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Found 54 results

  1. This clan is for Stormlight Archive fans who are Dustbringers--if you don't know if you are or not, take the quiz here: This guild will focus on the Stormlight Archive, not other series' unless it has a direct relationship to the topic that we are talking about. Thanks!
  2. As the inaugural member to this group started by Kurkistan some time ago I thought that I should increase our recruiting, and to that end have decided to formally make it a group. Come to the dark alley. We have cookies. Denizens list - courtesy of Fatebreaker Voidus^: Original Denizen, Head of Sales Specialties: Sales and Research Traceria: First Victim Fatebreaker^: Head of Research and Advertising, Creator of the Slogan Specialties: Sales, Research, and Advertising MacThorstenson^: Head of Counterintelligence Specialties: Sales, Recruitment, Counterintelligence ZincAboutIt: Specialties: Spying Mail-mi^ Specialties: Sales and Research ElephantEarwax^ Specialties: Breath Experimentation Expert Killersquirrel59 Specialties: Hemalurgic Theorizing 18th Shard: Creator of the Disclaimer Specialties: Hemalurgic Compounding Researcher the Gleeman: Head of Shipping Redbird3000 Specialties: Zoohemalurgy Snoopy^/Kipper^ Specialties: Middle Manager of Public Relations, Head of Inter-Guild Commerce, Forgery/Hemalurgy Blademaster Ostrichofevil^ Specialties: Hemalurgy of non-Metallic magic systems FrodoUnderhill^ Slowswift^ Winter Cloud^ Specialties: Trans-species Hemalurgy, wolfkind translator and ambassador of the Pack of the Cosmere. Morzathoth^ Specialties: Eldritch Horror* and Researcher of Investiture of The Dark Alley! *Pending office cleaning Oversleep^ ChickenPlague Specialties: Mistwraith research team, vampiric-Lucentia connection discovery. iBambam Kaazi^ JerleShannara Specialties: Lerasium ThatTinyStrawMan Averyp1017 Secrets @kenod Specialties: Kandra research Endorsers Queens Elsa Steelheart, Ruler of Newcago Lord BreathTaker, ruler of the Raven Throne Honorary(non-active) Members: King of Nowhere Kadorok Swimmingly SmurfAquamarineBodies Quitecontrary ' ^ ' denotes those who have made, sales. Active members must either sell at the intro thread, or contribute more than one post to the science of Hemalurgy. Regarding intro thread posts please refer to this topic for some guides on what is appropriate: Let me know of mistakes, omissions, and updates. Applications are always welcome. The Dark Alley Because upstanding moral citizens are about as interesting as furniture, and half as obligingly useful.
  3. Hello and greetings from TUBA! Though originally created to gather intelligence on and stop the Dark Alley, we now give people of the Alleyverse a non-Hemalurgic alternative for baked goods. Our mission statement is to help and generally do good in the city, with various charity initiatives to this effect. We are essentially a bakery and general charity/help organization (with possibly a surprising amount of fighters - we've held our own in city attacks before). TUBA is a very public guild, with a main location in the Alleycity and other locations and businesses established most places. You can walk into the main building and join or be hired fairly easily. OOC, please ping AonEne or another active member to set something up that works for you! Our Discord server is very dead and honestly there's no reason to join it anymore, but I'll leave the link up anyway: Storm's original RP from this post in 2018: See the Guild Thread for our current sheet.
  4. A large building sits in an out of the way street. Once in disrepair, the interior now shines brightly with stormlight. The walls are lined with bookshelves, and tables and chairs dot the room. A smaller building sits behind the first, also marked with the symbol of the guild. A large desk lurks in the back of the room, behind which the leader, Aln, can often be seen working. On the frotn window hangs the following sign: The Scholar's Guild Welcome to the headquarters of the Scholar's Guild. As an entirely non-combative guild, our mission is to gather knowledge and spread education throughout the Alleyverse and surrounding worlds. We strive to discover the true nature of the universe, through scientific study and research. All are welcome, whether you bring a question or an answer. If you wish to join the Scholar's Guild, and dedicate yourself to the gathering and spreading of truth, please enter and speak to the Head Scholar of the Guild, Alanis Sheneth [Rushu42]. Current Scholars: Deceased/Inactive Members: A neatly handwritten note was affixed to the door. "I can't hear you knock; please just come in."
  5. Calling all Hazekillers! (see thread in mistborn) We have no country. We hold no allegiances. The thing that unites our desire to destroy those who would use the metallic arts for evil. We will outsmart them. We will be ruthless. We will turn the very powers they rely upon into their bane. Membership requires only two things...that you share your knowledge of hazekilling weapons and techniques on this thread...and that you wear a hat made from this! (holds up a roll of aluminum foil) Join the ranks of the Hazekiller Corp and together we will rid the cosmere of evil, metal fueled, supervillans! (oddly specific I know...) MEMBERS: WOLFHOUNDS: -Hoidhunter (founder) The Lord Drooler- Seeker / Thug / Bloodmaker / Steel Runner -snoopy -Voidus -Xaladin The Friendly Detective- Tin compounder / Gold Compounder -Redbird3000 -Brightness Random
  6. Wish did not see reality as reality. Rather, each moment of time, each precious state and arrangement of the universe was a work of art, a story. He was familiar with stories, and familiar with life. He closed the thick, leather bound volume he held with a careful, almost reverent motion, and placed it back upon its shelf, with the countless other tomes that told one grand, immense story. He called them his Memoriam. A vast collection of books containing the intricate story that had been his life. It was a helpful thing to have, a strength to rely upon when he could not recall why he fought against the constantly beating current that was senescence. A blank volume lay closed on his desk. That, he hoped, would become a work of equal, even greater magnitude to his grand collection. This place that defied reason, expectation, even natural law. Yes, this was a place that could harbor such a powerful story. The real trick, Wish had learned over his many years of life, was getting the story, containing it between thin paper and binding it, in its fullness, with the ink of writing. Luckily, Wish had some time to spare.
  7. Darien sighed as he opened the door of the abandoned warehouse. This plan of his better work. Inside was a large empty room the size of the building. empty barrels and crates lay around the building. Darien walked to the other side of the room, towards a large crate. Elek said, "remember the code?" He nodded absently, Darien lifted the lid and lifted it over. there was a small keypad on the bottom side of the lid. He tapped in five numbers, 5, 6, 1, 3, 2. A disguised wooden door in the wall opened up and Darien went into the room beyond. As he closed the door behind him looked around the room briefly. it was a metal room with a bar and a dart board. several tables were in the corners. Five or six people lingered in the room, having drinks and such. One of them was talking with the guy who managed the bar. as they noticed Darien they said, "hey boss." "How did it go?" "want a drink?" "Sure, sure, I'll have a drink." Darien said, he sat down on one of the bar stools and grabbed the drink he was offered. after a deep sip he said, "I did it, we have the spike." They cheered. Elek said, "are you alright?" Darien sighed, "yeah, yeah." He took a long drink of his wine and thought about his next move.
  8. Althara sat in his chair. Fine make, from Scadrial. And, of coarse, heavily rigged. He tapped his pen repeatedly on the outside of his facemask, near the side of the chin. HOARD. The only way. He had found a deserted building, primarily made of stone, and solid, thick wood, and commandeered it for the use of HOARD. He had also left notes, encoded, across the city he had found himself in. Alleycity. The notes would lead those clever enough to understand them to HOARD. He could only hope they wouldn't attract... Unwanted attention. In its fetal stages, HOARD couldn't be jeopardized. Althara had already prepared several hidey-holes. The people would know HOARD. Not now, but they would know HOARD. Althara swapped his pen for a dagger, spinning it in his hand. HOARD was coming. Alth stood and left the building. He had things to check on.
