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Found 24 results

  1. So let's say there's a person whose addicted to nicotine. Then, they bond with a spren and get access to stormlight healing. Like Teft, this person's addiction has become a part of his spiritual identity, so it can't be healed by stormlight. If this person smoked and then sucked in stormlight, would the stormlight remove the nicotine like it removed alcohol from Shallan? If it did wipe away the nicotine, would the surgebinder feel withdrawal symptoms, or would the stormlight prevent those symptoms? If stormlight didn't heal the withdrawal symptoms, what would happen if the surgebinder was a heroin addict, where the withdrawal symptoms could kill them? Would the stormlight actually cause the surgebinder to die? Or would it keep the surgebinder from dying, but also not heal the withdrawal symptoms, keeping them on the verge of death?
  2. So, I was wondering what would happen if a color blind person were to heal using stormlight (or other ways like f-gold) They would change to how they see themself. Well, if they see themself as duller or different in color than a normal person, would their skin and hair change color? just a weird thought.
  3. So miles can survive almost anything and hoid could have a great healing ability. We know for sure he does have one , although probably not as robust as gold compounding is . So thoughts ?
  4. So when I first read Elantris, I thought it was kind of odd that Adien's autism was just healed when Raoden heals Elantris. Since autism is connected to increased memorization and perception, as displayed in Adien's knowledge of distances, I wasn't sure how that would transfer after the healing. Now that I know more about the Cosmere and how healing works to form one's ideal self, I believe it's more likely that whatever made him unable to communicate was healed, rather than the entirety of his autism. "I...I feel like my entire life has been a dream, Raoden. I remember everything that happened. But I couldn't interact - I couldn't say anything. That's changed now, but one thing remains the same. My mind ... I've always been able to figure numbers..." Going off of this quote after he healed, it seems like his ideal self would be able to interact with others, but he would also retain his mind as it was. I thought it would be neat if in the next book, he's written as a high-functioning autistic rather than a regular Elantrian that is good with numbers. I'm curious as to what others think about this, let me know!
  5. I tried looking around, but couldn't find any topics with this theory, so I figured it might be an interesting first post. I will here try to give my theory for the mechanism that makes healing, in general throughout the cosmere works, and hopefully back it up with some good sources. Statement 1: Physical healing (at least the ones I will talk about, e.g. F-gold & stormlight) heals by making the physical body adhere to the Spiritual ideal. Statement 2: Spiritual healing works directly on the spiritweb, and there is no ideal for the spirit to adhere to, and must therefore be a different mechanism. Statement 3: Forgery instantly affects the physical, by causing it to adhere to the Forged Spiritual ideal. Statement 4: The body can be changed without changing the Spiritual ideal. (This is obvious because the body can be damaged and then healed back it's unchanged ideal) Statement 5: Time does not exist in the Spiritual Realm. Statement 1 & 2 I will only use to remove Spiritual healing from this theory, as my proposed solution would not affect the Spiritweb. Statements 3 & 4 together show that static spiritweb without external influence does not affect the Physical aspect, while a changing spiritweb does affect the Physical aspect. This makes me to come the conlusion that: A static Spiritweb does not filter down into the physical, but a changing Spiritweb does. Using this concept I believe that physical healing works by "rippling" the Spiritweb. This causes the Spiritweb to change, as in not being static, but it doesn't actually change any of the information contained in it. By rippling the Spiritweb like this it forces the Physical aspect to adhere to the Spiritual again, and a stronger ripple would result in a faster healing. The reason Forgery looks instant would be because the change is severe enough to count as a very large change, and cause the Physical to update quicker. Since time does not exist in the Spiritual Realm, the only way for things to change is through at direct causal chain. In other words things can't change (on their own) or over time. Therefore the only way to cause an update in the Spiritual realm is to directly start a causal chain from the Physical Realm, where time does exist. I've included what evidence for I could come up with, but there are some other explanations that could also explain it. The side effect of each magic could simply directly cause these things to happen. Gold could simply "look at your spiritual, and then change the Physical to match it", rather than go through the extra step of starting a ripple in your Spiritweb. Since every time the Spiritweb changes, there is some cause, proven by the fact that time does not exist in the Spiritual Realm, means that we don't, and likely never will, have a case where the Spiritweb constantly changes without some external cause. And this would really be the only way to prove or disprove the over-arching theory, as the static Spiritweb part is proven trivially. Thank you for taking the time to read this theory, may the ripping-it-to-shreds begin.
  6. So with how quickly the knights radiant heal, perfectly mending all wounds, it seems, do the radiants age? With how healing works in our normal bodies, those of us who can't absorb stormlight, do cells make perfect copies, much like wolverine does?
  7. So I’ve been thinking about all that we’ve seen stormlight do, and I got curios about what storm light could potentially do. It can heal eyesight (renarin), it can heal shardblade cuts, broken bones, arrows through the face, burns away toxins, helps with the cold, and they don’t need to breath when holding. So what else can it do? It’s said that the best way to kill a radiant is decapitation, or a shard slice through the spine. But could it help with dehydration? Could it help with starvation and other stuff like bad eyesight, for example, bad hearing? And how does it determine what needs to be healed? If someone is born without a finger would it grow a new one? Or what if someone was born with an extra finger? Would the stormlight remove it? i would love to hear your thoughts on this. P.S. why did it heal renarins eyesight? Wouldn’t it be like kaladins scares, or rysns legs?
  8. We've seen in the cosmere that most healing works by changing your physical self to more accuratly match your spiritual self. It has also been said that after a person has accepted a wound and learned to work around it magical healing won't work because your spiritual self would have changed. So that brings me to Lopen. In WoR we see him start to regrow his arm and it finishes in OB. But by this point hasn't Lopen accepted his missing arm? Why is he healed?
  9. Not sure if it was discussed here already, and it's not exactly on topic, but I've been reading the book for the past few days, and I can't stop thinking about the way of healing that can be used to cure any and all physical diseases very efficiently. All you need is one person with high enough awakening and one Drab. Basically, the patient gives his Breath to Drab (I think just giving it to random item might also work, but not sure if a person with one breath can even infuse it into the item), then the "healer" gives his breath to the patient, the patient is cured of all ailments, and then the breath is returned to the healer, and original breath is returned by the drab to the patient. Surely there might be some crimes involved (e.g. breath terrorism, when someone pretends to be I'll and takes the breath of a healer, and then refuses to return it), but with necessary precautions it's possible to eliminate most of the problems. (E.g. performing healing in a specific colorless room so the patient can't awaken and run away, etc.). Still it's a bit risky, since someone might just refuse to give up stolen breath even if they are threatened to be killed, and I'm not sure how to solve this problem completely (unless it's possible to force anyone to give up their breath using torture, but that's probably not true). Very few people would be willing to try and steal from healers, if it was established as the highest offense. Sure, if they succeed, they can gain potential immortality, but if they are tortured and crippled permanently, breath won't help with that, so there is little point unless you want to specifically destroy the big quantity of Breath at a cost of your life. Which still may be a viable enough reason for the spies/terrorists of the enemy countries, but that's pretty much it. Please correct me if I'm missing something, but to me this sounds like a very viable method, and even the most pious members of both religions should be able to see the clear benefits of using it. There are no downsides besides the point that one person needs to hold a large quantity of Breaths of different people. But as long as those people are willingly sold those Breaths (which already happens anyway), or just donated/sold the Breath before their death (since it doesn't seem like Breath is actually a soul, just some sort of power). It doesn't seem like the Breath of a dying person is significantly worse than breath of a healthy person, as long as enough breathes are collected this way, a healer can be born. Healer himself will get an obvious benefit of living an extremely long life, even though his position comes with obvious risks (e.g. their life is worth a ton of money, so they are an obvious target for kidnappers). There is also a risk that healer may try and escape, but it can be solved by treating healers like monks (e.g. if they give up on their position, they will have to return the breath, while their original breath can also be temproarily given to a Drab working at the temple).
  10. So quite simply, my question is would a gold compounder be able to survive having their central nervous system severed by a shardblade? We know that gold healing is fundamentally the same as all healing in the cosmere, and so if stormlight can heal a shardblade wound then so can gold feruchemy. But we also know that gold compounders can heal from basically any wound as long as they have access to their metalminds. So would they be able to heal from a normally mortal wound from a shardblade? Or is that a special exception?
  11. I have had this in my mind since way back when we learned that healing mostly depended on the self-image of the healed person (at least with Stormlight). Does this mean that if for some reason, call it magic, call it brainwashing, or the super-power of extreme self-delusion, you had a Radiant believe that he is phisically different from what he is, he would "heal" into that new shape? You convince a tall man that he was short and should be short, or convince another that he was changed to a man by evil magic but he was instead a woman... Would they eventually "heal" themselves until they are a short man and a woman, respectively? Or maybe it wold only work with less drastic changes, like change of skin tone, gain/loss of muscular mass, minor alterations in facial features, etc... Is this possible to "heal" into something/someone else if you confuse enough the mind that's supposed to filter the investiture? Possible cons: I do remember mention of a "perfect version of self" stored in the Spiritual realm, that the cognitive aspect uses as a template for healing, but that "perfect version" ought to be modificable, or else no matter how Kaladin sees himself, his perfect version wouldn't have scars and he would not heal them back.
  12. Hey all I’m new in the forums and I had a few questions. I was listening to The Final Empire again and a thought came to my head when Sazed is explaining to Vin that he is a Eunuch. In The alloy of law Wayne makes a statement about having fingers blown off and having to grow them back. Now with Sazed being a feruchemist he has the same healing ability as Wayne so if Wayne is able to grow back body parts ie. fingers in this case. Shouldn’t Sazed be able to grow back his male genitalia? Is there something I’m missing that makes it so he cannot.
  13. My question has to do with how the use of stormlight is supposed to restore the physical aspect of the Radient back to the way their spiritual aspect views itself. I have this weird thing where I don't really remember what people look like until I see them again (it's not face blindness), and it applies to me as well. When I'm not looking in the mirror, I have a lot of trouble remembering what I look like when I'm not staring at myself in the mirror. As a result, my mental image of myself is like a larger version of the way I looked when I was a child. So, if I or someone like me formed a nahel bond and gained the ability to draw in stormlight to heal, do you think they would be restored to their mental image of themselves rather than how they look physically? Does such a strong mental imprint count as being part of the spiritual aspect of a person? What if the Radient had never looked into a mirror or suitably reflective surface; would their spiritual aspect of themselves be closer to the way they see themselves or the way they're actually put together?
  14. Hi, I've been rereading Alloy of Law and it has made me think: I hace been looking through past posts and WoB but there is just so much there! So please feel free to redirect me if this is answered elsewhere. We know a bloodmaker can choose the rate at which they heal, but can they choose which wounds to heal? If they had a broken leg and a shallow cut could they choose to just heal the leg, or would both heal at the same rate? What if they had a broken arm and a broken leg - could they differentiate between two injuries of the same type? Any thoughts?
  15. wob

    This will, perhaps, surprise no one, but Brandon confirmed on Reddit that the act of Returning heals and restores the body. You can read the entire exchange by following the link (it has some interesting but not groundbreaking tidbits about Lightsong's own Return and how long it takes for somebody to Return), but the gist of it is this: Credit to /u/Phantine for asking the question(s).
  16. So, shapeshifting. That does not have a large position in the cosmere books. I don't think we have really seen it at all, so your curiosity should be piqued. Instead, let me walk you through healing: We know that the reason Kaladin did not heal his slave brand, but Lopen healed his arm was due to their perceptions of themselves. Kaladin saw himself with his slave brand. Basically, healing is modelled after a certain pattern defined by self perception. I think most people having read the night angel trilogy notice something here (massive night angel spoilers): I should introduce the following assumption here: Healing occurs whenever someone's physique differs from the perception/pattern proposed. Basically, it amounts to this. If someone who can heal changes how they see themselves, they will shapeshift, and this could be used to powerful ends. What do you think? Please tell me if I missed something. EDIT: Added a spoiler tag
  17. I am reading the Warbreaker Annotations and this make me think: Therefore my doubt is: May a Returned heals a Drab ? And May he/she heals an other-Shardworld's Human?
  18. So in the last few years we've learned quite a lot about how healing works in the cosmere. Whether or not you whippersnappers can fathom it, we used to be quite confused on the whole issue. But post-TES we've essentially nailed down healing as based on the Cognitive aspect of the healed (with some very well-delineated exceptions). This Cognitive model has been explicitly applied to permanent Resealing in Forging, as well as almost certainly applying to how Stormlight healing works, and being described as applying to "most" healing in the cosmere and so very likely including Feruchemical Gold. Myself, I've tried a bit to explore the fringes of the system by examining what exactly is limiting people from going crazy and using warped self-perception to grow an extra limb, or become immortal. I've settled on my old standby ("old" only at this point: once again: whippersnappers, all of you!!! ) of Forms as the main answer, historically. So TLR aged because some Human Form kept him grounded, and we needn't fear Doc Oc growing actual tentacles for the same reason. ---- But then we got a new WoB from the SLCC signing: Source: My first comment when I saw this was "We've gotten pretty definitive 'it's Cognitive' stuff before, so perhaps here Brandon is emphasizing the Spiritual as a limiting factor?" -- But really, the phrasing here is a bit odd given all we've had in the past to suggest a primarily-Cognitive mechanism. I think the answer, then, might be a mildly radical re-shaping of how we understand the mechanism of magical healing. Since TES, we've essentially been saying that healing is just the body's "state of health" being brought into compliance with its Cognitive aspect. To the extent that the Spiritual was involved at all, it was only tangentially as I insisted that Spiritually-based Forms acted as a limiting factor on what healing could accomplish. Given this new WoB, though, I might suggest a shift in this model. Instead of healing being both driven and expressed by the Cognitive aspect, I would argue that its motive force is instead based in the Spiritual aspect of the healed. Now we have much less knowledge about Spiritual interactions than I'd like, but we do have this: Source: So we can start at a crude level by just thinking of the spirit as your "ideal self" (whatever that means and however that's formed/maintained...). So far as healing goes, then, perhaps we should model it as the Spiritual aspect attempting to impose its idealized form onto the body, but having to work through the "reality" (or at least closer-to-reality) of the Cognitive aspect. -I really really promise that that one theory of mine wasn't even in my mind when I started writing up this thread. That said... So the Spiritual saying "make the body like X" and then the Cognitive interpreting and applying directive X within the framework/restrictions of the Cognitive aspect. --- This new "workflow" also provides a convenient inlet for Forms to do there thing, as before they were just kind of butting into an otherwise purely Cognitive process. Here, then, it seems we might be able to conclude that Forms plug into the Spiritual aspect of each individual (as makes most sense in terms of interaction) and so guide the healing process from the top down. If the Spiritual never asks the Cognitive to heal the effects of aging, then it never will. Of course an alternative might be to discard Forms from healing altogether and posit something intrinsic to the spirit such that it never "distorts" enough to allow bizarre "healings" or the like. This has some plausibility if we're to see the spirit as somehow ideal. Myself, though, I like the idea of having a very firmly external authority to go to with these matters, to cut down on shenanigans. I'll end about here, I think. This merits some further exploration, but better to let some discussion commence than just keep rambling into more and more speculative territory by myself. EDIT: For sake of reference, here's Shai's definition of the Realms: Essence, ideal; potato potato?
