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Found 3 results

  1. elantris

    Relistening to Elantris and seemingly every Derethi with any sort of title is a man. It has me thinking, could a woman gain rank in Shu-Dereth? Where would it stop? The Gyorns with their armour seem like a particularly masculine thing. IDK. Also, I know the Derethi were modeled a bit on the Catholic church, but it seems like the monks are allowed to have sex/relationships? I remember Dilaf's dead wife being a big motivator for him. He WAS a spy at that point, but I don't see a character as fervent as Dilaf betraying his oaths like that, or at least not acknowledging it as a betrayal while telling the story to Hrathen. Speaking of Hrathen... I wonder if Gyorns are allowed to get it on. Asking for a friend...
  2. While reading Arcanum Unbounded, I reread the Emperor's Soul and I noticed something that I think is an important clue. The Emperor's Soul takes place in a region far away that was never mentioned by any characters. Even Gyorn Hrathen seemed unaware to their presence. He frequently spoke of how their god Jaddeth wouldn't be satisfied until the whole world was Derethi, and that seemed to only include converting Arelon and Teod. So, it can be assumed that they didn't know of the other empire at the time. While it has been stated that the Emperor's Soul takes place "shortly" after Elantris, at least to the point that technology hasn't had time to change. I think it takes place after the unreleased Elantris sequel, since that is only supposed to be 15 years after the first. So, back to Emperor's Soul. Near the end, when she is running to make her escape, Shai runs into a "southern ambassador in red armor." As we all know, red armor is what the Derethi Gyorns wear. Now, it was never a secret that, at this point in time, the two empires were aware of each other. So, with what we know of Gyorns, they only show up to make some mass conversion (as with Hrathen at the Duladel Republic and with the Arelon and Teoish Monarchies). Either Wyrn has decided to expand his horizons by converting others before eliminating Teod and Arelon or he already has destroyed them. We may see more of this in the coming sequel, which we won't see for several years. Now, let's talk about another thing. Shai is there to Forge a new soul for Emperor Ashravan after assassins from the Glory Faction killed the patron from the Heritage Faction. I believe that the Glory Faction was sought out by the visiting Gyron and tempted to convert to Shu-Dereth in return for the throne. Shai only ever saw a tiny part of the plots due to being confined for so long and being away from court politics. Plus, with the Arbiters having little knowledge of Shu-Dereth, they would be oblivious to the conquering nature of the religion. So, it stands to reason that, do to our limited view of the palace, more is going on than meets the eye here. So, lets take stock of the theory 1) The Emperor's Soul takes place after the unreleased Elantris Sequel 2) The Svordish Empire still stands powerful in Opelon 3) Either Arelon and Teod are conquered or are being ignored for the time being 4) The ambassador in red armor is a Derethi Gyron 5) The Gyorn was working with the Glory Faction and was aided them in the assassination of Ashravan So yeah, that's my theory
  3. It's official: Sign ups are now open for the Elantris game that Tulir and I will be co-GMing! This will be a typical Long Game, and follow all the outlines for that format. Day phases will last 48 hours and Night Phases will last 24 hours (though if it turns out that players need more time for the night phases then we will extend those to 48 hours also). Please review the rules below, and let me or Tulir know if you have any questions about them. Shadows of Elantris Rules Setting For Roleplaying purposes, the entirety of the game will be held inside the King's Palace, centered on the King's court, with the exception of those players who are taken by the Shaod and cast into Elantris. At the beginning of the game, all the players are gathered in the Court to hear a grand announcement to be made by Patriarch Seinalan. Also, if there is anyone who would like to sign on as a "pinch-hitter" (someone who stands by to take over for someone who goes inactive) for whatever reason, please PM me and let me know.