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Found 2 results

  1. The doors of the Grand Peacock opened, sending music and laughter spilling out into the night. It had been a great day in Babylon Restored. A new governor had been appointed in the city and some sense of Democracy was finally taking place in the Fractured states with the passing of Calamity. “A toast!” Governor Green held his glass in the air to make another speech. (After all, that is what politicians do best.) “I'd like to thank everyone who had a part in my campaign. Soon, not only our city, but the rest of the world will be restored to a stable place for our children to grow up in. No longer will we live in fear of…” Screams rang through the banquet hall as Governor Green slumped against the table, a gleaming dagger protruding from his back. A note attached to the hilt read “We are the rightful rulers. All who challenge us will meet the same fate.” __________________________ Welcome to QF34: Reckoners CLUE You will all be suspects of the Governor's murder. The lynch is for voting who will be interrogated next by the police. The game takes place in the hotel where the murder happened. Essentially the game is CLUE set in the Reckoner’s world, so it would be fitting if you chose a name accordingly, but don’t have to. (i.e. Miss Maroon, Baron Buttermilk, Lady Lilac) Have fun! Sign ups are now open until the timer ends. Player List: Quick Links:
  2. Cycle 1: "Let's make this easy on everyone.” Sergeant Salmon paced the length of the dining room, tapping his mobile absentmindedly while studying the faces of the party guests seated at the long table. “There's a murderer in this hotel and I'm willing to bet they aren't working alone. These "Rightful Rulers", as they've so arrogantly named themselves, have been causing problems for a while now and I plan to put a stop to it. Everyone will be interrogated separately and I don't care who goes first. Squabble amongst yourselves if you want, but everyone will get their turn under the spotlight. I don't want no trouble and if you're all very nice and cooperative than we can get this mess sorted out soon enough. The hotel manager has been kind enough to arrange sleeping quarters for everyone and Officer Orange will escort you to your rooms. My other officers will be posted throughout the building so don't worry about your safety and feel free to enjoy the benefits of the hotel. We've got this all under control.” _______________________________ Welcome to QF34! I'm very excited to see you all here in my first game and will not terribly enjoy writing up your deaths should you not survive. But I must endure it for the greater good. Have fun! Remember you can only target players with your powers and items(except mobiles) who are in the same room as you and you must put in an action for moving rooms in your GM PM. (if you decide to move rooms) And mobile holders must add Myself, TheMightyLopen, and Orlok Tsubodai to all PMs. Room distribution: Dining room: Deathclutch19 Stink Devotary of Spontaneity Elandera Living Quarters: Sart Xinoehp512 Droughtbringer Mr Doctor Ballroom: Gancho Libre Shqueeves Cadmium Compounder Megasif Kitchen: Kidpen Crimsn Wolf I think I am here Snipexe Coop772 Player List: