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Found 1 result

  1. They had time. They had to have time. “Lemonelon is clearly guilty here,” DeTess said. “We should expel them, and then we can figure out what to do from there.” “Yeah, that sounds great. Let’s lynch Lemonelon.” Wonko said. DeTess glanced at Wonko. There seemed to be something slightly… off about him. He tried to use his Tineye abilities to figure it out… no, DeTess must have just been paranoid. One by one, they agreed Lemonelon had to be expelled, despite his protestations. Finally, they reached Abstrusity. They looked torn, looking at Lemonelon. "You're sure you're not one of the Thugs?" "Yes. Would I lie to you?" Lemonelon talked slowly, as if any sudden movements might spook Abstrusity into calling for his expulsion. Abstrusity looked around, indecision clear on their face. "What do the rest of you all think?" DeTess opened his mouth to make his case, to remind Abstrusity of why Lemonelon was suspicious, but he never got the chance. "You have to vote according to what you think is right." Elkanah said. "Yeah. It's your choice, at the end of the day." Wonko added, smiling. "Don't let any of the rest of us sway who you want to vote for." Abstrusity paused. "OK. I think we should expel Coda." Wonko's smile widened. "You know, that's a good choice. Let's expel Coda." Coda looked around. "Wait, what? Lemonelon's clearly the guilty one here, why are we -" Elkanah grabbed Coda by the nape of his clothing. "I've heard enough from this Thug. Let's get rid of him." With that, he physically picked up Coda from the back of his clothing, and, despite Coda's flailing attempts to get free, easily walked with him out the front door of the school, returning a moment later wiping his hands clean. "Now, I think there's one more thing to get to." There was a stillness in the room as Wonko walked up to DeTess. Elkanah slowly walked around the edge of the room, watching DeTess like a cat watches a mouse. Sart and Abstrusity stood still, seemingly frozen by the sudden change in fortune. "You've caused a lot of trouble for us, you know." Wonko said. This entire time, the smile had never slipped from his face. "You nearly had us, right there at the end. You nearly took from us that which we rightfully deserved." Wonko kept talking, and Elkanah kept walking around the room - it was getting harder and harder for DeTess to keep an eye on both of them at once. "It was you, then? You murdered El, and Straw, and all those others?" Wonko smiled. "Of course not. You did. Or at least, that's the story that the headmaster will hear. We're simply doing our civic duty in making sure that you couldn't hurt any more of us poor students." "But, you don't have any actual ability as a Tineye, do you? That's why you needed to cheat your way in." Wonko smiled. "Not yet. But on behalf of my comrades, I'd like to thank you for your sacrifice." DeTess looked confused at him for a moment. Wait... where was Elkanah? Even as she had the thought, she felt the dagger go straight through her chest. No, not quite a dagger... a spike, of some kind. As she slowly collapsed, she felt it... draining her, as her abilities as a Tineye seemed to get absorbed into the Spike. "A steel spike, for absorbing Tineye abilities. You should be honoured. So far as we know, you may be the one of the first people since the Ascendance to have had this ritual performed on you. Just know that your powers, your beautiful abilities, will not go to waste. I'll be sure to use them very well." That's all DeTess saw before she lost consciousness. Wonko pulled out the Spike and ramming it through his own chest. Throughout the process, he had never stopped smiling. Coda was expelled! They were a Tineye Student. Vote Count: Lemonelon(3): DeTess, Elandera, Coda Coda(4): Abstrusity, Lemonelon, Wonko, Elkanah Elandera(1): Sart With that, the Elims have won the game! It's three on three, which means they could force a draw next cycle, meaning a villager and an Elim would die in the lynch and a villager would be killed the same day, leading to an Elim victory. GM thoughts to come in a day or so. GM Spreadsheet Thug's Lair (Elim Doc) The Almost Students (Dead Doc) Worried Parents (Spec Doc) Role Types: Boring Tineye: They scan correctly every cycle. If it’s a Student, they scan the player as a Student. If it’s a Determined Thug, they scan the player as a Determined Thug. Tinlie: If it’s a Student, they scan the player as a Determined Thug. If it’s a Determined Thug, they scan the player as a Student. (Sidenote: These were originally called Anti-Tineyes, but Abstrusity came up with a better name for them, so I'm using that. ) Confused Tineye: The result of the scan will be either Student or Determined Thug at random with equal probability. Naive Tineye: The result of the scan will always be a Student. Cynical Tineye: The result of the scan will always be a Determined Thug. Dawdling Tineye: The first cycle's scan is random. Every subsequent cycle, the result of the scan is the alignment of the player you scanned the previous cycle. Player List: