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Found 3 results

  1. Just a heads up - the third volume of White Sand now has a cover, plot description, and release date of June 25, 2019 over at Amazon! And I think it's the best cover of the three. Check it:
  2. So, I was recently linked to the Amazon page for White Sand, and the blurb just had a massive name drop. So, it looks like we're going to see Khriss's origin story. Is anyone else really, really excited? Knowing a bit more about Khriss's personality might even tell us the motives of the (in-world) 17th Shard. EDIT: To the admins: This is OK to post, isn't it? It isn't supposed to be a massive secret until people see her name in the books?
  3. Big news today: White Sand, an unpublished cosmere novel, is going to become a three part graphic novel series, the first coming out next year. White Sand was the first novel Brandon ever wrote, and he eventually did a complete rewrite of it around the time of Elantris. That version of White Sand was good enough for Brandon to get his agent, though they decided to submit other works instead. White Sand was to be the first in a planned trilogy, but Brandon was never satisfied with how the plot turned out originally, but we now we'll finally get to see it and its world. From the announcement: Aside from this, we have had references to Taldain (the planet in the cosmere where White Sand takes place) before. We know that Bavadin, a person who holds a Shard that was mentioned in the Letter in The Way of Kings, is in fact a Shard that exists on Taldain. It is possible we have seen characters from White Sand as worldhoppers as well. It isn't clear whether the three graphic novels will cover all the books in what would have been the White Sand trilogy, or if it will just cover the first book, but either way, we're excited to finally see Taldain.