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Found 2 results

  1. QF51: Aftermath: Notes “Alright, everyone take a knee. This is getting serious.” “Master Johnson, when-” “Wait a minute! That’s not Master Johnson. He died in the prologue!” “That’s right! But if you’re not Master Johnson… who are you??” “Ha. Ha ha. Ha HA HA HA HA. You were all so eager to follow a commanding voice in the mist. Like cathartes aura following a carnivorous dragon to feast on the carrion left over from their bi-weekly hunt when their seasonal terrain aligns-” “Just tell us who you are!” “Isn’t it obvious? You’ve suspected me for so long,” said Loom. “Gasp!” “That’s right! For days, I’ve been eating nothing but garlic to maintain this charade. I led us to this waterfall so I could finally have a shower.” “We can stop you! It’s five to one.” “Mm.” “That’s wrong! I would know because I am the best at counting! Hiya!” “What are you doing, piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii-!” “You’re the one who’s been pushing people off cliffs! Quick, help me stop Loom and pikS! You, random bystander, why won’t you help us?” “Oh, I’m with them. Sorry.” “Double gasp! Hey, Loom, where'd you get that crossboooooo-!” “I believe we have a majority now. Shall we vote about what we do next?” “I like voting.” “Me too.” “All in favour of dissolving this hunting party and donating the group’s funds to a charitable foundation dedicated to the study and appreciation of dragons?” “Aye!” “Aye!” “Eh.” “Then it’s settled. Note that down in the minutes, then let’s go wash our hands of this whole business. Literally and metaphorically!” “Huzzah!” *** “The view from up here really is lovely. It’s no wonder that dragons love to fly.” “Indeed. One thing is bothering me though. Now that those of us with a knack for attracting dragons outnumber the rest of the party…” “Giving us a majority stake in the venture!” “Yes, but now that our scents are no longer masked by the smell of garlic…” “I’m not sure what you’re implying, pikS.” “ALLOW ME TO ENLIGHTEN YOU, TASTY ONES.” *** Annnd scene. The Dragon Bait have won the game. My congratulations to Matrim’s Dice, TJ Shade, and Random Bystander! This cycle, two Hunting Party members fell. Gears was killed by the eliminators. The Unknown Order was exed. The votes were as follows: Experience (2): Matrim, The Unknown Order The Unknown Order (3): TJ, Experience, Gears, Player List: Links: Spectator Document: Ghost Realm: Skip’s Grammar Club (Eliminator Document): GM Spreadsheet: GM Ruleset Document: The Secrets: Secret #1: Secret Bonus Task [Everyone received the following message in their GM PM at the beginning of the game] You also have an optional bonus objective! If you successfully use the following phrase in three separate posts without someone commenting on the use of it, you will be given a snazzy joke title in the final write-up: [word sneak phrase] [GM Notes: This was a nice non-combative objective people could work towards during lulls. I did not fully think through how it would function, and had to rule after the game had begun that white text was not allowed, and that the words had to be together but that punctuation could be fudged.] Half of you successfully completed your bonus challenges! So as promised: Gears, I dub thee this game’s Maniacal Monocled Monopoly Master. Shard of Reading, for your boundless optimism, you have become a Friend of Dragons. Illwei, you said your phrase excellently, but so I can make a meme reference, I dub thee an Okay Vroomer. Flyingbooks, your fear of flying insects is well warranted, for you are the Bane of Butterflies. TJ Shade, for having the strength to complete your task, I dub thee a Pew Pewterarm. And lastly, Matrim’s Dice, as you’ve said all along, you are The Best at Counting. Secret #2: The Note [This was a limited messaging mechanic in a non-PM game. It functioned as advertised, however, players were not told that if they attempted to pass it back to the person who gave it to them, it would be instead sent to a random person. The final product is in the below spoiler tag, with the sender noted in red.] You're bonked on the head with a paper airplane. It has some writing on it, but there's room for more! You think it would be fun to write a note and pass the paper on. So far it reads: [All messages written will be recorded, up to 25 words. Only words and standard, appropriate punctuation will be accepted. If a player is holding the note during rollover, it will automatically be passed to someone random, unless they received it within an hour of rollover. If a player dies with it in their inventory, the note is passed to a random individual. Otherwise, tell me what you want to write and who you want to give it to. The recipient will not be told who passed it to them.] [GM Note: This was labor intensive to manage, but fun. I think the combination of shortness and not being able to pass between two people consecutively limited its usefulness, but it had a lot of potential if used differently. If you’re an active GM, it’s good for a QF. If you’re running a longer game, it should probably be passed once a cycle or something.] Secret #3: Notes in the Night [This was a way for the dead, who were sequestered in a sperate doc from the Spectators, to communicate with the living.] The following message appears in both the Elim and Ghost Realm docs: While many among the group seem to have made up their minds about dragons and the future prospects of the Hunting Party, a few individuals seem persuadable. The members of Skip’s Grammar Club (aka The Dragon Bait) have taken to slipping 25-word notes, written on pages ripped from their well-loved copy of An Enthusiast’s Guide to Dragon Spotting, to the people who do not vote each day. But even after dying, some Hunters refuse to give up. As ghosts, they try to edit the messages that are sent out. Through sheer force of will, and a little bit of magic!, they are successful about half of the time [Your GM will flip a coin]. The messages placed in the following chart [they had tables in their docs] will be distributed during roll-over. A new chart will be made each cycle. When Dragon Bait die, they go straight to the Spectator document. Everyone else is sent to the Ghost Realm, then may choose to pass on to the Spec doc at any time, at which point they are taken out of the game. [The following appeared in non-voters’ GM PMs during rollover.] You wake up to find a ripped piece of paper on the ground beside you. It seems to be taken from a book. [insert a few sentences from AEGtDS here] Scrawled along the bottom is some handwriting: [insert message here] [GM Note: AEGtDS is a made-up text I wrote in advance:] [GM Note: Like Secret 2, this had lots of potential. I was surprised how little either secret was discussed in-thread, but credit that to it being used mostly jokingly throughout the game. The ghosts got a good message out at the end of C3, but by then it was too late. A doc of confirmed villagers working together is a mighty force to be reckoned with, but the game was too short for this to work well. I’d love to see it reused, as it’s a nice way to give people a way to contribute after they’ve been killed. I was tempted to have everyone get a message even if they voted, but I prefer the idea that at the end of the game, people who know how it works will have to balance voting power with the chance of receiving a valuable message. Note to future GMs, be warned that it makes for a very quiet spec doc.] Other GM Notes: -ILD is fabulous source material for a light QF. I enjoyed reading the dialogue-only RP people made. -This game would probably be more balanced with three elims and eleven villagers, with the elim win-con as parity. Twelve is a hard number of players to balance, because you have to go with three elims, but that makes them a solid quarter of the group, which is the upper end of what’s considered good balance. That said, the crossbow is likely going to a villager, and would have been more effective if the village hadn’t decided to exe the Crossbowman when they did. -The crossbow is hard for the elims to grab without exposing themselves, especially in a non-PM game. I like the election element because it acts as a conversation starter on C1 while giving the elims a chance to make a play. It’s probably the feature I’d most like to see reused. -Anyone who wants to has standing permission to re-run this game in whole or in part. Steal whatever ideas you want. -Finally, thank you to my wonderful IM, Devotary. And to all of you! You were a great group to run a game for. I was impressed that no one fell to the activity filter. Y’all can come back any time.
  2. The camp cornered Kaniae Moreau. "We know you're the last Forgotten!" shouted Elysian. "Just give it up already." added Tria Noche. Kaniae scowled. "Humans, always so unpredictable. Do you really think you've won? We've decimated your numbers. What can six survivors do against an army of Forgotten?" "We'll adapt and learn, just like we always have." spoke Evan Wallace. A random bystander nodded silently, head down in her book. "We'll fight on till our last breath!" argued Tia Vuur. "And when all is said and done, we'll desecrate your corpses." whispered the Servant of the Mad God. With no way out, Kaniae sighed. "I accept my defeat." Her body writhed, and exploded in a mass of chalklings. The survivors had won this battle. Now, it was time to win the war. Vote Count: Devotary of Spontaneity (5): Gears, Archer, Burnt Spaghetti, Araris Valerian, Mist Gears (1): Devotary of Spontaneity Devotary of Spontaneity was court-martialed. She was a Forgotten. The Rithmatists and Non-Rithmatist have won! Items Taken: Final Camp Supply: Player List: