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Found 10 results

  1. As said in the title, what do you think would happen if the priests found a returned baby girl instead of a boy?
  2. The Theory: The Unmade were all once Singer god-spren similar to the Nightwatcher and the Stormfather I do not know if this theory has already been proposed, but I think there is plenty of evidence to back this up: Evidence #1: The Unmade Sja-anet says that they were “made then unmade” I hate to state the obvious but we can at least confirm that the unmade were something else before they sided with Odium. I always wondered what “made” them in the first place since Odium was probably the one who unmade them. We know from Syl that the origins of the god-spren were created partly due in part to the human personification of forces and partly due to the investiture of Honor/Cultivaiton. So, just like how the current generation of god-spren were “made”, the Unmade might have been “made” in the Cognitive realm by collective personification of mortal minds. Evidence #2: The Unmade are said to predate humanity on Roshar. This is where I step into the nebulous realm of speculation, but I am envisioning a singer pantheon of gods. For example, Dai-Gonarthis the Black Fisher was a type of sea god-spren like Poseidon, while Ashertmarn the Heart of Revel was some type of jubilee god-spren like Dionysus. Nergoel the Thrill was a god of competition or war like Nike or Athena. The list goes on. Then, once Odium came to Roshar, he twisted the god-spren to his own purposes in the same manner that he perverts alot of the manifestations of Investiture. We know that the current generation of Bondsmith god-spren were created by humans because the Sibling/Urithiru can’t predate the arrival of the Knights Radiant. It would make sense that for the thousands of years of sentient life on Roshar, there would be more than three god-spren created. It would also make sense that the singers would create their own god-spren. Evidence #3: In the Oathbringer prologue with Eshoni and Gavilar, Eshoni says she doesn't want the gods of the singers to return Who are the singer gods that Eshoni is refering to? She can’t be referring to the Fused because Venli doesn’t call the Fused their gods, she calls them their ancestors. Eshoni could be referring to Cultivation, Honor, and Odium who have been worshiped by singers in the past. But it would be odd to fear the return of the god(S)(plural) because we know Honor is dead, Cultivation never left, and Odium is one god. ** To play devil’s advocate with my own theory, this wouldn’t explain why there are nine Unmade and nine orders of Passions. That is a weird coincidence. But it doesn’t seem like the Passions and the Unmade are linked, just like how the Stormfather and the Nightwatcher don’t directly correlate with an order of the knights radiant. Maybe Odium just likes the number nine.
  3. Okay, to be begin with, I’ve thought of this world with two magic systems. They are Chronomagery and Deulchemy. If it isn’t obvious Chronomagery deals with time control, and other time related things, whereas Deulchemy is a bit more random. I got a lot of inspiration for some parts of the world from Era 2 of Mistborn and from Max Gladstone’s Craft Sequence, because those are two of my favorite series. And if you have read either of them you’ll definitely see the inspirations from them. Anyways, so far I’ve thought of the world, and I’m already spinning ideas about world building in my head. This is my strong suit, I’m great at building up the world, but I’m not good at setting up an interesting conflict using the world. As of right now, all I have is just a rough draft of the prologue, and considering I’m only a sophmore in highschool who didn’t pay a lot of attention in English classes. Please, if you notice anything that is incorrect grammar wise, make a comment of the Doc and I’ll fix it! Also, writing tips would be much appreciated. Now without further ado, here is the link to the draft of “The Bringer of Death”
  4. A couple of years back, I posted a thread about how the names of the Unknown listed in Words of Radiance resembled a bunch of Mesopotamian gods. I'd like to start digging into the new Unmade names in Oathbringer. Previous thread: Other thread I wasn't in: In the meantime, a friend of mine asked Brandon about the Unmade names and Brandon said that he was inspired by real-world sources, but the sources didn't really have any influence on the Stormlight Archive plot. So this thread is just for fun inspiration digging. There aren't going to be any cool revelations about what will happen later in the series. Really. This is me being pedantic and academic. Anyways, I made a handy-dandy chart of the Unmade and which Mesopotamian gods I think Brandon got the names from: Unmade Nickname Powers Source? Yelig-Nar Blight Wind Consumes souls? ? Sja-anat Corrupts spren Satan (New Testament) or Anat, the Ugaritic and Egyptian goddess Nergaoul Causes the Thrill Nergal, the Mesopotamian god of death, pestilence and plague, and Lord of the Underworld Moelach Causes the Death Rattles Moloch, God of fire and chaos; child sacrifices Dai-gonarthis Black Fisher ? Dagan or Dagon, fisher or spear god Re-Shephir Midnight Mother Copycat murders Resheph, a Canaanite/Ugaritic god of plague; often equated to Nergal Ashertmarn Heart of the Revel Partying Ashera, Sumerian goddess and lady of the sea Bo-Ado-Mishram Commander of the unmade? Baal-Hadad? Seems a bit of a stretch. Chemoarish Dustmother ? Chemosh, Moabite god We previously attributed Re-Shephir to Resheph, Dai-gonarthis to Dagon (although he might not be an Unmade after all), Moelach to Moloch, and Nergaoul to Nergal. There's also been some debate over whether Sja-anat gets her name from Satan or Anat. Personally, I lean towards Anat. Anat was a goddess in both Egypt and Mesopotamian cultures, while Satan originates in the Old Testament and is never a Mesopotamian (or other nearby culture's) god. Of the new Unmade we learn about in Oathbringer, Chemoarish seems to pretty obviously take her name from the Moabite god Chemosh. The one wrinkle in that is Chemosh is a male god, while Chemoarish's sobriquet "Dustmother" implies she's a female spren. Ashertmarn is a bit more difficult. There's a goddess named Astarte/Astoreth, but I think it's Asherah, another goddess in the area. The "marn" part I have no idea about. Asherah is also called Asherah of the Sea, or Asheret Ya'am, and "mar" means "sea" in Spanish? I think that's a coincidence though. Bo-Ado-Mishram is a tough one. There's a god called Hadad who was also sometimes called Baal-Hadad (a conflation of two separate gods I think?). If you take a syllable from each name you get "Ba Ad", which is maybe a tiny bit similar? I think I'm on the wrong track with this one. Help! And as always, who the heck knows where Yelig-nar comes from. There's also the question of whether Brandon was taking inspiration from Judeo-Christian demons or Mesopotamian gods. Judeo-Christianity tends to label Mesopotamian gods as demons, hence the crossover. For example, Moloch, Dagon, Resheph, Asherah, and Nergal all get Old Testament mentions (I know very little New Testament stuff, so if anyone wants to chime in on that end that'd be great). This really comes into play over whether Sja-anat gets her name from Satan or Anat; the former is only possible if Brandon was going for demonology.
  5. This may well qualify as a 'no duh!' type of a question, but I was just wondering if we have any information on precisely how the Shards relate to the various religions of the Shardworlds? I mean, obviously a few of them are pretty much unambiguously just the Shards by different names, like Jaddeth for Dominion, Domi for Devotion, Austre for Endowment, and of course 'Almighty' for Honor. But what about all the other ones? In Hero of Ages it's implied that most of the Scadrian religions contain common elements related to Ruin and Preservation, so there seems to at least have been influence by the Shards if not actual deification (by the humans at least), but it's a little difficult to tell whether this was deliberate influence on the Shards' part or whether it just sort of happened. Do we have any information relating to this issue?
  6. WARNING: Spoilers for Calamity So guys, what theories do you guys have about what will happen in book 4, if there is one, here's a quick list of some of mine: - we learn more about the gods/entities that inhabit the realm Calamity was sent from, things such as: what they are, what there goal is, and why they sent Calamity to earth in the first place (was it a punishment or a test as Calamity seems to believe?) -The main story line will be about the hunt for Obliteration or maybe another similar Epic who seems to think that they were sent by god to destroy the world, a little like what's happening in the dimension firefight is originaly from -we learn more about David's father and about that dimension as well as learning quite a bit more about what megan can really do now that she doesn't have to fight the darkness, can she pretty much do anything now, (sumon things, control winds, give herself prime invincibilities) seeing as she can pull stuff over from other dimensions? What do you guys think will happen and what do you think of my theories?
  7. Hi! Kell here. I'm obviously running out of ideas… Finally reading the Alloy of Law again will definitely help. I'd normally do some weird Feruchemic theory right now but I don't feel like it. Maybe in five minutes. Anyways, forgive my ignorance but when Adonalsium reigned supreme, were there any other gods? Take Trell for example. Did he exist, or were there others? Did Raidri-- oh nevermind. Ausar and his bro Galath probably did tho Ising the I of being STORMING CURIOUS! Seeya!!
  8. Again from the ongoing AMA, a new tidbit about the Listeners: The gods that the Parshendi abandoned are of Odium. Awaiting answer on whether they're the Unmade.
  9. In Chapter 11 of Words of Radiance, Eshonai refers to the Parshendi people as listeners. And this gets me thinking. Not only are the Parshendi able to see how the spren appear, zipping at lightning speeds from the Origin, but they can also hear music, playing at the same speeds. This brings to mind Odium. I'm not sure where I heard this, but one post I saw related Odium as a sort of Musical Shard. This might make sense, since he is also connected to the colors black and red, both of which are noticeable on Parshendi. At one point, Eshonai mentions that she is trapped in the Plains, away from the Parshendi gods. Gods being plural. This begs the questions; Are the Parshendi actually creations of Odium? And if so, do they know it? Or do they worship something else they found on Roshar, maybe some other powerful spren being, since they can see spren more, and so might worship them more? Or perhaps this spren-vision they have is similar to what Rock experiences? One quote I believe incredibly important is "Instead, she and the others had ordered the murder of the Alethi king in a desperate gambit to stop the listener gods from returning." The listener gods? This brings up an enormous amount of questions. The Parshendi are the listeners... and they have their gods... so are the listener's gods different than the listener gods? Perhaps the listener gods are Honor and Cultivation, so perhaps both of them are splintered? Maybe they are called the listener gods because the Shards are in a sort of mental states, capable of entering minds as shown with Wax and Sazed/Harmony, and so the Parshendi, servants of Odium, prefer them dead, so they cannot mess with the whole hive mind mental music thing going on? I really don't know, since there is so much speculation here, but opinions would be appreciated.
  10. Okay so I've been thinking recently, we know that the agreements made by gods are things that mere mortals have difficulty understanding (see Sazed's reference to Leras and Ati's pact about creating and destroying the world). We also know that Odium and Honor came to an agreement of some kind, one where each of them is bound by specific rules. That means that there is something which governs interactions between the gods of the Cosmere. So my specific thinking is this, Odium and Honor had an agreement regarding something martial (as evidenced by Honor's reference to a champion) and it clearly had something to do with the Desolations. I also think that the Heralds torture between Desolations was apart of that. Then the Heralds breaking their oath was something which fractured the pact between Odium and Honor, which may have freed Odium from whatever rules were governing their interactions, which in turn allowed him to kill Honor. My personal theory is that a Shard's power is what would force these agreements to matter, or at least a Shard's intent would have to be bent to it. Does this make sense? Any thoughts?