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Found 4 results

  1. Weekly Roundup time! Some fun things this week: there are two giveaways associated with Cytonic preorders! Also, we finally got that movie review Brandon mentioned a couple months back. But first, we've got the obligatory Defiant (Skyward 4) update: prewriting is at 33%. Not much else to say there. Also, in case you missed it, the US cover for ReDawn was revealed on Tuesday! Moving on to the main event, though: if you're looking to preorder Cytonic, there are two giveaways going on, depending on where you preorder it from. The first is a giveaway for anyone who lives in the US and preorders from ANY US retailer (be it Amazon, the Mini-Con, or a local bookstore; as long as they give you a receipt, it qualifies): If you enter the retailer and receipt number (as proof of purchase) into the form on Get Underlined's website, they'll send you an enameled pin (Brandon says Doomslug in the video, but the poster shows the M-Drone hugging a mushroom), and a link to virtually watch the Cytonic release party at the Dragonsteel Mini-Con on November 23rd from 7PM-9PM MDT. The second is a sweepstakes open to anyone who preorders from Barnes & Noble's website or applies via email (see below). One winner will receive: A leatherbound journal A signed copy of Cytonic A collection of some of Brandon's favorite books, including: Going Postal An Ember in the Ashes The Black Prism Uprooted The Promise of Blood The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms The Star Touched Queen Project Hail Mary A Darker Shade of Magic In addition, thanks to legal requirements in the United States, an alternative method of entry is available for those who don't want to purchase from Barnes & Noble: you can instead send an email to [email protected] titled "Entry Form Cytonic by Brandon Sanderson Sweepstakes", with your name, email address, and physical address. (Only one entry per person is allowed, and duplicates will be disqualified.) On the other hand, if you preordered from Barnes & Noble but want to opt-out, you can send an email to [email protected] with the subject "Cytonic by Brandon Sanderson Sweepstakes Opt Out". These events are not mutually exclusive: if you preorder from B&N, that order does qualify for both their sweepstakes and the Get Underlined giveaway, and emailing to enter B&N's contest does not prevent you from getting the pin and release event access. If you live outside the US, Team Dragonsteel is currently in talks with the UK publisher about other promotions, but we'll just have to wait and find out whether or not that comes to fruition and in what way. In other news, Brandon did a mostly spoiler-free review of Jungle Cruise. An aside: he actually mentioned he had made a film review (although had not revealed which movie) back in August, covered in our very first Weekly Update article—how time flies... And lastly, he announced that the Halloween livestream has been moved to October 30th, at 3PM MDT. Adam did actually put a note about this on the last Weekly Update video, so our previous Weekly Roundup article did mention the correct date, but if you were listening to the video without paying too much attention to the screen, you may have gotten the old schedule instead. As a reminder, the Halloween livestream will be Brandon and Emily opening fanmail all dressed up in-costume, to try and work through a lot of what has built up since the normal streams stopped having fanmail segments. No questions will be taken, except those sent in with said mail. Should you wish to watch Brandon's update video, it is of course on YouTube, and embedded below. Ordinarily, a transcript is eventually uploaded to Brandon's website by Brandon's assistant Adam, but his posts haven't been made for this one or last week's yet, so can't link to it here.
  2. giveaway

    So it looks like the site had a giveaway but unfortunately it was only for American 17thsharders. If there are enough Australian users I wouldn't mind doing a giveaway and I already have in mind what I want allocate as the prize. I don't want to set a limit but if we could hit something like 30 entries that would be great. Thanks
  3. Brandon Sanderson recently did an interview for my wife's writing blog. He answered questions on the book rights to Legion, awesome ideas, and his health. If you comment on the blog post you will be entered in a drawing for a copy of Legion/Emperor's Soul. Check it out at
  4. Swing on by reddit to check out our giveaway contest in celebration of the completion of Words of Radiance!