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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone, I just started playing Hearthstone a few days ago, so I only have a few cards, and I'm not very good. Are there any Sharders on here who also play Hearthstone and are at that same kind of level that would like to play a few games?
  2. OK, so after I read (most of) Words of Radiance, I spent a long time fantasizing about how Kaladin would return to Hearthstone, Challenge Roshone and basically just do stuff. I didn’t really develop it into a real story, but I wrote down some initial ideas about what could happen. Here’s what I came up with: Kaladin practicing half lashings (where you’re weightless, since your Gravitation and gravity are equal). When he masters this, he disguises himself as a lighteyes who’s visiting Hearthstone so that no one recognizes him. He then lashes himself to Hearthstone in about an hour (that’s a lot of lashings, which means a lot of Stormlight. Sigh), but sets himself down a few minutes’ walk away from the main gate, out of sight from the town. He then goes in and Roshone invites him to stay at his place for dinner and a place to rest. Kaladin accepts and keeps a calm demeanor, but is raging inside. At this point, a few things could happen. Either he goes to the town square and reveals his true identity, he stays at Roshone’s house for a night and does that the next day, or travels about town and meets his parents, who at first don’t recognize him, but eventually realize who he is, and the next day he reveals himself to everyone else. Whichever one happens, it doesn’t really affect how the story will turn out (or at least, not too much). Either way, he reveals his true identity and summons Syl as a Shardblade. In the first and second options, everyone (including his parents) is amazed to see that Kaladin has returned, and shocked to find that he is a lighteyes, he has a Shardblade and that he is a Knight Radiant. The only difference with the third option is that Kaladin’s parents know that he has a Shardblade and that he is a lighteyes, but they don’t know that he is a KR. Anyway, after a few moments of silence, Roshone sneers and says something along the lines of ‘So, the underdog has returned, has he? Or will he leave and betray us, just as those who did before him.’ Kaladin quiets him and warns them of the Everstorm. When he is done, he covertly threatens Roshone by saying something like ‘Oh, and by the way, you better not try anything, or-‘. After, this, Kaladin goes home (all three options) and tries to persuade his parents to come to the Shattered Plains. ‘It would be safer’ Kaladin insisted. ‘Roshone wouldn’t be able to do anything, and even if something does happen there, I’ll be around to protect you.’ His father replies that he must stay here, to help the townspeople if they get injured or ill, and repeats what he said all those years ago: ‘If no one starts to do the right thing, then no one can follow.’ This pretty much ends the argument, but before he leaves, Kaladin leaves a spanreed for them to contact him if the need ever arises, so that he can come and do whatever needs to be done. ‘I’ll send you some of my income.’ Kaladin said. ‘It’s not like I don’t have enough of it; I’m the leader of the personal guard of the Highprince of War, and on top of that I’m a KR. You don’t need to worry about money anymore.’ With this, he leaves. What do you think? Please tell me whether you find it interesting or not (of course, since it isn’t a fully formed story and it hasn’t been edited, it’s sure to be at least a little bad, but tell me what you think of it anyway)
  3. Detail Process Young Kaladin is based on my "Kid Kal" character design:
  4. If you haven't heard about it, Hearthstone is a collectible online card game. It's really fun. I've been playing it since the open beta a couple years ago and have been enjoying it to this day. I have a special recruitment link that gives new players a free pack when they join. Feel free to take advantage of it. Does anyone else here on the shard play Hearthstone a lot? My tag is Gylfie#1628.
  5. Does anyone have a map of Roshar which has Hearthstone labelled , has important landforms (such as mountains) and obviously is accurate? The ones in the books don't have Hearthstone in it. Thanks.
  6. The last we saw of Kaladin's father was the day that Tien and Kaladin were both drafted into the army. At this point he seems completely and utterly defeated, and it is unclear if either of the two had any communication with their parents when they were in the army (we know that Kaladin sent a message telling them Tien had died and that he would not be returning to Hearthstone, but, so far as we know, there was no reply). Now with Stormlight 3 coming and Kaladin returning to Hearthstone for the first time, the confrontation with both Roshone and his father are two of the highlights (or cringe moments) most readers are expecting. However, I am not sure that Leerin is still there. I doubt that Roshone ended his smear campaign against Kaladin's father, and with Leerin so completely dejected following the loss of his sons, he probably wouldn't have been able to stand it. An additional stressor--such as the news of Tien's death, Kaladin's enslavement, or something else (perhaps his mother died in the intervening years)--could have pushed Leerin over the edge, changing him into something rather dark. I think he may have gone to Kharbranth, and I think it is possible he has become involved in The Diagram. I don't have any real evidence to support this theory--no references to Leerin, or a man matching his description, were made in any scene involving Taravangian--but given the importance that Taravangian will play in the overall plot of the Stormlight archive I think we are going to start seeing more ties between him and the other characters. Having a family member in his direct orbit would do that. Additionally, it would play well into Kaladin's development: he still has yet to confront and deal with the contradiction of killing to protect. What character better exemplifies this belief than Taravangian and his "silent gatherers"? If his father has become involved in this, it could even lead to another ideal. Something like, "I will protect those I love, even from themselves." Thoughts? How do you think the reunion (if it happens) will go? How has Leerin changed, do you think?
  7. So, When Jasnah elsecalls out into the wilderness in the WoR epilog, Wit say that its "at least a week" to the nearest town What if that town is Hearthstone? Discuss.
  8. Hey I am fairly new so I'm not sure if this topic has been covered or not, But... What could have happened to Laral and how might she fit into the next book? Perhaps she has even been broken, which could lead to her becoming a radiant, perhaps a skybreaker so that she can judge Roshone for what he has done. After all we wouldn't want Kaladin breaking more oaths. This could also play into a nice picture perfect scene of the two of them flying through the air together. Now I know some of this may seem a little far fetched I've just got this gut feeling that something along those lines is going to happen. If anyone else disagrees or has their own idea feel free to share as I am VERY interested in what other people may think.