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Found 25 results

  1. Why wouldn't the Set have its high up members be gold compounders? Is there something about hemelergy that interferes with the strength of compounding? Are they trying to limit the strength of their members? Why wouldn't Wax's uncle have gone double gold and made himself near invincible? I get that they would have to find blood makers and gold mistings (both rare), but i feel like if you were going to go through the process of this, you would want to make it count. On that same vain if thought, if not gold, wouldn't they want to compound a different one? Steel compounding sounds quite powerful in that you both get to become a coinshot and essentially become The Flash. I guess my question boils down to this; is there something that prohibits compounding metals through hemelergy (prohibiting an OP army), is it that they don't have the allomancers/ferucamists handy to pick and choose powers, or is the Set/Trell simply trying to limit their powers? I don't know if this is RAFO or if we have the info on this. Any thoughts?
  2. From the album Po's Random Pixel Doodles

    Look at it shine, must be worth a lot
  3. If you got a boon and a bane from the nightwatcher, (let’s say your boon was good luck for a year, and your bane was seeing upside-down for the rest of your life) and then you burned Aluminum, would that get rid of the boon/bane? Aluminum sorta ‘cleanses’ all investiture from the person’s soul/spiritweb right? Would it depend on the type of boon/bane? What about compounding gold, gold healing tries to restore you to your spiritual ideal right? Would that remove them? Could either one of these remove a bane but keep a boon? If you perceived the good luck as apart of you, but still saw the upside-down vision as some outside handicap affecting you, and then compounded gold, what would happen? I’ve checked the arcanum and couldn’t find anything that mentioned aluminum and the Nightwatcher together.
  4. Hello All I was wondering what would happen if let's say I was a twinborn from Pewter allomancy and gold feruchemey. Would I be able to burn Pewter to increase my strength and then use that strength to fill my gold metal minds? Pretty much cheating and using the health granted to me by pewter instead of my own health to fill my gold metal minds. Essentially gaining all the benefits that a gold compounder would get but better in some ways as I do not have to burn any gold doing this. Though filling my metal minds would take longer. Or is that not possible at all and I cannot draw on the power of pewter to fill my metal mind and doing this will just draw on my own power to fill the mind which means I'll still be weak physically while the minds are filling though maybe not as weak as usual since I'm burning pewter but overall my feruchemy is still net-zero and I won't be able to be immortal or fill extreme amounts of health using pewter. I've listened to graphic audiobooks for all Mistborn main series and side stories so don't worry about spoilers. Sorry if the formatting of tags and the title is off, I'm new here and plan to be active way more once I finish the rest of the cosmere stories (only Emperor's soul, white sand and Arcanum stories left). It's just this question was left on my mind.
  5. Okay so I knew that Wax had a resonance (his steel bubble) but I this WOB stated that Wayne also had a resonance. My question came from this WOB. Any ideas on what it might be?
  6. So quite simply, my question is would a gold compounder be able to survive having their central nervous system severed by a shardblade? We know that gold healing is fundamentally the same as all healing in the cosmere, and so if stormlight can heal a shardblade wound then so can gold feruchemy. But we also know that gold compounders can heal from basically any wound as long as they have access to their metalminds. So would they be able to heal from a normally mortal wound from a shardblade? Or is that a special exception?
  7. Hey all I’m new in the forums and I had a few questions. I was listening to The Final Empire again and a thought came to my head when Sazed is explaining to Vin that he is a Eunuch. In The alloy of law Wayne makes a statement about having fingers blown off and having to grow them back. Now with Sazed being a feruchemist he has the same healing ability as Wayne so if Wayne is able to grow back body parts ie. fingers in this case. Shouldn’t Sazed be able to grow back his male genitalia? Is there something I’m missing that makes it so he cannot.
  8. Hi, I've been rereading Alloy of Law and it has made me think: I hace been looking through past posts and WoB but there is just so much there! So please feel free to redirect me if this is answered elsewhere. We know a bloodmaker can choose the rate at which they heal, but can they choose which wounds to heal? If they had a broken leg and a shallow cut could they choose to just heal the leg, or would both heal at the same rate? What if they had a broken arm and a broken leg - could they differentiate between two injuries of the same type? Any thoughts?
  9. Okay this isn't really a theory, it's simple logic: A gold misting would make an excellent soulforger due to the fact that they have the allomantic ability to see their possible other pasts. Thus, reforging their soul would be a simple process of writing down what they saw in their gold shadow. Of course, it would take a few tries to get the "right" possible past for each essence mark, but that doesn't change the fact that it would work. It would also take a lot of effort to learn the art of forgery, but I think being an augur-forger would be worth it (partially because it's so damnation awesome). Thoughts?
  10. What would happen if you flared gold? Or atium? I am asking for a friend. He also asked what would happen if you flared copper, so I told him that it would just extend the coppercloud. Any thoughts, insoght, anything?
  11. This is a minor theory. At his death, Miles gives what sounds like a death rattle. I propose that this has nothing directly related to Moelach or the influence of a shard. Rather at the moment of his death he was burning not only feruchemically charged gold, but uncharged gold as well. (Maybe he instinctively drained a gold metal mind instead of burning it, then inadvertently burned it for gold allomatic effect.) I think that looking into the spiritual realm by allomatically burning gold at the moment of death would be enough to trigger a death rattle.
  12. If Shallan was an augur and burned Gold, would she see possible pasts for herself, Radiant, and Veil?
  13. Vin instinctively burning metals is a known fact. She was burning Tin and Pewter without even knowing when she tried to scam March. In my third read of the book, I notice a small passage, in chapter 24 right after the spook slang joke: Vin felt…contented. As she sipped at her wine, she caught sight of the open doorway leading into the darkened workshop. She imagined, just for a moment, that she could see a figure out in the shadows—a frightened wisp of a girl, untrusting, suspicious. The girl’s hair was ragged and short, and she wore a simple, untucked dirty shirt and a pair of brown trousers. Not only vin could see her other self but she also was able to know what she was thinking. It feel more like burning gold to me that just imagination. It made me wonder if vin did instinctively burn some unknown metals (her that era) like Bendalloy or Cadmium. This is my first post and English is my third language, I am sorry in advance if I made any mistakes.
  14. The first time Vin burned Allomantic Gold, she claimed she "felt" a possible alternate Vin. Kelsier made it seem that she must be mistaken. Given all the manipulations by Ruin and the grand plan put in motion by Preservation ages ago. Did she truly feel herself?
  15. Hello everyone. I hope you're all doing well. So i was recently thinking about the proprieties of allomantic gold and its interactions with the cognitive realm. It seems likely that it lets someone see himself in the cognitive realm: it lets you see how you view yourself. Here's where I begin speculating: I'm thinking that if you burn gold and Duralumin at the same time you can fully access the cognitive realm and so travel to other places. This might be how a certain character went to a certain place after Secret History to help a certain people (I'm being vague because i don't know how to do spoiler posts). This might be a bit like opening a mini perpenducalitary (don't know how to write it) between the physical and cognitive realm like Brandon Sanderson said an Elsecaller did. Please post your thoughts on the subject.
  16. I'm still in the process of reading the series, so no spoilers, please! I was just going through the metals, thinking about the best/worst metal to be a misting with. Naturally, I eventually made it to gold, but I can't recall anyone saying if or if not someone could be a misting of a high metal. Sorry if this is answered later on in the book, but I don't have as much time to read as I'd like, making progress slow.
  17. Spoilers for TFE, mild spoilers for AoL. The Lord Ruler routinely spent time being an old man in his little hut, presumably spinning cheerfully on his swivel chair or something. He did this to store youth, and chances are that he didn't continuously compound atium because it burns insanely fast. What I was wondering was, why couldn't this just be replaced with gold compounding, for more-or-less the same effect? Gold burns much more slowly, so he could keep it up pretty much continuously. (The way Miles is discussed in AoL - and the way gold compounding seems to work, in generating more health that you can then continuously store away - it suggests that he doesn't need to spend time being sickly in order to store health.) His need for it also wouldn't increase as he got older, which would be a really big plus. I'm pretty sure that being in permanent good health would be enough to make Rashek look like a young man forever. Healthy skin does not wrinkle. Healthy bones do not bow under the weight of your body. Healthy hair follicles do not produce white hair. In fact, healthy teeth probably don't even yellow. Everything beyond that is down to his mannerisms and style of dress, so he could easily present himself as a twenty-something-year-old. He wouldn't die of any age-related illnesses, either. Shouldn't that make him sufficiently immortal? The best explanations I can think of are: - Gold compounding does not reduce signs of aging, because wrinkles and stuff aren't considered health problems. (Which would be weird, because they're caused by organs functioning less and less well.) - On Scadrial, "old age" is an actual literal thing that you can die of. (Which would make it a type of illness, which would mean that gold compounding should heal it from you?) - Age is some kind of spiritweb thing (not clear on the details) that somehow inherently affects you on a plane where gold compounding can't fix the problems that it causes. (Which would need to be worked out in further detail before it can really be used to explain anything.) - The Lord Ruler actually made a big mistake in starting to compound atium, and he kept it up because stopping compounding is an even worse idea. (Probably the most plausible explanation on this list, IMO.) What do you all think?
  18. This is one of the metals that I created with Adobe Photoshop. I took a bunch of .png files and put them into Photoshop, then used a lot of different techniques, blurs, noise, and such to create these. I hope you all like them. I am not sure if I need a disclaimer, but I don't own anything.
  19. The books give us very little in the way of information on Allomantic Savants, but ever since first reading the second book years ago, i've been fascinated by the implications. Does anyone know if Sanderson has given any hints about Savants other than tineyes? Could a misting reach duralumin boosted levels with their allomancy? Could an Atium misting with a mountain of atium theoretically gain true future sight from atium as Elend did via duralumin There's so much unexplored territory with the savants.
  20. I noticed that the Hemalurgy page doesn't list "Between the Shoulder blades" as a possible bind point for Feru-Gold. The following WoB quote suggests this, however: The part I've highlighted implies that the linchpin spike can be the healing spike which, based on my understanding of Hemalurgy, implies that "Between the Shoulder blades" is a possible bind point for Feru-Gold. Does anyone want to amend this in the wiki (provided no one sees a flaw in my logic of course)?
  21. So a question has been rattling around in my brain during a AoL reread. Where does Miles get the extra mass he would need to heal wounds like losing fingers, toes, arms, and etc? Before someone writes this off as a silly question, the only other Feruchemical ability that ties into a large gain in mass is pewter, and while storing there is a decrease in muscle mass that makes sense for the later increase. We've seen Sazed store gold, and he doesn't seem to be getting skinnier or weaker, he just gets sick. Same with Wayne. So where does the mass for these larger healings come from? Particularly if a large injury like losing an arm or leg happens... does it all get shunted from hammerspace on the back of your invisible clone? This kind of makes me think that gold healing is actually a personalized reversal of time more than actual healing. You reset your body to an earlier state, rather than heaing your body's current damage.
  22. I am forming this theory as I write so forgive me. I was reading TFE where Vin uses gold for the first time. Kelsier repeatedly tells her it is an uncomfortable experience. She repeats this sentiment after she tries it, along with the desire to never try it again. It is possible that because the experience is so uncomfortable, gold is so expensive, and the benefit of its use are not readily apparent, that few if any have made the effort to truly understand it. This brings me to wonder, "What does gold really do?" Below is Vin’s experience with gold in TFE (Transcribed by me from the audiobook. Please forgive any punctuational discrepancies.) She was in two places at once. She could see herself, and she could she herself. One of her was a strange woman changed and transformed from the girl she had always been. That girl had been careful and cautious. A girl who would never burn an unfamiliar metal based solely on the word of one man. This woman foolish, she had forgotten many of things that had let her survive so long. She drank from cups prepared by others. She fraternized with Strangers. She didn’t keep track of the people around her. She was still far more careful than most people, but she had lost so much. The other her was something she had always secretly loathed, a child really. Thin to the point of scrawniness, she was lonely, hateful, and untrusting. She loved no one and no one loved her. She always told herself quietly that she didn’t care. Was there something worth living for? There had to be. Life couldn’t be as pathetic as it seemed. Yet it had to be. There wasn’t anything else. Vin was both. She stood in two places, moving both bodies, being both girl and woman. She reached out with hesitant uncertain hands, one each, and touched herself on the faces, one each. Vin gasped and it was gone. She felt a sudden rush of emotions, a sense of worthlessness and confusion. There were no chairs in the room so she simply squatted to the ground, sitting with her back to the wall, knees pulled up arms wrapped around them. What I learned from this… - Burning gold produces a second version of yourself that only you can see. - Vin felt as though she were both versions of herself simultaneously. - She seemed to scrutinize each “self” from the eyes of the other. - We know that when her gold ran out, Vin had a latent effect where it seems she had, briefly, taken upon herself attributes of the “other self”. Kelsier explains that just like atium lets you see into the future, gold lets you see the past, or at least another version of yourself, had things been different in the past. But I don’t think this is the case. Many times throughout TFE, Vin thinks to herself how she is like two different people. Vin the street urchin and Vin the noblewoman. She also notices that both seem to be masks of her true self, that the ash smeared face and ragged clothes of the street urchin is a costume to hide her true identity just as much as the makeup and dresses that ‘Vallete’ wears keep her hidden among the nobility. So here is my theory. Gold is the identity metal. I know that Brandon will be exploring identity in the future and I think gold will be the vessel of exploration. What I am uncertain about is what identity does for a member of the cosmere, and how can it be used in "cool and interesting" ways. I am toying with a few ideas. 1. a strong identity of self could make you less susceptible to emotional allomancy. Knowing yourself could enable you to better recognize external influences( I personally find this boring.) 2. You could not only solidify your identity but you could change your identity, by making distinct aliases with flawless mannerisms. 3. Or perhaps more interestingly you could alter you spiritual Identity to use another's metalminds. I don't know my imagination is somewhat limited. What are your thoughts? edit: I double pasted. woops!