  19. I’m intrigued by Jasnah’s description of Shadesmar as a place where the unconscious is given expression and spren “leak out” into the Physical Realm. How does something called the Cognitive Realm (which definitionally means “Conscious” Realm) deal with the Unconscious? “Shadesmar is the way that your cognitive self – your unconscious self – experiences the world. Through your hidden senses, touching that realm, you make intuitive leaps of logic and you form hopes. It is likely through those extra senses that you, Shallan, create art.” - WoR, Kindle p. 40. This is a definitionally false statement. To be a true statement would mean Brandon simply picked a word (“cognitive”) he uses as jargon rather than its actual meaning. And that’s okay (provided we, therefore, take everything Brandon says, even textually, with suspicion…which I guess we already do.) For my personal theories, it works much better for Shadesmar to have both conscious and unconscious features, to be like a “human mind” in Cosmere truth. I received a lot of flak for my “Shattering” theory, specifically the notion that the power chose each Shard because of its “cognitive like-mindedness.” I claimed that the impulses/emotions each Shard’s mandate represents mirrored the unconscious drives of the persons who became Shards. This theory hasn’t mattered much so far, but I still think it valid. Aside [i referenced in that post the 1956 classic Sci-Fi movie The Forbidden Planet. In that movie, longtime actor Walter Pidgeon plays a scientist who discovers a massive machine built by an ancient alien civilization. He has a daughter, played by Anne Francis (later of 1960’s TV fame starring as female detective “Honey West”). They have been stranded alone for awhile, after Mommy died. A space ship arrives seeking to rescue Daddy and Daughter. Space ship captain Leslie Nielsen (yes, that Leslie Nielsen) and Daughter fall for each other. Daddy gets upset. It turns out massive alien machine has “bonded” with Daddy, turning his unconscious thoughts into “Physical Realm” power. That power kills many of the crew before Daddy realizes what he’s done and sacrifices himself to allow Daughter and Captain to escape. Does the “magic” sound familiar? BTW, this movie was the first appearance of “Robby the Robot” who went on to star in the Lost in Space TV series.] I’ve also been making a case to Kurkistan about unconscious healing. He says such healing begins as “Spiritual Realm impulses” flowing down to the Cognitive Realm. These impulses take a snapshot of a person’s self-perception (their cognitive self-image), and make the necessary adjustments to the body to effect any changes – “healing.” I posit the opposite mechanism. The body’s self-perception arises mostly in one’s unconscious – we think about it only a few times a day if that much. Changes in self-perception are themselves a series of Cognitive Realm ideas that regularly reify into new Spiritual Realm ideals/connections. Those new ideals/connections effect Physical Realm changes to one’s body – “healing.” In the Spiritual Realm, each new cognitive “idea” of a changed self-perception gets compared with the Spiritual Realm template. The Spiritual Realm only makes those changes “requested” by the Cognitive Realm idea. If the new self-perception idea doesn’t "request" a slave brand’s removal, it doesn’t happen. That’s how the Spiritual Realm deals with the self-perception issue. The significance? The unconscious mind can generate magic, just like the conscious mind can. “ALL MAGIC BEGINS IN THE COGNITIVE REALM.” (Repetition makes it true…)
  20. *MISTBORN SPOILERS AHOY* So there have been some discussions as to why Sazed can't un-eunuch himself with Health. We know that severe bodily trauma isn't world-ending because Miles grows back from chomping on a stick of dynamite and Wayne grows back his fingers at least once. So what is "health?" Is it the state of health that the person is in when they store? Then why is Miles getting older and what does Compounding do? I think that TES has given us an answer. The application of Feruchemical Health is dependent upon the Cognitive aspect of the Feruchemist (or, more accurately, his body's Cognitive aspect). So Sazed's body see's itself as lacking in certain reproductive areas, Wayne sees himself as having a whole hand (as opposed to the normal course of healing just resulting in a quick creation of new skin over the stumps), and Miles sees himself as not chunky salsa. Miles gets older, then, because his Cognitive aspect adapts to age and sees it as the new normal regardless of how much Health his body has coursing through it. Health, rather than being a "state of health" or anything so complicated, is essentially just raw power whose use is dictated by the Cognitive aspect. That way, Compounding can just pour on a little extra power rather than having to interact oddly with any other aspects of what makes up "Health." I'm not going to give much analysis here because I think it's self-evident after reading TES. I'm sure other people have proposed something similar, but now we know that this is almost certainly how Health works.
