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Found 3 results

  1. Darson watched as the group of gathered metalborn began to disperse from the main room, clumps forming together as accusations already began to fly. While this might be a crude method, he thought to himself, I am certain they will be able to find the traitors amongst themselves in no time. ~ Variel struggled to control his breathing. And to not glance toward his fellow loyalists in the room. Their cover had been blown, and they were now all stuck in here until they were either all dead or could find a way to kill everyone else. He glanced towards one of the windows that was in the process of being boarded up by one of Darson's men. He felt at his side for the vial of steel flakes he kept with him at all times. He began to make a plan. The loyalist's plan was over. He was not about to die now. He would drink part of the vial when no one was looking, then shoot the coins in his pockets at the man barricading the window and launch himself of the metal wall behind him through the glass. The glass would tear through him a bit, but he could survive that if he needed to. Calming his nerves, he looked around to make sure no one was watching him and quickly downed the vial of steel flakes. Taking one last, deep breath, he began to burn the metal, and quickly launched the coins at the man. He began to push off the wall and was almost to the window when another coin flew through the air and shot through his head. ~ Darson laughed, clapping his hands. The group looked towards him again. "Looks like he couldn't stand the thought of getting caught." He paused for a moment to feel the tension in the air. "I hope the rest of you traitors are just as unlucky as him." LG66: A Struggle for Power has begun! GM PMs will be sent out shortly. Remember that all PMs must include myself, @Young Bard, and @Fifth Scholar. There will be a lynch. There is no vote minimum for the lynch and tied lynches result in a random player being lynched. This turn will end on Friday, June 5th at 10 pm CDT. Player List:
  2. "A clever mortal fears the night without a hint of sweet moonlight. On such a night, each step you take might catch you in the dark moon’s wake, and pull you all unwitting into fae. Where you will have no choice but stay." A troupe of Edema Ruh performers were traveling by night through a forest, and have been caught out on a night with no moon. The realms of the Four Corners and Fae have become meshed together, and nobody can quite tell the two apart. Time also is uncertain, as the forest has remained in a state of evening since the troupe's arrival. Strangers walk among the troupe, clothed in glammourie. Some may be relatively benign, as fae go. Others are quite literally the demons from folklore. In the distance, there looms a gargantuan tree, lush with dense foliage and brightly colored flowers, wreathed in a warm, welcoming light. Beckoning you to come take refuge in its branches and sustenance from its flowers… If you guys enjoy playing this game at least half as much as I did building it, I will consider it a success. Big thank you to Randuir, for stepping up to help GM this game. Without further ado, here is the game: Rules Clarifications Cast Countdown Quick Links:
  3. LG20: Warcamp Enigmas You are all members of the Alethi lighteyed nobility in the warcamps. Many of you have secret items in your possession. There are a few of you who are hiding other secrets. Whether you use those for good or evil is up to you. You have been infiltrated by some nefarious Ghostbloods who are attempting to steal a soulcaster and a shardblade from you. Killing them all before they obtain those is the only way to succeed. There is also a thief in your midst, though he may end up helping you. Format: This is a rerun of LG5, the first game I GMd. Each Day turn will be 48 hours and each Night turn will be 24 hours long. Rollover time will be 9 pm MST. Signups will end on April 22nd. There is a 5 turn inactivity filter; after five turns of inactivity, inactive players will be killed. General Rules: Every player gets up to three actions per night. Only one item from each tier category may be used per cycle. One 1A, one 1D, and one Tier 2 item is the most that can be used. Any action can be replaced with the Ghostblood kill or a role ability/declaring an heir. Items: Other roles: Item Rules: Death Cries: When a player is killed in any way, they get a chance to send one last message to the group as a whole. The messages must be less than 200 characters and sent to the GM to be posted to the rest of the group. The dead player will not be sent to the dead doc before the end of the turn following their death or until their death cry is sent in. It must be sent in before the end of the turn following the player’s death. Except for this, the dead may not speak. Win conditions: Ghostbloods’ Win: Outnumber the other players Bonus goal: Obtain a Shardblade and Soulcaster. Nobles’ Win: Kill all Ghostbloods Bonus goal: Survive until the end and the player with the most/most valuable items will be made king and the other survivors will be made Highprinces/Highprincesses. Thief's Win: Steal at least one of each item(excluding Shards and a Soulcaster) throughout the course of the game to become a master thief and live a life of luxury. Order of Actions: Links to the writeups: Day 1: Succession War Night 1: Violet Wine Day 2: Whitespines* Night 2: Silence of the Stars Day 3: The Land of the Free* Night 3: Self Sacrifice Day 4: Death's Herald Night 4: The Final Duel Day 5: Dual Stabbing* Night 5: Rightful Vengeance* Day 6: Rematch Night 6: Violet Wine II*† Day 7: Felled Thief Night 7: Running In Circles*† Day 8: Sneak Attack Night 8: Mutton Day 9: Dead for Real Night 9: Third Time's Not the Charm*† Day 10: Another One Bites the Dust Night 10: Is He Dead Yet?*† Day 11: Defensive Maneuvers Night 11: Turning Tides Day 12: Fatal Miscalculation Aftermath: No Way Out *Written by Elbereth †The Saga of Kayden(Kynedath) Current Player List: