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Found 2 results

  1. This game is pretty simple. One person- the 'leader' thinks of a five-letter word. People then take turns thinking up and guessing other five letter words one at a time. The leader counts the number of letters shared between the guessed word and the secret word and tells that to the guesser. This continues until someone guesses the word, at which point they become the leader and think of their own secret five letter word. Words can be cosmere, non-cosmere, whatever you like (all in within the site's rules, of course). I'll think of the first word. Begin guessing!
  2. I have long suspected as many have that Eshonai will be a (the first?) Parshendi Radiant. A new WOB from the DC signing seems to confirm this: The term not allowed is interesting, but I digress. I think we can work out which order Eshonai might belong to, based on the fact that each of the 10 books is linked with an order of Radiants. The front five are Kaladin - Windrunners Shallan - Lightweavers Szeth - Skybreakers Eshonai - ??? Dalinar - Bondsmiths The back five include by most recent accounts Lift - Edgedancers Renarin - Truthwatchers Jasnah - Elsecallers "Taln" - Stonewards The only two Orders not represented on this list are the Willshapers and the Releasers aka Dustbringers. I reckon than Eshonai is one of these two. But which one? Willshapers - Resolute/Builder Dustbringers - Brave/Obidient Personally, I would guess at Eshonai being a Willshaper. What do you guys think?