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Found 8 results

  1. theory

    EDIT: THIS HAS BEEN CONFIRMED! Read below the line for the initial theory (which is pretty much basically what Peter says, though I also speculate on what the true power might be). (0.) TL;DR I believe that the "atium" we know in Mistborn Era 1 is actually an alloy of Ruin's true godmetal and electrum, as it potentially provides an answer to multiple oddities with the metal (though this does raise several questions of its own). I further speculate that the abilities of Ruin's pure metal may relate to transcending the Realms, and could perhaps be used in some manner to allow properly transitioning (the former part with more evidence than the latter, which is entirely a guess on my part). (This theory has been proposed before, I'm aware, but I feel that the threads I have found on it don't really delve into all of the evidence for it, and in some cases predate certain things such as the Hemalurgic table and several WoBs that I believe provide further evidence. So I'm fine resurrecting the debate.) (Also, as always, this is probably kind of roughly-written because I wrote it in fits and starts over several days and was too lazy for more than a cursory proofread. So let me know if anything is inconsistent or confusing.) (1.) What's odd about atium? (2.) That raises some new questions... (3.) What does Ruin's pure metal do, then? (I.) References
  2. Summing up this one Q&A at the starsight release thing. It's not on the Arcanum WoB thing yet but someone should put it on there. Link to the question is at the bottom. Basically, he says it is indeed possible for a Mistborn to burn a piece of a Shardblade, though it would be hard to make happen. If a Mistborn were to do this, it would act as an alloy of the godmetal of Honor and would do something (of course, what it does is a RAFO). Now, I appreciate y'all's thoughts on this or what it might do, though I don't think we can go very far there. However, I would also like to point to the fact that, including all the godmetals and their alloys and all that, there should be a lot of different metals, each (likely) with Allomantic, Feruchemical, and Hemalurgic abilities. My main problem is I am, really, out of ideas when it comes to what any of these new and unknown metals would be able to do. Like, what we already have covers a lot. What else is there? And that is where I invite ideas on new powers and abilities for metals. Check out all the ideas (not necessarily theories) inside the spoiler thing. I will edit it when new ideas come along. Thoughts? The ideas don't even have to be viable, just interesting. at point 55:49
  3. I'm not sure what spoiler policy is for Mistborn, so I'm just gonna say that this has MAJOR Mistborn spoilers. Each Shard on Scadrial has 2 things associated to itself: a Metallic Art and a Godmetal (I'm gonna capitalize this because why not). Hemalurgy for Ruin, Allomancy for Preservation. It's fairly easy to demonstrate why Feruchemy is associated with Harmony (if you want me to explain, post Explain in the comments please because I don't have much time now) For me, Godmetals have the most powerful effect in the Metallic Art of the Shard is associated with: Lerasium makes you into the most powerful Allomancer you can be, a Mistborn. For this reason, I think the info we have about H-Atium is downplayed (I have a theory, but again, I don't have much time so post Theory down below). So, by the same logic, Harmonium/Ettmetal should do something really cool in Feruchemy. My theory is that we saw it in BoM. That's right, the primer cube. My theory is that a Feruchemist filling a Harmoniummind would somehow dampen nearby Allomantic charges of a certain metal. Like tin, you would have to use a different metalmind per Allomantic metal. Then, tapping the metalmind would replicate Allomancy, centered on the Feruchemist. Tapping it faster coyld even replicate duralumin. I think that harmonium alloys would enable you to store only Allomantic pulses of that metal. This would mean that the Southern Scadrians have discovered how to mechamize Feruchemy, which is an idea I like very much because of all the possible uses, of which I'll be happy to tell you about at length, but not now. Thoughts?
  4. Pretty much exactly what the title says. We know that experienced Soulcasters can specify the type of the selected Essence the Soulcast material becomes (Jasnah trying to replicate strawberry jam in Way of Kings). If you knew what you were doing, could you Soulcast a material into a piece of a godmetal? Or would that be interfering in something far too intimately connected with the relevant Shard?
  5. So I'm starting this thread to collect all theories about atium alloys, since no one seems to be talking much about them recently. The only one we know about right now is malatium, which is an atium and gold alloy, which is basically gold's effect on other people. My theories are: Atium + Bronze would enable you to know if a person you are touching has ever burnt metals Atium + Chromium/Nicrosil would basically have the same effect, but in a sphere around you. Also, I think that a Misting of any Allomantic power could burn any godmetal alloys of it. What are you guys's ideas?
  6. I think that Hemalurgic Atium should be much more powerful, because of the resonance between Ruin's godmetals and Ruin's Metallic Art. I mean, stealing anything is neat, but not as amazingly Op as lerasium in Allomancy, which also has a strong resonance (I think?). My theories are: H-Atium spikes do not degrade H-Atium spikes can hold multiple Hemalurgic charges So I think that unless the current version of H-Atium is WoB -proven, we don't know all about it. (though it's probably already been proven because I can't find any mention of it in the series) Any of you WoB-ninjas? Help? Please?
  7. @Perspective and @Ishar were joking about what would happen if you ate a Shardblade, and I turned that into a discussion about eating Honorblades instead... We know that Honorblades are made of Tanavastium, so if you lived on Scadrial and were to swallow and burn Tanavastium, would you gain the ability to Surgebind?
  8. Are Godmetal powers chosen (or influenced) by the Vessel or is it something else? E.g. Could Ati/Ruin have chosen for Atium to do something other than show glimpses of the future? Could Leras/Preservation have chosen for Lerasium to have different properties? What about new Shards that invest? Are they able to influence how their Godmetal acts?