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Found 22 results

  1. Past WoBs have confirmed that ettmetal, Harmony's godmetal, is distinct from an alloy of atium and lerasium. So I've been wondering for a while if creating harmonium was possible prior to the catascendre, when ruin and preservation were still distinct entities. Could Ati and Leras have worked together to create it? Now, we have potentially new info on the topic: Warlight and Tower light. Obviously, this is gaseous investiture but it seems safe to assume that what was done to them could be done to the godmetals, in some fashion. Possibly through different means, but I feel very safe in assuming that something could be done to create a godmetal equivalent of Warlight and Towerlight. The question is, what was done to them? Is this closer to an alloy, or is it closer to ettmetal? If it's the latter, then that would imply that yes, ettmetal could have been created prior to harmony. But if it's closer to being like the alloy, then the question is still up in the air
  2. After RoW I've been thinking of the uses Anti-Invesiture can have not only in Stormlight, but in the Cosmere as a whole. I started thinking about Scadrial and Ettmetal. We have a WoB that says that both Atium and Lerasium can be extracted from Ettmetal I'm guessing that those "not normal, mechanical means" are the use of Anti-Investiture. We know that Anti-Investiture repels normal Investiture. So maybe if they can get Ettmetal to a level where it isn't as reactive as it is normally, you could separate Ruin's and Preservation's Investiture aka Atium and Lerasium. What we know about this process is that it can't be done on solid Ettmetal (since they use Raysium to conduct Anti-Voidlight in RoW) so maybe in a liquid state —which is possible since Malatium could be created from Atium— there could be a way to use either Ruin's or Preservation's Anti-Tone to separate their individual Investitures. If there's a way to create undiluted Mistborn (and possibly Full Feruchemists with an alloy of Lerasium) that could give Scadrial a lot of power and there could possibly be a Lerasium and Atium trade.
  3. @I think I am here. and I were discussing and thinking about what would happen if you flared a metal and used a primer cube. We know that Harmonium, used in a primer cube at least, reflects a metal being used around it. So, if you flared a metal while holding a primer cube, would the Harmonium burn up at the same rate you flared the metal, and produce the same output as the flared metal? For example, if you flared steel and used the primer cube, would the Harmonium burn up faster, and Push harder? Another thing that he and I discussed, was if you used Compounding on the primer cube. Would the Feruchemical storage be replicated, and burnt through the Harmonium? That could produce some interesting effects, such as if you Compounded heat, and shoved it into the primer cube, would the cube act as a furnace, almost? And what if you burnt an iron metalmind? would that make the cube extremely heavy, able to crush your opponents if you threw it at them. Obviously, some of these Compounding effects would just be wasted, like Steelrunning compounding used on the cube. The cube would just be fast? I guess? And zinc would make it smart?? Anyway, let me hear your theories too!
  4. Since Sazed currently holds Ruin, Hemalurgy is of him now. Since he also holds Preservation, calling the combination Harmony, he also has an entirely new godmetal that we saw in BoM. Duscovered by the Southern Scadrians, who call it Ettmetal and use it to power their ships, create powerful bombs as well as Allomantic grenades. This metal is explosive on contact with water, Brandon compared it with Cesium. As we saw with the Inquisitors, Hemalurgic constructs can survive wounds inflicted by the spike and in fact, alter the receiver's biology so that they can survive being impaled. The Inquisitors' brains itself was reshaped to allow the spikes to pass through, as well as, it seems their skeletal structure and muscular structure as well as possibly a few internal organs and their circulatory system. So couldn't their body do something to accommodate a Harmonium spike? It doesn't solve the problem of the spike degrading or getting damaged or exploding while it's still... passing through the donor, but I'm hoping you all could provide some theories for that end. Now, assuming success of such a venture, what power(s) do(es) Harmonium steal? Feruchemy can sidestep the godmetal's reaction with water, provided the Feruchemist takes a few precautions like covering up their metalmind so as to not expose it to water. So what would a Harmonium metalmind store?
  5. So I just thought of something! For atium, you steal one ability hemalurgically, and with lerasium, you steal all of the abilities! This is like the allomancy/ Feruchemy thing! You can only have one or all but what makes this better is that there is one way for you to have two abilities: if you are a twinborn. so what if harmonium hemalurgically steals one of each ability from a magic system! one from Feruchemy, one for allomancy, one for surgebinding, and so on! i feel like this has some merit and I’m losing my spheres/marbles!
  6. First, a recap of what we know about Harmonium: -It explodes when it contacts water -It copies the effects of whatever Allomantic ability is used nearby (Burning steel nearby would make it steelpush as well) -Burns with "a pure whiteness" when it's duplicating Allomantic effects -It slowly uses itself up when copying an ability With those in mind, my theory is that the Harmonium duplicates abilities by converting its mass into raw investiture, which then aligns with whatever "flavour" of investiture is being used. Here's why: Brandon Sanderson did say that what it's doing is akin to the way matter can be converted into energy, and that it's really unstable because it's Spiritual nature (a very delicately held balance of Preservation and Ruin) is unstable, and will tear itself apart if given the chance (it's sort of the opposite of The Stick). When it the Spiritual identity tears itself apart, that Spiritual energy is released into the Physical realm, causing an explosion. I believe that when ettmetal burns itself out when copying abilities, the metal is reacting with the water vapour in the air to create a slower, more controlled version of that Spiritual energy explosion. This continuous reaction produces small amounts of Spiritual energy, seen in the white light produced by it's burning. I like to think of that Spiritual energy as "unflavoured" investiture, sort of like how a stem cell is waiting to become any other cell. This "unflavoured" investiture then keys into whatever "flavour" of Allomancy is present, similar to how stem cells will typically turn into the same type of cell that is nearby. This would explain how Harmonium can copy Allomantic abilities used nearby. Answers to possible counterarguments: 1. If ettmetal reacts to water vapour as well, why doesn't it burn itself out when allomantic abilities aren't used nearby? My answer to this is that Harmonium won't react to such small amounts of water for the same reason that Stormlight doesn't soulcast everything around it without someone actively trying to soulcast. Soulcasting works by convincing the "soul" of a material to change it's Spiritual identity to that of another material using Stormlight (Honor's investiture) as a sort of bribe. But the "soul" will not change without a direction or idea of what it should change into, even if you have a huge amount of investiture. Similarly, Harmonium won't react with water vapour to produce "unflavoured" investiture if there isn't a flavour of investiture to key into. 2. So why is it that throwing liquid water onto it causes it to react if water vapour won't for the reasons stated in question 1? I think that it has to do with the nature of Harmonium's Spiritual identity. Harmonium's Identity does want to change, it has a direction it wants to go in, which is "not Harmonium". It's identity is made of two things that really, really don't want to be together, Preservation and Ruin. If water acts as a trigger for the opposing intents of Preservation and Ruin in the metal to react, then small amounts of water won't be enough to trigger the metal to change itself, but a large enough amount of water should be enough for the metal to react and change as it's identity wants it to. Again, it's similar to one of the characteristics of soulcasting, that even if you have the direction for the material to change into, you need enough Stormlight to convince the soul of the object. If we consider water as acting on Ettmetal in the same way that Stormlight acts on souls (a reason/motivation to change), then having enough water be enough for Ettmetal to change into the direction it wanted to in the first place. This is my first theory, so I welcome any questions and criticisms with open arms.
  7. So I have just backed the 'Mistborn Metal Dice' project on Kickstarter by Crafty Games - they ahve created the Mistborn RPGs and the Mistborn: House War tabletop game in the past... Therefore, anything which they produce, usually has high involvement from Brandon. In the description of the dice, the 20 of which all are based around a different Allomantic metal, it describes Harmonium as the following: (God, Internal, Pushing) - Unknown in the Classis Era, Harmonium replicates the effects of nearby Allomantic or Feruchemical metals DISCUSS!
  8. I don't know if this has been said before. Lerasium acts much like a 'catch-all' for Allomancy, granting all Allomantic powers. Atium acts much like a 'catch-all' for Hemalurgy, being able to steal any attribute. Therefore, shouldn't Harmonium act similarly? Lerasium is of Preservation, like Allomancy. Atium is of Ruin, like Hemalurgy. Feruchemy is a mix, an end-neutral system. Which closely relates to Harmony, a mix of Ruin and Preservation. Since each god metal acts as a universal metal for its relative Shard's metallic art, shouldn't Harmonium therefore be a universal Feruchemical metalmind? The only problem I can see is that why wouldn't the Southern Scadrians notice it's ability if it really did act like I say? But there's definitely something going on with Harmonium and at least Feruchemic mechanics. Such as when Allomancers use the primer cube, they are practically storing their Allomantic output into the metal, which then automatically 'taps' it, giving off the Allomantic effect.
  9. This is perhaps an insignificant matter, but why do we call it Harmonium? None of the other shards who have metals have their metal named after the shard (that I know if) but instead of the holder of the shard. i.e: Ati = Atium Leras = Lerasium Trell = Trellium So surely it would follow that rather than being called Harmonium it is called Sazium, or something similar, instead. Has Brandon said anything on this? Do we know it's called Harmonium for sure? If so, I'm annoyed at the inconsistency.
  10. I'm not sure what spoiler policy is for Mistborn, so I'm just gonna say that this has MAJOR Mistborn spoilers. Each Shard on Scadrial has 2 things associated to itself: a Metallic Art and a Godmetal (I'm gonna capitalize this because why not). Hemalurgy for Ruin, Allomancy for Preservation. It's fairly easy to demonstrate why Feruchemy is associated with Harmony (if you want me to explain, post Explain in the comments please because I don't have much time now) For me, Godmetals have the most powerful effect in the Metallic Art of the Shard is associated with: Lerasium makes you into the most powerful Allomancer you can be, a Mistborn. For this reason, I think the info we have about H-Atium is downplayed (I have a theory, but again, I don't have much time so post Theory down below). So, by the same logic, Harmonium/Ettmetal should do something really cool in Feruchemy. My theory is that we saw it in BoM. That's right, the primer cube. My theory is that a Feruchemist filling a Harmoniummind would somehow dampen nearby Allomantic charges of a certain metal. Like tin, you would have to use a different metalmind per Allomantic metal. Then, tapping the metalmind would replicate Allomancy, centered on the Feruchemist. Tapping it faster coyld even replicate duralumin. I think that harmonium alloys would enable you to store only Allomantic pulses of that metal. This would mean that the Southern Scadrians have discovered how to mechamize Feruchemy, which is an idea I like very much because of all the possible uses, of which I'll be happy to tell you about at length, but not now. Thoughts?
  11. If Atium and Lerasium are named after the holders of the Shards, then why isn't Ettmetal called Sazium, or something like that?
  12. I've got an idea in my head that through some combination of Copper, Nicrosil, and Harmonium that it would be able to duplicate the memories held in a Coppermind and transfer them to multiple individuals. My basic reasoning for this is that everything in a Metalmind is some kind of Investiture and Harmonium is able to duplicate the at the very least the Investiture from Allomancy and Feruchemy.
  13. I was thinking about how larasium grants allomancy when burned, and some people talked about allomantically burning harmonium giving you feruchemy, and I had an idea: when a feruchemist stores his power into harmonium, it drains his feruchemical abilities, i.e. when he stores an attribute some of the attribute doesn't get stored and is essentially lost. unless of course you are storing into harmonium, and then eventually the feruchemist will entirely lose feruchemy. the advantage being that a non-feruchemist could tap it and gain feruchemy... (I know that nicrosil stores investiture, so my theory may be useless here, but I havent read BoM yet). ___________________ on another note: I'm also wondering... if you used a larasium hemalurgic spike, perhaps that could essentially discharge all other spikes in the person? ___________________ trellium spikes protect the owner from Harmony seeing it, correct? how is this "stolen" from someone?
  14. Does anyone know/have a theory as to when Harmonium was first on Scadrial? Would it have been only after Sazed took up Ruin and Preservation or some stage before that?