  9. A Silvery Tower dominated the Night. At the end of a particularilly twisty Alley, next to a nooky building, stands the Silberturm. It is tall enough to impose its sight upon the horizon of the city, but the alleys, as is their nature, hid it from sight until it stumbled upon. Above the silver weathered door is a sign. Its Blood red resalting from the Silvery stone of which the tower was made. The Trader's Heaven If you seek to trade this is the right place Offer any service or good and we will give you customers. likewise, ask for any and we will get you a provider. Free membership. Confidentiality and Profit Members Lord-Son-Son-Son-Silberfarben -- Leader
  10. Ah hello, wise internet-person. I see you have found... TBOP! ( THE BROTHERHOOD OF PRESERVATION, whose name must always be typed in capitol letters.) This organization is devoted purely to preservation, whether it be preservation of knowledge, life, or delicious jams and jellies. Okay. This is my plan for... THE PRESERVATION BROTHERHOOD, an offshoot of TUBA. Meetings will be called "Jam Sessions". Our Oaths of Preservation are: I will preserve what is right and eat what is left. I will never taint any preserves with anything that does not belong. I will never fill any jellied donuts with hemalurgic spikes. I will always eat preserved food when possible. Requirements: Must enjoy reading about Shallan and Kabsal's adventures with jam. Must state a favorite non-jam or -jelly preserved food (Could be from mix or can or MRE, etc.). A PM will be started, so if you want to join, just say the Oaths here and I will add you to the PM. Also, towards members of the DA whomst would like to join. Just because you are in the DA does not mean you are a heartless monster. If you are a heartless monster, you are most likely in the DA. The DA does not make soulless monsters, soulless monsters made the DA.
  11. Welcome, to the Hall of the Surges! Urithiru is a great city, don't get me wrong, but there's people who prefer something else. And that's what the Hall of the Surges is for. Here, Knights Radiant of all Orders intermingle freely, without the need to adhere to their Order's line. Of course, the less official structure compared to Urithiru means that you'll be more likely to find Surgebinders loyal - secretly or openly - to Odium here. Which is why we've given them seperate quarters. Anyways. This is the main hall, which is open to all who wish to visit. If you wish, you can take a moment to admire the breathtaking paintings one of our Lightweavers put on the ceiling. Here on the left, we have the House of Honor, which is where the Knights loyal to Honor have their home. On the right, you can find the Vault of the Void, where the Knights that follow Odium live. Here in the Hall itself, contact hopefully remains civil, and otherwise there's the door over there that leads to the Dueling Grounds. That's members only though, no visitors. Of course, duels can be fought elsewhere as well, if planned in advance. The doors over there in the front, you ask? Most of them are to the Council of the Knights, which is for members that have joined a faction only, and that last door is just for staff. Let's get into the details. This guild will be part of the Alleyverse and will consist of Surgebinders - though Worldhoppers are welcome, as long as they can Surgebind (possibly among other powers) and are balanced at Alleyverse level. Everyone who wishes to is free to join, regardless of other alliances. After joining, you get to choose between the Knights of Honor and the Knights of the Void, though you do not have to choose immediately if you want to get to know the guild first. Please note that, after joining either faction, you are not allowed to change your faction, except in currently unforseen circumstances. If you cannot Surgebind, you can instead opt to become someone's squire (with their consent, obviously), allowing you to use the same Surgebinder powers as long as you are close to them. You will also automatically join the same faction they are part of. Though there will be no hard limit, try to limit the amount of squires a single Radiant has to 2-3 unless the Radiant is a Windrunner, to keep with what from the books seems to be appropriate. The factions both have a faction leader (the Paragon of Honor and the Lord of the Void), and they may have separate alliances with other guilds. As leader of the entire Hall of the Surges, I will, depending on need, be neutral or fill in for one of the factions. Also, non-canon Order characters are accepted as long as the Order is properly worked out and balanced (see the About Me on my profile for the Skyshifter example). Please note that you are expected to follow the Oaths of your Order, no matter whether you join the Knights of Honor or the Knights of the Void - I'm already looking forward to how people will interpret their Oaths in unexpected ways (be honest, you all want to be an evil Knight Radiant). Some short skirmishing between members of different factions on this thread or one of the common discord channels is okay, but if you get into a real fight, please move to discord's dueling grounds, a thread in the roleplaying forum or a PM. Here is the discord channel, which is open to all (though most channels are restricted to certain ranks only): Membership: Guild Leader: @Leyrann: Skyshifter of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Transportation). Paragon of Honor: @I am Witless: Edgedancer of the Fourth Ideal (Abrasion/Progression). Lord of the Void: @Nerd3.14159265358979: Truthwatcher of the Third Ideal (Progression/Illumination). Knights of Honor: @Mistspren: Stoneward of the Fourth Ideal (Cohesion/Tension). @Rebecca: Windrunner of the Second Ideal (Adhesion/Gravitation). @Mraize: Elsecaller of the Third Ideal (Transformation/Transportation). @LIFE&DEATH: Skydancer of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Abrasion). @ShardBreaker: Skybreaker of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Division). @Stormblessed Dolphin: Lightweaver of Second Truth (Third Ideal) (Illumination/Transformation). @The Thinking Herald: Elseward of the Third Ideal (Transformation/Cohesion). @Eccentric Hero: Truthwatcher of the Third Ideal (Progression/Illumination). Knights of the Void: @AonEne: Windweaver of the Second Ideal (Gravitation/Transformation). @Voidus: Elsecaller of the Second Ideal (Transformation/Transportation). @Gancho Libre: Skydancer of the Third Ideal (Gravitation/Abrasion). @Kidpen: Windrunner of the Second Ideal (Adhesion/Gravitation). Squires of Honor: @Archer: Squire to I am Witless (Edgedancer). @ElephantEarwax: Squire to I am Witless (Edgedancer). @Kaj: Squire to Life&Death (Skydancer). Squires of the Void: @I think I am here.: Squire to Voidus (Elsecaller). Members that have not yet joined a faction: None currently. Non-canonical Orders and unknown Oaths of canonical Orders: Truthwatcher oaths: Elsecaller oaths: Stoneward oaths: Elsewards: Skydancers: Skyshifters: Windweavers:
  12. alleyverse

    Giving the thumbs up to his assistant. Mac flipped the switch. Suddenly, the Dor flooded the Cognitive realm of his store, powering Aons engraved in the steel. Hopefully people buy our stuff. Mack's voice came out of the back of his mind. Don't worry about it. Mac replied. People are going to love us. Probably. Plus we have contracts with most major guilds. But what if they riot? That's what got me kicked off of sel. With the defenses we put in? There is no way that any attack could hurt us. You could not have had a better person commandeer you mind and build your store. I'm still mad about that. I don't care. Mac walked around the room, inspecting the counter and items on display. Anything that could actually be used was locked in the vault, these were on display to allow people to see if they could be used. If the balance was right, the shape was good for there fighting style. He walked to the front door and put out the open sign. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the Craftsmen Guild. Our goal is to provide invested objects, weapons, defenses etc. to any who have the money. We aren't neutral as a guild, but provide the same prices to anyone, and wont turn you away because of your membership in other guilds. If you provoke violence on the premise, then you will be removed and any guild you are a part of will be refused service for a week. (BTW, I am convinced that the Ghostbloods exist as an entity, so if any GB's provoke violence, none of the others can by stuff for a week.) All products are patented. If you resell them without telling me who you sell it to, or if you copy them without my permission, then you will bring my wrath upon you. Delivery will take a day, I will PM you when the product is delivered. All products are listed with their base price, customization is optional but will cost more. More products will be released as time goes on, and as I get new ideas. If you wish to join the guild just PM me, and I will add you to the list of Craftsmen. NOTE: Because of the large numbers of acolytes that I have, I don't need grunts or members that don't do anything. I am only accepting Craftsmen. They will specialize in a field and create new products. I will require them to tell me where their loyalties lie through PM (Don't worry, it wont be publicly revealed) and what they want to specialize in. Craftsman of Weaponry, Store owner - @MacThorstenson Craftsman of Apparel - @Merrickz Craftsman of Defense - Craftsman of Fabrials - @Mister Craftsman of Glass - @Kidpen Craftsman of Invested Items, owner of ferujewls - @Kaj Current weapons available. Miscellaneous. Self defense: Apparel: Base defense:
  13. Welcome to the canton of combat! I'm Nohadon, the Lord Prelan of this place. We're going through some changes right now, so here's the list of them: Here is the public schematic description for the canton building: A list of current canton player characters. A list of known canton NPC's (These are the ones you have seen)
  14. In light of recent threats against the balance of the universe, I hereby create this guild to honor and protect the Order of Chocolate. (And I fully expect an eggnog rival to arise soon, so I will save me time and effort in the future by just declaring war on them now.)
  15. Hello little ones, those new to this realm. You build little clans and guilds, and have thus awoken old forces. The force of Chaos. Me. Now it is your turn to serve me, the Lord Ruler. Chaos itself. By joining me, you shall receive far more power than you can imagine. Far more than these current piddly guilds can summon up. You shall be the Lords of Chaos! Together, you and I will rule the galaxy. Or at least this forum. And my servants, we have an epic war to fight now--a glorious battle and victory to which I will lead you. The Newcago Court has dared to use essentially the same avatar for their queen, Elsa Steelheart, and Delightful. They claim one is cropped slightly different, but that is subterfuge. You and I see through their lies. And so, we must march upon the Court and show them what real justice is: the justice of Chaos. It shall be known as the Great Avatar War (no relation to Aang or Korra), and they will. Together you and I will defeat them, sow discord, and generally flaunt our grand power. We will tear this pitiful world asunder and build something new. Something better. Something with a ludicrously unhealthy amount of spikes! I expect the allegiance of the Feathertips and the Wafflesworn (at the very least, Quitecontrary), as the Pirate Monkeys, led by Shiv, are the Wafflesworn's liege. Now who else is with me? Those against me will be quickly backslapped, just so you know.
  16. "Here's the place I was telling you about!" Jessica said, presenting to Shadow and Sicaria. It was less of a place and more of a shanty. A little hut built along a line of buildings. The Alleycity was always kind of dark and dreary, but this place was really dark and dreary. The perfect place for a villain hideout. "Yes, I know it's kind of underwhelming. We're on a budget! On the bright side, we don't have to worry about people finding us anytime soon." Jessica scratched her chin. "Or maybe that should be an issue, because now it'll be hard to join... eh, we'll save those issues for later. Welcome to Supervillain Incorporated HQ, my friends!" @Condensation @Scarletfox
  17. Welcome to the Ghostbloods. We are a league of specialized assassins for hire. If you would like to hire a member refer to the first spoiler. If you would like to join please see the second spoiler. Hire an assassin or other services Join the Ghostbloods Ghostblood Ranks Members Member Rules Guild Relations (Everything is subject to edits)
  18. Friends, Sharders, BoredBois, lend me your time. I come to praise Boredom, not to bury it The fun that men have lives after them; The fun is oft interred with their bones; So let it be with Boredom. The bored @I Am A Fish Hath told you Boredom was bored: If it were so, it was a boring fault, And boringly hath Boredom answer’d it. Here, under leave of @I Am A Fish and the rest– For @I Am A Fish is a bored fish; So are they all, all bored men– Come I to speak in Boredom’s monologue. Yep, I literally copied a Shakespearean monologue onto here, then put my name in here... He was my friend, bored and boring to me: And you wonder why I'm bored? But @I Am A Fish says he was ambitious; And @I Am A Fishis a bored fish. He hath brought many BoredBois to this thread Whose boredness did the general coffee fulfill: Did this in Boredom seem bored? When that the bored have cried, Boredom hath been bored: Boredness should be made of sterner stuff: Go find our origins Yet @I Am A Fish says he was bored; And @I Am A Fish is a bored fish. You all did see that on the 17th Shard I thrice presented him a bored award, Which he did thrice refuse because he was bored: was this boredness? Yet @I Am A Fish says he was ambitious; And, sure, he is a bored fish. I speak not to disprove what @I Am A Fish spoke, But here I am to speak what I do know. You all did tolerate him once, not without cause: What cause withholds you then, to be bored for him? O Boredness! thou art fled to BoredBois, And men have lost their boredness. Bear with me; My boredness is bored here with Boredom, And I must be bored till Boredom stops be boring. Hello that must have been quite boring. Well if you're bored, join the BoredBois. The Shard's first guild dedicated to boredom. We go around the Shard being bored, and reveling in boredom, feel free to have long boring posts. To join swear the 6 ideals of Boredomness: 1. I will share in others boredom 2. I will chill with my fellow BoredBois during Borantine 3. I will be bored for those who can't be bored themselves 4. I will glory in the many memes of the Universe 6. I will end every post with Hoc erat odiosis Hoc erat odiosis
  19. A fan club for Elsa Steelheart to rule over. Who is Elsa Steelheart? If her lengthy introduction topic is anything to judge by, she might just be the most popular Sharder since FeatherWriter. Of course, her highness far outranks Feather; after all, she is just a Lady, whereas Elsa... Well. Elsa is our Queen. In your graciousness, her Majesty is always willing to accepts new members to the court. If you wish to pledge your allegiance to our most worthy Queen, simply present yourself before her and swear your loyalty. Your Majesty, Elsa Steelheart, First of Thy Name, Titan of Ice, Snowwarden, Frozenborn, Queen of Newcago and all Lands of the Seventeenth, I, _______, do swear my humble, undying fealty to thee. I shall forevermore serve thee and thee alone with the utmost fervency, till last I draw breath
  20. guild

    Hey y’all! This is the official out of character thread for CotW! Discord link: If you have any questions on recruitment please contact @Sherlock Holmes, any other questions can be directed to me at the moment.
  21. Ever feel like toughing it out on your own? Ever feel pride for never having joined a guild? If so, come join: Here, you can laugh at all the people who joined guilds that don't actually do anything. Join today!
  22. Hello all. I've finally made it from the cosmere to the Alleyverse You mere mortals are fortunate, as today is a day of brilliance! I write this in a small corner as I scrawl a new diagram on the wall of this alley. This new diagram predicts even the most unpredictable, such as Ioc, and mandates the perfect formula to rule the Alleyverse! Come Diagramists, come Silent Watchers, come all who are loyal to the brilliance of the boon. I know you are out there, hiding in the shadows, waiting for the oppurtune time. That time is now, we will rise like the sun over a horizon of darkness, this time not to save, but to rule, stabilize, and protect. What price are we willing to pay to see this realm secured? The answer is any. The protection of the entire homeless race cannot be measured in single lives of men. Join with me, for a better tomorrow, for a better Alleyverse, and ultimately, for a better Brandonverse. To join us, you may talk to my advisor, or me directly. Find the Diagramist extension agent near you and give him the code word 'coup d'etat' to be referred to me. I prefer to handle all recruitment myself, but unfortunately, the flood of new members must be handled with absolute efficiency. Therefore, anyone higher than the rank of Militia Battalionlord or Silent Watcher may recruit new members. The ranks are as follows: Note: All ranks are filled by NPC's until I have members. Also, the militia does not exist for the moment. Upon arriving to the Alleycity, we will stake out a portion of territory for ourselves. This area will be well maintained, protected, and policed by our militia. With regard to the diagram: Non may see the Diagram except for The Most Brilliant, the Advisor to The Most Brilliant, and the Most Brilliant's Ward. It is a specific document, and non may dispute my orders if they come from the diagram. Here are the oaths you swear to join. Members are free to pursue whatever interests they might have until they are called to duty. If you are caught betraying your oaths, you have but one chance at redemption. If you betray our trust yet again, you will be executed. Oaths: Diagramist Disclaimer applies to pretty much every word* *The disclaimer may or may not actually exist
  23. Hallo, I'm resurrecting this guild for mysterious purposes. If you want to join, PM me. Original post:
  24. Sofya looks up at her small library, smiling. A plaque on the top reads "LIBRARY OF VARIOUS THINGS" in women's script, with a small picture of a book to clue in the uneducated. Sofya opens the door to the library and walks in, revealing a small area with various bookshelves with various books upon them. A spiral staircase leads above, to Sofya's apartment.
  25. Lance walked into a small closet sized room, filled with wires, gemstones, and fabrails. He pulled out his painrial, and jammed it into a slot in the wall. The room shook, then made a popping noise. Lance stepped out into a wide circular room of marble & steel. "I can't believe that worked! I had no idea replicating oathgates would be that easy!" He smiled, looking over the headquarters of THE VOIDBREAKERS Welcome to the Voidbreakers guild. Our mission? to control ALL cookiE spYking in the alleyVERSE During the secOnd Month of every fIfth NormAl daTe In vOriN terms. (If you're smart enough to join the VoidBreakers, you'll figure out what that means) We intend to accomplish this by replicating powerful magical devices, such as oathgates, unkeyed metalminds, and dawnshards. If you wish to join, speak this oath, and pledge yourself to power: Power before Honor, Strength before Shards, Cosmere before EVERYTHING!!! Oathgate entrance is to the left of the odd job tavern, inside the ShardShop, Alleyverse division