardly believe what had happened before she faded away. ~ Bill Door didn't feel like he belonged in this reality. He kept that secret from most people, or at least he tried to. It was hard when he had visions of strange shapes and weird creatures, unlike anything he'd ever heard of on Scadrial, or in the cosmere in general. But, well, what could he do about it? It was during one of these visions that he heard the door to his apartment creak open. His eyes snapped open, but it took him a moment to be able to see again, the vision slowly fading from his eyes. But that was just enough time for his attacker to get the upper hand, knocking him to the ground. The attacker started stabbing him, but he hardly felt it. Odd, Bill thought to himself. I should feel that more, right? The attacker was giving Bill a strange look, as if even they were surprised by how easy it had been to take down Bill. Bill started laughing, a little blood coming out of his mouth as he did so, and he burned gold, bringing on another vision. He felt like he became a triangle-shaped figure, floating and glowing with a strange power. If only that was what he was in this incarnation of his life, he could quickly change this world to his very whim. As his life began to fade away, Bill thought to himself, Oh well, I can always bring weirdmaggedon to another world. ~ Mist has been killed! They were a Loyalist Leecher/Soulbearer Twinborn! Manukos has been killed! They were a Loyalist Augur/Connector Twinborn! PMs are still closed, so once again, no PMing. There will be a removal this turn. As a reminder, there is no vote minimum, and a tied vote will result in one of the tied players being removed. This turn will end at 9 am CDT on Sunday, June 6th. Player List: PMs will be sent out shortly, if they haven't been sent out already.
  3. Hehe. I know lots of y’all have said this lately, but hehe. It’s self-explanatory.
  4. MR13: Treachery on the Terris Peaks GMs: Elbereth and Twei History turns and shifts, and a little piece of metal moves just slightly... “Right. You’re qualified, you’re coming. Your bag, please?” The young man froze. “Why do you need my bag?” “Inspection. We need to know if we should provide you with a better bag or if yours is sufficient. Also, extraneous metalminds aren’t allowed. There shouldn’t be a reason for you to have a coppermind, for instance. I’ll be carrying the only one, to record what happens at the Well.” He very reluctantly handed his bag over. “I’m not perfectly packed yet,” he tried. “There’s some stuff that I want to take out...” “Really? I thought you said you were ready to go, right now.” “Well, yes... I mean...” He stopped as she pulled out a metal cylinder. “Don’t open that, please! It’s private.” “Privacy isn’t private when you’re dealing with the protection of the most important man in the world,” commented Tindomë wryly, opening the metal cylinder. It looked to have words printed on it. The young man stayed silent as she read, head hung in defeat. She looked up at him. “‘He must never be allowed to complete his quest’? ‘Alendi was never the Hero of Ages’? ‘Alendi must not reach the Well of Ascension’? This is signed by Kwaan. The traitor!” She threw his backpack back at him. “Get out of my sight. No traitors will be allowed on this mission.” He stared at her with hate. “Very well. But I have friends who are packmen. You can’t stop them all!” He turned and stalked away. “Friends, huh?” she said softly to herself. Unfortunately, Rashek was right. She didn’t have nearly enough packmen yet, and she didn’t even know if she could trust those she’d already accepted. She looked down the long line of hopefuls. Most she could dismiss off the bat, of course. Previous experience as a packman was required, and most of them didn’t even have that. But those who did... She couldn’t turn away a willing hand, even if that hand might turn traitor. She’d just have to try to figure out who was who as fast as possible, and make sure Alendi was protected at all times. Tindomë rubbed her forehead. She’d never thought this was going to be easy, but it wasn’t supposed to involve traitors. She tossed the metal sheet to the ground and beckoned forth the next applicant. Format Factions Conditions and Environmental Phenomena Feruchemy Quick Links: