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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, all! I'm currently finishing up The Final Empire, and will be proceeding to The Well of Ascension. Obviously I have the test of the Mistborn series, but what else should I read to stay in the universe he built? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello everyone! It's nice to meet you all, I've been a fan of Brandon's for a while now, but I never got around joining the forums until now. I guess part of my decision to join is because I actually got to meet Brandon at his signing in Atlanta for Skyward (was such an awesome time!). I'm still sort of a noob when it comes to the Cosmere, I've only read a few of the books so far. Right now I'm working through Warbreaker (which is shaping up to be my favorite so far). I've read Elantris, Mistborn book 1, and a bunch of his short fiction. What are you guy's favorites? I'm planning on starting stormlight after Warbreaker, and bounce between it and the Mistborn series.
  3. ..because my hubby won't shut up about the forums. (He's JOrville on here) Hello, hello! I'm popping in for the first time here. I'll confess, I haven't read the books. But, I hear my husband talking about the 17th Shard, Brandon Sanderson, or the forums all the time. My interest is now peaked! I guess I'll finally crack open a book (I'm highly critical of books though, Brandon, you have been warned). I just might be Brandon's only fan that read the books ONLY because said Hubby spent a whole day bemoaning that he wasn't there to get a leather bound copy (That's a thing?) and talking non stop about getting good criticism on the writing forums. Anyway, a little about me: I'm more of an artist than a writer, and while I've now been doing digital art for a few years...I don't really have the time to practice . This is in part due to a well defined, practiced, and consistently established daily dose of laziness, and taking care of my spawn of which we've made four . We home school (Which is kind of like saying: We are sacrificing all our time to do K-12 four more times), and for some reason the minions demand that I provide them with sustenance and care. I enjoy reading, but I am super picky. I didn't even finish Wheel of Time because R.J. passed on . (I'll assume you guys know who finished the series). Now, however, I'm curious and after I test and see how Brandon writes, I might look into rereading the WoT novels. Don't get me wrong though! It's not like I've had writing lessons, or go around criticizing everyone just to be rude! For the most part, I keep my lovely opinions to myself unless it is asked for...or my husband wanders by (He receives no mercy. None at all. Poor bloke. I'm pretty sure his work trembles every time I walk by at this point). Anyway! I'll be around. Lurking...waiting...watching. And of course reading these books..finally.
  4. Heya, so ... I'm new to this forum, but I've been a fan of Sanderson for a few years. I've read most of the cosmere books (with the exception of the Wax & Wayne books) and my favourite is probably Warbreaker.
  5. Hey, fellow members of the 17th shard I'm CC, I'm from the Coldest of lands, and I just had to come discuss some Cosmere theories NIce to meet you !
  6. Good day, Sanderson fans. Yes, I'm new here. I don't mean to stereotype, but if you're here on this very forum, I suspect have a good deal in common with me. For instance, reading. Fantasy and/or science fiction in general, Sanderson's style in particular. That's why we're here, no? I imagine a good number of you with just such an interest in the written word are also keen on crafting stories, yourselves. There, now we have something in common. We want to be writers. Well, despite my passion for writing, I don't have a lot to show for it. I have about fifty Chapter 1's laying around and a handful of Chapter 2s. My mother advised I keep reading, and when I'm not stuck in a BAD book that's easy. I have this thing about finishing the book I started, see. I was stuck for a while in this one drab science fiction I literally had to give away to get unstuck from that being 'the book I'm reading'. Shame on me for gifting inferior literature. But I was free of that, and what was I going to read next? I picked up Warbreaker. I've read first three Mistborn novels, and the Reckoners trillogy. My brother was reading Way of Kings and, based on his reaction, I'm thanking myself for staying away from it for now - I hate waiting for the rest of the series to come out. I knew I enjoyed Sanderson, but I'd been deprived of good writing for a while. Shortly into Warbreaker I was just about tearing my hair out; 'why can't I write like this!?', I begged myself. In a mere dozen pages it seemed like, I knew of two vastly differing cultures at odds with each other, had glimpsed a fabulously unique magic system, and been endeared by the poor princess being carted to an unexpected situation. There would be culture shock, the internal struggles of the princess, the politicking of states, and potential for some enormously intriguing action. This was good writing, sucking me into the universe as surely as a spaceship hull breach. On a spur of the moment, I looked up Sanderson's website and was pleased to find he'd written quite extensive posts of his own writing process. I was shocked at some of the similarities to myself I found. For one, being a linear writer - I'd always considered that a hindrance, because everyone else seemed so free to jump around and write whatever scene they felt most strongly about at the time. Me, I was stuck ponderously imagining the climactic endings while slogging through the opening moments. But being a linear writer was just such a casual mention as Sanderson described his process, it was clear it was a non-issue. Not even something one had to work around; just the way the process works for him. The way it works for me. The similarities made me sit up and pay very close attention to the dissimilarities. Yes, I read the disclaimer about everyone's writing process being personal, but I was dead stuck, willing to try anything. Several things he mentions in his process were either new to me or reminders of things I sortof knew, but hadn't fully articulated. I was able to turn new eyes on my own story ideas, pick one, and reshape it into something that got me excited about writing again. Goodness, it has been so long since I was excited about writing! So, as I said, I expect some of you are writers. I find myself stepping into this community hoping to glimpse great ideas and find out where others like me, likewise inspired by Sanderson and other great authors, commune for ideas and sharing tips and such. Maybe I'm not quite the typical fan? Or maybe I'm VERY typical, I have no idea. Maybe I'd be better off on a forum more oriented to writers in general rather than a Sanderson fan forum? Perhaps, but they all have their own tone and I don't know which would be good for me. Sanderson's style I know and love, and here I'm sure to find others who enjoy it. Maybe I talk to much? Most definitely; I shall have to work on that, because I refuse to use any sort of "TL;DR" conventions (and detest acronyms). All that said, my final word is: Greetings, fellow admirers of Brandon Sanderson! -KM
  7. Hi fellow stormlight addicts may we never recover