  21. We've have some discussion in the past as to the degree to which magical Healing in the cosmere will heal you—and what it may "leave behind". While we know that, in general, Cognitive aspects govern healing and get you back to your "normal" self, this is not always the case. In particular, I want to compare the "automatic" healing of Stormlight with Feruchemical gold. This is because, as Szeth exposits in the prologue, Stormlight cannot heal a limb that has been "severed" by a Shardblade. Feruchemical Gold, however, can heal such a limb—by healing the damage to the soul. So what is the difference? Is Feruchemical gold simply very powerful, or is Stormlight weak? Would Regrowth or Resealing or AonDor be able to heal "severing"? My Theory: Myself, I'm inclined to think that Stormlight is somehow unique in its weakness. Either because it's meant to be a battlefield system to keep you on your feet—and so the energy-cost to heal a "severed" limb would be prohibitive and saved for Regrowth later—or, more intriguingly, because of the way that Stormlight is infused in a Surgebinder (or at least a Windrunner, assuming that's the norm). Stormlight is always described as "surging through veins" or the like: what if this is more than merely metaphor? What if Stormlight is actually "pumped" exclusively over a user's spiritweb, rather than being in their body proper? In this case, the conduits needed to get Stormlight to the affected region will have been severed by the Shardblade, and so the light simply cannot ever get there to do its job properly. This second explanation is not wholly satisfactory, since it begs the question of why the Stormlight can't just "build from the bridgehead", as it were, and re-create the conduits as it goes. I would also like to note that it is my impression (wholly intuitive, no facts or anything) from WoK that Stormlight would not be sufficient to regrow even normally-severed limbs or other such "no take-backs" injuries. This could either mesh with the second option above or contradict it or be an incorrect impression on my part. Thoughts?
  22. So a question has been rattling around in my brain during a AoL reread. Where does Miles get the extra mass he would need to heal wounds like losing fingers, toes, arms, and etc? Before someone writes this off as a silly question, the only other Feruchemical ability that ties into a large gain in mass is pewter, and while storing there is a decrease in muscle mass that makes sense for the later increase. We've seen Sazed store gold, and he doesn't seem to be getting skinnier or weaker, he just gets sick. Same with Wayne. So where does the mass for these larger healings come from? Particularly if a large injury like losing an arm or leg happens... does it all get shunted from hammerspace on the back of your invisible clone? This kind of makes me think that gold healing is actually a personalized reversal of time more than actual healing. You reset your body to an earlier state, rather than heaing your body's current damage.
  23. Look, pretty much this whole thread is spoilers, so if you haven't read the Mistborn trilogy and Alloy of Law, stop reading. Alright Feruchemichal healing, and some discrepancies I'dlike to see cleared up, has been bugging me for awhile now. As I understand it, it works on the basis that it has a template for the human body, and works to restore it to that original template when Gold is Tapped. Evidence that supports this is the obvious closing of wounds, the regrowth of skin from burns, regrowing of fingers and while limbs, and the reanimation of limbs damaged by Shardblade. During Saze's fight with Marsh, Marsh Pushes Saze's bag 'o goodies at him and the rings penetrate into his abdomen. Sazed (has to?) pull the bag out of the wound to allow it to close, but the rings stay within him. Why is this? The Gold should have rejected the foreign, and poisonous, metal from the body but it does not. Miles the Double Gold, is shot numerous times. During the warehouse scene, Wax gives him a double dose of bird shot at point blank. The pellets strike (Wax has anchor), penetrate (Wax has no anchor), are rejected by Mile's healing and pushed out (Wax has anchor and Pushes). Also Mile's bracer Metal-Minds penetrate the skin, why are these not pushed out? I can accept that they wrap around the arm completely, but what about the slivers in his muscles, there's not reason for these to remain in the body. Thoughts?
  24. This is just something that occurred to me, and that is rather obvious now that I think of it. Like my earlier thread on Healing being based on Cognitive aspect, this is more of a statement of fact than a theory, in my mind. We know that only one "full set" of any given set Shardplate can exist at a time: When Dalinar loses his gauntlet, he thinks: WoK, Ch 69 *AoL Spoilers* We also know that this is essentially how magical healing works: Link Presumably, if the smaller part of Miles was the only one with Metalminds, than it would be the one to regrow. Assuming that Stormligh is to Shardplate as Health is to humans, the infusion of some extra (almost cetainly Spiritual) energy is what's necessary to actually do the regrowing. Therefore, I would conclude that Shardplate has a "soul" (like all objects do, so not a big revelation) and that the behavior of that soul when confronted with its pieces of Plate being separated is likely identical to the behavior of the souls of living beings being magically healed.