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Found 1 result

  1. Dim light from the setting sun fell on a group of men and women sitting around a table. A few of them spoke in hushed but urgent tones. The air was thick with nervous tension. A tall woman, who seemed to be leading the discussion, was unaffected. She pressed forward, demanding the attention of everyone in the room. A small man in the corner fidgeted with a gold ring on his finger. Light glinted off the “You can’t possibly-” he began to say. “Yes, I can,” the woman responded. She stared at him, a hardened determination clear in her expression. “They are weak. Now is the perfect time.” --- Raucous laughter filled the Great Hall. The emperor smiled as he looked across the gathering of arbiters. Members of each of the eighty factions were there. Despite most of their arguments against the practices of the Heritage faction, they all loved a good feast. “Aren’t we missing someone?” asked the head arbiter. “Hmm?” The emperor had developed quite a talent for ignoring the droning of the head arbiter. The man liked to hear himself talk, even if no one else was listening. “The Glory Faction seems to be missing. At least, their leaders.” “Ignore them. They’re simply jealous of how far we’ve come.” Welcome to MR37/AN6: An Empire is Falling! It takes place in the Rose Empire prior to the events of The Emperor’s Soul. This will be an anonymous, blackout game. Most game-relevant rules will not be revealed except to those to whom they apply. See the following for those rules that will be revealed to everyone. The Heritage Faction: A new threat has arisen against the Heritage Faction’s hold on the Rose Empire. The leaders must unite and remain strong if they wish to keep their hold of the empire. To win, eliminate all threats against your faction. The Glory Faction: The Heritage Faction has been in power for far too long. It is finally time to carry out years of planning. It’s time to bring down their reign. To win, eliminate anything that threatens to thwart your plans. Miscellaneous Rules: MR: 48hr combined day/night cycles Maximum number of players is 25 - Players can sign up in the thread, but it is preferred they sign up through a PM to the GM. Each player will have one action available per cycle PMs are open Tied lynches will be decided at random and one person will be lynched Sign-ups will close Monday, September 9th at 11 a.m. PST. Fifth Scholar will be the IM. He has requested to not be included in player-to-player PMs at this time. Reminder: Rules for Anonymous Accounts: There are a number of rules associated with the use of an Anonymous Account. Please follow them carefully. Given the potential for abuse of Anonymous Accounts, any rule breaking using the accounts will be dealt with harshly. 1) Do not change the password of the anonymous account you are issued. 2) Do not use the anonymous accounts to PM any non-anonymous account, other than the account of the GM. Please do not use your normal accounts to PM anonymous accounts. 3) Do not change anything cosmetic about the accounts, including member title, username, signature, and avatar. 4) Do not reveal your identity or explicitly claim to be another player. You will be sent a PM with the anonymous account information. All other information will be sent to that account, which is where you will also submit actions. Please check which account you are on prior to submitting a post on the thread. If you do post from the wrong account, tag a moderator (Fifth Scholar or Alvron first) so it can be addressed as quickly as possible. Player Count Quick Links Rule Clarifications