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Found 40 results

  1. alleyverse

    Zaphoid Beeblerock, after many years of travel, had finally arrived to the place he would come to call home. A small, dirty shack in the middle of Alleycity. There was mold on the walls, the floor was wet and Zaphoid thought he saw an insect crawling into a crack in the wall. Home sweet home. The salesman who had sold him the house had assured that there was a basement for extra space, but Zaphoid couldn't find the entrance to it. The previous owner had probably hidden it for some reason. With a sigh, Zaphoid started burning steel. Steel lines were pointing in every directions. Zaphoid ignored all of them, except for one that was pointing in the floor. He followed it and found a trapdoor that was sealed with a thick padlock hidden in the floor. Zaphoid sighed again, and flared his steel. 6 more steel lines sprouted from the one pointing towards the padlock, and he pushed on the line he knew was the right one. The lock's innards clicked, and Zaphoid pulled open the trapdoor, finding a ladder. He extinguished his steel and followed the ladder downwards. At the bottom, he found a large room in a much better shape that the shack upstairs, with walls out of concrete and Aon-powered ligt strips in the ceiling. A large worktable stood against the wall, furnished with a stock of drawing utensils and rulers. This room was why Zaphoid had spent all the money he had made for the past 2 years to buy the house. Zaphoid grinned. Home sweet home.
  2. In light of recent threats against the balance of the universe, I hereby create this guild to honor and protect the Order of Chocolate. (And I fully expect an eggnog rival to arise soon, so I will save me time and effort in the future by just declaring war on them now.)
  3. Join, those of you who are willing to follow the One Stick for all of your days. This is one Branch of the Church of the Stick made to preach and interact with the other guilds. Any orders are welcome, be it Stickquisitors or devote Sticknaughts, and bear up the responsibility that follows. I am a stick! Note: This is not to take away from the thread but is for those who will join together in this Guild. PM me if you want to join!
  4. A fan club for Elsa Steelheart to rule over. Who is Elsa Steelheart? If her lengthy introduction topic is anything to judge by, she might just be the most popular Sharder since FeatherWriter. Of course, her highness far outranks Feather; after all, she is just a Lady, whereas Elsa... Well. Elsa is our Queen. In your graciousness, her Majesty is always willing to accepts new members to the court. If you wish to pledge your allegiance to our most worthy Queen, simply present yourself before her and swear your loyalty. Your Majesty, Elsa Steelheart, First of Thy Name, Titan of Ice, Snowwarden, Frozenborn, Queen of Newcago and all Lands of the Seventeenth, I, _______, do swear my humble, undying fealty to thee. I shall forevermore serve thee and thee alone with the utmost fervency, till last I draw breath
  5. alleyverse

    Giving the thumbs up to his assistant. Mac flipped the switch. Suddenly, the Dor flooded the Cognitive realm of his store, powering Aons engraved in the steel. Hopefully people buy our stuff. Mack's voice came out of the back of his mind. Don't worry about it. Mac replied. People are going to love us. Probably. Plus we have contracts with most major guilds. But what if they riot? That's what got me kicked off of sel. With the defenses we put in? There is no way that any attack could hurt us. You could not have had a better person commandeer you mind and build your store. I'm still mad about that. I don't care. Mac walked around the room, inspecting the counter and items on display. Anything that could actually be used was locked in the vault, these were on display to allow people to see if they could be used. If the balance was right, the shape was good for there fighting style. He walked to the front door and put out the open sign. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the Craftsmen Guild. Our goal is to provide invested objects, weapons, defenses etc. to any who have the money. We aren't neutral as a guild, but provide the same prices to anyone, and wont turn you away because of your membership in other guilds. If you provoke violence on the premise, then you will be removed and any guild you are a part of will be refused service for a week. (BTW, I am convinced that the Ghostbloods exist as an entity, so if any GB's provoke violence, none of the others can by stuff for a week.) All products are patented. If you resell them without telling me who you sell it to, or if you copy them without my permission, then you will bring my wrath upon you. Delivery will take a day, I will PM you when the product is delivered. All products are listed with their base price, customization is optional but will cost more. More products will be released as time goes on, and as I get new ideas. If you wish to join the guild just PM me, and I will add you to the list of Craftsmen. NOTE: Because of the large numbers of acolytes that I have, I don't need grunts or members that don't do anything. I am only accepting Craftsmen. They will specialize in a field and create new products. I will require them to tell me where their loyalties lie through PM (Don't worry, it wont be publicly revealed) and what they want to specialize in. Craftsman of Weaponry, Store owner - @MacThorstenson Craftsman of Apparel - @Merrickz Craftsman of Defense - Craftsman of Fabrials - @Mister Craftsman of Glass - @Kidpen Craftsman of Invested Items, owner of ferujewls - @Kaj Current weapons available. Miscellaneous. Self defense: Apparel: Base defense:
  6. As the inaugural member to this group started by Kurkistan some time ago I thought that I should increase our recruiting, and to that end have decided to formally make it a group. Come to the dark alley. We have cookies. Denizens list - courtesy of Fatebreaker Voidus^: Original Denizen, Head of Sales Specialties: Sales and Research Traceria: First Victim Fatebreaker^: Head of Research and Advertising, Creator of the Slogan Specialties: Sales, Research, and Advertising MacThorstenson^: Head of Counterintelligence Specialties: Sales, Recruitment, Counterintelligence Mail-mi^ Specialties: Sales and Research AonEne^ Killersquirrel59 Specialties: Hemalurgic Theorizing 18th Shard: Creator of the Disclaimer Specialties: Hemalurgic Compounding Researcher the Gleeman: Head of Shipping Redbird3000 Specialties: Zoohemalurgy Snoopy^/Kipper^ Specialties: Middle Manager of Public Relations, Head of Inter-Guild Commerce, Forgery/Hemalurgy Blademaster Ostrichofevil^ Specialties: Hemalurgy of non-Metallic magic systems FrodoUnderhill^ Slowswift^ Winter Cloud^ Specialties: Trans-species Hemalurgy, wolfkind translator and ambassador of the Pack of the Cosmere. Morzathoth^ Specialties: Eldritch Horror* and Researcher of Investiture of The Dark Alley! *Pending office cleaning Oversleep^ ChickenPlague Specialties: Mistwraith research team, vampiric-Lucentia connection discovery. iBambam Kaazi^ JerleShannara Specialties: Lerasium ThatTinyStrawMan Averyp1017 Secrets @kenod Specialties: Kandra research Endorsers Queens Elsa Steelheart, Ruler of Newcago Lord BreathTaker, ruler of the Raven Throne Honorary(non-active) Members: King of Nowhere Kadorok Swimmingly SmurfAquamarineBodies Quitecontrary ' ^ ' denotes those who have made, sales. Active members must either sell at the intro thread, or contribute more than one post to the science of Hemalurgy. Regarding intro thread posts please refer to this topic for some guides on what is appropriate: Let me know of mistakes, omissions, and updates. Applications are always welcome. The Dark Alley Baked Goodness You Can't Trust
  7. Welcome to the Ghostbloods. We are a league of specialized assassins for hire. If you would like to hire a member refer to the first spoiler. If you would like to join please see the second spoiler. Hire an assassin or other services Join the Ghostbloods Ghostblood Ranks Members Member Rules Guild Relations (Everything is subject to edits)
  8. This is a guild of thieves, like the title implies. We heist stuff, pickpocket people, con them, whatever. We are an all purpose thieves guild, stealing from those who have, and giving to each other. This guild is different than the other guilds in a few ways. The first, is that your character needs to have low investiture levels and shouldn't be all that powerful (In this context investiture also applies to anything remotely magical). Their primary skills should lie less with investiture and more in other areas. The second is kind of in conjunction with the first, but you need to make a new character for this guild. If you yourself have a problem with us heisting a specific guild, you can choose not to participate, but please don't actively oppose us. Another way this guild will be different, is that all of the members won't be involved at the same time. The way I envision it working will be, one guy comes up with a job, posts it in the thread, then anyone who wants in will signal in the thread, and they will be added to a PM where the actual planning of a heist will take place. I hope that this will minimize people dropping out mid heist due to IRL stuff and forcing us to change plans. As for the characters, I hope that we can have a variety of characters to sign up. Ideally we wouldn't have a bunch of con men sign up, because then we could only con people. Or if we have a lot of pickpockets, then we won't be able to break into places or pick locks. @[email protected] [email protected]@[email protected] think I am [email protected]@Darth [email protected]@[email protected] Yall professed interest in this. Guild Master: McKarl
  9. Kane proudly watched as his men began to prepare their weapons. This project had taken a long time to complete, but now, The Sentinels were ready. He walked through the line of crates and inspected an assault rifle. Perfect. He fired it into the air. He then Lashed himself upwards and tapped electrum. He cleared his throat. "Sentinels! Today, today we rise! Today we will show the world what we're made of." The army began to cheer. "So who's with me?" Yells of approval echoed back at Kane. He landed and prepared his Soulcaster. He paused. He stared at it. It was no ordinary Fabrial. A Cryptic had been killed to make it. It didn't provide Illumination, but it did provide Soulcasting. He bowed his head in respect, then lifted it and transformed the last of the limestone into steel. In the background, his Sentinels cheered. Quin, in the form of a ribbon of light, floated down onto his shoulder. "When are you going to tell Adli?" "One day. But today is not that day. Today, the real war begins." *** Hello! The Sentinels are a military group, directly associated with TUBA, but ties with other guilds can be negotiated, of course. If you would like to join, swear an Oath. (At bottom of post) If you aren't convinced yet, here are some perks of joining! 1. A pay of 10 crysts per job you do 2. A cool coat, plus a matching helmet that can be summoned at will 3. A position in a fun group, and it there are no prerequisites! Other than being involved in the Alleyverse. We can be hired to guard things, no questions asked. You can buy weapons from us. Weapons and equipment available for sale: Our services require only a small amount of pay. Oath for joining: I, [insert name here], swear that as a Sentinel, I will honor my contracts, my superiors, and not get my coat dirty. I also have accepted the terms and conditions of becoming a Sentinel. My military duties as a Sentinel come before commercial duties, and I will not make unauthorized agreements without permission. I hereby swear this Oath with the intent of becoming a Sentinel.
  10. Storm signed off of the spanreed conversation. He smiled to himself, big changes were coming. Big changes had already occurred. The spanreed conversation was of the former Counter-Intelligence Division of the Dark Alley. Former. That was the key word. He and his spies had infiltrated them. They hadn't suspected a thing. He thought of his clever plans. It had begun with Tesh, he had sought her allegiance to the cause. From there it had grown, it had begun to grow in strength. Their plans, oh their wonderful plans had just begun to blossom. They would establish an organization which would provide the common people with baked goods, baked goods which were without a doubt, free from hemalurgic spikes. Their goals had included the eventual full infiltration of the DA, perhaps even to bring them down. This organization came to be known as TUBA, The Underground Baker's Association. But that had been only part of it. They had created a cover group. The Light Alley. A phony organization, with a name meant for mockery. A misinformation game. They allowed the DA to 'infiltrate' it. They never would have seen the truth. until it was too late. But it had been cut short. Storm grimaced in anger. The Potato. Traitor. He had exposed them. giving away the secret of TUBA's existence. Revealing the moles in the DA's ranks. But this would not become a stumbling block, they would build up from this. TUBA would not fall. For, though the Potato thought to serve the DA, he weakened it. Bringing to a close it's long period of domination. The very existence of TUBA had shocked it. They would perhaps hold a grudge against The Potato, for his gross betrayal, but they wouldn't let it debilitate them. It was time to go public, time to create their organization of light, not of shadows. It was time to emerge from the shadows. Yes, they would keep the name of TUBA, but not because they would operate in secret. Their name would stand as a reminder. A memory of a time when the DA overshadowed all. It was time to shine through the darkness. TUBA - The Underground Baker's Association Hello! As partially stated above, TUBA is an organization, originally created to oppose the DA. Our goals, and purposes now include: - Distributing safe, certified non-hemalurgic baked goods - Creating, sharing, and finding great recipes for baking While our purposes are limited to a few things now, we have more, greater plans, for the future. Changes and announcements are forthcoming. My last note, while we could be called the polar opposite of the DA, perhaps their rivals, and their greatest enemy. I hold great respect for their organization, they have made many breakthroughs in research involving investiture. It is perhaps impossible, but from here on, I hope that no ill feelings will exist between us. Our goals no longer involve the downfall of the Dark Alley, and we will remain peaceful to all guilds. We will not attack, unless attacked first. (We will also be following all rules and guidelines for the Alleyverse.) Member list: Anyone wishing to join must: - Swear to never reveal information about our organization which is deemed secret. - Swear to never spike any baked item with any substance that should not be there - Swear allegiance to this Guild, and give all due loyalty to it's goals and precepts We also have a discord:
  11. Hey! It’s me! The lord prelan of this place! It’s a little dust, and mind the hemalurgic spikes lying around, they’re degraded... anyways, welcome to the group! Here we mainly theorise about fighting and stuff! Go check out DeathBattle and Mistborn martial arts (links in my signature) if you want to see the things we do! Our ranks go: Lord/High Prelan (me) Pewter Inquisitors Tin Obligators Bronze Seekers (Recruiters) And some special ones: Baker! (Dark alley representative) Fightwatcher! (Knights Awkward representative) Looking forward to discussing some fights with you all! Just simply apply for any position and I’ll see what we can do! (Initiation involves proposing a fight between two or more characters) and remember! It’s never to late to get into a fight!
  12. Hi! If you've arrived at this thread, it means you are a fellow defiler of the so-called "Alcatraz Smedry", who spreads lies about the sweet and kind profession that is the liebrarian. They claim that we have kept information from the rest of the world, but how could that be true? The concept of sand being valuable is ridiculous, as is this so called "talent" they all have. We wish for it to be known that we have no malicious intent towards any of the Mundanian people of the world! I hope that any others who see the lies in this boy's tales come and join us! We accept any who support our cause, not just liebrarians. That being said, we also do lots of other stuff. No obligations if you join. You can literally do whatever the heck you want. Betraying us? Fine by me. If you need something done, feel free to contact someone here. I, at least, will do literally anything. Member List: If you are interested in joining, you may find it prudent to only join via PM. You may also join in thread if you wish though. It's your choice.
  13. Me, @AonEne, @Inklingspren and a few others made some PM's a few weeks back, a Pokemon one and a Wings of Fire one. Post here and tag one of us if you'd like to join, we have discussions about them and are trying to do an RP for them.
  14. The stars will soon be right. The old ones must be awakened. They will return to us, We shall lose our minds and laws and morels, we will transcend good and evil. The old ones shall teach us their ways, we shall all revel in the ecstasy of madness and flame. It’s high time we had a Guild dedicated to the worship and introduction of HP Lovecraft's eldritch horrors into the Alleyverse. Essentially we are a Lovecraftian cult whose aims align with the DA’s for now… If you want to join us in our cyclopean quest just make a post where your RP character has a nightmare filled with guttural chants before awakening to find themselves beset by the urge to chant along with them. And you also have to swear to follow the elder gods, just a formality. Fair warning, your sanity has no place in this guild.
  15. All those who enjoy Feruchemy and the many possible uses of it, this is the place for you. The purpose of this group is to spread the use itself. Kind of like the Dark Alley and the spread of Hemalurgy. When we see something good in the Creator's Corner, instead of offering them a spiked dessert, we give them something like a ring of Connection. For those who need a bit of a boost, give'em some Determination. Just PM me and I will add you. And don't be afraid to spread it in your own way. Member List: @Kaj , @Kidpen, @I think I am here., @The Forgetful Archivist , @MacThorstenson, @Keeper , @Gancho Libre , @ElephantEarwax, @Silva, @Ark1002, @Nohadon Metrologist: @The Forgetful Archivist Hemalurgic Crossover Specialist: @MacThorstenson Spiritwebology: @ElephantEarwax
  16. Hello. Death here. Some recent occurrences have led me to believe that a new guild must rise, a guild to help the Alleyverse survive and grow, not stagnate and die. We are the protectors of the Alleyverse. The Guardians that protect the Alleyverse from irreperable damage. We are watchers on the wall. Guardians at the gate. Defenders of the dimension. I plan for this to be a non partisan guild, a place where great minds can cooperate no matter their allegiances. Anyone who swears the oaths will be considered and probably accepted. But do not fear guildless, you are also welcome. Each member shall receive a gift of Death, as well as training with the best. Pleaseppat below to join. The oath: I [insert name] swear to defend the Alleyverse. I shall not use my position here to betray others, but to help cultivate the Alleyverse, to assist with its growth. I pledge my loyalty to the fate of the Alleyverse, and am ready to give up life and limb to defend it. I am a watcher om the wall, a guardian at the gate, a cultivator of destiny.
  17. This is the Guild of Arts! Here we gather as the artistic* people of the 17th Shard! Join us as we band together as artists! ....That's really all I've got to say. Thank you for considering. *Artistic being interested and/or good at arts like drawing, sketching, painting, writing, etc. EDIT: I'm not really active on this forum anymore, so you can just go ahead and start posting in the thread if you would like to join. Additionally, I don't think I'll be able to add any more members to the member list, seeing as I don't often log on. OFFICIAL MEMBER LIST*: ChullRider - sort of the Guildmaster but that doesn't really matter anymore and somebody else can just take over at this point, if they wish to do so Brightness Random Kipper Curiosity ostrichofevil LarkoftheRiver Kaymyth LouiseSparrow Quiver Mistrunner TheSilverDragon The Honey Badger Venture Mistborn The Only Joe TheYoungBard little wilson Slowswift KaladinStormblessed Gargoyle Coinshooter RippleGylf Zed Seonid Malliw73 Burnt Spaghetti Stormblessed Peasant *If your name is not here, or you don't want to be part of this guild, please PM me (It's hard to keep track of these).
  18. Welcome, to the Hall of the Surges! Urithiru is a great city, don't get me wrong, but there's people who prefer something else. And that's what the Hall of the Surges is for. Here, Knights Radiant of all Orders intermingle freely, without the need to adhere to their Order's line. Of course, the less official structure compared to Urithiru means that you'll be more likely to find Surgebinders loyal - secretly or openly - to Odium here. Which is why we've given them seperate quarters. Anyways. This is the main hall, which is open to all who wish to visit. If you wish, you can take a moment to admire the breathtaking paintings one of our Lightweavers put on the ceiling. Here on the left, we have the House of Honor, which is where the Knights loyal to Honor have their home. On the right, you can find the Vault of the Void, where the Knights that follow Odium live. Here in the Hall itself, contact hopefully remains civil, and otherwise there's the door over there that leads to the Dueling Grounds. That's members only though, no visitors. Of course, duels can be fought elsewhere as well, if planned in advance. The doors over there in the front, you ask? Most of them are to the Council of the Knights, which is for members that have joined a faction only, and that last door is just for staff. Let's get into the details. This guild will be part of the Alleyverse and will consist of Surgebinders - though Worldhoppers are welcome, as long as they can Surgebind (possibly among other powers) and are balanced at Alleyverse level. Everyone who wishes to is free to join, regardless of other alliances. After joining, you get to choose between the Knights of Honor and the Knights of the Void, though you do not have to choose immediately if you want to get to know the guild first. Please note that, after joining either faction, you are not allowed to change your faction, except in currently unforseen circumstances. If you cannot Surgebind, you can instead opt to become someone's squire (with their consent, obviously), allowing you to use the same Surgebinder powers as long as you are close to them. You will also automatically join the same faction they are part of. Though there will be no hard limit, try to limit the amount of squires a single Radiant has to 2-3 unless the Radiant is a Windrunner, to keep with what from the books seems to be appropriate. The factions both have a faction leader (the Paragon of Honor and the Lord of the Void), and they may have separate alliances with other guilds. As leader of the entire Hall of the Surges, I will, depending on need, be neutral or fill in for one of the factions. Also, non-canon Order characters are accepted as long as the Order is properly worked out and balanced (see the About Me on my profile for the Skyshifter example). Please note that you are expected to follow the Oaths of your Order, no matter whether you join the Knights of Honor or the Knights of the Void - I'm already looking forward to how people will interpret their Oaths in unexpected ways (be honest, you all want to be an evil Knight Radiant). Some short skirmishing between members of different factions on this thread or one of the common discord channels is okay, but if you get into a real fight, please move to discord's dueling grounds, a thread in the roleplaying forum or a PM. Here is the discord channel, which is open to all (though most channels are restricted to certain ranks only): Membership: Guild Leader: @Leyrann: Skyshifter of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Transportation). Paragon of Honor: @I am Witless: Edgedancer of the Fourth Ideal (Abrasion/Progression). Lord of the Void: @Nerd3.14159265358979: Truthwatcher of the Third Ideal (Progression/Illumination). Knights of Honor: @Mistspren: Stoneward of the Fourth Ideal (Cohesion/Tension). @Rebecca: Windrunner of the Second Ideal (Adhesion/Gravitation). @Mraize: Elsecaller of the Third Ideal (Transformation/Transportation). @LIFE&DEATH: Skydancer of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Abrasion). @ShardBreaker: Skybreaker of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Division). @Stormblessed Dolphin: Lightweaver of Second Truth (Third Ideal) (Illumination/Transformation). @The Thinking Herald: Elseward of the Third Ideal (Transformation/Cohesion). @Eccentric Hero: Truthwatcher of the Third Ideal (Progression/Illumination). Knights of the Void: @AonEne: Windweaver of the Second Ideal (Gravitation/Transformation). @Voidus: Elsecaller of the Second Ideal (Transformation/Transportation). @Gancho Libre: Skydancer of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Abrasion). @Kidpen: Windrunner of the Second Ideal (Adhesion/Gravitation). Squires of Honor: @Archer: Squire to I am Witless (Edgedancer). @ElephantEarwax: Squire to I am Witless (Edgedancer). @Kaj: Squire to Life&Death (Skydancer). Squires of the Void: @I think I am here.: Squire to Voidus (Elsecaller). Members that have not yet joined a faction: None currently. Non-canonical Orders and unknown Oaths of canonical Orders: Truthwatcher oaths: Elsecaller oaths: Stoneward oaths: Elsewards: Skydancers: Skyshifters: Windweavers:
  19. We are The Informants. Our specialty is to get information from guilds and provide that information to those who Hired us. This is a public organization with secret members. If you would like to join, PM me your information, using the following template. I have seen a few spots where people have discussed getting informants from other clans, and decided to start a neutral clan, with that intention. PM title: Joining the informants I hereby declare, on oath, that I will keep my position within The Informants a secret, and I will work for whichever guild hires me, until I have provided as much information as possible to the employer. I will report the desired information to The Project leader, who will take care of all communications, thus keeping my identity as an informant a secret. I swear this to keep myself protected within the alleyverse, and to allow me to continue to be an efficient informant. I realize that If I reveal that I am an informant, it does not at all harm The Informants, but it may not make me as effective of an informant, and I no longer will have the protection of The Informants. Please let me know which guilds and clans you are currently part of, and which clans and guilds you would be and would not be willing to betray. I will keep your information secret and secure, so that no one else is able to view and no one will know if you are acting as a traitor Any other relevant information that you wish to include(Meta RP character, Info that you already know, that you would like to provide, etc...) GROUP PM Hiring an Informant Project leaders Please Note: This organization is available for hiring immediately, However, seeing as the organization is new, there are currently very few members. Hiring the informants too early may result in bad information. (For example, if you try to hire us, and I'm the only member, then when I try to infiltrate, the clan will know that I'm an informant, and will likely not give me the best information.
  20. Ah hello, wise internet-person. I see you have found... TBOP! ( THE BROTHERHOOD OF PRESERVATION, whose name must always be typed in capitol letters.) This organization is devoted purely to preservation, whether it be preservation of knowledge, life, or delicious jams and jellies. Okay. This is my plan for... THE PRESERVATION BROTHERHOOD, an offshoot of TUBA. Meetings will be called "Jam Sessions". Our Oaths of Preservation are: I will preserve what is right and eat what is left. I will never taint any preserves with anything that does not belong. I will never fill any jellied donuts with hemalurgic spikes. I will always eat preserved food when possible. Requirements: Must enjoy reading about Shallan and Kabsal's adventures with jam. Must state a favorite non-jam or -jelly preserved food (Could be from mix or can or MRE, etc.). A PM will be started, so if you want to join, just say the Oaths here and I will add you to the PM. Also, towards members of the DA whomst would like to join. Just because you are in the DA does not mean you are a heartless monster. If you are a heartless monster, you are most likely in the DA. The DA does not make soulless monsters, soulless monsters made the DA.
  21. Calling all Hazekillers! (see thread in mistborn) We have no country. We hold no allegiances. The thing that unites our desire to destroy those who would use the metallic arts for evil. We will outsmart them. We will be ruthless. We will turn the very powers they rely upon into their bane. Membership requires only two things...that you share your knowledge of hazekilling weapons and techniques on this thread...and that you wear a hat made from this! (holds up a roll of aluminum foil) Join the ranks of the Hazekiller Corp and together we will rid the cosmere of evil, metal fueled, supervillans! (oddly specific I know...) MEMBERS: WOLFHOUNDS: -Hoidhunter (founder) The Lord Drooler- Seeker / Thug / Bloodmaker / Steel Runner -snoopy -Voidus -Xaladin The Friendly Detective- Tin compounder / Gold Compounder -Redbird3000 -Brightness Random
  22. Welcome to the Un-Invested! Our primary goal is to pretend to be without Investiture while secretly being quite skilled with whatever Investiture we hold. We also try to, occasionally, conduct assassinations (our primary opponent in this regard is the Ghostbloods) and ballroom dancing lessons, depending on the skills of whoever is doing it. If you wish to join, send me a private message and I'll tell you what you have to do to join. If you wish to either be assassinated or join a ballroom dancing session, send me a private message saying so. Uh, also, you may be required to swear this oath of allegiance soon, so I'll put it here: I pledge to serve the 17th Sharder known as AxeliustheGreat in any way he requires of me (unless I think he's being ridiculous).
  23. Look. You may be looking at Mraize's post and wantng to jjoin, maybe you already have. You made a mistake. When the Ghostbloods disbanded Gancho and I, along with many of the OG Ghostbloods began working in secret, forming a "New" Ghostbloods. Now out of the blue Mraize and TFA decide that they want to reform, and KILL US. This unprecedented action surprised us, but we won't go quietly. If you wish to help us stop this then please PM me or @Gancho Libre.
  24. Let's be honest here. You're tired from all of the Alleyverse drama, it's secrets. From the undercover hemalurgy to the assassin informants to the secret calls to war, it seems there is truly no guild where people don't have secrets. So that's where we come in. Al's Fabrials is a brand-new Alleyverse guild where there are no secrets. Similarly to how the Canton of Combat would theorise fights styles, we pride ourselves in Fabrial theorising. You may think of us as the Engineers of the Alleyverse. Just reply saying you want to join and you can be a part of our fabrial projects. Ever wanted to see if a remotely controlled drone wielding a flameless flamethrower was possible? Now you can! Al's Fabrials can make an alliance with any guild, but the alliance must be public! No secrets! If you would like to buy some of our fabrial projects for your guild, you may state so below and you will get a PM listing our products. We will sell them for gemstones, so that we can make more Fabrials with the profits. All in all, we're a happy fabrial company of talented Artifabrians who just want to theorise on Fabrials, make Fabrials, and sell Fabrials. No. Secrets. Join now.
  25. This was put up by our supposed leader, Mraize. The Ghostbloods have been around for about a month and have provided a new experience that couldn't have been had before. The fact that we're disbanding to be absorbed into the titans about to clash is ridiculous. We have been and are a neutral organization, affiliated with no one, but working for everyone. We would have stood tall and survived through this time if it weren't for cowardice and unnecessary loyalties. Although Mraize is attempting to dissolve our organization, me and an elite few of the Ghostbloods have proposed a New Ghostbloods. We are casting aside relationships with other guilds, and becoming the ultimate weapon to be wielded by whomever wishes us to. I will lead this new and improved Ghostbloods. We will operate as we have, but without restriction. Any who wish to join us may do so, and any who oppose us must reconsider. We have no allegiances. Although we can be your greatest threat, we may also be your greatest sword in the times to come. To join us message me or @Gancho Libre. To hire us do the same. TUBA, DA, Liebrary, Sons of War, none of these matter, and yet any may use us. Consider these words spoken in great passion, and know that we are watching.