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Found 6 results

  1. Time for a little thought experiment. I'd be very interested to hear other people's thoughts and takes on this. Let's imagine that Spren were present everywhere in the Cosmere, or atleast everywhere with intelligent life/a presence in the Cognitive Realm. Apart from the regular types of spren, which would just act pretty normally, and Radiant Spren possibly only existing on Roshar due to Honor and Cultivation, there's the third group: Godspren. and then there's those that we still aren't sure about. The Unmade on one hand, and Cusicesh. Now, if we imagine that Spren were a thing everywhere in the Cosmere, I'd say it's safe to assume we'd have a few more of both of these groups. Not many, but a few. What I'm wondering is where they might appear and also what kind of Godspren the known shards might have. Here's a few ideas of mine: Elantris would definitely have a Spren. Urithiru has/is one, and it's a giant Fabrial. Elantris is a Giant Aon. 100% Elantris would have a spren and I bet lots of people would worship it. There would definitely be Folklore that It directs the Shaod, and that you can sway it somehow. I'm unsure whether the ElantrisSpren would also be Devotion's Godspren or if that would be a seperate one. If Devotion could even have one anymore, that is. If it can't, there would very likely be a Dorspren, roaming around on Sel, probably changing character a bit depending on where it is. if a Godspren of Dominion existed, it would probably have ended up as a part of Shu-Dereth, worshipped somehow. I can imagine it having similar powers/characteristics to Nergaoul, only not with Bloodthirst but being atrracted to Courts and Monarchs and other kinds of Rulers. Ruin's Spren would very likely like somewhere in the Pits of Hathsin, or in the biggest most active Volcano. The only reasons for it not to be by the Pits would be because Ruin wants to hide his perpendiculary. Some kind of Fire/Ash being, thing Ragnaros The Firelord, embodying a very local aspect of Ruin, the Volcanos, would make a lot of sense. Preservation's Spren, an a timeline where Fuzz wasn't slowly dying, maybe in the thousand years before the last thousand pre WoA, could be similar to the Nightwatcher, residing somewhere relatively known, and maybe have the ability to "lock" certain things or aspects, and Folklore would have many theories for why it can't prevent Death. Honestly, Lift's wish to not change would probably be so perfect for Preservation's Spren. There might be myths about a being like that existing until a thousand years ago, when the Lord Ruler inherited its powers. I assume the two would have a Dual-Spren too, because their pact is so important for Scadrial as a planet. Either one or two spren, one for the pact and one for Scadrial itself, which they created together. the Pactspren probably couldn't really do much, unable to tip the balance in either way or it would be able to do what Ruin and Preservation can do together, on a smaller scale. Basically, giving life for it to die inevitably. Not sure how fast that would happen though. Now I'm imagining a children's book about a Child asking the Scadrialspren to give life to its toy bunny, and the Scadrialspren telling it that if it gives it life, it will also give it death. The child, eager to finally meet its friend, agrees, and the bunny comes alive, but it ages and decays quickly, and ultimately dies. The Scadrialspren, if they were two, would have powers related to Feruchemy, since that is an innately Scadrian power and one that Preservation and Ruins children can have. Maybe there's a rite for Woldbringers to travel to it before their death and "give" their remaining stores to it, most importantly all the knowledge in their copperminds. I assume we would have seen this Spren in Era 1, with Harmony Meeting it at some point and still wouldn't have understood he was the Hero of Ages. Then, upon his ascension, he would be able to tap into all the knowledge the Scadrialspren held, or he would have gotten that earlier. Autonomy's Spren is probably a plural, one for each Avatar? or is Patji already kind of a Godspren of Autonomy? kind of seems like it. If there is one on Taldain, it might as well be the Sun. I'm out of ideas for this one, but I'd love to hear some! Ambition's Spren is probably AKA The Evil Endowment's Spren could be somewhere on the Planet that we haven't seen yet. Like with the Elantrisspren, Folklore might confuse it and Endowment, like how Cultivation and the Nightwatcher are so close, assuming that it is the Endowmentspren that returns people. It's name would veerry likely be colour-related, and I imagine it shifting through rainbow colours like how Cusicesh shifts faces, or affect colours around it like how Susebron does. Endowment's Spren is a big candidate for the most powerful of the Godspren, having been Endowed with a lot of power, and probably having recieved guidance from her mother the same way the Nightwatcher does. Whether Endowment would genuinely teach it to return people, like how close Cultivation and the Nightwatcher are, or if Endowment would give it a seperate ability, I don't know. Maybe it would just be Nightwatcher Lite (Daywatcher? :D), just endowing you with a boon without a curse. A cooler idea than that: Awakening is an End-Neutral System, right? Maybe the Daywatcher (patent pending) could give you boons, but in exchange for a lot of breath or something else. The more breath you bring, the more powerful your boon. Some people would pilger there to exchange their own breath for something, or maybe go with the collected 10-100 Breaths of their family or village for something bigger. Basically, you become "Awakened" somehow, Endowed with a gift. It would definitely have immense amounts of Investiture/Breath to use and be the best awakener ever. The wildest idea I have for Endowment's Godspren is that it uses itself to Awaken, either jumping from (dead) host to host, or it's a Bondsmith-like Bond where you have a Breath even stronger than a Divine Breath. Whimsy, Mercy, Valor and Invention I know too little about to theorize. Other things... oh, Silverlight is another city that might have its own spren like Elantris and Urithiru. And I don't like Imagining the characteristics of a Braizen Spren of Odium, which is probably where his Godspren, if he had/has one, resides. Torturespren let's go. And if Ashyn has a spren, it either now has two, the old one died or changed a lot when it was destroyed. That Spren could very well be Patient 0 for the magic diseases. Anyway, lot's of theorycrafting and rambling from me. I'm interested to hear other people's ideas and theories.
  2. Quick and fast theory. We know there are only 3 Bondsmiths, one for each godspren. 1. for Stormfather, related directly to Honor. 2. for Nightwatcher, related directly to Cultivation 3. for Sibling, related directly and equaly for both Shards. But now, Odium is also part of the Rosharan Investiture Ecosystem. He is fully involved into System, Planet is fully Invested by him. He also have smoething similar to Godspren himself, but is possible we will get others with mixed Intents, similar to Sibling. So my predictions for new Bondsmiths: 4. for Ba-Ado-Mishram, related directly to Odium 5. for something related to Odium and Honor equaly, Everstorm is highly Invested, may become conscious. 6. fore something related to Odium and Cultivation equaly, Sia-Anat seems to be good candidat. 7. For something related to all 3 shards equaly. I dont see anything for this by now. We also have Ishar, unbounded Bondsmith, with his Honorblade. So this can give us 8 Bondsmiths in total.
  3. I just want to know if I’m understanding this correctly. Is it fair to say that the Stormfather was a Stormspren who ended up being invested with a fragment of Honor’s power/essence, and the Nightwatcher is at least plausibly a Forestspren who Cultivation imbued with a fraction of her own power/essence? Or am I looking at this the wrong way?
  4. Hello everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster. Love these forums. I have a theory that I think hasn't been considered yet by the 17th sharders here yet. What if the Sibling that the Stormfather mentions is a spren from adonalsium itself? I think that the three godspren that the bondsmiths bond to are NOT related to Odium whatsoever, because why would a spren that represents Odium as a god want to work with the Knights Radiant? We know that the original spren of Roshar came from adonalsium, and that the Singers predate the humans and may have predated Honor and Cultivation on Roshar. Who did they worship before Honor and Cultivation? We know that the original rhythms are related to the spiritual realm directly. So perhaps they worshipped adonalsium itself? We also know that Ash swears in Adonalsium's name during the battle of Thaylen City, so the heralds at least know of Adonalsium as well. So I believe that the third godspren represents a god, but not Odium. Adonalsium.
  5. The Everstorm has come. We see in Words of Radiance that the stormfather says "They call for a storm. My opposite. Deadly." My theory is this. That opposite is to Odium as the Stormfather is to Honor(Tanavast) A new godspren but of Odium rather than Honor. The voidspren that bring stormform could be to the Everstorm as Syl and the honorspren are to the Stormfather. I was also wondering what exactly the Unmade are. I would think that they have something to do with the Voidbringers because for Moelach telling the future is of the voidbringers. The thrill or nergaoul is another. Do these forces each have opposites? Are they of Odium or Honor or something else?
  6. I don't know if there is a topic about, but is it possible that the Listeners had a form of power with a "Godspren" ? We know that the Listener knowed the StormFather from ancient time or more probably the Spren that the Stormfather was before to merging with Tanavast's ghost. The Rider of the Storm. Eshonai says that he was one of the Spren that betrayed her species giving their powers to the Humans. Therefore the Listener before the "Betreyal" may use the Rider of the Storm's power. We know that the relationship "Listener-Spren" is about a merging to gain a Form, therefore there is a Listener's Form associated to the Rider of the Storm and probably that Form was a very powerfull Form of Power. Any thought about ?