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Found 4 results

  1. *I am not making a religious statement or expressing an opinion. I am stating historical facts that are supported by documents and research.* I am currently reading the Robert Langdon series by Dan Brown. It is a fictional book, but it includes lots of actual historical facts. In the book I am reading right now, they are discussing pagan religions and historically what was worshipped. There is a lot that goes into this, but I will simplify as best I can. Almost every single religion, up until the time of Christ revered women as equal or superior to men. The main religion I am going to focus on is Christianity itself. Eve was revered as the woman who brought life into the world, with the help of Adam. She was revered as a sacred female, who needed to be protected and kept holy, sanctified for all time. In Hebrew, the name Eve translates to Havah. Eve was kept holy and sanctified, and now the havah protects the other women's sanctity. I think Brandon is keeping women protected in his books using the epitome of sanctity and holiness in the Christian religion. This was worded really poorly, but I hope y'all get the idea of what I am trying to say.
  2. So we know that a typical havah has an underskirt that is consisted of layers of pleated sheer silk to give volume. I picture the layers as having a starched lining or just straight up starched silk. However, I'm having a little trouble imagining them being worn without the waistband making an impression on the smooth bodice. Does anyone have an idea of how the underskirt work? Are the layers thin enough that the waistband isn't bulky from layers of pleated fabric? What kind of closure does it have? Buttons or ties or hooks and eyes? Could the waistband be tucked under the bodice vest to smooth out the silhouette? Is it closed at the waist or works like a kilted underskirt of a bustle dress?
  3. From the album A Graphic Guide to Roshar

    VORIN HAVAH EXPLAINED! (Yay for Syl in havah!) FIRST STEP During Mr. Inkthinker (Ben)’s AMA in 2016, I asked him about how Vorin havah actually looks like and where Brandon’s inspiration came from. He’s really a super nice guy and here’s his detailed answer: (Example art by Michael Whelan) SECOND STEP New info about the replaceable hem! Here is what I got from Tumblr user polk1986: THIRD STEP This time we have a Ben original! The official havah design! Hooray! I also asked Ben about specifics of the high collar: So... Based on all the aforementioned resources, I rendered something new this year: (My new take on Shallan) (Young!Navani) OLD STUFF My old havah design (Ver. 1.0): Inspiration: Traditional costumes from China (Qipao / Cheongsam), Vietnam (Ao Dai), India (Sari), Pakistan (Shalwar Kameez) and Central Asia
  4. Full pic here: More Alethi Fashion Hesina and Lirin, Laral and Roshone, Inkima and Jakamav And bonus picture: Kaladin, Adolin, Shallan and The Stick at the beach.