  15. Hey this may be a dumb question but if Harmonium or Ettmetal explodes when wet, then how the heck can an allomancer ever swallow it? Wouldn't it explode on contact with saliva?
  16. Did Harmony deliberately make harmonium react violently with water to stop people burning it? As a god-metal of both shards it would have properties similar to lerasium and atium so was this Harmonys way of limiting its potential use?
  17. So, we know that ettmetal/harmonium can be used to replicate Allomantic abilities (engines using Steelpushing to move turbines, primer cube/grenade Wax and co charged with Allomantic steel, Allomantic cadmium and Allomantic bendalloy). While all those abilities are external Allomantic and we don't know how would internal work (for example, how would tin work with allomantic grenade?), perhaps they could be used also with feruchemy. Thus, we could make machines which could use Allomancy and Feruchemy (and perhaps Hemalurgy) since sentient machines would have a soul. Now, let's leave all the "hey, Metallic Arts golems/Terminators etc" and focus on other uses. How could we use the fact that machines could use Allomancy and Feruchemy? My first idea is computers using Feruchemical copper to store data. I think it could be faster than traditional methods. What else we could do with such technology?
  18. In The Well of Ascension we see Lerasium burned by Elend so that he becomes a Mistborn of extremely powerful Investiture. However, Brandon has said in his notes that this is simply a side effect of burning Lerasium, not the main effect. Now, I'm not sure if someone else made a topic on this already (I tried looking but couldn't find anything), but it seems fairly obvious to me what that function is. When burned, Lerasium should be able to be used in place of any allomantic metal reserve (i.e. I could burn Lerasium as a mistborn and, if I chose, get extra strength, speed, and balance as if I were burning very pure allomantic pewter). Here is my evidence... Lerasium is related to Preservation and is thus linked to Allomancy. Its opposite, Atium, is related to Ruin and Hemalurgy. So, if we see how Atium acts in Hemalurgy, it may give us a clue about how Lerasium acts in Allomancy. As a Hemalurgic spike, Atium steals any attribute/Investiture, so Lerasium in my mind should at likewise. Throughout the original Mistborn trilogy, Vin draws in the mists, the gaseous form of Lerasium, and burns them for super heightened Allomantic strength, such as when her Allomantic steel power can see the Lord Rulers bands even though they are heavily invested (and maybe pierce his skin? I don't remember...). However, toward the end of Hero of Ages, Vin draws the mists in her fight against Marsh and burns Lerasium in this way, gaining other allomantic powers by only burning the mists. I don't have a physical copy of the novel, so I can't quote directly from the book, but that is how I remember that scene happening. However, this brings up another question. If Atium and Lerasium both perform all functions within their respective systems, can Harmonium do the same within Feruchemy, storing and tapping any attribute (that can be stored and tapped through other metals)? Harmonium is ettmetal, so it may be difficult to keep a Harmonium metalmind from exploding, making this theory unlikely, but I believe it needed to be discussed. Again, I don't know if someone else came to this conclusion already, I assumed this was common knowledge until I could not find anything on it.
  19. My first theory, yeah! Less more of consistent theory, more of pointing out things we don't know which are important for better understanding of TMA. What's in blue is what I'd like to get WoBed about. Or see WoBed. First (Question/Theory): Double godmetal alloys We have: 16 base metals lerasium + 16 alloys with base metals atium + 16 alloys with base metals If we assume that harmonium is not atium-lerasium alloy, then another question arises: Are there lerasium alloys which make atium (and atium alloys) Mistings? Seers are a thing, but we don't know if they can be created by lerasium alloy. Assuming it's possible, now everything goes weird, since there should be also lerasium alloys of atium alloys, to make atium alloys Mistings (like malatium Mistings and so on). But the number of lerasium alloys now goes up to 33 (16 base + atium + 16 atium alloys). So now also atium should have alloys with lerasium alloys, and also lerasium itself (lets wave it away with lerasium alloy of atium being 70% lerasium and 30% atium (allomantically making a Seer) and atium alloy of lerasium being 70% atium and 30% lerasium). So now atium also has 33 alloys. We don't want to explode our heads, so no lerasium alloys of atium alloys of lerasium-something alloys and vice versa. We need WoB on existence of atium-alloys Mistings and if lerasium alloy of atium creates a Seer and also if there are lerasium alloys of atium alloys. Second (Statement): Atium not universally burnable I want to deal a blow to the theory that atium can be burned by anybody/any Allomancer. TLR has been experimenting for 1000 years and Yomen confirmed existence of system of finding Seers (which implies that if there was an overlap of Mistings and atium Mistings, somebody would notice this), so there would be no need to spike Mistborns for allomantic atium. Hell, Ruin would also know that. I am not sure about atium alloys, maybe Mistings can burn god-alloys of their metal? So Coinshots can burn atium-steel maybe? Very unlikely, but can't rule that out. Third (Theory): On Atium and its alloys It fits too well with malatium and gold and electrum. But this could be linked to the 'switching' Preservation did with cadmium and bendalloy. I am not sure I agree with this whole "atium being of Ruin makes perfect killing machines of Allomancers". Because it does nothing like this to Feruchemists and it's almost useless to them. I'd rather say it's connected with temporal effects - allomantically lets you look into the future, feruchemically store age, Hemalurgically... well, I go with it being supermetal in its own system, so there is an exception. What atium alloys do Hemalurgically? I have two theories: It lets you steal what the not-alloyed metal steals, but better. Remember, lerasium alloys take its application (lets you burn everything) and split it to match the metal its alloyed with. So atium-steel steals what steel steals, but better. Second theory is connected with something I have seen around here. It states that allomantically atium switches one of the traits of given metal (external -> internal, Pushing->Pulling etc). Like it does with gold. So Hemalurgically it would steal what not-alloyed metal can steal, but the charge gets changed. So atium-steel could steal allomantic tin from a Thug. Or allomantic iron from a Coinshot. I like the first one more. Fourth (Question/Theory): On Feruchemy and harmonium What god metals and their alloys do in Feruchemy? (apart from atium, obviously. Or maybe there is some misconception about feruchemical atium and storing age is just part of its traits. Extremely unlikely) I assume that harmonium is it's own metal and not lerasium-atium alloy. More like a nuclear fusion of atium and lerasium. With god metals being jokers in their respective systems, I propose harmonium being a perfect, universal metalmind. Also creates a Feruchemist. It's alloys could be a perfect container, working like not-alloyed container. So harmonium-steel is perfect container for speed. No idea about allomantic and hemalurgical harmonium. But things get weird again with alloys - there are probably alloys with base metals, but we encounter the same problem as in First:double godmetal alloys - harmonium alloys of god metals and god metals' alloys. I'm leaning more and more towards no double godmetal alloys. I guess I will go with 'no-triple-godmetal-alloys' rule. Also, it's really hard to figure out what any given metal does in Feruchemy, since Feruchemy doesn't obey the classification of external/internal Pushing/Pulling. Fifth (Theory) : Number of metals 16 base lerasium: pure + 16 alloys + atium alloy + 16 base atium alloys + harmonium alloy + 16 base harmonium alloys atium: pure + 16 alloys + lerasium alloy + 16 base lerasium alloys + harmonium alloy + 16 base harmonium alloys harmonium: pure + 16 alloys + atium alloy + 16 base atium alloys + lerasium alloy + 16 base lerasium alloys = 67 metals. = 169 metals. Godmetals have way more alloys than sixteen. Also, is it confirmed that Mistborn can burn all the metals? Sixth (Question/Theory) : Godmetals I'd really like to know what is the bronze pulse of lerasium and atium and their alloys. Would help a lot. Maybe lerasium and atium belong in a bigger system? Like, what if all Shards were on Scadrial? Then we would get a Shardmetal system. With 16 godmetals, then maybe they would be properly categorized? Also, we would get something like tanavastium and its alloys... 17*16 godmetals and their alloys + base 16. 288 metals. (Pure wildguessing) If I'm right and we can have alloys with more than one god metal in it, then the number of all combinations skyrockets. Too lazy to count them, but with only 16 base, one god metal alloys and two god metal alloys we're reaching 4128 possible metals and the more god metals, the worse it gets (exponentionally, or even faster). It's all assuming that there is a difference between (one_god_metal)-(second_god_metal) alloy and (second_god_metal)-(one_god_metal). If they are the same, the number drops a little but the order of magnitude remains unchanged. Also, I suspect lerasium lets you store Allomancy and its alloys respective metal Allomancy. Summary: There it goes. Questions are what are really questions we need to ask oursleves, Theory is what I invented and Statement is what I very strongly believe with some backing from the books. Your thoughts? Anybody wants a cookie?
  20. LG19: Twinborn City After seeing your peaceful village collapse- literally- with infighting and treachery, you fled to a nicer place with many companions. You attracted other twinborn with your promise of equal rights for everyone with allomantic and feruchemical powers. Although you had to exile a few dissidents, it's been quiet here. But then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. you found a dead body in the city, stabbed through the heart. Were you the murderer, or will you be a victim? There's only one way to find out. Factions Day and Night Map Actions Items Powers Allomancy Enhanced Allomantic Powers Feruchemy Kandra Blessings and Info Very Rare Occurrences If you were in LG11, most of the rules will be familiar to you, however, a few have changed. Kipper and Elbereth and I are GMing this game. The game will start one week after this was posted, on Tuesday 29 March. Rollover time will be determined then or between now and then.
  21. This theory is a sort of Version 2.0 of an earlier theory of mine about the god metals. Here I will start from similar premises as before, but will have significantly (though not completely) different conclusions. You may find the old theory thread here. Table of Contents Introduction Part I: Atium Part II: Lerasium Part III: Harmonium??? Appendix A: Possible Flaws in the Theory Appendix B: TL;DR (Possible future Appendix C: God Metal Alloys) Introduction The basic premise of my big theory is this: The two god metals Atium and Lerasium have physical patterns identical to real world metals. My main evidence for it is this WoB: The Allomantic effect of burning a specific metal depends on both its molecular structure and the source of Invested power. Therefore I think it's easy to conclude that atium as well as lerasium, being Allomantic metals themselves, both have molecular structure. Even if they are, in Brandon's words, "fragments of a god". You can also think of it this way: Since Atium and Lerasium can be alloyed with real world metals, they should be present enough in the Physical Realm for the alloying process to occur. This implies that they have apparent physical properties like being metallic, being able to melt at a certain temperature, etc., properties that can be analyzed scientifically and compared to real world substances. It should therefore be possible for a Scadrian with sufficient scientific knowledge and resources to determine which elements, compounds, or alloys these god metals most closely resemble in terms of molecular structure. What will our hypothetical Scadrian scientist discover after analyzing the god metals? Obviously, only Brandon can answer that question definitively (someone should try asking him that one of these days). But what else is a Cosmere theorist like me to do but to speculate? So, let us speculate, shall we? I believe our scientist will find atium and lerasium to have molecular structures that are very similar (if not virtually identical) to two particular metals that we've already encountered in the Mistborn series. Through the following posts I'll show what I believe those two metals are.
  22. Okay, so with a Word of Bradon, we know that there is a third god metal. So, Harmonium. What is it, what does it do? Obviously we can't know these questions until a book comes out, but I think we can make some guesses and extrapolate from prior knowledge that we have. One thing to note is that the other two god metals contained the name of the Shardholder, not the name of the Shard's Intent. If there is Ati-um and Leras-ium, why is this metal not called Sazed-ium? Is it due to him holding both Shard's, or is there actually multiple god metals that we will see? So, what do the metal(s) do, or more acurately, what ideas do we have for what it could be. I don't think that I am correct, but I could see them having to with Feruchemy. Maybe the god alloy and its alloy can force Feruchemists to store or tap their metalminds. Again, I am pretty sure that this is not correct, but I think it would be cool. What ideas do people have about Harmonium and possible Sazedium?